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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 82 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. I snatched Davy’s tail off and hung it from Colins kilt belt alongside mine. `I hope, I am going to get something later for that’ I grinned and winked `Oh, I think you can guarantee it’ With two fox tails and seven eggs, I think I knew who was going to win the Bunny competition. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � part 82 Forts continues the story I must be psychic, Athol, winked at me and announced `We have two boys with three fox tails each, Jones and Bryant, please come out to the front both of you’ Three tails? I wondered where Colin had got a third tail, I glanced at Gary, he winked and turned his arse to me and wiggled his tailless kilt back at me; good old Gary. Hang on, I mouthed “you didn’t shag him, did you? Gary laughed and shook his head, phew. Little Colin Jones and George Bryant went up and stood next to Athol; Bryant, was grinning broadly I saw him catch McPhee’s eye; so did Colin. Bryant waved one of the tails at McPhee, who looked away blushing, Colin just looked hurt. Athol continued `So, we have a draw, or do we? In the event of a tie, Mr Duncan has declared it will be decided by who has the most eggs, so’ All that was needed was a drum roll as Athol held the school in suspense. `Well, I can announce that Colin has found seven eggs, where George hasn’t found any, George what happened, where you to busy gathering tails? George Bryant looked furious, he glared at McPhee and a couple of the other third years; I smiled. `So, our winner is Colin’ As his name was announced there was lots of clapping and stamping of feet, I even joined in as Bryant stormed off, Athol winked at me again. `Next the winner of the largest number of Bunny tails’ A few of the older ones puffed up their chests; hoping they had won. `And the winner is, …McPhee, Chris can you come up please’ Chris McPhee, grunted, grinning he punched the sky and rather tastelessly he turned to the other fourth years and squeezed his dick through his kilt, he moved to stand alongside Colin; trying hard to keep his smile fixed, he nodded and waved at the audience, once alongside Colin, McPhee’s guard slipped, I watched him glare at Colin and when he thought no one was looking hiss at him “who’s are those?”. Before Colin answered, Athol had spoken again; his face a beaming bowl of glee. `And the runner up for most Bunny tails is, oh, oh, Minister Montrose, it’s you, one less than McPhee, a round of applause everyone, for Minister Montrose’ Montrose was as red as a beetroot; I saw Athol glance skywards and thank any God that was listening. Montrose, tried to speak, but was drowned out in the clapping and cheering. Athol only made his blushes worse when he announced `Oh wait, apparently the Minister found them and was looking to return them to Bunnies without one’. More raucous laughing and clapping. ** Once all the clapping for the winners had died down, we were all invited to help ourselves to the buffet, basically lots of different egg dishes and piles of sandwiches made of hard-boiled eggs; we were really lucky to have the hen barns at the Castle, plus Gary’s creative egg accounting with the Ministry of Food. I continued watching McPhee, he appeared to be giving Colin a hard time, I decided it was time to intervene. `Everything okay guys? Colin looked really pleased to see me; McPhee less so. I scouped Colin up and gave him a hug and kiss, he wrapped his little legs round my waist. `Hey, well-done you for finding all those eggs’ I tweaked his nose `And for getting those foxes to part with their tails’ I smiled at McPhee, who glared back. I gave Colin a little kiss `You’re a naughty little tinker, one of those tails looks like mine’ McPhee’s face got angrier if that’s possible. `You okay McPhee? You’re going a bit red there’ McPhee forced a smile at Colin `Colin, can you go and get me a drink, darling, thank you’ Colin hopped down and scurried off, McPhee glared at me again and grabbed my arm `Did you fuck him? `Pardon’ `Did you fuck, my boyfriend? `Do you mean while you were fucking Bryant and the others? McPhee, took a step towards me `Oh McPhee, please, go ahead, hit me’ I hissed, he stopped, my turn to step forward and take his arm. `Now, you start treating Colin right, or let him find someone who will, my eyes are on you and I won’t let you hurt him, understand? McPhee snorted and looked away; red rag to a bull, I grabbed his shirt by the neck and leant in to his ear `I said, do you fucking understand? McPhee glanced round, making eye contact with Gary, who turned away, no support from there, McPhee looked back at me. `Yes, yes, now let me go’ `I mean it, if you lay one finger on him, I will do you, like I should have done when you hurt Davy’ I pushed him away, he tried to retain his composure as Colin came back with a drink for him. `Cheers little guy and well done for winning the competition’ Colin looked between us `I didn’t win really, Forts and Davy gave me those tails’ `So, you didn’t? McPhee’s voice tailed off and he looked up at me `No, he didn’t, how did you lose yours and get karabağlar escort all those bunny tails? I said sarcastically, McPhee ignored me and turned to Colin. `Come on Colin, lets get something to eat’ Colin took McPhee’s hand and then stopped and gave me a hug `Thank you, Forts’, `Don’t worry its our secret’ I kissed his cheek and he turned and went off with McPhee. ** Davy takes over the story It had been an amazing day. Now cuddled up next to Forts, he told me, he had spoken to McPhee about how he treated Colin and asked me to keep an eye out for him; to watch for any new bruises, that sort of thing. `I hate the way he is just using him for sex’ I squeezed his hand `Colin doesn’t seem to mind that much’ Forts rolled to face me. `You say that, but McPhee looked like he was going to punch him, accusing Colin of shagging to get those tails. Colin didn’t fucking shag anyone, unlike McPhee’ I leant over to kiss him trying to think what to say; I was stopped in my tracks by a high-pitched wailing, we both sat bolt up right `What, the? We listened some more, no it wasn’t wailing, well it was, but it appeared to be a song, every now and then we heard a stinged instrument. With the crash against our wall, we jumped out of bed and both totally naked we opened our door and peered out. I looked at Forts `Its coming from the Counts room’ Why did everyone end up next door to us? `Christ he will wake the whole Castle’ Obviously forgetting he was naked Forts went to the door and knocked, and then knocked again, even from our door, I saw the cloud of bluish smoke and heard the shrieks of laughter as Forts was dragged in by a huge arm and the door shut. Well, I wasn’t having that. I checked the coast was clear and ran over to the door, my hand cupping my bits, and knocked, it burst open and I was dragged in and the door shut again. `What’s going…’ `Shoosh, you will wake everyone up’ It was Archie; giggling away, it took a few minutes for my brain to make sense of the scene, the room seemed upside down. I had been let in by a naked Archie, the Count was naked and reclining alongside a naked Athol, with Forts on his other side also naked, all of them on the bed’s mattress which was now in the centre of the floor, with piles of pillows and cushions everywhere. Niki; yes, you guessed it also naked, he was laying dreamy eyed along Athol’s naked body, watching as the Count instructed Forts how to inhale from a Shisha pipe. The Count waved me over as Archie picked up the balalaika and began doing a poor impression of Russian singing again, while strumming the instrument tunelessly. Forts began exhaling yet more smoke to join the thick fog in the room, he grinned at me stupidly and held the mouth piece towards me, as the Counts booming baritone voice joined Archies, he got up and the singing and the dancing continued. God they were all stoned, I of course, didn’t know what it was at this precise moment; I thought they were drunk, but how had Forts got drunk that quickly? I had looked for bottles and there were several empty ones on the floor and a couple of half full champagne bottles in a big silver ice bucket; that must belong to the Count. Avoiding the singing and dancing duo, I crossed to Forts, he was grinning like an idiot at me. `You have to try this’ He held out an ornately carved mouth piece, `You suck through here, and then you can blow me here’ He squeezed his cock; grinning, as he sucked on the mouth piece again, before exhaling another small cloud into the room. `Forts are you okay?’ He nodded, his eyes no longer focusing on me. He patted the mattress beside him, I knelt down beside him as he thrust the mouth piece towards me. I was joined by a smiling Niki, he gestured for me to take a suck on the pipe, as I hesitated, he did; then vanished in another cloud of smoke. As it cleared, I could see he was astride Forts, kissing him, Athol’s hand touched my shoulder `Come on try it’ I took a big breath in sucking on the pipe, I began to cough, Athol chuckled. `Gently, try again’ I did as he said, feeling a wave of `calmness’ wash over me, I looked at Athol, realising I was grinning now too, before I realised, I had leant forward and pushed my lips to his, my tongue hungry for his mouth, we took a couple of more breaths each, before Archie joined us with the Count, as I rolled on top of Athol, I could feel hands running up and down my legs; toying with me. I glanced at Niki and Forts, Niki had swapped round and was now in the classic sixty-nine position, his mouth hungrily devouring Forts, throbbing cock. Athol, got me settled on his chest, my legs either side of him, we snogged like new lovers, I was floating, I could feel his hairy hot body beneath me, his tongue, battling with mine. Other hands continued to explore my body, especially now my hanging balls and exposed hole. A hand positioned the head of Athol’s now throbbing cock, against my hole; I pushed myself back, feeling a wet tongue join his cockhead against my pucker, then a second, two tongues fought for my hole, hands pulling my cheeks wider and wider apart. I stretched my head upwards in ecstasy as a finger eased into me, joined by one of the tongues. The mouth piece was put to my mouth again; I have no idea by who, I took another couple of deep breaths, the calming waves washed over me again, I groaned as a second finger joined the first; vaguely I could tell they were from different hands, more tongues, and still Athol’s big flared cock head. A head began to lick at my neck, as its hands stroked and rubbed my body electrifying my skin. I moaned, into Athol’s mouth as who ever it was began nibbling and licking my neck and ear. I turned my head, to take on this new tongue, now bayındır escort so close to my mouth, my brain registering it was Forts. `I love you he whispered as he kissed me again’ I glanced to where he had been only moments before. Archie was now on top of Niki, whose little legs were drawn up around his waist, Archie’s tongue clearly duelling with Niki’s. I grinned back at Forts as Athol’s tongue joined his and mine; that had to mean or did it, that it was Eddie whose tongue was snaking in and out of my arse, gathering Athol’s precum from his leaking cockhead and smearing it over my hole. His long fingers probed deeply into my arse too, I writhed up as he found my boynut and gently tapped it, my brain exploding, my mouth hanging open as two tongues licked at my lips and duelled with each other. The shisha pipe was held to my lips again, once more I breathed deeply, the three of us vanishing into a billowing cloud. The mouth piece was passed backwards, I could feel lips circle my hole and then a gentle blowing, another headrush, as the Count blew the smoke deep inside me. I couldn’t believe how chilled I was, I lay atop of Athol, Forts tight alongside, our three bodies one, our tongues and hands gently stroking each other’s bodies. More sensations registered at my hole as a third finger eased into me, the Count working them wide apart, slowly stretching my rose bud open. I felt a blunt flat cockhead, Athol’s? being tapped against my hole, I lifted myself, I wanted to be fucked, I needed something warm in me to accompany the fuzzy feelings I was having, a cock head popped into me, I glanced back, my fingers, splitting either side of the cock shaft that was now easing into me, Forts began nibbling my ear, then moved his tongue and pushed it into my mouth. `I love you, relax and take it’ He whispered kissing me again. I felt my sphincter stretch, a sharp pain, I moaned and tried to look round, Forts held my head, feeding the Shisha mouth piece back between my lips, he stroked my hair, whispering `Deeply, breathe deeply’ I kissed him and as I exhaled the cloud of smoke, I felt my hole body relax once more, my pain gone, I eased myself back, feeling my hole stretching wider; Forts continuing to stroke my face and kiss me, I glanced at Athol, his lips were pursed as he concentrated; so, his cock was in me; but it felt so much more. The bristle of pubes on my arse cheeks and a pair of beautifully manicured hands appearing on my shoulders confirmed, I had two cocks in me, two large cocks. Forts kept me facing him, his tongue in my mouth his hands stroking me, low murmurs and grunts of encouragement coming from his throat. The person behind me; it must be Eddie, began to increase his pace, his cock stretching me wide as he reached full depth, the width of the base of his shaft, causing me to gasp and grunt. More Shisha, this time Forts inhaled deeply and then pushed his mouth to mine telling me `Breathe in the smoke’ He exhaled, I Breathed in deeply, feeling my head spinning, he gasped `Now give it back to me’ We locked lips again as this time I blew the smoke into Forts, more waves of pleasure and general chillness as I was fucked into the following week. A grunt and the hands on my shoulders hauling me back, woke me from the stupor my mind was in, I felt the flood of liquid deep inside me, more grunts and then slowly a cock was pulled from me. I lifted my head; when had I stopped snogging Forts? I looked for him, he was still next to me, but now his face was buried in Niki’s arse, when had he slipped over here? where was Archie? my head floated off again as another hard cock pushed in along side Athol, Forts kissed me and gestured for me to sample Niki’s cummy hole, I pushed my tongue into his gaping arse, lapping up the cum; I recognised the taste it was Archies. Forts and I rolled a mouthful of cum backwards and forwards between our mouths. More Shisha, and now louder grunts and more forceful fucking of my hole, I felt a weight on my back, I glanced back coming face to face with Archie, we kissed, I even gave him some of his cum back, I felt him tense on my back and another load was pumped into my arse, I could feel it dribbling out and down Athol’s still hard cock as Archie pulled out of me. Forts picked up Niki and vanished behind me, a little tongue began to lick where Athol’s shaft was impaled in me, helping ease in the third cock which now pushed into me, the guy collapsed on to my back, his tongue at my ear. `I won’t be long, sorry, this is so horny, I love you, you horny fucker’ With my ear lobe held in his teeth, Forts began to fuck me hard and deep, his cock sliding against Athol’s each thrust forcing out the Counts and Archies cum in to Niki’s waiting mouth, how Forts and Athol, managed it I had no idea, they came together, both of their cocks throbbing as they pumped their loads deep inside me, someone, I have no idea who was blowing smoke on to the two cocks impaled in my arse, it billowed around me; I breathed it in deeply. I drifted off to the sound of the Count and Archie, singing; waking several hours later, Forts in my arms, the Count, Athol, Archie and Niki all entwined. Christ my head hurt, my mouth was dry, unlike my arse, I felt down, still wet blobs of cum, I glanced at my watch; shit it was nine o’clock in the morning. ** Archie picks up the story You are probably wondering how the little party got started? Well, we had been having a welcome drink with the Count in our sitting room on the first floor, Only Athol, Ouranoff, Niki; of course, and myself, it had been going very well; boy can these Russians’ drink. Athol finally called a halt and said we should all head for bed, Ouranoff had whispered something to Niki, who ran off out narlıdere escort of the room. That left the three of us staggering, yes staggering up the stairs towards our room, just as we got to the fifth floor, Niki appeared carrying two bottles of Champagne. Any thoughts Athol had of getting off to bed evaporated as we were invited in for one final drink, the Count refusing to take no for an answer. `Okay only one more then’ Athol finally agreed, Ouranoff opened the door to his room and waved us in. `Christ what have you done to the room? Athol blurted out and then turned to me. `My God’ I looked round the room, unrecognisable from the one the Count had been shown to earlier. The bed had been dismantled and now the Mattress lay on the floor in the centre of the room, the bed drapes now lay over the mattress, it was surrounded by piles of cushions and low upholstered reclining benches. Ouranoff said something to Niki, who vanished into the ensuite as we were invited to join the Count on the cushions. Athol, didn’t look happy at all, with antiques hundreds of years old, strew about all over the place. Niki came back in with glasses and a large silver Champagne bucket, glasses poured; he rushed off to get ice from the kitchen. Ouranoff wanted to toast our health, he handed us our glasses, so there we were, both awkwardly reclining on the cushions; we British didn’t usually live like this. Luckily, we had both kicked off our shoes when we saw we would be sitting on the floor. Niki arrived back with the ice and the bottles were bedded into it, he vanished back into the ensuite and this time returned carrying a large Shisha Pipe, he had obviously lit it in the ensuite, our noses immediately picking up the smell of burning charcoal and what was that other smell? Rich and wholesome, homely even, like slightly overdone cinnamon toast. Athol looked at me and as I shrugged my shoulders, he turned to Ouranoff. `Eddie, what is this? `Something to help you relax darling’ Eddie drawled in his thick Russian accent `Yes, but what? Eddie, turned and flapped his hand in the air; as if waving away the question. The Shisha pipe was set up and as the cut crystal glinted in the Candles which Niki was now lighting, ornately carved silver bands adorned the glass. The lower globe had been filled with water and then the head piece complete with the substance now filling the room, with rich aromas, two small pieces of smouldering charcoal had been laid on top a delicately perforated silver lid and then lit. I couldn’t help wondering how Niki knew how to do all this, there was still so much we needed to learn about this kid. Ouranoff uncoupled the carved mouth piece, it looked like Ivory and took four breaths in, each one producing more blueish smoke as he exhaled it into the room. He thrust it towards Athol, who looked at it, I thought he was about to refuse, when Niki, now naked: when had he got undressed, crawled up to Athol and took hold of the pipe. He whispered something into Athol’s ear, Athol gave a little laugh and said `Are you sure? Who couldn’t believe those big nodding eyes? Now only a week ago, Athol could not stand little Niki, but after a week of sharing our bed, he was besotted with the little guy. Niki, whispered again and then held the mouthpiece to Athol’s lips. Athol breathed in, he was about to exhale the smoke when Niki, clambered up and put his lips to Athol’s; Athol, held the smoke as long as he dared before releasing it into Niki’s open mouth, three more times Niki insisted on Athol inhaling the smoke. When the pipe was passed back, Ouranoff handed it to me, gesturing for me to repeat, holding the smoke as long as I could. It gave me the strangest sensation, I felt as if I was floating, I put a hand to the floor to steady myself as my mind floated, on my fourth inhale, Ouranoff, pressed his lips over mine and breathed in the smoke I was exhaling, his tongue snaked into my mouth and he insisted we take the smoke together several more times. I glanced over to see Niki holding a champagne glass to Athol’s mouth, Athol’s shirt was undone to his waist, and as I watched his kilt was being undone. Ouranoff’s hands began to undo my shirt buttons as we began exploring each other’s mouths with our smokie tongues, soon the pipe was being passed backwards and forwards between us all including Niki and a bluish haze began to form and hang above our naked reclining bodies. `Singing Dancing, we need’ Ouranoff suddenly leapt up; he began raking through a great trunk; where had all this stuff come from? I had to laugh as he pulled out a Balalaika. He gave it a great strum and this six-foot bear of a man, totally naked a large soft cock, at least eight inches long and thick swinging above his hairy balls, began dancing round the room, he began to sing, joined by Niki at the chorus, he held out a great paw and helped me up handing me the Balalaika `Play, sing’ He commanded, I was all for it, alas my legs weren’t and I crashed into the wall of the next room. ** Digbey takes up the story `Shop’ I banged on the breakfast counter. `Oh hello, Mr Digby Sir’ `Hello again Landers, where is everyone? **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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