Our Hotel Tryst, Ch. 02


In the Middle of the Night

I wake up disoriented, it’s dark in the room and I don’t know where I am. I’m laying on my stomach in a strange bed and slowly I realize something is between my legs. I feel your face buried in my center, your tongue taking long slow licks, and I hear you moan quietly as though savoring a delicious meal. I sigh as your tongue pierces me deeper, traveling all the way up to my asshole, as your hands press my upper thighs further apart. I’ve never been eaten out like this, with such passion and daring. Feeling your tongue swirling my rosebud entrance sends shivers coursing through me.

Suddenly I feel your weight shift and hear a bottle open. You drizzle a cold liquid down the crack of my ass and I realize you must have found the lube in my suitcase. I start to sit up and you say, “Stay down”. I instantly obey. You grab a pillow and lift my hips off the bed to slide it under me, raising my ass up to you invitingly. My eyes have adjusted to the low light and I turn my head and notice the large mirror next to the bed where I see you stroke your rigid cock with the lube. I tense slightly, not sure that I can actually accommodate your large cock in my tightest entrance.

You position yourself between my legs again Taksim escort and grab both of my cheeks firmly spreading me open, rubbing your cock along my crack, lubricating your thickness. “Relax” you command, and I take slow deep breaths as you hold your cock in one hand and begin to press into me. My body resists your girth and suddenly I feel you slap my ass hard enough to leave a red imprint of your hand. I yelp! But you’re already soothing the pain away with the offending hand. “Relax” you say again, smoothly, with a smile in your voice. My whole buttocks is aflame from your ministrations, but I take some more calming breaths and will my muscles loose. Your left hand spreads my ass open as your right guides you back to my rosebud. You swirl your head, slick with precum and lube around my opening and then press your weight into me. I let out a breath and I hear you grunt as my body accepts you into me. You’ve never felt anything like the tight heat that surrounds the head of your penis and you pause, relishing the sensation and giving me time to relax into you. You want to start thrusting wildly but you control yourself and slide slowly, centimeter by centimeter deeper inside me. I breathe into the pain and pressure of this totally Taksim escort bayan new sensation.

I’ve wanted this for so long, but never been given this violation, and I relish in your obvious delight in taking me this way. I crave more, but am nervous I won’t be able to handle it. Finally you’ve buried your entire length into me, and I feel your balls pressing against my dripping wet labia. You pause, grunting at the unbelievable feeling. The pain begins to lessen as I savor the amazing fullness of your cock buried in my ass. Your thighs press mine open further, giving you better purchase from which to begin slowly pulling back out of me. I moan at the empty feeling your thick shaft leaves behind, but as soon as you’ve pulled back to your head you begin pressing into me again, faster, but still gently. My body has become used to you, while still tightly gripping every inch of your hardness. You let out an involuntary growl deep in your chest as you say “mine” in a tone I’ve never heard from you.

“Yes,” I say, “all yours”.

At that you begin thrusting in earnest, the pain from earlier replaced by a spreading warmth throughout my whole body when suddenly your hand comes down and slaps my right cheek. I yelp Escort taksim and my whole body bucks underneath you. You laugh and slap my left cheek. Not terribly hard, but the sting brings my mind into sharp focus and I lock eyes with you in the mirror. You look like a wild animal behind me and you grab my hips biting your fingernails into my soft flesh, leaving little half moon indentations in the skin. The pain and the pleasure, a combination totally new to both of us, ignites something deep inside.

We look like animals, because we’ve become animals. Primal and untethered. “Touch yourself” you command, and like all your commands I am helpless to obey you. I reach down and feel my wetness soaking the pillow you propped me up on. My clit has never been so engorged and I moan as my finger begins to swirl around it. You stare into my eyes in the mirror, “Such a good girl.” You say, and your words make me tremble. “Come for me good girl.” Those words from your lips are like a key set in the lock of my desire. My vision blurs as my mind bursts open, my body erupting in the earth shattering tremors of an orgasm you call forth from me, like a conductor pulling music from his orchestra. My violent tremors milk your cock and you start fucking me wildly, all gentleness gone from your thrusts as you roar out your finale. Wave after wave of cum springs forth from you, deep into me, lubricating your savage thrusts. You collapse on top of me as we both slip into unconsciousness, your cock still buried to the hilt inside me.

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