No-Tell Motel, Chapter 1


Cindy looked across the cramped, bedraggled motel room to the other bed where her college roommate Diane was lying. In her sheer pink babydoll-style nightie she looked like a little girl. In reality though, she was a well-developed 21 year old woman – although with her playful, energetic personality it was hard to tell at times! Cindy and Diane were on their way back to college after Spring Break and had stopped for the night in the only motel they could find rooms in. It wasn’t much to look at, it was kind of run-down and didn’t look like the owners cared a lot. But it had beds and since they were only going to be there one night, it would do. “God, my body hurts!” Diane groaned as she rolled over. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, she leaned over and held her head in her hands. “I feel like 10 miles of bad road and my head is killing me!” She stood and tried to stretch thinking that might help her body aches but quickly found out the opposite was true. Cindy laughed and looked at her friend in amusement. “I don’t doubt it. You weren’t exactly subtle and restrained these past few days, dear! So tell me, was it the overindulgence in spirits, the endless stream of guys you made out with, or the wild dancing and party antics that have gotten to you finally?” “Party antics? What party antics?” Diane asked, almost afraid of the answer. “Well let’s see, there was the wet-t shirt contest and the topless go-go dance contest for starters,” Cindy said, grinning broadly. Diane choked back a fit of giggles. “Ohmygod, Seriously? Did I do that?” Nodding with exaggerated slowness, Cindy watched Diane’s mouth break open in a grin as her face slowly heated with amused embarrassment. With a wry voice, Cindy said, “Remind me to never let you near a bottle of Tequila again.” Diane groaned, “Well, at any rate, I need a handful of aspirin and a good massage.” Cindy glanced up from her laptop, “I’ll give you a back rub. I think the motel masseuse has the night off!” she chuckled, “Just let me get the lotion.” She went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of body lotion. As she grabbed the bottle of lotion, she bit her lower lip a little at the thought of touching Diane’s bare skin, and her mind raced with scenario after scenario. She had been attracted to this woman since they first met and although she had never been with another woman, she longed to be with Diane. They had met two years ago when they were both brand new freshmen. During their registration and admissions process, the two had been assigned to share a dorm room on campus. While the two came from different backgrounds, they seemed to hit it off right away. Their initial converstions were innocent enough – they talked about where they came from, their backgrounds and families, some of their interests and what they wanted to do after college. But as the days progressed into weeks and then months, their talks took a more intimate turn. Cindy fondly thought back to one particularly ‘enlightening’ conversation regarding Diane’s experience with another girlfriend. You see, while she had never been with another woman, Diane had been and more than once. As she regaled Cindy with her stories and experiences with her past girlfriend, Cindy had been captivated. Diane had an intoxicating sexuality that was only enhanced by her playfulness and sense of adventure. However, as curious as she was about the prospect, Cindy didn’t know how best to approach Diane on the idea. Still, Cindy had fantasized more than once about taking their friendship to that level and exploring this new frontier with her free-spirited roommate. As Cindy came back into the room carrying the bottle of lotion, Diane had taken off the pink babydoll and was lying face down on the bed closest to the big window that took up the better part of one wall. The setting sun’s light streaming into the room cast a golden glow on her body. Cindy’s eyes were riveted on Diane’s smooth tanned skin and she swallowed audibly, a tremble passing Ataşehir Escort down her limbs. Sitting down on the side of the bed, she poured some of the lotion into her hand and rubbed it on Diane’s back, going up her spine and back down her back. Diane relaxed beneath Cindy’s touch and her head lowered, cascading her long dishwater-blonde hair forward and exposing a slim neck Cindy was aching to kiss. Being this close to Diane’s naked body was electrifying, and it sent shivers down Cindy’s core that made her pulse race and her heart beat so loud she was certain Diane could hear it. Slowly bringing her hands up the full of Diane’s back and using her thumbs to massage along her spine, she admired the softness of her skin. Gently kneading her shoulders to work her tired aching muscles, she took a deep breath and fought to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Her mouth felt dry and she licked her lips. If ever there was going to be a chance to have something happen with this woman, that chance was now. She just needed to work up the courage to take it. Cindy had seen Diane naked many times, but this was the first time she had touched her bare skin. She knew about the tattoo on the small of Diane’s back – a “tramp stamp” she called it, and she used her fingers brush lightly over the top of it. It was a pink heart with pink and black interweaving ribbons coming from it to the sides. Cindy let her eyes roam over Diane’s body and noticed a new bruise at her shoulder. Touching it gently, she asked with sympathy, “Is this from when you fell the other day? Does it still hurt?” Diane nodded, and huskily whispered, “A little.” Cindy gently used the backs of her fingertips to gently brush over the bruise. Then, bending down slowly, she placed a light, feathery kiss over it. She felt and heard Diane take a quick breath, and Cindy held her own breath waiting to see what kind of response would come from that action. When no words followed, Cindy found her courage and let the words come out. “Diane… what’s it like… to be with another woman?” she asked hesitantly. Diane rolled over at the sincerity of Cindy’s question. “What do you mean?” Immediately, Cindy felt her muscles tighten and tense and she drew a deep breath, not sure if she should continue the question or just try to brush it off and forget it. Sensing that Cindy was still working up the courage to answer, Diane gently touched her arm to reassure her. Cindy, honey, what are you talking about?” Diane asked, gently, lightly touching her. Soothing her. She heard Cindy take a deep breath, swallow, and then clear her throat. “Well, you know I’ve never been with another woman, but… well, I have thought a lot about…” Cindy hesitated and her voice dropped to a quiet whisper as she finished, “trying it with you. But I’m not sure I could do it. I mean, having something done to me by another woman is one thing, but giving back? I’m just… not to sure.” The words had started out slow and halting, but Diane was still listening carefully and showed no signs of fear or rejection. This was promising, and Cindy’s uneasiness slowly faded. Diane sat up and took Cindy’s hand. She brushed a lock of her short brown hair from in front of her eyes and put her hand on the side of her face. She felt Cindy tense up again and tried to reassure her. “Cindy sweetheart, I have wanted you as well. And I know you have never done this before, but hon, nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to happen. We can stop at any time, all you have to do is just say the words.” Pausing to assess the effect of her promise, she continued quietly. “I don’t expect you to return anything if you don’t want to. I just want to experience your body. To feel you- and to watch you cum.” “O-ok, Cindy said with a deep sigh and a nod. It was all the encouragement that Diane needed. Cindy started trembling with nervous excitement. She was about to carry out a fantasy that she had thought Ataşehir Escort Bayan about for so long. Swallowing, she tried to control her breathing as Diane laid Cindy gently on the bed, watching Diane as she did. God, she was beautiful! Her breasts were shaped to fit a person’s hands, and she had nipples made for being sucked on, and Cindy was trying desperately to control her escalating passion. Looking into Diane’s wide green eyes and the flames that were flickering there nearly drove her over the edge. Leaning down, Diane pressed a kiss to Cindy’s forehead, moving to kiss the tip of her nose, before finally coming to rest on soft lips. She felt the quick intake of air as Cindy breathed, and then slowly released it, opening her mouth just slightly to let Diane kiss her. The kiss was soft and sensual, and Diane gently nibbled and sucked on those soft lips tasting the sweetness of Cindy’s mouth. Slowly deepening the kiss, Diane took her hands and ran her fingers through her girlfriend’s short brown hair as her tongue explored what was being offered, before slowly receding. As Cindy looked up and into Diane’s eyes with a mixture of desire and apprehension, Diane told her to just lie back, relax, and enjoy what was happening. She watched as Cindy relaxed her body, closed her eyes, and let out a sigh. Diane’s soft hands moved smoothly down the center of Cindy’s chest to her stomach, expanding her fingertips to encircle her waist. She watched as Cindy sucked in a quick breath and her stomach depressed. Leaning down to kiss just below her rib cage, Diane then took her hands and cupped them around Cindy’s breasts, her thumbs rubbing against the nipples to bring them to stiff peaks. Cindy could feel her heart start beating faster, and felt her clit start to tingle. As she felt Diane’s hot mouth cover her stiff and throbbing nipple, she moaned loudly and she began to get dizzy with anticipation. Not wanting to rush the moment, Diane very slowly leaned down to kiss Cindy’s neck. Nibbling down the center of her chest to the valley in between, Diane could hear the rapid beat of Cindy’s heart combined with her own and she closed her eyes to savor the sound. Raising up slightly, she took one beautiful breast into her mouth and began to suckle. Cindy let out a loud moan and shifted her legs, and Diane thought she was going to explode from the excitement. Blowing softly against the nipples and using her tongue to flick across the hard peaks, she watched as Cindy started squirming and rubbing her thighs together. Cindy’s hands fisted at her sides, her back arching to meet Diane’s eager mouth. Cindy could feel her clit expanding and tingling, and she reached one hand down in an attempt to rub away some of the ache. Wishing she could relieve some of the tension there, before moving on, but knowing that she couldn’t she instead closed her eyes and concentrated on what Diane was doing to her. Moving down to the flat plane of Cindy’s quivering stomach, Diane used her tongue to have sex with Cindy’s belly button. Smiling as Cindy gasped in shock and then moaned quietly, Diane used her hands to caress the tops of Cindy’s thighs. Moving slowly and teasingly up Cindy’s legs, she reached up inside of the fabric of her lacy panties to stroke the flesh hidden there and feel the heat radiating from Cindy’s center. Diane could smell the musky scent of Cindy’s dripping sex and was dying to get closer, to taste her and feel her. She was dizzy with excitement and burning with anticipation. Sitting up, she reached for the Cindy’s tiny panties, the only thing she still wore. Ever so slowly, she eased the garment down, her eyes riveted as Cindy’s treasure was slowly revealed, Diane finished gliding the panties down Cindy’s smooth, tannd legs and dropped them to the floor. Lifting one of Cindy’s feet up onto the bed, Diane parted her girlfriend’s legs. Looking down, she gently traced a finger around Cindy’s damp Escort Ataşehir pussy lips and up her leaking slit to the place where Cindy’s clit lay throbbing in wait. She could smell the sweet perfume of Cindy’s smoldering pussy, and the desire that had been building within her. Cindy was wet, and it showed, and the knowledge that she was as excited as Cindy spurred Diane on. Rubbing her fingers lightly across Cindy’s pussy lips once more, Diane moaned softly. Diane opened her mouth and let her teeth graze Cindy’s cunt as she inhaled her sexual aroma. Hearing Cindy moan again and the words “Oh God”, she knew it was safe to proceed to the final step. Grabbing Cindy’s hips, Diane pulled her closer. She saw the thick swollen pussy lips of her lover, which glistened with sweat and moisture. Diane’s hands reached out to grab the folds of Cindy’s pussy, and parted them, rubbing them between her fingers. She noticed Cindy’s swollen clit, and knew that her orgasm was not long in coming. Diane took one long finger, and eased it up inside of Cindy’s hole. As she did so, she felt the moisture flood out of Cindy’s body. Leaning forward she removed her finger and, placing her mouth on Cindy, she used her tongue to find the center of that release. Diane’s tongue dove in and out of Cindy’s body repeatedly, as Diane erased every thought except pleasuring her friend and giving her the greatest orgasm of her life. Cindy moaned and groaned her pleasure, and Diane used her hands to quiet her hips as they started to buck in response to the attention. Diane’s ears were filled with nothing but Cindy’s moans and cries. Each moan and whimper from Cindy spurred Diane on as she continued to fuck Cindy’s cunt with her tongue. As Dianes’s hands went to stroke the outer rim of Cindy’s ass, she felt Cindy arch off the bed as the orgasm hit her. Diane took one finger and eased it up inside of Cindy and she felt Cindy arch off the bed as the orgasm hit her. She fingered Cindy’s clutching pussy to stroke the orgasm to full throttle and closed her eyes, enjoying the wave as her friend rode it out and floated back to earth. Still gasping and shaking from the force of her orgasm, Cindy laid on the bed trying to calm herself and come back to reality. She felt delicious… and sinfully erotic. Diane heard Cindy moan as she gently pulled her finger from her pussy. The moan was filled with a need for release and Cindy smiled, still in a bit of a fog. Raising her head off the pillow to look at her friend, she quietly whispered, “Thank you” It was all she could do to resist the impulse to ask, “Was it good for you too?” Diane smiled happy that she had made her friend so happy, “You were… you are… so incredibly sexy when you cum.” Cindy couldn’t help it. The devilish side of her nature just would not shut up for even a few minutes. “Thanks. I bet you say that to all the girls.” Diane giggled. Slapping Cindy on her bare ass, she replied, “Yeah, you’re right. There’ve been SO many that I’ve started rating you all on a sexy-when-you-cum scale. You’re a ten by the way.” Cindy watched as Diane scooted off the end of the bed and walked around the bed toward her, swallowing convulsively as Diane leaned down to lightly place a kiss on her forehead before standing back up. Diane was turning to walk away but the brush of Cindy’s fingers on her arm stopped her and she looked back. “Wait, Diane ,I… I know what I said about….” Cindy nibbled on her lip and looked up at Diane, trying to gather her thoughts. “About… reciprocating…, but….” Propping herself up on one elbow, she took a breath and then pulled Diane down so that their lips were a fraction apart. Diane licked her lips and gently placed her mouth on Cindy’s. Swallowing Cindy’s gasp, Diane gently nibbled and caressed Cindy’s lips, her passions rising with each second that passed until finally her tongue could not stand the anticipation and advanced, urging Cindy’s lips apart. She heard Cindy moan and felt her own heart pound against the inside of her chest. Diane pushed herself up from the bed until she was kneeling and threaded her hands through Cindy’s silky blonde hair. She pulled Cindy closer, until her bare breasts pressed against the soft fabric of Cindy’s long Hello Kitty sleep-shirt and kissed her fully.

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