Older Sister Takes Me In Pt. 02


I had now been living with my sister, Carolyn, for almost six months, and things could not have been going any better. To the public, we were just a brother and sister sharing a luxury apartment in the windy city, next to the great lake, but behind closed doors, we had become impassioned lovers that could seemingly never get enough of our taboo lust for each other.

Christmas was quickly approaching, and the weather became pretty nasty in our part of the country, with temperatures already falling well below freezing and snow blanketed the city a few times over. Carolyn and I normally liked the extra exercise that we got from walking the ten blocks back and forth to our office building, but the cold put the damper on that, and we were now having to resort to the L train on the extra cold days.

Carolyn and I were sitting there at the dining room table, eating our supper after another long day at work, when she gave a heavy sigh. I knew something was bothering her since we left work, as she hardly spoke two words besides our usual greeting to each other when we met outside the building. She just was not acting like her usual upbeat self.

After hearing another heavy sigh from Carolyn, I knew something was eating at her and so I said, “Okay, Sis, what’s going on? You have been a mood since leaving work today and have hardly said anything. What can I do or say to make it better?”

Carolyn sighed again, then gave me a little grin and said, “I’m sorry, Jimmy, I don’t mean to be a downer today, just have a lot of stuff at work going on and it’s weighing pretty heavy on me. You know about that merger we have been working on, right? Well, I have to go to the east coast tomorrow for a week, to help finalize the merger and I am nervous about it, not to mention having to go a week without your cock inside me.”

Carolyn grinned at me and I just about choked on my last bite of food. I quickly downed a few swallows of water before replying, “Well that is bit of a letdown, but you’ll do just fine with the merger, but yeah, my cock will miss being inside you, too.” I grinned and winked back at her, then stood up, moved around the table behind her, leaned down and hugged my beautiful sister, resting my hands on each of Carolyn’s firm breasts through her top.

She leaned her head back into me, her eyes now closed, and a soft moan escaped her lips. I moved around the side of her and kissed her sweet lips gently at first, then slipped my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. Carolyn groaned into the now heated kiss, putting her arm around my neck, and running her finger through my hair. Carolyn still had her skirt on from work and my hand moved down to slowly run up the inside of her thigh as we continued into a heavy passionate make out session.

When my hand reached her silky panty covered crotch, Carolyn once more groaned into our kiss, pulling me harder against her mouth. I could feel her heat radiating through her panties, along with the moisture that was already beginning to flow from her sex, soaking the material. I loved her pussy, along with the rest of her and the hard cock in my pants now wanted out of its confines to play, as she ran her hand across my crotch, feeling my member pushing against my zipper.

Carolyn pulled back from our fevered kissing and said, God, Jimmy, I want you so badly. I want you to fuck me right here and now!”

With that said, she stood up, pulled her skirt up around her waist and pushed down her panties, then leaned over the table and wiggled her ass towards me with her eyes half closed. I quickly unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them along with my boxers. I moved behind Carolyn, took my cock in my hand, and pressed it in between her sweet ass cheeks to find her opening.

By this time, Carolyn was sloppy wet and when my prick slid between her lips, there was no resistance whatsoever and I pushed all the way inside her until my fat cock head banged off her cervix. Carolyn let out a loud cry of pleasure, holding on to the table firmly as I began to piston my cock in and out of her sweet cunt. I held on to her hips, looking down at her ass, and watched my flesh pound into her, seeing the insides of her some out slightly along with my prick on each outstroke.

My God she felt incredible, and she sounded incredible, coaxing me on along with the sounds of her intense pleasure, “OH GOD, JIMMY! YOU FUCK ME SO DAMN GOOD! I’M GOING TO FUCKING CUUUMMMMMMMM!”

Carolyn began to go into spasms, crying out, moaning, and groaning hard, growling her pleasure, now flopping around with her face and chest on the table, as she powered through her climax. I never got tired of feeling her amazing pussy wrapped around me, pulsing against me, especially during her orgasms. It was like a liquid velvet vise grip squeezing me repeatedly.

I felt my own surge build up quickly and I pounded my cock into her faster. Carolyn knew I was about to cum and said, “Yes, gaziantep escortları Jimmy, fill my pussy! Fill me with your hot cum! Give me all of your love!”

Her wish was granted in the next instant, as I slammed my prick all the way inside her, releasing the contents of my balls deep within her pleasure cavern, pulsing over and over, filling her to the point of overflowing. I leaned over on Carolyn, out of breath, and wrapped my arms around her, as the last of my fluid flowed inside her, while her body still trembled in my arms from her orgasm.

After resting like that for several minutes, I felt my prick begin to soften and slip out of her. Carolyn reached over and grabbed a few napkins from the table and put them to her pussy, to catch the rest of our combined juices before they could run down her legs. I moved back around to the front of her, and pulled her close against me, then kissed her. I loved everything about my sister, but the one thing that just lit me on fire the most was the touch of her sweet lips to my own.

We both said down and looked at each other, then laughed a bit. Carolyn said with a giggle, “NOW you see why I don’t want to leave for a week? You have spoiled me with your loving, Jimmy. Hell, even when I was engaged to Colin, I never once got bothered about going on business trips. Maybe I just did not love him like I love you.” Carolyn smiled after she finished.

I grinned and said, “Ah, you don’t love me, you just love my cock.”

Carolyn quickly replied in a serious tone, “You shit, you know I love you more than anything!” She got up from her chair and quickly sat on my lap, putting her arms around my neck, and hugging close to me.

I held her in my arms, kissed her softly on the lips and said, “I know you do, Sis, I was just teasing you, and I love you, too.”

Carolyn looked at me with a smile and kissed me again. We kissed for several minutes before she got up and said that she was going to go and take a shower. I put my boxers back on and cleaned up the dinner dishes, before heading in to take a shower, too. As I stood under the hot water, I could not help but think about how I much I was going to miss, Carolyn, too.

The two of us had been inseparable over the past several months and it was going to feel strange without her next to me, especially at night. We kept our own separate bedrooms, but most of the time, we slept together in either her bed, or mine, depending on where we had sex that night.

The only time we did not sleep together was when she was on her period. Carolyn was always very self-conscious about that time of the month, and even after I told her many times that it did not bother me, she would not budge on the issue, and just needed to be by herself during, as she put it, her “mensies,” so out of respect for her wishes, I left the subject alone.

After showering, I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge. I saw that Carolyn was on the phone in the living area talking to someone. I held up my beer to see if she wanted one and she nodded yes, so I grabbed another bottle and went over and sat down in the recliner chair next to her just as she got off the phone.

Carolyn smiled and took the beer I handed her, then said, “Well, it looks like YOU won’t be alone this week.” I looked at her with questioning eyes and she added, “Maddi is coming in town for a couple of weeks to visit, and to look for a place to move her business. I guess she is tired of the small-town life, too. I told her that I was going to be gone for a week and she said it would give her a chance to hang out with you for a bit, too.”

Maddi was our middle sibling, but was closer to Carolyn’s age, being just a year younger. Mom and Dad were not planning on having any more than two kids, but then I came along as a surprise, just about five years after Maddi was born. Carolyn and Maddi were awfully close growing up and I was the pain in the ass tag along little brother most of the time, although the two of them were always very protective of me.

The only difference between my two sisters was their height, with Carolyn at a towering 6’1″ tall to Maddie, just being around 5’6″ tall, that was really the only thing that told them apart, because when it came to looks, they were nearly identical in facial and body features. Maddi’s personality was a bit different, too, with her being a little more reserved and quieter.

Maddi did not participate in sports, like Carolyn did, but was more into the nerdy stuff like reading and messing around with computers, which of course paid off later when she became a hardware and software consultant, after getting her Master of Science degree in computer science. She worked for a few companies around our home area, and then opened her own consulting service, but according to Carolyn, she wants to get into a bigger market, hence her wanting escort gaziantep to come here.

The next morning, I walked with Carolyn down to the street in front of our building. Her taxi came to take her to the airport, and I gave her a big hug while the driver loaded up her suitcases. She whispered, “I love you, Jimmy. I’ll call you when I get into Liberty.”

I could tell she wanted to kiss me on the lips but gave me a kiss on the cheek instead, smiled and winked, then got into the taxi and drove off. A few minutes later, I got a text from her reminding me when I needed to pick up Maddi from the train station later, and to remind me that she would miss my you know what? Oh, that woman, what was I going to do with her? I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself as I headed to the bus stop to go to work.

Later that day, as I waited outside of Union Station, in the windy snowy late afternoon, I was beginning to think Maddi was never going to get there. I went inside and check the train schedule and it showed that the train was about 15 minutes behind schedule, so I thought it would be better to just wait inside for her.

Just as I was going to sit on one of the benches, I heard Maddi yell out my name from across the way, “Jimmy! Over here!”

I turned to see Maddi waving her hand like an imp, with a goofy expression on her face. I headed over to her and she just about knocked me down as she jumped into my arms. Maddi exclaimed, “Jimmy, I’m so damn happy to see you, little Brother! It feels like it has been forever and a day since I last saw you! How are you?”

I finished hugging Maddi and sat her feet back down on the ground and said, “It’s great to see you, too, Maddi. You look great! Although, I am not so sure about this color in your hair, what is that teal or blue? What’s that all about?”

Maddi giggled and said, “Ah you know me, always wanting to change things up.”

I shook my head and laughed, then helped her with her suitcases out the door to a cab that I hailed. The trip to the apartment was a short one but it beat walking in that God awful cold wind. When Maddi and I walked into the building lobby, she had the same reaction that I did when I first got there, making all kinds of oohs and aahs sounds. When we got into the apartment, she was blown away by the size of it.

“Wow! This place is huge! You guys must feel like you get lost in here after growing up in our little house back home, huh,” she said then laughed.

I laughed and said, “Yeah, it is a big place, but you can blame that one on Carolyn when she gets back, because she already had the place when I got here. C’mon, let me show you to the room you will share with Carolyn.” Maddi nodded with a smile and followed me.

I rolled her suitcases in to Carolyn’s room and showed Maddi where she could put her stuff. Carolyn had moved some of her clothes inside the walk-in closet so that Maddi had a place to hang whatever she needed to inside. As I was putting her suitcase inside the walk in, I heard Maddi exclaim the laugh in the bathroom, “Holy shit, this bathroom is huge! I swear this place could fit my first apartment in it!”

I chuckled to myself then said, “While you get comfortable, I’m going to go out and order us some food, anything you want in particular?”

“PIZZA! DEEP DISH PIZZA,” She yelled from the bathroom as I was heading out into the kitchen to look up the food delivery service number.

Well, there will probably be no healthy eating this week, I thought to myself. Maddi was the junk food junkie out of our family and honestly, I do not know where she put it. When I hugged her at the train station, I swear she felt smaller than she did before, or maybe I was just used to hugging Carolyn’s hot body against mine. Yes, I missed her already.

I called the order in just as Maddi came out of the bedroom, now wearing oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants, and plopped down on the sofa. I asked her if she wanted a beer or mix drink before I came in. She chose the latter, asking for a vodka martini, straight up and no olive. “Hey, what am I, your personal bartender here or what,” I asked with a laugh.

Maddi replied with a giggle, “Yep, now get busy there Bro, I saw that liquor cabinet full of hooch on the way in!”

I mixed up her drink for her, then grabbed a beer for myself and headed into the living area to sit with her. Maddi downed about half of the drink before I could get two sips of my beer in. I just shook my head and smiled. She downed the rest of it, then went out and mixed up another one for herself, before coming back to chat.

Our pizza came soon afterwards, and the two of us continued catching up all the happenings in our lives. Maddi explained what she had planned to start her business going here in the city and I told her that I would support her efforts in any way I could without violating any of Vandal Corporation’s guidelines. Maddi gaziantep bayan escortları made herself another drink, as we finished off our meal of deep-dish pizza, and I began sipping on another beer.

I took another drink from my beer and right in mid-swallow, Maddi looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “So, you and Carolyn have been fucking on a regular basis now, huh?”

What is it with my sisters and wishing me to choke to death? Beer came back up and out of my nose when she said that, and I while I regained my composure from choking, I looked at her in disbelief of what she just asked me. Carolyn must have told her. I barely managed to squeak out a response between coughs, “Um, how did you know that?”

“Carolyn told me, dork, how else would I know? You should know by now that her and I have absolutely no secrets between us,” Maddi said with that grin never leaving her face.

“Well, it’s not something that I thought she wanted the family to know about,” I replied defensively.

Maddi rolled her eyes and said, “The rest of the family does NOT know, but I’m not the rest of the family. Besides, I know how to keep a secret, but I will say this, I am a little envious of her, because I wanted you before she did.”

Yeah, that last statement floored me as my mouth just about hit the floor. Maddi giggled looking at my surprised face and no words being able to form in my mouth for a few moments, then I said, “Well, I guess she was right when she said you were the first to spy on me back in the day.”

Maddi just continued grinning then nodded her head in agreement, then said, “Yep, your nerdy older sister that you never paid attention to, had been perving on you quite regularly.”

Maddi let out a loud laugh after saying that and I could not help but get a little flushed. I thought Carolyn was a little unfiltered with her desires but then again, she did not open up to me sexually at first until she had a few drinks in her, but Maddi had only downed one drink and it seemed she had no filter whatsoever, whether or not she had alcohol in her.

I heard Maddi’s voice off in the distance saying, “Hello, earth to Jimmy? Are you in there?

I had gotten lost in space there for a moment, cleared my head, smiled and replied, “Yeah, sorry, just trying to process this, Maddi.

Maddi giggled and said, “Okay, so process this, too, I want in on this lovefest, Jimmy. Are you willing or are you just exclusive to Carolyn now? I mean, can you love on both of your sisters or do I have to lay in bed fingering myself to fantasies of your cock inside me?”

After saying that, Maddi stood up, peeled off her baggy sweatshirt, and threw it on the sofa, then she pushed down her bottoms and stepped out of them. Maddi was now standing there in front of me completely naked in all her splendor with nothing but a smile on her face. Her beautiful breasts were firm looking and tipped off by her now very erect nipples with their half dollar sized areolas.

I scanned down across her soft, slender tummy until my eyes feasted on her dark thick bush covering her pussy. It seemed Maddi liked to be all natural and I did not have a problem with that at all as I grinned back at her, feeling my cock getting extremely hard in my pants. My eyes continued down her legs until they reached her feet, then traveled back up to look her in the eyes once more.

Maddi did a little twirl, the grin never leaving her face and said, “Well, what do you think, little Brother, am I sexy enough for you?”

Okay, so it was my turn to be bold. I unbuckled my pants, pushed them down to reveal my thick hard cock and said, “Does this answer your question?”

Maddi’s eyes got huge, and her mouth dropped open, then said as she came closer to me, “Oh my God, Jimmy, Carolyn was right, you have REALLY grown up!”

Maddi got down on her knees in front of me, reached out and wrapped her smallish hand around my erection, then began to softly stroke my throbbing flesh. Maddi’s eyes were glued to it, as she slowly massaged and squeezed my cock as if it were something to truly behold. Her touch was electrifying, sending little jolts of pleasure all through my body and I could not help but let a soft moan escape my lips.

I watched her as she marveled over my prick and said, “Maddi, you act like you have never seen a man’s cock before.”

She shook her head and replied almost in a trance, “I’ve only been with a few other guys, and their dicks were average at best compared to yours, Jimmy.”

Maddi then moved closer to me, leaned down over my cock, and pressed it to her lips to kiss the bulbous head. She backed off a little and squeezed it, bringing forth the first bead of precum. She then dipped her tongue into my tiny opening to lick it off, then opened her mouth and took my thick prick inside her sweet lips. My head when back and my eyes closed at the intense pleasure that she gave me in that moment.

She began working my cock in and out of her mouth, slowly taking more of it inside her hungry gullet. As one of her hands held the base of my dick, her other hand gently massaged my balls. Wow, the intense pleasure she was giving me was overwhelming! I thought Carolyn was good at giving head, but clearly Maddi was just a tad better as she really got into sucking my cock like a true pro.

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