Opening Up


What the fuck is wrong with people, thought Katie as she stormed into her room.

“What did I ever do to deserve such shit people in my life?”

After surviving four torturous years of highschool, she thought things would get better once she’d moved on to college. Instead, it had been more of the same. Assholes that just insisted on bullying her every chance they got. You’d think people would grow up!

There was one bright spot though. Katie’s best friend Samantha attended the same college and could always be counted on to make life bearable despite all the current drawbacks.

Katie tossed her backpack in the corner and went to change clothes. She preferred to stick with comfortable shorts and thin loose fitting sweatshirts when she was bumming around home. Especially after a rough day.

Part of her didn’t really get why people often made a target of her. She might have some nerdy tastes and not be the most coordinated girl in the world, but she’d grown a lot in the year since highschool. Her braces came off, she got contacts, and ger gangly body had finally filled out. She wasn’t exactly gorgeous, but had long brunette hair, ocean blue eyes, and was relatively fit. On top of that, she had a great ass and small, but firm tits. Not that anyone ever noticed them, since she generally wore looser t-shirts or sweaters.

Katie’s phone vibrated and she grabbed it off her end table. It was Sam.

“Heyo,” announced Katie.

“Sup hoe?” chimed Sam.

“Ugh. It’s been a shitty day. People at school are idiots.”

“Well maybe you should stop treating everyone like they’re a potential enemy whenever they talk to you. Might make you a little more approachable.”

“Yeah, yeah. Easier said than done.”

“So, are you still up for hanging out tonight or did your day turn you all grumpy?” asked Sam.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Hanging out will keep my mind off things. That and I can’t binge watch Netflix alone.”

“Oh wow, we’re so exciting. I can’t imagine anything better on a Friday night,” Sam said sarcastically.

“Well, then think of a way to make it more interesting.”

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

Sam showed up about two hours later. Late as usual.

“Sammy!” called out Claire. Katie’s little sister.

“Hey C! You’re getting so big!” Sam said as she gave Claire a bear hug.

“Are you coming to the movies with us?” asked Claire excitedly.

“No sweetie. Me and Katie are gonna have our own movie night. Maybe we’ll hangout with you tomorrow though.”

“Claire, you ready to go? Oh, hi Sam!” called out Mrs. Tyler. Katie’s mom as she descended the stairs to the foyer.

“Hey Mrs. Tyler. Off to another animated Disney flick?”

“Yup. Another cartoon with talking animals,” Mrs. Tyler said with a roll of her eyes. “I left some cash for you two to order pizza though.”

“Thanks mom. We’ll probably camp out in the basement.”

“Well, have fun and try not to pull another all nighter,” said Mrs. Tyler as she wrangled an impatient Claire out the door.

“Free Escort Başakşehir at last,” Katie sighed when they were alone.

“Let’s go spend your mom’s money and get this party started. I’m starving.”

After polishing off half a pizza and piling a bunch of pillows and blankets at the foot of the couch in the basement they kicked off the night by streaming the first “50 Shades of Grey” movie.

“This has got to be the worst smut movie in existence,” declared Katie with a laugh.

“Yeah, but it’s still fun to watch on a girl’s night! Can’t help but allow ourselves to be teased with nothing else to do” retorted Sam. “I’m gonna go change really quick.”

Sam shot Katie a smile and headed over to the bathroom. Sam was virtually the complete opposite of Katie. Where Katie was shy, a little nerdy, and private, Sam was outgoing, popular, and an open book. She was also gorgeous with shoulder length red hair, creamy skin, green eyes, and voluptuous breasts. They were both pretty conservative though and had gravitated towards each other since they met each other in 3rd grade. Since then, the two had been inseparable and experienced every milestones together.

Sam came out of the bathroom in her red pajama shorts and a navy blue camisole top. Might be a slow Friday, but it’d definitely be comfortable.

Katie and Sam spent the next hour bashing and joking about the insanely awkward acting in their movie, but Katie started to notice Sam fidgeting every once in awhile. Especially during the more steamy movie scenes.

“You okay over there?” asked Katie while sporting a slight grin.

Sam laughed nervously.

“Umm, maybe this wasn’t the best movie option for me,” Sam replied sheepishly.

“Oooh, somebody’s hot for Mr. Grey”

“Oh shut up,” Sam said with a laugh. “It’s not like you’re not wiggling around like there’s ants in your pants whenever someone gets naked on screen.”

“Hey, I’m totally in control. Solid as a rock.”

“Are you now? Maybe we should test that.”

“What do you mean?” asked Katie.

Without a word, Sam turned off the movie and used the smart T.V.’s internet connection to pull up a porn website.

“Sam! What the hell are you doing?”

“We’re going to play a game. I’m going to start playing porn and we’re going to watch it. Whoever can’t take the excitement or succumbs to the need to masturbate first, loses.”

“Uhh, Sam. I don’t know if I want to do this. I’ve never even masturbated before.”

“Really?” asked Sam incredulously. “How have you never needed to relieve all that pent up energy before? Or at least tried it out of curiosity?”

“I don’t know. I usually just fight it and it eventually passes. I never felt super comfortable touching myself and didn’t think I knew what to do. “

“You think too much Katie.”

“That’s me!” Katie replied.

She chewed her lip for a minute in thought. Katie and Sam had been very close for a decade and had talked plenty about sex, dating, and what Bayrampaşa escort not, but never talked about this sort of thing. She wasn’t sure how to react.

“C’mon, let’s watch one video and if you’re uncomfortable, we can stop.”

Katie wasn’t exactly comfortable with this, but Sam was her best friend and had a point. She needed to let loose. So, she shrugged and nodded her head in response and Sam began scrolling through a long list of “For Women” porn videos. She ended up choosing a sensual one featuring a rendezvous between too strangers at a resort.

At first, Katie felt way too awkward to allow herself to enjoy it, but she slowly started to loosen up and decided she should try to open up a bit. Experience something new for a change. Couldn’t hurt.

It was strange watching porn with another person in the room and it seemed strange to enjoy it. However, Sam was her oldest friend and she trusted her with anything. Her light hearted comments about what was happening on screen helped diffuse the tension too.

By the time the video ended, Katie was sure that she wanted to try another.

“Okay, one more.”

Sam nodded quietly and found another, more steamy video about a one night stand.

As the talking in the video gave way to desperate kissing and naked bodies, Katie felt her breath begin to catch and a familiar warmth in her stomach and between her legs. Feelings she generally ignored. She tried to open herself to them and let them wash over her. Her heart began to pound harder in her chest and she found herself clamping her legs together in response to the tingling in her pussy.

Sam had been quiet until then. She moved a little closer to Katie and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay to let go. This can stay between us,” Sam said softly.

Still watching the scene unfold in front of her, Katie pulled the drawstring of her shorts and loosened them. She hadn’t worn any panties that day, so she was able to feel the neatly trimmed hair as she reached her hand down into her nethers. She tried to copy what she had seen in the pornos they’d watched and began brushing her fingers over her outer folds, massaging herself.

Katie could feel that she was incredibly wet. Her fingers came away wet and glistening with her juices and she could smell the tart odor getting stronger as she rubbed herself.

Sam, still sitting quietly beside her friend was beginning to feel a dull ache in the pit of her stomach and pussy. She’d been watching the same thing as Katie and was feeling a similar urge. She didn’t want to make the situation weird by touching herself next to Katie, but she couldn’t help it. She was already softly massaging her left breast and was beginning to tickle her nipple through her thin top without even really realizing it.

Katie let out a soft moan as she started rubbing her clit and used her other hand to grab onto her boob firmly. She squeezed her tit and applied more pressure to her clit. She wanted to give herself more space Beşiktaş escort bayan between her legs, so she stopped rubbing herself long enough to push her shorts down over her ass and down her legs. Then she leaned back into her stack of pillows, opened her legs, and returned her attention to her clit.

Sam watched Katie remove her shorts and took that as an o.k. to get herself more comfortable. She pushed her shorts of in one smooth motion and spread her legs a little wider. Sam pinched and twisted her nipple hard, eliciting a deep moan that she tried to suppress. She attacked her clit with her fingers and rubbed it furiously.

Both girls squeezed their eyes shot as the pleasure began to build within them. The fact they were so close to each other and listening to each other’s moans and gasps for air only served to urge each other on more.

Katie was barely aware of her surroundings. She was consumed by the waves of warmth radiating from her core and the tightening of her muscles as her body reacted to the contact on her clit. She was vaguely aware that Sam had slid down against her and was lightly pressed up against her shoulder.

Sam was panting and becoming unable to stifle her pleasure. She had sunken against Katie and was too comfortable to right herself, so she continued rubbing her clit with her thumb while pushing two fingers into her wet pussy. She let out a loud moan and felt her back arch from pleasure. She sped up her pace and bit her lower lip as she squeezed her nipple once again.

Katie was losing control. She had pulled her sweater up to give better access to her tits. She continued to massage her tits and rubbed her clit faster and faster. The pressure building within her felt like a dam holding back a tide and Katie didn’t think she could hold the tide back much longer.

The dam burst. Katie cried out in pleasure, her back arching as her legs clamped together. Wave after wave of heat and fire shot through her body and she found herself in tears. She was unable to control her movements and was desperately clinging to herself as she tried to calm her breathing. Her body was shaking even as the orgasm began to ebb away moments later.

Katie’s cries made Sam want to cum more than ever. Sam let go of her nipple and braced herself as she plunged her fingers into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot. It only took a few seconds before her body started to shake and she threw her head back with a loud moan of ecstasy. The electricity coursed through her entire body and she felt on the verge of passing out.

“Holy…shit,” panted Katie.

“Mhmm. Feels pretty amazing, huh?” replied Sam dizzily.

Katie was still breathing heavily, but exhaustion was taking over.

“Thank you,” Katie said softly with a smile.

Sam returned the smile, but was too overwhelmed to say anything. She watched Katie drift off to sleep peacefully. The pair had been friends for years and she was glad she could share in this moment with her best friend.

Sam heard footsteps upstairs. Mrs. Tyler and Claire must be back. She grabbed a blanket to cover Katie’s half naked body and turned off the lights. She was exhausted too and although it was early, was ready to collapse from exhaustion. Sam closed her eyes and let sleep overcome her.

It hadn’t been a boring movie night after all.

To be continued…

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