Oh, Brother! Pt. 02



I held back a groan as a pair of big jade green eyes drifted into my imagination. My dick shifted in my pants as I thought of the tight pussy it had previously broken in during the morning hours. My fingers itched to sink into the warm velvety cavern of my little sister Rachel.

I never had these incestuous feelings for Rachel when I was younger but when she turned sixteen, the little girl with small tits, braces and acne turned into a beautiful blonde woman with big tits and a huge ass that aroused my primal urges of making it red by spanking it hard. I was disappointed in myself when I saw that I hadn’t noticed the changes in my sister before and only did when I saw her wearing a red bikini, with her D cup breasts nearly spilling out and her ass jiggling with each step as she had walked to the pool at our cousin’s house. Maybe I had been too busy with my life to have ignored the delectable body of my sister.

That day, I was disgusted with myself by feeling that way about my sister. I mean who would think about their own flesh and blood in that way. Incest was something society frowned upon. So, naturally I was in conflict with myself. And with college, part-time jobs and parties, my mind was fucking things up even more. But slowly with time the feelings took over my body like wildfire and I started to fuck girls who looked similar to Rachel, both in case of physical attributes as well as behaviour which was on the submissive side. I wasn’t content with fucking all those girls but I couldn’t make a move on my sister, islahiye escort knowing that my feelings weren’t reciprocated. I avoided her at all costs.

So, imagine the surprise I felt when I made a move on her this morning and didn’t find any resistance from her side. Watching her in that shirt with her boobs jiggling and her long blonde hair cascading down her back like that made me lose my control. And so, I fucked her and like the little whore she was, and she fucking enjoyed it.

Reaching our home, I quickly jumped out of my car, excitement buzzing in my veins at the thought fucking Rachel’s tight pussy again.

Opening the door, I was greeted with rose petals on the floor shaped into a path that led to my bedroom.


My sister was a nice fucking slut trying to make this as romantic as possible.

Opening the bedroom, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the little vixen lying on the bed, naked as the day she was born. I took in her gorgeous tits and her shaved pink glistening pussy as the slut spread her legs wide for me to see. Maybe I was drooling. Literally.

And to make matters worse, she licked her bottom lip slowly while blatantly checking me out.


Her little stunt snapped what little control I had over myself.

Immediately, I got up on the bed and attacked her gorgeous fucking tits.

“Oh my God! Judah!” Rachel moaned as I pulled her right nipple between teeth while squeezing her left breast. I made sure to rub my clothed islahiye escort bayan dick against her naked pussy to get a feel of what I was going to have soon again.

After playing with her tits for a while, I started placing small kisses down her stomach and then reached the heaven between her legs.

Fuck! She was literally dripping!

I dragged my tongue across her pussy and her body trembled. I started to suck her clit like my life depended on it and held down on her legs so that she didn’t move away.

“Oh fuck! Judah… Fuck!” Rachel kept moaning while I continued eating her out like she was my favourite meal and indeed she was.

But to make things a bit more interesting, I slapped her pussy twice and was satisfied when her body jerked and more of her juices leaked.

“You like that, don’t you little slut?” I taunted her while simultaneously placing two more harsh slaps on her pussy.

Her only response was her whimpers.

“Please…” She whispered when I licked her pussy slowly, not giving the right amount of friction to orgasm.

“Please what little sis?” I said as I continued my activities.

“Please let me come Jud-Ahh” She screamed mid way through her sentence when I entered two fingers suddenly and started sucking her clit vigorously.

And within seconds, the slut came and I made sure to drink up every drop of her juice.

Finally tired with all the playing, I discarded my clothes and without waiting for her to come escort islahiye back from her high, I entered her with one Swift thrust.

“Fuck!” She screamed and I took both of her arms and held them up her head with my one hand while using the other hand to balance myself and kept on pistoning in and out of her.

“Fuck… fuck… Judah..” She kept on moaning and I slapped her gorgeous tits.

I placed kisses down her neck and then to silence her moans, I placed a rough kiss on her plump lips. Her pussy clenched around my cock and that action itself fastened my coming orgasm.

The thought of her stomach round with my baby and her tits full with milk increased the speed of my thrusts.


Just thinking of drinking milk from her tits is turning me on.

My thrusts became frequent and I kept kissing her neck and felt myself coming closer to the edge while hearing her moans.

And soon enough, she squirted and I followed right after, spilling my cum inside her.

I fell down on her and breathed in her scent.

We stayed like that for a while, before she broke the silence with her words that turned me on once more.

“I hope this round conceived our baby.”


A year later, I have updated my story…

I am sorry for updating after so long. I don’t write sex stories usually, so it took me a lot of time to write this… And well, I also have a life outside which is quite honestly shit for a while now…

Anywho, I am thankful to the ones who wrote their encouraging comments and boosted my confidence a bit more.

Thank you to the hate commenters as well since your comments increased my determination to be a better writer…

I hope this part fulfilled your fantasies…

Lemme know in the comments, what you would like to read next…


Elena Quirky.

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