Our Wedding


Watching you throughout the entire wedding had me so wet for you all day baby, knowing I was going to come home and sleep in your bed just got me hotter and hotter.

Do you remember when you kissed me on the alter? I thought I was going to orgasm in front of everyone, but then you ran us to the limo and really did make me orgasm!

Oh, the way your fingers slid up my white dress, playing with the garter you would have to remove with your teeth later, before reaching the sexy white lace underwear hiding my mound from you.

I’m so glad you didn’t rip them, because then I wouldn’t be able to wear them tonight for you when you get home…

The way you pushed them aside and rammed two fingers into me and instantly made me cum around them, you always do know the way to get me to cum fastest.

I was so glad when you pulled those fingers out of me and let me lick them, before kissing me to taste my juices on my own lips, you know how I love the taste.

But that wasn’t what I was happy about, because now I got to show you the pleasure that had been slowly building up in me all day…

I’ve always loved that surprised look you get when I lean my head toward your groin or get down on my knees in front of you, even though you know exactly what I’m doing.

I kissed your thigh as I lent between your legs, just like the first time I seduced you, and just like I’m going to do tonight, making your cock strain through the trousers you were wearing. I led a trail of kisses up your leg, sending sparks from your nerve endings straight into your hot, hard cock, making it throb even more. You didn’t think it could get any more hot, did you? At least until I wrapped my lips around the head of you through your pants, just letting the heat of my mouth sink through the cloth. Thank god you’re wearing black pants, or my lipstick would have made quite a mark.

But then the limo rokettube stopped! And I had to stop too. Smiling my sexy little devil smirk I got out first letting you adjust yourself so no one saw the raging hard on you had for me.

Dinner consisted of us reaching across each others laps to play with each other… not the best way to settle down was it?

Too soon for either of us to recover from our sexy escapade in the limo it was time for you to remove the garter from my thigh, as was tradition.

I sat in a chair placed in the middle of the dance floor and spread my legs, in front of everyone, as got down on one knee and lifted my dress above your head, getting a good look at the ‘V’ of my legs, and those despised white lace panties.

I’m so excited for you to come home today, on our anniversary and see them… maybe today you’ll rip them!

But you decided to give me a little taste of my own medicine in the middle of the reception, and reached past my garter with your mouth, spreading your hot tongue along my slit, which had already soaked the white lace panties so thoroughly you could taste my juices through it, remember? I blushed in front of everyone, but they thought it was just from the garter… but you and I knew better.

You trailed hot kisses from my pussy to the garter before hooking the filmy garment on one of your teeth and nipping and biting your way down my leg, just the way you know I like, before coming out from my dress with the garter between your lips.

(Good thing we had practised it at home earlier… actually we didn’t get much farther from you going up my dress. Do you think we should practise again tonight?)

You threw it into the crowd and we started dancing, just like everyone else, other than the occasional grinding of my hips into yours or the brush of my hand across your crotch. Did you like that baby? The way we snuck around asyalı porno the entire reception stealing touches and kisses all night?

The hours passed and finally it was time to go off to our honeymoon. Luckily neither of us really cared where it was, and in the taxi cab ride to the airport I sucked your cock until you exploded in my mouth, (and I swallow because I’ve learned to love the taste , just for you), with the taxi cab driver watching in the rear-view mirror, but we were too hot for each other to even care.

Customs wasn’t too hard to get past, we were practically naked for each other when we passed though, there wasn’t much clothing to check after all! And finally on the plane we sat in our seats for approximately five minutes before we both snuck into the bathroom, which, before we were able to become a part of the mile-high club, we were told to get out of because the plane was landing.

Again on the taxi ride to our hotel room I sucked you, but before you could cum for me you stopped me. We checked in and you carried me up to the honeymoon suite.

You threw me down on the bed and quickly stripped down before lying next to me slowly removing every article of clothing I was wearing. Without any foreplay you just shoved your thick cock into me and I screamed your name, you were filling me up so well I thought I was about to die of happiness, but then you started to fuck in and out of me and instantly there was such extreme pleasure that I kept cumming around your cock until finally you came with me. That’s all it could have been called , “fucking”, it was so intense and hot and absolutely primal that each of us blacked out for almost an hour afterwards.

When we woke up we were feeling sticky and knotted up so we decided to take a shower, do you remember? You got in first and just stood in the stream with your arms in front of you on azeri porno the wall.

I slid in silently behind you with soap in my hands and started running it along your chest, my breasts were pressed against your back as my teeth lightly nipped you and my nails made score marks down your chest, but when you turned around to claim me, i held up my hands, making you just stand there, again, surprised as i knelt down, my hands still cleaning your torso, and took your cock into my mouth, very slowly.

I got you nice and hard again before turning you around and making you rinse off your front as i stood up, pressing my chest against your back, where you could feel my cold tight nipples running along your skin. Then I reached around and started to jerk you off while still standing behind you, but at that point you were just too turned on and you whipped around and pin me against the bathtub wall, one of your hands was holding my left leg up, and the other wrapped around my waist as you knelt in front of me! (Boy was I surprised!) You let the hot water run down my body, trickling down my pussy running along the slit and making my clit burn for you before lightly flicking out your tongue and running it all the way from bottom to top of my slit. I cried out as you flicked my clit once more before sucking it into your mouth and making me cum for you there in the shower. I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had baby, maybe we should take a shower tonight as well?

While I was still shuddering from the mind-blowing orgasm you stood up and drove your cock into me causing me to orgasm again!

(I stand corrected, -that- was the best orgasm ever.)

Slowly you drew your huge cock in and out of my pussy, intensifying every sensation by ten times more, causing another slow but sure orgasm to build in me! But that time you came with me when it finally shattered over us… so much for getting ‘clean’ in the shower!

I can’t wait for you to come home tonight baby, my pussy is already dripping for you and I don’t think I could stand to write another word! Maybe you should just take your lunch break now and come home? I’ll be waiting for you.

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