Oh Man…Your Breath Smells Ch. 02


A week had passed since my world was turned dirty.

Up until Friday I had that nagging worry wondering if Kendra might report me to company security. You never really know.

Then there was the remorse I felt after I drove away as the reality of what I had done hit home.

Cheating on your wife with a black girl half your age…eating out her butthole…drinking her piss…drinking my cum out of her pussy…dude you are nasty.

Oh but the smell of her. I could smell our combined junk all over me, and my dick was getting hard yet again. I was done…put a fork in me.

Everything was different…nothing would ever be the same. With this realisation, I tried to change my wife.

Last Thursday I woke her with my mouth full of her tit, she has small breasts, but the nipples are engorged as her body prepares itself for the birth of our child…and as I slowly nursed her with my lips she was moaning softly still half asleep.

I lifted my face to hers and breathed deeply her scent.

Oh man her breath was so smelly and warm and funky. I rubbed my hard dick against her as I returned to her tit and sucked, feeling down to her gash which was already wet.

I slid my finger in her folds and she awoke fully, but turned her head when I leaned up to kiss her telling me to wait for her to go to the bathroom, and that was that as she disappeared and then I heard the shower running.

She was certainly turned on though, and I ended up bending her over the kitchen table at breakfast, but here was the twist, I got on my knees behind her.

“Honey no…what are you doing?” she huffed, but it was soon cut short.

“Unnngh” she groaned.

“Oh my goodness” she sighed.

I buried my face in her crotch digging deep into her as my nose inhaled her puckered hole, and then just went off on her licking and sucking her gash as she creamed hard.

“oh, oh, oh, yes” she gushed.

Wanting to go slow with her I only occasionally allowed my tongue to slip and lick her ass, but my nose was constantly resting against it while I ate her, and she was very, very much enjoying it finally begging me to give her my dick.

“Oh babe I need you please, please, oh honey please” she moaned out breathily.

I stood and drove myself into the hilt with one thrust she was so wet, and she came with a long shuddering climax as I unloaded in her, and then the second twist is while she was still shuddering in the afterglow of her release I leaned into her face and kissed her softly as I fed my slimy tongue into her mouth.

She was still groaning from her release, and it took her a moment to figure out that I was feeding her the tongue that had just been buried in her gash, and my face reeked with her juice, but when she realised what was happening her eyes flew open and she smacked me on the arm.

“Honey what has gotten into you?”, she gasped out, but for that brief moment she was enjoying it…

I stopped wearing deoderant, and with this heat it didn’t take her long to notice my stench in the evening when I came home. I told her my arm pits were getting a rash from the heat, and she believed me, but I also could tell she might be experiencing some of the same reactions I had with Kendra, because I could see her inhaling my stench in spite of the fact she found it smelly.

All this was going to take time with her, if it ever happened at all, and that left me with a problem.

So here it is Monday morning again, and there is no doubt where I am heading this morning, as I settle into my van, and hit the streets.

I had worked out this morning, and as I was about to step into the shower I just turned the water off instead, did not brush my teeth, threw on a clean tee shirt, and headed out early before my wife was awake. The last thing I did was breathe in her nasty breath while she slept, which had become my favorite thing to do in the mornings.

My gut is churning, and my mouth is dry as I grab my tools (phone company business don’t you know)…as I am entering the building I pass a young Japanese gentleman probably heading for work and give him the high sign.

My legs are really getting rubbery now as I approach Kendra’s door. Just as I am reaching to knock, the door swings open and there’s Kendra, dressed in the same wife beater with silk running shorts with her finger to her lips and her eyebrows arched as if to say shhh. My mouth is so dry it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but she steps out of the apartment shutting the door quietly and steps out into the foyer.

She turns to me then, and steps to me until she is right in my face.

“My dad is in the shower getting ready for work, but he should be gone in about 15 minutes” she whispers.

I could care less what she is saying as I close my eyes and breathe in the smell of her nasty breath.

I am about to say “ok”, but as I open my mouth to speak she fills it with her tongue…and so it begins.

Immediately I drop my tools and reach up and grab her Escort Bayan thumb-like nipples and squeeze hard as I suck her cock of a tongue.

Kendra moans and withdraws her tongue, then pulling her face back she spits a big spray in my face.

Then we both moan as we lock lips and start frenching frantically.

After some moments Kendra drops to her knees and with a yank has my pants down and my cock in her mouth. I lean back as she just holds her head at the root of my dick softly sucking on me…just tasting me.

As I lean back with my head against the wall I turn my head and it was just one of those bizarre moments as I am now looking across the hallway right into the eyes of a young Japanese woman.

She is tiny…can’t be more than 5 feet tall, with that long jet black hair that is like silk.

My mind is suddenly filled with thoughts the past, because years ago before I was married my favorite place to hang out was this strip club and it was because they had this little japanese dancer who would give the best lap dances.

I can remember watching her work through the room that first night, and she just worked a guy so slowly up and down on his package she would rub…some guys prefer it rough, but not me, and by the time she got to me I was so hard it hurt, and she just rode me slow, then she asked me if I wanted a private dance.

She knew she had herself a hot one who would continue to fork out the 20 bucks, and I knew that she knew, but that was fine by me, and every pay day I would blow 100 bucks on this little Japanese girl who rode my dick so slow.

Anyway she had the smoothest, silkiest hair that I used to love running my fingers through as she rode me. Never did have sex with her though.

Too many emotions hit me at once, like: oh no I am busted, and oh man she is gorgeous, and oh my goodness this feels so good, and I cannot believe we are in the hallway waiting for her dad to go to work so I can cheat on my wife, and the utter depravity of it all hit me and I just started to thrust my dick hard in Kendra’s mouth as my mouth hung open and I stared at this Japanese woman.

She just stared back at me with absolutely no expression whatsoever.

I was about to boil over, and sensing this Kendra pulled back, standing up as we instantly resumed our make out session.

We continued whispering nastily to one another how much we missed each other as we traded spit, and my hands found there way into her shorts.

I had one in front and one in back as I stood sideways to her rubbing my dick on her hip.

I slicked up both hands in her slimy gash then inserted a finger in each hole to the knuckle while I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Meanwhile she hauled out a massive breast and fed it to me as she leaned against the wall to support herself, and you guessed right, exposing her unwashed pit to my nose. Incredible.

She shudders quietly through a climax on my fingers as I give her hickeys on her sweaty arm pit.

Finally she breaks free and stumbles to her door, adjusting herself, then just before she heads in, she looks back at me and gives herself a wedgie, which has her cheeks just spilling out, but before I can hit my knees to eat her she is gone.

In a daze I turn to go, and then I remember that we were being watched, and look to see if the little Japanese lady is still watching. She is not, but I can see that only the screen door is shut and the inner door is open…she most likely heard everything that happened.

5 minutes seems like an eternity as I pull the van around to watch the door of the building…finally the door opens, and a very large black man exits. Whoa, he must be almost 6 foot 4 inches and just big all around. Wow, my mind reels at the possibilities of him discovering the way I defiled his daughter, which is not to say that she has not instigated the entire relationship, but you know how that goes.

Once again, though, lust and depravity win the day as I ease out the door and grab my tools yet again.

Entering the foyer again I look across the hall and the Japanese woman is back at her door staring at me again.

Oh man she is hot. I just love her oriental features. She stands in a man’s buttondown shirt, and oh how my mind fills with memories of the little Japanese dancer and how nice it was holding her tiny body as she rubbed on my cock.

I just cannot get a read on her face though, but there is no doubt she knows why I am here, and the nervousness of knowing she could report me to my company has my legs shaking as I knock on Kendra’ door.

All thoughts are washed away when Kendra opens the door though. She has taken off her silk runners and has just pulled the tee shirt down to cover herself…had I not known what she was wearing I wouldn’t have recognized this.

“So sexy…just want to drink you up” I moan.

“Need to taste you baby” I breath with my own nasty breath.

I leaned forward and tongued her nostrils Bayan Escort lewdly and sucked on her nose leaving it shiny with my spit.

I turned her so her back was against the wall, and took off my tee shirt, then leaned against the wall with my sweaty arm pits right in her face.

Without a word between us Kendra leaned forward tonguing my pit and sucking the sweaty hairs into her mouth. What an incredible sensation!!!

I dropped my arms and lifted her tee shirt exposing her massive globes and ran my tongue up the sweaty valley all the way up her neck over her chin and into her awaiting mouth, and repeated this many times, then dropped to my knees in front of her.

I held my nose close and inhaled the scent…goodness how much had changed in me. I never wanted to leave this position. Just as I was about dive in…

A toilet flushed and the unmistakable sound of a door closing froze me…I wanted to pee my pants with thoughts of being caught, and jumped up like…no I wasn’t about to bury my face in your daughter’s swampy crotch sir…

When I turned, though, what stood there was anything but the Mr. of the house.

I was a deer caught in her headlights.

She looked just like Kendra, but older, and in much better shape.

She had on what appeared to be a silk running tank top that was soaked with sweat, and silk running shorts to match, and they were equally wet with sweat…oh but those nipples were a dead givaway…this had to be Kendra’s mom.

This was confirmed when Kendra spoke “Done with your workout mom?”

So here I stood shirtless, and this morning I had worn a pair of hiking pants that are very lightweight, and have a drawstring waist, so my 7 inch cock was making an obvious tent.

“He likes my tits” she sings out softly, and with that I look up at her mom’s face and we lock eyes for a moment, and then she drops her gaze to my tented pants, and starts walking towards me.

I was turned sideways when I first realised she was in the room, and now I turned to face her fully as she approached. She did not stop until her face was inches from mine, and I stood breathing in a very intoxicating aroma of her sweet sweaty pits, and the unmistakable smell of her crotch…oh my goodness this was a strong smelling woman!!

Then she breathed out heavily into my face, and said “Hi I’m Sam”.

I have come full circle.

“Oh man…your breath smells so good I just want to drown myself in your spit” I moan just inches from her lips.

“I thought you might like it”, is her breathy reply.

“Here is something else you might like” Sam breathes out as she sticks out her tongue, and swipes at my nose.

I instantly capture her spit filled digit, and am rewarded with a mouthful of her slimy tongue, which is every bit as long and thick as her daughter’s. Obviously Kendra takes after her mother.

After a few moments of tongue sucking I step back and lift off her sweaty top from her exposing her massive set of breasts, which are just a little bit larger than Kendra’s, but she has absolutely no fat anywhere to be seen.

As she watches I rub my face in her sweat filled top wanting her stench all over me. I toss her top to the side and step to her side so I can place my lips at her ear…I gently suck in her lobe and then tell her how much I want to be inside of her and how much I want to bathe in her stink, and as I am talking to her I grab in front and in back of her shorts and pull them into her cracks.

I can feel her weight giving out as she tries to grind herself harder.

I whisper “Feed me your tits mama.”

She immediately lifts up one of her monster breasts, offering it up.

“Suck it with me” I moan with my mouth around her huge nipple.

Then I lean back and spit a big gob in her face that drips down her nose as she moans out and we start to french her nipple with abandon.

Finally I let go of her shorts and suck her tongue fully into my mouth as I grab her ass cheeks and pull her against me and then she rubs herself off on my erection shuddering to a climax. Oh my goodness she is HOT…we haven’t even got our clothes off yet!!!

We settle down into some deep frenching…oh man what a lovely mouth Sam has… we are just trading our spit so deliciously.

Meanwhile Kendra has now moved behind me, and has slowly undone my pants. She helps me to gently step out them after removing my shoes and socks.

I know that my feet must be stinking, but never the less, as she removed each sock, she sucked my big toe on each foot, and ran her tongue up my instep causing me to shudder and moan into her mother’s mouth.

Kendra was very careful during the whole process of undressing me as if to not disturb my make out session with her mom, but now that my garments were gone she was quick to make her presence felt.

Immediately Kendra raised her face to my now bare buttocks and inhaled deeply with her nose as she gave me gentle licks with her tongue Escort like she was a kitten.

“Oh Kendra clean out my asshole please baby” I moaned openly into Sam’s mouth.

“Gimme your fucking throat Sam…I need to fuck it” I gasped, as the spit drooled from our lips.

Sam gave me a look that just about made me cum right then, and slowly sank to her knees.

What a sight we must have been if daddy walked in now. Naked white man standing betwixt black mother and daughter.

Kendra and Sam locked hands on my hips and caressed me up and down from my ankles to my arm pits as they both blew hot breath into my crotch.

They were both inhaling deeply, and then Sam let go and got busy on me.

Taking my dick in her hot hands Sam started to smell it, and rub it on her face, then she would swoop down on it to get it wet before rubbing it on her face again, and again.

She kept this up for some time before she finally swallowed it to the root.

For the second time in as many weeks someone had taken my dick to the root, and it happened to be my depraved lover’s mother.

What a twisted scene that was unfolding.

What Sam did next though, you could not have paid me to believe.

Sam had her lips firmly at my base with her nose at my pubes, and I was very happy, but then she started to open her jaw, and slowly fed my ball sack into her mouth… so she now had my entire package inside her mouth, but it got even better as now she extended that mighty tongue out so it was actually tickling my prostate as well…and when Kendra realised what was happening she took her tongue from my ass hole and started dueling with her mom’s digit. I only wish I could see this from below as the two of them completely attacked my crotch.

Soon Kendra left her mother’s digit and returned to my ass hole with renewed power. She pulled my cheeks apart and obscenely, and loudly thrust her tongue into my rectum.

“You fucking sweet sluts are eating me out” I whimpered.

At this point I was so completely helpless, as I wanted to both thrust forward and backward at the same moment, and I thought I would go out of my mind with lust, but my dick won out and I started to pummel Sam’s face with sheer abandon.

Sam must have had over 9 inches of combined dick and balls in her gullet, but when I lost it she quickly released my balls and concentrated on the load she knew was coming.

I reached down and grabbed her under her chin, turning her head to the side a bit so I could watch her lips work my dick as it exploded, and my balls were slapping loudly against her cheek. That first load was huge, and she took it all.

She stood quickly before me, and for a second I thought I might have gotten too rough on her as she just stared at me with her lips pursed.

I started to sputter out an apology “I’m so sorry Sam I just…”

Sam had closed her mouth over mine and then I felt the rush of fluid, and my eyes flew open as I realised she had just returned my entire load into my mouth.

This was nothing like eating it slowly out of Kendra’s snatch…this was absolutely depraved, and the nastiest thing I had ever took part in.

No fucking way man you are right man…my mind was screaming as I devoured the slimiest lips I could ever have imagined.

I had tentatively tasted myself many, many years earlier, as I am sure every young lad has, and found myself not liking the flavor, or the aftertaste it left.

Now I was chasing into her mouth for searching for more.

I was a slut for my own seed.

I gazed into her lust filled eyes as I drank my slimy seed down and moaned, and when I had finished swallowing she immediately chased it down with her delicious tongue.

“Oh my goodness Sam” I spat at her.

“Oh gimme your tongue your sweet fucking tongue and fuck my throat with it baby” I mewled out with cum all over my lips.

Sam started to make her way to the floor now and I wantonly followed her tasting her flesh everywhere until I lay prone on top of her, but just as I was getting settled Kendra rolled me off of her and literally attacked me with her ass breath and kissed my mouth telling me how much she missed it while she drooled her foul tasting spit all over me.

If I could fill a pool with her spunk I would swim in it at this point.

In a moment Kendra starts her way back down my body, enjoying every inch of my flesh she does…tasting me everywhere, and tickling me relentlessly hitting my erogenous zones.

As soon as she left my face Sam took her place jamming her tongue to the back of my throat and just as quickly raising herself up so that she sat over me.

Slowly she lowered her now drooling cunt lips to my face…the juice was so thick it was almost like an oil…viscous is what you call it I guess…delicious is what I call it as she started to slowly grind against me.

As she did this Kendra lifted my legs and had her mom hold my legs open exposing my ass hole completely to her daughter.

I was layed open to Kendra as she made out with my puckered hole again and again…what an incredible feeling of abandonment as I was powerless to stop this relentless oral assault on my chute with my legs held open as they were.

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