Opposites are Best Lovers Pt. 03


I thought about Terry’s interest in watching me box and decided it would probably be hot. I texted him in the morning and told him that I liked the idea. He was thrilled. I said he could meet me there after I lifted weights and gave him the address. A few minutes later he texted about more pressing needs….

“Kelly, now you’ve got me all horny about watching you box later today…. Can I please come over to suck you off? I know you want to get to the gym soon and promise I won’t keep you too long.”

“OK, now I’m getting horny just thinking about you watching me in the ring, so you better come over.”

Terry opened my door a few minutes later and knowing I was on a tight schedule he was very business like. I stood nude near the warm fireplace when he arrived. He quickly removed his little yoga outfit and came to me. I loved how he was so serious and very focused. He lustfully went to work on my body. He moaned a lot but didn’t say anything, and I didn’t either. There was no question he was desperate for lots of cum.

In a way he was more stimulating like this because he communicated his urges for my body through his actions. He was so cute when he flexed his own little biceps, communicating that he wanted me to flex mine, which I did. He was licking, kissing, and smelling my muscles as I flexed for him. My body was warm from the fireplace heat and getting a little sweaty from flexing so hard. At one point he was rubbing his little turned up nose on my big chest and then moved it over to my big flexing bicep, alternating kissing it, and then sniffing it. He rubbed his nose across a massive popped out vein at the center of the bulging bicep and followed it into my smelly armpit. My underarm was perfectly smooth and framed in heavy slabs of muscle. He buried his face into it and took in deep breaths through his cute nose as he continued to feel up very big hard muscle. It made his tiny penis drip gel on my big thigh as he lightly humped it.

The sexiest part was when he lifted his face from the ultra-muscular pit and looked me in the eyes. He gave me a nasty little smile and then dove right back in, his arms wrapped on my back, pulling his little body into mine. He stayed on it for a long time, pushing his cute little nose around it, desperate for more super concentrated stud scent. Then he remembered his promise about not keeping me too long and dropped to his knees, knowing there was a different, more musky, and even more powerful scent awaiting him.

It was as if he was starving and my giant cock was his only source of nourishment. He was clearly feeling more comfortable with me and was getting more slutty and nasty with each of our sessions. His super-lustful actions were too overpowering and looking down on his delicate little body, I exploded violently.

This time, instead of directly sucking me off, he took his mouth off my big cock and used both hands to pump rope after rope of rich creamy wad all over his face and perky little tits. He looked up at the clock, saw it was getting late, and quickly consumed sperm with his hands and fingers. I watched the show in disbelief of just how much thick, rich cum he can consume. To top it off, after finishing up almost all of my voluminous spunk, he reached out his index finger to my big-muscled thigh and scooped up several little droplets of his penis gel, then brought his finger to his mouth and licked it off. He kept looking up at me just like a little slutty girl would.

I got dressed and departed for my weightlifting session after making sure he knew how to get to the boxing gym, and he kissed me goodbye. His loving kiss left some moist sperm on my lips, and he said, “I can’t wait to watch you punch other guys.”

While I was lifting weights, I thought about dramatically changing what I normally wore at the boxing gym. My normal attire consisted of baggy sweat pants and a loose-fitting sweatshirt. This was certainly consistent with my previous shyness. I didn’t want my boxing workout to be about my body, and I wanted to avoid anyone ogling me when I boxed. But now I was starting to really enjoy showing off my body. Not only that, but the fact that Terry would be there watching me made it an easy decision to expose myself and really show off. I had a super nice workout and then drove to the boxing gym.

When I got there it was a little early and Terry hadn’t arrived yet. There were only about eight guys at the gym, all hard-core boxers, training hard. They were never very friendly but treated me with respect because I tried hard and I could hit with tremendous power. They knew I was there to improve my body composition, not to be a professional boxer.

I went to my locker and changed from my weight lifting sweats into my boxing shoes and a tight pair of shorts that were stretchy and went about a third of the way down my big thighs. My upper body was shirtless and seemed to look even more muscular in my little shorts. I didn’t care that my cock and balls created a extremely massive bulge in my shorts. It protruded significantly, Maltepe Escort all heavily rounded and unevenly lumpy. It looked like the stretchy fabric was over-straining to hold the dense meaty contents. My body was still pumped up and a little sweaty. I taped up my fists and went out into the main gym area.

Guys were looking at me in awe. They’d never seen anything like it. Now they knew what I’d been covering up for several years. One of the more outgoing boxers said, “Holy crap dude, you’re one big muscled up mother fucker!”

I actually liked them looking at me. Several got a good view of my massive bulge and couldn’t stop themselves from focusing on it. It felt so refreshing and erotic to display myself proudly in this semi-public setting.

Then I saw Terry enter the door and he looked a little scared and intimidated. I went to him right away and gave him a quick kiss. I wanted everyone to know he was with me. Terry really appreciated the jester. It was apparent that the guys assumed he was a she, and I could see why. He wore a stylish yellow sleeveless dress with blue buttons down the entire front. The dress fit tightly on his little curvy body. His short blond hair was perfectly done and looked great with the sexy yellow dress.

Terry looked me over with pride in his eyes, so everyone would notice how infatuated he was with me. Then he rubbed the top of his index finger under his little turned up nose to acknowledge he could smell my big muscled up body. I took him over to a seat near the boxing ring and he gave me a little hug and kissed my chest. At that point I walked over the heavy bag and started punching it with combinations while increasing the power more and more. Eventually I was pounding it with almost full power. The heavy bag wobbled and jumped around from my powerful fists. Loud popping noises emanated from the impact. it was as if a sledgehammer was crushing the bag. Terry was transfixed watching my display of ungodly strength and power. He loved it and was getting increasingly turned on.

I could feel my enormous bulge bouncing heavily every time my fists hit the bag. I turned slightly so Terry could get a better view of the giant bouncing bulge. I was getting a new, even bigger muscle pump from all the exertion. Veins were popping, and a new layer of sweat started to cover my oily-looking body. I just loved showing off my extreme manliness for him.

At that point one of the guys I’ve spared with in the past came over and motioned me up to the ring. He was an arrogant boxer and a very muscular heavyweight at about the same height as me. His muscular development was not as extreme as mine, but at 230 pounds of big, hard, lean muscle, he was very impressive. My 290-pound frame made him look smaller than he really was, at least to the untrained eye. His name was Cliff and he was faster than me and a better boxer. I’d seen him beat up a few guys real bad and heard talk about a few others he basically totally destroyed. We started slow and he said, “You’ve got way too much muscle mass to be a good fighter.”

“I know that Cliff, you know I’m here to improve my body building.”

Then Cliff picked up the pace and stung me with a few heavy shots. It surprised me because this sort of sparing was not supposed to be full force. At that point he hit me with a hard combination to the head and body that rocked me. I looked at him puzzled and seeing the concern in my eyes, he said, “I like beating up big muscle guys. They’re all show, so I break them down, physically and mentally… You’ll never be the same when I’m done.”

I knew I was in trouble and no one watching was bold enough to stop Cliff. I could have walked out of the ring but my pride stopped me from doing so. Cliff fists popped loudly all over me from their heavy impact. Terry could tell Cliff was hurting me bad. Cliff could generate tremendous force with his fists and now started burying them deep into my over-developed body, seemingly penetrating underneath the slabs of big muscle into vulnerable areas. He was very skilled at how to really hurt people and was causing tremendous pain…

“Feel that Kelly? Those giant muscles of yours are getting blown out and torn up now, they can’t protect you from my big hard fists.”

All I could do was grunt and grimace in pain with each brutal impact. Luckily I was able to grab him and we clenched. I was trying to rest and stop the ruthless carnage. Then, in full embrace with the side of his head up against mine, and his big muscular body pushed into mine, he put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “I’m gonna fucking destroy you now, right in front of your cute little Tomboy… Or is it Tomgirl?”

His muscles were as hard and ripped as mine and I could feel his super-strength. I could also feel that he had a big hard on, and it was very large. He was actually getting all turned on working me over. That’s why he was so viscous and driven. This was sexual with him in a violent and perverse way.

He broke my clench, stepped Cevizli Escort back, and I could see the outline of his massive cock in his shorts. It appeared to be every bit as big as the dildo I saw on Terry’s nightstand that embarrassed Terry so much. Cliff’s big erection caught Terry’s eye and he also understood Cliff was sexually excited from busting up my body.

I noticed the big cock moved around heavily in his shorts as he punched. Cliff wanted to hurt me even more and crouched down and came at me again with more leverage. I tried to brace myself for heavier punches that were inevitable.

Coming in low he produced tremendous torque and unloaded powerful shots that crushed anything they hit. I started to collapse, but he pushed me back into the ropes, propping me up against them so I couldn’t fall and methodically started tearing me apart. I was bleeding quite a bit and blood sprayed everywhere whenever he hit me. I was able to clench with him again and while we held each other he said, “Kelly, your body sure smells real manly, but you won’t be much of a man after I’m done with you.”

He held on to me longer than I expected. It appeared that he delayed finishing me off to enjoy the feel and smell of my massive muscled up body. I was leaning back against the ropes in pain, and his sweaty muscular body was all over mine. I thought maybe he would spare me because of his attraction to me. His head was resting on my shoulder and upper chest and I heard him moan and felt his face rubbing into me, taking me in. His massive cock seemed to get harder and it pushed into the left side of my hip and my mid-section. He was slightly humping me, and not necessarily talking to anybody, he said, “It’s gonna be a shame to destroy this amazing muscleman stud.”

Then Cliff pushed off me and positioned himself to do the most damage. Terry panicked and he screamed for Cliff to stop. Thoughts of little sweet Terry filled my head and were the only thing that gave me any hope of surviving this savage beating. Meanwhile Cliff couldn’t control himself and resumed his attack. His fists kept brutally hitting their target, over and over again, destroying everything in their path. Cliff pivoted and turned me so I could see Terry desperately crying, hands now over his mouth, and utter shock in his face…

“See that Kelly, she, or is it he, is watching her/his big muscleman get dominated. After I’m done with you I’ll own your Tom-girl-boy, and I’m going to fuck it so good she/he will forget you ever existed.”

Terry left his seat and ran up to the ring, crying even more, begging and pleading for Cliff to please stop. Unfortunately that had the opposite effect as Cliff put even more force behind his shots. Terry could see that and screamed in anguish. I was in tremendous pain now and totally defenseless. Then, more desperate than ever, Terry started to try to negotiate with Cliff…

“I’ll do anything you want!”

That got Cliff’s attention. He stopped and let me slide down the ropes to the canvas. I was a bloody pulp at that point and was only semi-conscious.

Cliff left me and went over to the edge of the ring where Terry was, and said, “I’ll stop if you service me, if not, I’ll keep working on your muscle-head boyfriend until there’s nothing left of him.”

Terry paused and trying to think of something, said, “Just don’t make me do it now, in front of him…. Not like this.”

“Listen very carefully you little slut, my next target is gonna be that big fucking cock and ball bulge of his. Can you imagine my fists tearing into that for five minutes.”

“No, no, no! Please don’t do that! I’ll do anything you want, anything.”

This was my opening to try and strike back. As Terry kept Cliff’s attention, I lifted myself up using the ropes and almost stumbling moved towards Cliff. At that point Cliff turned to check on me and I nailed him with a crushing blow to the side of his face. He rotated in almost a full circle from the impact and spun into the ropes, trying to hold himself up. I was still weak and very hurt, but I moved into position to do serious damage, hopefully before he had a chance to recover. It was a race against time because if he rallied I knew his fists would completely destroy me.

I positioned myself in front of him just as he seemed to get his bearings and unloaded three heavy punches to his head that stopped any hope of his recovery. He was so stunned and hurt now, and I could afford to take a little more time to continue my own recovery. As I did, I pushed up against him and we were both slippery with sweat, and with the help of the ropes I kept him upright as I leaned on his super-muscular body. I could have let him drop to the canvas and gone home, but I wanted to punish him like he punished me. The thought of him abusing my little Terry angered me as much as the brutal beating I endured at his hands, or should I say his big fists.

Cliff was mumbling something that sounded like, “Don’t hurt me anymore.”

My response sent chills down Atalar Escort his back, and this time it was me whispering in his ear…

“I’m just beginning.”

I stepped back into ideal punching range, and Cliff panicked at what he knew was coming. Putting all my weight behind my fists, I pounded on him like a sledgehammer. Thunderous punches tore into Cliff and loud pops rang throughout the gym. I glanced at Terry and he had a look of relief, mixed with disbelief on his face. I could tell he wanted me to keep hurting Cliff, just like Cliff hurt me.

I felt so big and strong and manly again. My muscles were now super pumped up and straining from generating such heavy punches. Cliff started to slip down to the canvas and I quickly propped him back up on the ropes and delivered more brutal blows. He was turning into a bloody pulp, but before I finished him off I wanted to really damage his muscular 230-pound body, so I started digging massive body blows into it. He whimpered with every shot. I loved hearing that.

As I pounded on him I could hear his ribs breaking, and red-colored fist-size welts puffed up all over the big muscles of his chest, shoulders, and biceps. He tried to turn away from the fist pounding and now his big muscular back was exposed. I went hard at it, drilling his back with massive punches until the pain made him turn back around. Once he did that I resumed work on the front of his body and head again.

I didn’t want this to end and realized I needed to reduce the power of my fists to keep him relatively upright, so I started to just pick him apart with combinations of targeted jabs and upper cuts. I was like a surgeon as I selected my targets. He was whimpering and in excruciating pain now. But I remembered the pain and suffering he inflicted on me, so I kept going.

I settled into a vicious groove, methodically busting him up. I glanced at Terry and loved how he was watching me. I was feeling so manly and dominate that I decided to get naked and really show off. I realized that what I was doing to Cliff, coupled with Terry watching the utter domination, was now sexually arousing me.

I made sure Cliff stayed propped up on the ropes and then stepped back to remove my shorts. My giant cock sprang out, rock hard and sticking straight up. Everyone stared at my giant cock, especially Terry. It was the ultimate in demonstrating complete domination over Cliff.

Overwhelmed, Terry started moaning and whimpering lustfully. I was working so hard on Cliff that my muscles looked like they might explode, veins popped out everywhere, sweat was dripping off my hardening body. My giant cock swayed ponderously like a big pendulum and my massive balls bounced around heavily as I returned to work on Cliff, pounding him with my fists over and over and over again.

Cliff was now totally destroyed. His once impressive muscular body was bloodied and black and blue, his nose was smashed across his face and he had massive fist induced lacerations and swelling. I never felt so manly and dominate and I moved to finish it.

Propping him up one last time he felt like dead weight. I liked the feeling of my giant cock pushing into him as I hugged and lifted his muscular body up. I intertwined his big muscular arms into the ropes to help keep him upright and ready to receive more heavy punches.

I started digging heavy blows into his body and his nervous system was so shocked and inflamed from my fist pounding that he got as rigid as a board. He was out on his feet and the only thing holding him up was the ropes behind him. I could smell his body as I pushed him in the ideal position for me to end it as brutally as possible. He smelled similar to how I get so smelly after a series of very hard workouts. I liked it and it turned me on. I sniffed his busted-up body as I held him up. I hated him, but I liked his real sexy muscleman smell.

This extreme beating was the opposite of making love, but it triggered some related sensations. Every time my fists impacted Cliff’s body I got more aroused. Smelling him accelerated my arousal. My enormous cock was ready to burst, and if I kept holding him up I would have ejaculated heavily all over him. Thoughts of fucking him and tearing open his ass enveloped me. I stepped back and observed the immense damage that I inflicted and the sexual energy I felt translated into more motivation than ever to obliterate him.

I looked at Terry and could tell he was incredibly turned on. He knew I was in a primitive sexual state and about to dramatically finish the job. Terry moved closer as if to get a better view. I flexed my double biceps pose for him to emphasize my power. The guys were gathered around and couldn’t believe how muscular I looked. My cock was dripping and super juicy now. I was primed to crush Cliff.

Everyone, especially Terry, waited in anticipation. At that point I dug deep and unloaded extremely powerful combinations to Cliff’s head and body, literally smashing bone. He head rotated and swiveled violently, and his muscles broke down from the impact. Mercifully, I stopped when there was really nothing left to destroy and let what remained of him fall face first to the canvas. He was still stiff and literally bounced up off the canvas from the impact. It was finally over.

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