Office Perks


I fucked my immediate supervisor last night.

It wasn’t planned. I had just landed the Johnson contract and I felt like celebrating a bit. It was a spur of the moment decision so I pulled off at a bar, still in my work clothes. I played trivia and had a few drinks and ate bar food for dinner. I was striking up conversations with those around me when I saw my supervisor walk in. He was in civilian clothes, nice fitting jeans and a tight tee shirt that showed off his slim yet toned chest. Somehow the clothes made him look smaller. People called him a pixie behind his back. He was a few inches shorter than me and considerably slimmer. I made a lot of people look small though, I took pride in my bulk, having lifted weights since high school. I wanted to be large and intimidating and I had met my goal and surpassed it.

I watched him come in alone but wave at a man by the pool tables. They clasped hands and did one of those half body ‘bro’ hugs that are more aggressive than they need to be. He smiled at him and not for the first time I thought he was beautiful. His short blonde hair shone under the hanging lights as he laughed and picked a pool cue. He played a few games while I talked to strangers and snuck glances at my boss. He eventually made his way to the bar and when he noticed me he actually graced me with that lovely smile, his hazel eyes sparkling.

Outside of work he was personable and funny. After a few drinks we were flirting. After a few hours we were making plans. After closing time, we ended up in the alley behind the bar, my face pressed against the dumpster with him balls deep in my ass. He was rough with me. That personality that made him an effective leader gave him the confidence to slap my ass, pinch my nipples and demand I suck him off after he came. It was exhilarating. We said goodbye and parted ways.

Now it’s the next day and I’m sitting at my cubicle watching him go to my coworker and pat his shoulder. When he looked over at me I felt myself began to blush as he said hi to me. So casual, like he hadn’t destroyed my ass in a dirty alley while his fingers were in my mouth the night before. He stepped into his office, closed the door and then the day went on like usual. There were just the three of us in this little office area. The company was much larger but had run out of space in the main suite for our department. Rumor has it they are looking for a bigger building, but the rent in this skyscraper was fairly decent so they weren’t going to move any time soon.

I was deep into my work when I heard his door open, but I ignored it and continued to type. Soon I felt his presence looming over me.

“Jason,” his voice was kind.

I looked up, “What’s up Kyle?” I could be casual too.

He had papers in his hands and he held them out to me, “Can you go over this? I need to fax it to Jules, but I want to make sure it sounds alright. Check for typos yeah?”

“Sure thing,” I nodded then almost choked on my spit when he dropped the papers then flicked my right nipple with his index finger. I looked up at him but his expression hadn’t changed.

My cubical faced out, my back to the wall with my coworker right across from me. I knew I was hidden from prying eyes, but it was still a shocking move.

He kept talking, “Also,” he continued to flick my nipple as he spoke to me, “I will need you to send an email to Vern. I’ll CC you, but he’s asking me a question about the Kelley contract that only you can answer,” his finger sped up and I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning. My nipple had grown stiff, showing off just how big it was. I dropped my head and saw my massive pecs moving rapidly as I heaved for breath. My other nipple had hardened from the arousal I felt at having the right one fondled. He pinched it and my head shot up to look at him. He nodded, “Text me once you’ve got that fax edited,” he pulled my nipple then let it go and walked back into his office leaving me flushed with a half hard dick.

Not sure what to make of that I picked up the papers he left and tried to read over them. My hands were shaking though and my stomach was still tight with arousal. I took a deep breath and tried to ignore the way my right nipple tingled.

I forced myself to start proofreading his fax. My boss was an intelligent man so there weren’t many mistakes. I used a pencil to write suggestions, but otherwise it was fine. My slight erection had gone down, but my nipples were still hard. I looked down at them, they looked indecent really with the way they were visibly pushing against my work shirt. I licked my lips as I picked up my phone, wondering what would happen once Kyle was back at my desk. I sent him a text to let him know I was done and a moment later he was making his way over to my desk.

“Here,” I lifted the papers.

“Thanks,” he took them into his left hand then used the fingers of his right to pinch my nipple again.

His eyes scanned over the fax slowly, all the Demetevler Escort while rolling my nipple to hardness. I felt them both begin to ache with want and my cock started to twitch in my pants. It felt so good.

“Ah, I see, I like these changes,” he looked down at me and squeezed my nipple, “thank you.”

I was biting the inside of my cheek, trying so hard not to beg him to do more when my coworker across from me said, “Hey boss, you ever see a message like this on your computer?”

Kyle cocked a brow then gave my nipple a tug before releasing it. He rounded the corner and looked over my coworker’s shoulders. He furrowed his brow, “That’s strange…what were you doing when this popped up?”

“Trying to send an email.”

My boss looked up over the cubicle dividing wall at me, “Jason, go to your emails, see if it pops up for you too.”

I obeyed him even though it was hard to concentrate. Sure enough the error message happened to me too. I told him as much.

“Huh,” he pursed his lips then walked back over to me. He stood right behind me and immediately gripped my chest and squeezed my pecs. He spoke, “Okay, log out then log back in, let me see this from start to finish.”

I nodded and began to do what I was told as he kneaded my large chest like he was trying to milk me. Both of my nipples were standing tall, pressing against his palms as he touched me. Shocks of pleasure rushed through my body. Every time his palm brushed over my nipples it made my cock jump. I forced myself to focus so I could do what I was asked. Once I logged out he began to use his index fingers to brush the very tip of my nipples. Lust shot through me and my cock swelled in my pants, tenting the fabric. I was trying hard to work on my task but my body was warming up, it felt wonderful to be touched like this. The danger of being at work while he teased me also aided in my arousal. All I wanted to do was close my eyes, lay back and let him have his way with me.

“Again huh?” He spoke when the error message appeared. I had barely noticed it.

He took my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and plucked them. I shuddered and involuntarily began to spread my legs before I noticed what I was doing and pressed them closed.

“Hit the X then see if it will let you compose a message anyway.”

As I did what he instructed he started to use his index fingers to rapidly strum my tips. They were so hard now, straining to meet his touch and so noticeable beneath my white button up. I typed as he continued to flick my hard tips and I glanced down briefly to see his fingers making my nipples bounce quickly up and down. I swallowed and tried to compose a message and the entire email program crashed.

“Well damn,” he moved to the side and knelt beside me, “might need to call IT…” he hummed before he turned his head and took my standing nipple into his mouth. I gasped and looked down at him. He was grinning like a wicked cat, holding my perky teat between his teeth. He looked hungry and my cock filled to full hardness. He pulled off and I sagged forward as he spoke, “yeah, I’ll just call IT,” he stood then and looked at both of us, “I’ll let y’all know what IT says,” then he left.

I palmed my cock and squeezed it. I had sweat on my brow from the effort it had took to not moan and writhe wantonly for my boss. I was hopelessly smitten and aroused. I shivered as I remembered the feeling of being so shamelessly teased. A message notification from my phone made me jump. I picked up my phone to see it was a text from my boss.

Love those juicy tits. Running out of excuses to come out there to play with them.

You’re bold I wrote back as I looked over to his office. He had a large window next to his door so I clearly saw him look up from his phone and stare at me. Then he dropped his head and I got another text.

I’m gonna suck them at lunch time

I bit my lip as my body reacted instantly to the declaration.

Can’t wait to feel those big tits in my mouth. Thick nipples need to be sucked.

I lowered my head to my desk; my cock was twitching like mad. I’m leaking into my pants. I informed him.

Just from some nipple play? God you got a sexy body.

I trembled slightly, the words making me desire him even more. I sat up and looked his way again. I waited until he looked at me before I dropped my head and typed You started this. You like it.

I do

There was a pause in the texts so I figured he was done so I went back to doing what I could do that didn’t involve me using my email. I was three pages into a proposal when my text alert went off again. I looked at it: scoot back let me see you pinch your tits.

I looked up at him and he was looking directly at me and my body started to warm. It wasn’t a suggestion, he expected to be obeyed. And Lord help me, I was weak Otele gelen escort for him. I pushed my chair back just enough so he could see my side. I kept my eyes forward, watching to make sure my coworker didn’t stand up or anything. I reached up with both hands and pinched my nipples, then, for good measure, I pulled them, exaggerating the motion so he would know what I was doing. I got another text.

Fuck I bet they are so hard right now

They never went down. I glanced over and I saw him rub his hand over his face.

Another text: Lunch can’t come soon enough.


I glanced over and when I saw that he was looking at me I turned my head to keep watch on my coworker then I began to knead my chest strongly, pushed the pecs up and down then used my index fingers to flick my tight nipples over and over again. I got rapid fire texts.

I wanna suck you so bad

Love your fat nipples

Gonna lick them

Nibble them

I’m so fucking hard

I pulled my chair up and ignored the texts with a slight smile. It felt nice to have someone desire my body this much. I took the necessary time to cool down then got back to work. The three of us worked in silence and I was able to get a lot done. I was getting hungry and the thought of food made me think about what Kyle said about sucking my nipples at lunch. I took a deep breath and opened up a new Excel document, trying to ignore my body’s pleasant reaction.

My boss opened his door and walked out towards us, “I got an answer from IT. They said the program should be up and running by now,” he walked over to me and stood behind me again, “I want you both to check,” his hands cupped my pecs and my nipples immediately rose to hardness.

I opened up my email and started to compose a message. Kyle’s thumbs and forefingers started to alternate between squeezing my pebbled tits and rolling them. My temperature rose and my nipples throbbed due to his skillful ministrations and I had to bite my lower lip to keep from panting with pleasure.

“It works for me,” my coworker looked up and grinned.

“Me too,” I whispered then grunted when my nipples were pulled hard.

“Awesome news!” Kyle smiled then he looked down at me, “I want to go over your proposal for the MacMillan contract,” he released me and went to the corner of the room and found an extra chair. He pulled it over to my desk and sat beside me, “Go ahead and bring it up.”

I nodded as I opened up the PDF. I was tense, waiting eagerly for him to start playing with my chest again. He didn’t though, instead he just leaned forward and began to read over my work. The wait was almost unbearable and I knew he was doing it on purpose. I glanced over at him but his pretty face was fixated on my monitor. My fingers itched to reach out and touch his thigh. I felt mad with want, being this close together after he had worked so hard to ratchet up my pleasure only for him to abruptly stop was damn near torturous. Finally after reading all of it he nodded.

“So you know this contract is up for bid which means that MacMillan LLC will be shopping around,” he reached up, “I think with a few tweaks,” he plucked my right nipple, smirking at his pun while my eyes almost fluttered closed with relief, “it could stand out,” he flicked the tip and I shuddered, “and that’s what I want. For it to stand out,” his flicking became faster, “can you do that for me?”

I was too afraid to speak, fearing I’d let out a moan instead so I just nodded. I heard my coworker closing notebooks and gathering his things and I looked up just in time to see him stand. My boss dropped his hand and my coworker asked us if we wanted him to pick up anything. I was confused at first until I noticed the time and saw that it was lunch already. We both said no so my coworker left with a wave of his hand. The moment the door was closed Kyle started to unbutton my shirt.

“Right here?” It sounded like a whine. My eyes were wide.

“Why not?” He cocked a brow as he flipped my tie over my shoulder and out of his way.

“It’s just…I mean…anyone could walk in…” I looked at the door then down at his nimble fingers unbuttoning my shirt.

“We’re both hidden,” he pulled my shirt open and then pulled the arm hole of my tank top to the center of my chest until my nipple sprang free. His expression was so hungry that it increased my arousal. He licked his lips, “Fuckin’ A look at that,” then he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around my already hardened tip.

Despite his near predatory look, he sucked my nipple languidly, taking long slow pulls off of it like he was nursing. I did let out a moan then and dropped my head back and enjoyed the sensations rushing through my body. My cock came to life quite quickly and jumped in my pants.

He must have saw it because he popped off my nipple and said, “I love that Balgat Escort this gets you hard.”

“Same,” I whispered and squeezed my crotch quickly before pulling my hand away.

He looked up at me as he began to roll my nipple between his fingers, “I’ve wanted to touch you for so long…long before last night,” then he lowered his head and took my teat between his teeth and licked it.

I shivered, “You’re so handsome, but you’re my boss. I wasn’t going to dare make a move…”

He hummed and it shot hot tingles of pleasure though me. He sucked my nipple between his lips again and gave it three strong pulls before he drew away with an audible pop. He licked the tip rapidly making it even wetter. Both of my nipples were so rigid and I could feel my balls tighten in satisfaction.

“Imagine my delight when I found out you were so submissive,” Kyle grinned at me then started to suck me again.

My nipple grew harder in his mouth and I groaned, “It’s hard for me,” I was panting, finding it difficult to talk, “most people…look at my body…” I let out a filthy sounding moan when he bit me, “and think I’m a top.”

He laughed into my chest then spoke against it like he couldn’t bear to be away from my nipple again, “I know the feeling, don’t know how many times I’ve left someone’s house because they try to force me to switch.”

“That sucks,” I said.

“Hmm,” he winked at me, “sure will,” then he took my hard nipple again.

“I didn’t…” I moaned and closed my eyes, “mean it like that…” I could feel his smile against my skin.

He reached up and trapped my other nipple between his fingertips and now with both of them under his control he focused on giving me the most exciting sexual encounter of my life. I was moaning constantly now, rocking my hips against the chair. I could hear people moving around outside and the fear of being walked in on heightened my arousal. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given how much I had enjoyed alleyway sex last night but I was. I didn’t know what it was about Kyle that made me want to surrender and do anything he wanted, but I honestly kinda loved it. His natural charisma had me hooked and I felt lucky.

He continued to suckle me, never letting up as he forced my nipple to stay hard and grow long. He was moaning now too, like tasting me was a treat. The hand on my left side would pluck and pull and flick my nipple and sometimes it would knead my pectoral strongly.

“God you’re sexy,” he whispered against me, his breath making my moistened nipple tighten up, “when I felt these gems last night,” he squeezed my chest and licked my nipple, “I knew I’d have to eat them,” he descended with a growl and sucked my nipple hard.

I yelped then and spread my legs in invitation. I didn’t care how desperate I looked or sounded. He had brought me to this point last night as well. Out of control and pleading: “more”, “don’t stop” and “please” in a breathy voice that didn’t sound like my own.

He worked over my nipples like it was his life’s calling. He had both of them throbbing, harder than they ever had been before. His sucking was louder now, making me blush with the noises his lips made around my nipple. He suddenly roughly pulled my tank out from my pants and scrunched it up underneath my neck. Then he practically lunged and got my left nipple, finally, between his lips.

I couldn’t help it and cried out at the sensation. He hummed his approval then used his tongue and teeth to worry at the taut bud. He sucked so hard it started to make a squeaking sound and my hips were rocking wildly now. I was fucking the air lewdly and panting out “yes yes yes”. I sounded wrecked. I still couldn’t believe that was my voice. I could feel my pleasure building upon itself, almost overwhelming my body and then it hit me: I was getting close to a small orgasm. I couldn’t afford to mess up my pants so I pushed against Kyle’s head. He looked up but still had his lips suctioned around my nipple.

I could feel the blush on my cheeks as I whispered, “I’m close.”

His eyes grew wide and he slid off of my tit slowly, keeping the pleasant pressure the whole time until it sprung free from his mouth. He nuzzled it with his chin, “Really?” He sounded awed, “Fuck I wanna see that…”

“We can’t…not at work…” I reached down and palmed my erection. I had never been this aroused before. I knew my nipples were sensitive, but I didn’t realize the extent of it until just now.

“You’re right…” he let out a sigh and sat back. It was then that I saw he was hard too and that realization thrilled me. He ran his hand through his hair, “Unless…” he reached into his blazer pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He held it up with a wicked smile, “I got you,” then, before I could even say anything he was descending onto my nipple once again.

This time though he sucked impatiently, like now that he knew he could get me off that way he was determined to make it happen as soon as possible. His mouth was hot, lips smacking, tongue lashing over my nipple repeatedly. He pulled away then bit my nib strong enough to force a full body shudder out of me.

He looked up, “Fuck! Your nipples are national treasures!” He reached down and started to rub my cock and I arched with a loud moan, “That’s it baby. Feeling good yeah?”

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