Number 2 and 3

Big Dicks

About a month after my first encounter with a man I decided to try my luck again. This was way back in 1966 when the gay movement was unheard of and in fact I never knew another guy in my entire school time that admitted to being with a man. Being called a cock sucker was about the worst thing you could be called. In spite of this when I had become aware of the notes written on the stalls and walls of the local city hall bathroom offering or wanting blowjobs it had intrigued me and turned me on.

I went back to the bathroom one afternoon and things worked out much as they had the time before. There always seemed to be a few men hanging around rather than just going in to relieve themselves and although I never saw any actual sex happening in there I was pretty sure that some of them were interested. I went in and up to a urinal and took a piss. This time no one stood right beside me but I did see a guy about mid twenties who was watching me from the end of the room. AS I finished pissing I leaned away from the urinal a little and stroked my cock a couple of times getting it half hard. He smiled and casually rubbed the front of his jeans but didn’t so anything else.

I wasn’t sure how to proceed and was worried about becoming too obvious so I zipped up and left the bathroom. Once outside I went to the bus stop area and soon the guy came out of the bathroom and walked over to me asking if I was interested in having some fun. I agreed and he suggested following him to an area Çankaya Escort under a bridge just on the edge of downtown so I did.

When we got to the bridge he went down into a garden planted there and tool a small path that went right under the bridge where it left the bank of the valley. I followed him in and found that there was what amounted to almost a room in there under the deck of the bridge and up between the main girders where from the outside all you could see was a couple of feet. There was a concrete ledge, part of the bridge foundation which allowed a man to stand up on it and be pretty much hidden from anyone looking in. Given how dark it was in the shade under there anyone would have to come right under themselves to be able to see anything.

When he got there the guy stepped up onto that ledge and facing me undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. I had seen other guys my own age in the shower room etc but this was only the second time I had ever seen a grown man’s cock and this guy had huge one. I have about an average size cock 6 inches when fully erect but even before he got hard he was about 9 inches. He started stroking it and I watched it grow to what he claimed was 11 inches and I have no reason to doubt it. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen or would see for several more years. He then asked if I wanted to suck it and I said yes. I moved in front of him and because of his being on the ledge I Keçiören Escort didn’t have to kneel down just bend over a little bit to take the end of his cock into my mouth.

I started to suck and lick the head of it as he moaned that it felt nice. It got harder and hotter it seemed to me and he started to thrust it into my eager mouth. That however made me gag. I couldn’t even get half his cock into my mouth without gagging and he stopped pushing into me. He then told me to take my time and just take it as far as I could without gagging. HE told me he had only ever found a couple of people who had ever been able to take his entire cock and not to worry about it but to try and relax, take a deep breath and then see if I could take more of it slowly into my mouth.

I did that a few times and managed to get a bit more into my mouth with each attempt. Then he said to take a couple of breaths then try to swallow when I went down on his cock again. The first time I tried it didn’t work but on the second try it slipped into my throat and I could feel it sliding deeper and deeper into me. He was hard as a rock mow and was telling me how good it felt. He also said I had gotten all but the last inch into my mouth and when I tried again I felt him slip deep into my throat as I continued to press forward till I felt my nose press into his belly and realized I had swallowed his entire cock. It made my eyes water but it was also extremely Etimesgut Escort exciting and he told me I was a great cock sucker.

He pulled back out of me and started to jerk himself off as I held the head of his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked it. I heard his breath coming in short gasps and then without any warning he was cumming in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but some of it leaked out the corner of my mouth and landed in the dust beside my foot. He spurted five or six times moaning as he did and telling me how great it felt. My own cock was hard as a rock now and I took it out as he did up his pants. I asked if he would blow me and he surprised me a little by saying no he never did that he just liked getting blown.

He started to walk away and it was only then that I realized another guy had walked in under the bridge too and had been watching us. For a second I panicked realizing what he had just seen me doing but then I saw he had his cock out and was stroking it and was as hard as I was. The guy I had just blown walked away from us but the second guy came closer offering me his cock. I turned around and stepped up on the ledge offering mine to him and he fell onto it immediately. It only took about 2 minutes till I felt the cum rising and told him I was going to spurt. He sucked all the harder and drained my cum into his eager mouth. Then I returned the favour and sucked him to completion which took a few minutes longer than I had but I swallowed my second load of the day and third of my life. BY the time I was done my jaw was aching form the amount of time I had had it stretched open and for the next day or so my voice was ab bit hoarse from the stretching the first guy had given my throat. Still I knew then that I would be finding relief with and providing relief for men for the rest of my life.

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