Older Man Teaches Me How


This is my story, not about the first time I had sex, but about the first time I experienced what sex should be like.

My name is Jessica, and I was 18 at the time.

I hadn’t had much sexual experience at all. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested – I was really, really interested – it’s just that I’d always been training for triathlon, and between the running, swimming, and biking I didn’t have time for much at all outside of school. My parents always thought I was going to be a champ, but I really didn’t have what it takes to be one, and I really only ever competed at a regional level. It kept me in pretty good shape though. At 5″9″, and 120 lbs I was always pretty slim, which unfortunately also left me with fairly small boobs. I kept hoping they’d grow but I never managed to get past a b-cup.

Oh, and if you’re interested I have brown hair and green eyes.

Anyway, back to my story.

I was over at my friends Vanessa Ryan’s place on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon. We’d been out shopping, and were now just sun tanning in her back yard. I hadn’t really come over prepared for tanning, so had to go in my underwear, but I was wearing boy-shorts and a sports bra which isn’t that different from what you might wear to the beach. Besides, Nessy’s place is very private, and you had heaps of warning if someone drove up the driveway. Her dad was the only other one around, and he never seemed to take any notice of us anyway when we were hanging out.

About 2:30 Vanessa’s phone rang. She works at a clothing store, and they had someone call in sick. They wanted her to go in and help. She reluctantly agreed and went back inside to get changed. I must have nodded off, because the next thing I know she’s yelling out ” See ya sleepy!” as she heading out to her car.

I really should have headed home, but figured a few more minutes’ sun on my back might help even out my tan.

I think I might have nodded off again – not sure – but looked up a little while later to see Mr Ryan walking over toward me. He was wearing long shorts and a t-shirt that showed he was still in pretty good shape for a 45 year old.

“Hey Jessica, how’s the tanning going?” he said.

“Good thanks,” I replied. “Sorry I’m hanging out in your yard without Nessy”.

“Don’t worry about it, you know you’re always welcome here. You look like you’re getting a bit burned. Stay right there and I’ll go get you some sunscreen”.

I started to say he didn’t need to do that, but he’d already gone. He came back out shortly carrying a bottle of lotion that he handed to me. I said thanks, and started putting it on my shoulders and arms while we chatted about how my training was going.

“Here,” he said holding out his hand for the bottle,” why don’t you let me get your back for you?” I was kind of embarrassed, but he told me to lie down on the sun lounger on my stomach, so I just did as I was told.

As he started to rub lotion onto my shoulders, I was surprised how firm and strong his hands felt. It was such a nice feeling to have them massaging and rubbing the lotion into my skin. As he moved down he slid his hands under the back of my sports bra, covering every inch of my back, stopping right at the top of my underwear.

I thought for a second that he was done, and was surprised that I actually felt disappointed about it, but the next thing I knew he knelt down on the grass beside my feet, lifted the right one up slightly and started to apply more lotion.

I hadn’t realised it, but I’d been squeezing my legs tightly together, not for any real reason, but just because that’s the sort of thing girls do when there’s a guy around and you happen to be in your underwear. As Mr Ryan moved up my leg, apply sunscreen as he went, I did notice that he was gently moving the right leg away from the left a small amount, meaning that by the time he got to my upper leg, they were just slightly splayed. As he moved slowly, deliberately, to the top of my leg I felt the tips of his finger slip gently under the leg of my shots and up to the bottom of my bum. I was in heaven. Here I was getting massaged by a very attractive man, but was surprised to find myself thinking that I wished he’d go further. He didn’t though, and moved back down to the left foot.

As Mr Ryan moved up to the top of my left leg I again felt the tips of his fingers slip under the leg of my shorts, but this time he moved just a bit further up, brushing the lower part of my bum, before sliding down and running his strong fingers over my inner thigh. I heard the elastic snap back as his hands came out.

“Are you ok?” I heard him ask me, “do you want me to stop, or Beylikdüzü escort should I do the front as well?”

“No it’s nice,” I replied as I opened my eyes “but you don’t have to do the front if you don’t want to.” I pushed myself up on my elbows and peeked over my sunglasses as I looked up at him.

“Well I’m already covered in lotion up to my elbows, so I might as well finish the job,” he said with a grin.

I gave him a nervous grin, and rolled over onto my back, squeezing my legs back together and crossing my arms over my breasts.

“Just relax,” he said as he knelt down beside me, “I won’t hurt you”.

Now something I wouldn’t find out till later (good thing because I would have been so embarrassed) was that there was a very obvious wet spot on my underwear from getting so aroused. Grey tight fitting cotton is not a good thing to wear if you tend to get overly moist like I do. I would have died if I’d known he could see that, but I’m sure he must have been able to see it clear as day.

Mr Ryan slowly lifted each of my arms off my chest, rubbing lotion onto each of them, and making me squirm when he got to my armpits causing me to get ticklish.

“Let’s just pull the shoulder straps down,” he said quietly as he tugged first the left, then the right side of my sports bra over my shoulders. My breasts were still covered, but as he gently rubbed the lotion onto my upper chest, he brushed the bra lower, and lower as his fingers inched down the top of my chest. Moving to the sides, his hands slipped under my bra on both sides of my chest, rubbing upwards and definitely massaging the sides of my breasts.

Standing back up he moved back down to my feet, picking up my left leg and bending it at the knee to 90 degrees. With my leg propped up he massaged the entire leg, making me tingle with excitement as he manoeuvred my knee outward. I sneaked a peak at him through a partially open eye, and noticed his gaze locked on my inner thigh, and I remember thinking he must just be looking where he’s working. As he moved up my leg I found myself wishing he’d touch me, but apart from accidentally brushing his finger against my crotch he didn’t. The same thing was repeated on my other leg, leaving me in a very awkward position with both legs bent and splayed to the sides.

Pushing my knees back down he stood up again, moving back up towards my torso, bringing his magical hands back down onto my tummy. Starting just below my breasts where he’d previously left off, he slowly worked his way down until he came to the top of my shorts. Taking the sides of my shorts, he slowly rolled the top of them down just a tiny bit, returning to massage the skin he’d uncovered, and repeating this several times.

I was a bit lost in the moment, but suddenly realized that I could feel his fingers tracing the top of my pubic hair, and became aware of just how far my shorts had been rolled down.

I don’t know if I was just a late bloomer, but I know I had a lot less pubic hair than most girls, and if I hadn’t had dark hair it would be just about impossible to see.

As his fingers slipped down either side of my mound I suspect he would have been able to see just about everything if I hadn’t moved my legs back together. This was only the second guy to ever touch that much of me, and the first one to ever do it in the light of day. Feelings of excitement were bouncing around in my head, mixed with fear, awkwardness, and not knowing what I should be doing or saying. All of a sudden I was yanked back to reality by a very surprising, unexpected feeling. My eyes popped open to see Mr Ryan lighly kissing the lower part of my belly, right above my pubic hair.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. I just didn’t know what to do. Luckily I didn’t have to. I felt a tug on my shorts and quickly realized that my underwear was being removed. As I lifted my hips slightly he expertly slid them down, and I felt a cool breeze blow gently across my very wet, very exposed pubic area. I remember hoping he wouldn’t be grossed out by how wet I get, but before I could give it too much thought I felt Mr Ryans lips return to gently kiss his way down to the top of my mound.

A firm, strong hand deftly manoeuvred my legs apart, and I felt the most amazing feeling as he gently kissed all around my vagina before gently, delicately running his tongue over my very, very wet labia.

I’d had a guy lick me before, and it was ok, but it was just an inexperienced, awkward teenage fumble. This was totally different. I don’t know how he did it, but the feeling was something I’d never thought possible. I remember Beylikdüzü escort bayan hearing a noise, and realizing it was coming from me. Without even realizing it I had been moan quite loudly, completely lost in the sensation.

Sneaking a peak I looked down at his face, amazed by the sight of a mans face between my legs. Mr Ryan looked up, making eye contact with me and making me blush. I quickly shut my eyes again and was quickly lost again as his tongue swirled around my clit.

As he took my clit between his lips, and gently sucked on it I felt one of his strong, masculine fingers gently probe the outside of my vagina. He has quite large fingers, but he gently slipped into me as far as it would go. This was another new experience for me, I’d never had anything inside me while getting licked, and I loved it.

I worried that he wouldn’t like it or that he might get tired and want to stop, so I said “you don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to”, but he just squeezed my hand and brought his tongue back to my clit.

As his movements became more focused I could feel that warm glow begin to grow inside me. I found myself moaning even louder, thrusting my hips into his face as fast as I could. I’d never had a guy give me an orgasm before, and I was so close this time, but just too nervous for it to happen. I almost came a half dozen times, but eventually I had to stop him. It was just so intense.

Even though I hadn’t orgasmed, I still lay back, basking in the glow of what had been an amazing experience. I kept my eyes closed, and knew that I had a big grin on my face. I didn’t hear him move, but suddenly opened my eyes when I felt something brush against my lips. My eyes went wide when I realized that what was brushing against my lips was the sexiest, hardest penis I’d ever seen. I hadn’t even realized he’d got undressed. I stuck my tongue out of my mouth, and licked the tip of it, tasting a clear, salty fluid, but then quickly brought it back into my mouth.

I blushed and stammered “I don’t know how to do that sorry”. I Knew he was wanting me to give him a blow job of course, but I’d never done it and had no idea how it should be done. I didn’t want him to know I didn’t know how, but I had to tell him because I was more worried about doing it wrong.

He brushed the hair off my face with his hand, smiled at me and softly told me not to worry. “I can teach you how if you want, but it’s not something you have to do”.

I wanted desperately to please him, and he had such an easy going manner that I just felt myself relax and smiled back. “If you don’t mind teaching me then yes I want to try, but I’m worried about not doing it right”.

He didn’t say anything, but gave me an even bigger smile as he brushed his hand over the side of my face, and again brought his penis up to my mouth.

“Use your tongue,” he said to me, “take your time and lick it all over”.

I did as he directed, and ran my tongue all over his rock hard shaft, letting him tell me where to spend more time – apparently the head is the most sensitive part- and tasting more of the clear salty liquid that seemed to ooze out.

Sitting on the chair was kind of an awkward position to do it from, so I got down on my knees on the grass in front of him, and let him tell me what I should be doing. As he had me gently cup both of his amazing testicles in one hand he slowly slid his shaft into my mouth for the first time. As it slid into my mouth I heard him moan “good girl Jessica”. I looked up and saw him with a sweet smile on his face watching as I slid as much as I could take into my mouth.

I couldn’t take all of him in without gagging, but he taught me how to use my hand on his shaft while I sucked him. I could feel him thrusting gently as I bobbed my head back and forth on his rock hard penis, and I could hear his breathing quicken. All of a sudden he pulled back and sucked in a very deep breath.

“Sorry did I do something wrong,” I asked, worried that I’d gotten carried away and had messed up. “No, not at all,” he smiled, “I was just getting too close and don’t want to cum just yet”. I was still a bit concerned that I’d messed up, but he bent down and kissed my deeply. I could still taste a bit of myself on his mouth, and wondered if he thought the same about my mouth. Mr Ryan laid me down on my back on the grass kissing me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, and deftly slipped my sports bra up over my head. I was now completely naked, lying on the grass with a man over twice my age, and briefly worried that someone might see. But I quickly remembered how private the yard was.

As Escort beylidüzü my breasts came free, Mr Ryan rubbed his hands over them, telling me how beautiful they were. “I’m sorry their so small,” I said.

“They’re perfect,” he whispered as he brought his mouth down to gently suck first one, then the other of my now very hard nipples.

I lay back again and closed my eyes as I let his magical hands and mouth roam over my breasts. One of his hands found its way back down to my crotch, and gently but firmly pushed my legs apart just enough for his hand to get access. I felt the tip of his finger run from the bottom of my slit to the top, and back again before wiggling its way back inside me.

I felt him pull his finger out of me, and noticed that he was moving, but I just kept my eyes closed, lying there in the sun. He knelt back down at my feet, and I could feel two strong hands gently grasp my legs and begin to spread them apart. He opened them right up, and I could feel him move up towards me. I sensed him leaning over me, and then the same finger that had just moments before been inside me brushed my mouth just before his head came down and he kissed me.

As he kissed me I could feel more of his weight come on to me, and as he put his arms behind me knees to bend them up and spread me open a bit further I felt his penis at the opening of my vagina. When I’d previously had sex it had been a bit painful when the guys first went inside me, and I was a bit worried this was going to be the same. I’d also only ever had a guy inside me with a condom on so I just didn’t know what to expect.

I didn’t need to worry though. The head of his penis slid inside, pushing it’s way into my vagina. Mr Ryan kept it there for a few seconds, before pulling back a bit, then sliding in just a bit further. Each time it slid in easily, and him giving me time to adjust to his size also gave to time to think about what an amazing feeling it is to have a man spreading my legs open and spreading the walls of my vagina apart with his penis. The skin on skin feeling of a bare penis is so much nicer I decided. As he finally got the full length into me kissed me again, and asked if I was all right.

I replied with a moan, and pushed my hips toward him. He smiled at me again, and began to slowly slide his amazing shaft in and out of me. As he thrust faster and faster, he lifted my ankles up to his shoulders, letting me feel even more of him inside me.

As he thrust into me he took my right hand and moved it down to the top of my vagina. I could feel his wet shaft sliding into me, but I wasn’t sure what he was trying to get me to do. “I want you to play with your clit for me,” he whispered. “I want you to make yourself come with me inside you”.

I’d never touched myself in front of a guy before, but I wanted to do whatever he wanted me to do. As his hard shaft slid in and out of me, I started to rub my fingers around my clit. I was pretty embarrassed about doing this in front of someone, but after a few minutes the feeling of a man inside me made me forget my shyness. I quickly sped up, and within minutes was furiously rubbing my clit as fast as I could, moaning and grunting.

And then I came. It rushed over me like wave after wave of intense spasmatic pleasure. I’d never had an orgasm anything like that before. I couldn’t stop shaking, couldn’t stop moaning, and was making noises I’d never made before. As my orgasm subsided I felt Mr Ryan thrusting even harder, and his penis ramming into me with a real urgency that hadn’t been there before.

Suddenly he grunted, and I felt him spasm inside me. I’d never had a guy come in me before, and yet again I was experiencing a new feeling as he spasmed again and again, filling me up with his semen.

Completely spent, he lay down on top of me and kissed me again. As we continued kissing I could feel his semen dribbling out of me, but he was still hard, and stayed inside me while we cuddled. “Will you do one more thing for me?” he whispered to in my ear.

“Yes anything,” I replied.

He smiled again, and pulled out of me, sitting on the grass beside me. “I want you to lick me clean,” he said with a grin.

I didn’t know what he meant for a second, and then looked down at his penis and realized what he meant.

I rolled over and moved between his legs, seeing that he wasn’t quite as hard as he had been before. I started licking, and for the first time tasted semen.

Mr Ryan leaned back, smiled, closed his eyes and said “good girl Jess, lick it all off”. I did as I was told, and licked ever bit of our combined mess off of his penis, after which he took me in his arms and I snuggled into his chest.

Suddenly I could hear a car coming. We both jumped up and quickly grabbed our cloths. Luckily we didn’t get caught, but it was close.

It wasn’t the last time Mr Ryan and I got together, but I’ll tell you about those in another story.

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