No Regrets Ch. 02


Tommy was running, trying to get away from Bobby Jones.

“Come back here!” he heard him shout as he rounded the corner to the village hall where a party was in full swing. It was where Tommy had just been before bumping into Bobby and knocking his drink all over him. It was a welcome party for fresh American troops who had just arrived to join the war. Americans had been in England now for a couple of years, having joined when Japan had attacked Pearl Harbour. However, more troops had arrived since. A lot more. England, it seemed, was gearing up for something big.

The party was in full swing and the sound of Glenn Miller could be heard blaring away. The GI’s were getting acquainted with the local girls who were in plenty supply as most of the local men were away fighting for their country.

Tommy had been called up but had failed the medical due to flat feet and his very slim and small physique. He certainly wished he’d been fitter as he tried to run away from his assailant.

Tommy quickly realised he had run into a dead end and with nowhere left to go he backed up against a wall. Bobby came round the corner and was on top of him in no time. Punches flew. Tommy dropped to the ground.

Bobby was a local farm hand and an out and out bully. He had been called up for active duty but had managed to get out of it by being a conscientious objector. It made him very unpopular, not that he wasn’t already. He was tall and strong and his face was disfigured from the years of constant fighting. He was a loner, and at the age of thirty preferred his own company which suited everyone as his personal hygiene was most definitely lacking.

“This is for spilling my drink!” He thumped and kicked Tommy. These days it seemed Bobby would use any excuse to fight.

Suddenly Tommy heard cries of pain other than his own. He looked up to see a GI laying into Bobby and deflecting any attempt from him at striking back. Bobby was losing fast and fear spread across his face, it was obvious he had met his match.

“Fuck off yank! Fuck off back home!” he said as he ran off.

The GI looked down at the sniffling boy. Tommy felt such a wimp, so helpless. He stood over him and extended a hand, “You ok?”

Tommy took his hand and the GI helped him to his feet. Tommy nodded, grateful for the help and sniffled as he came up. The man’s greased jet black hair, accentuated his lean face and strong square jaw. His large brown eyes glistened like deep dark pools and seemed to smile even when he wasn’t. Tommy always found the American accent interesting, but from this man it was enchanting.

“You dropped something,” he stooped down and picked up a black and white photograph.

“She’s pretty,” he said, admiring the woman in the photo. “Who is she?”

“M-m-my mother,” Tommy said.

“Is she inside?” The GI asked pointing to the village hall as he handed the photo back to Tommy.

Tommy hung his head. “She was killed in an air raid.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I had no idea.”

Tommy looked up at him, this large man seemed awkward, “That’s ok, you weren’t to know.”

“My name’s Ryan,” The GI extended his hand again. “Ryan Monroe.”

“Tommy Anderson”

Their hands touched. It sent shockwaves through Tommy’s body and he was aware of the sudden arousal in his groin. There was something different about this handshake. As they stared into each others eyes Tommy could see something happening to this big GI. His face lost all expression and his eyes seemed to glaze over.

Tommy could see he was shaken as he took out a pack of woodbines and offered one to Tommy. “No thanks, I don’t smoke” he said.

Ryan sat on the steps at the back entrance of the village hall. Tommy staring at him as he lit a cigarette. Ryan smiled at Tommy and patted the vacant step next to him. He didn’t need telling twice. They sat beside each other in silence for a while, stealing glances, wondering what to say.

“Thanks,” Tommy finally spoke.

“What for?”

“Stopping Bobby Jones.”

“That big oaf? Seemed a little unfair to me. Why was he beating up on you?”

“I spilt his drink,” Tommy stared at the ground.

“Hardly a reason to hit you.”

“He doesn’t need a reason.”

Ryan drew on his cigarette, his face lighting up red from the glow of the smouldering tip.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” Tommy asked.

“Army training. I grew up with some pretty rough cousins too, we wrestled a lot.”

“I’m glad you came when you did.”

Ryan smiled, “Well I was getting bored in there so I came out for a smoke.”

Silence descended, Büyükesat Escort both stealing glances once more. Something was happening here and they both new it.

“Er, how old are you?” Ryan asked breaking the silence.


“Really? Wow you look much younger.”

“I know, it’s a curse.” Tommy hung his head.

Ryan placed his hand under Tommy’s chin and turned his head to face him, “Hey, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Believe me, one day you’ll come to realise that it’s a blessing, not a curse.”

Tommy smiled and it seemed to him for a moment that Ryan might kiss him. What was he thinking? Why would on earth a man kiss another man? He returned his gaze back at the ground between his feet, stunned that such a thought would enter his head.

“So, if you are eighteen, and I believe you – how come you haven’t been called up?”

Tommy hung his head again. “Flat feet.”

Ryan’s laughter was infectious. “Seriously?”

Tommy couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“So, where’s your father?”

“Inside.” Tommy pointed to the door behind them, “he’s just a no good drunk,” he added with bitterness in his voice.

“Is he the one shouting off about us Yanks? Doesn’t seem too pleased to see us.”

Tommy lowered his head. “Yeah, that sounds like him. Sorry about that.”

Ryan laughed and put his arm around Tommy’s shoulder. No one had ever shown him attention like this before.

“He’s angry because he wants to fight but he can’t because of his injury,” he added. “And ever since Mom died all he ever does is drink. He spends all of our rations on it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I work at the grocers I think we’d starve.”

“Do you miss her?”

Tommy nodded and tears gathered in his eyes, unable to speak for fear of losing it. Ryan turned to him and brushed his blond hair off his face.

“Hey, it’s ok to cry you know.”

Ryan had an expression on his face that Tommy had never witnessed on another man before. A countenance that he had only ever seen on his mother’s face; it seemed strangely reassuring.

“Tell you what, how do you fancy coming to my room? I have much better liquor than the crap they sell in there.” Ryan said.

Tommy nodded, pleased to have made a new friend, and also pleased that this friend seemed to like him. It was only a short walk to the village inn.

“How come you’re not in the barracks?” Tommy asked.

“Not ready yet. They’re putting some of us up in here till then and I’m not complaining, it’s way more comfortable and I get a double bed,” he replied, winking.

Once inside, Ryan poured them both a shot of bourbon. Ryan swigged his back in one gulp; Tommy tried to do the same and ended up choking.

“Steady on, just sip it for now,” Ryan said, gently placing Tommy on the bed. “Are you ok?”

Tommy nodded; tears welled up in his eyes. He felt so stupid. Ryan knelt down in front of him and brushed his soft blond hair away from his eyes once more. There was that look again. Tommy had never had a man treat him so kindly. Sure, men patted him on the back or tousled his hair, but never with tenderness. It reminded him of his mother.

As Tommy looked up through his tear filled eyes Ryan did something astonishing. He leaned in and softly kissed Tommy on the lips. Tommy froze, awash with new emotions and feelings. He knew men weren’t supposed to do this sort of thing. It was queer, but, for some reason, it didn’t feel wrong. On the contrary, it was exciting. His heart raced like it was trying to escape from his chest. He felt giddy. But most of all he had an erection!

Ryan pulled away and Tommy looked at him in disbelief.

A look of fear swept over Ryan’s face.

“I’m sorry,” Ryan said, kneeling back on his heels, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“W-w-why did you?”

“I couldn’t help it, you are so damn handsome.”

His mother used to call him handsome, and now this strange man had called him that. Silence descended as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Tommy didn’t know if he should protest, he didn’t want to, he really liked it. He looked at Ryan’s moist lips as they glistened in the soft light. He wanted that kiss again. He gripped the bedclothes with anticipation of tasting those lips once more. Ryan lowered his gaze. Tommy’s chest heaved.

He placed his hands on Tommy’s knees and slowly slid them up his legs. Tommy’s breathing quickened and he groaned with sheer excitement as Ryan’s hands reached for his hidden jewels. Ryan ran his fingers along the length Beşevler Escort of his erection, squeezing gently, feeling his hardness. Tommy trembled. He closed his eyes. Shocked, yet incredibly turned on. Never before has anyone touched him in such an intimate way, it felt wonderful.

He felt Ryan’s lips against his, only this time Tommy wrapped his arms around Ryan’s neck. He returned the kiss, for some reason it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do. As the kiss continued, Ryan unfastened the buttons on Tommy’s threadbare shirt. He was powerless to resist. He didn’t want to resist. He wanted Ryan to strip him naked. As he slipped Tommy’s shirt off his shoulders his calloused hands caressed the soft sensitive teenage skin causing Tommy to gasp. Ryan pulled him close, broke the kiss and gently ran his lips over his neck just below the ear. Tommy groaned in sheer delight, falling limply into Ryan’s arms. Ryan held him tight, the fabric of his tunic rough against Tommy’s erect nipples.

Ryan whispered in his ear, “Your lips taste like apple blossom.”

“I’ve never done this before,” Tommy panted.

“Neither have I,” Ryan replied. “Do you want to?”

Being a virgin, Tommy knew he wanted to do something. “I don’t know what to do?” he admitted.

Ryan nibbled at Tommy’s earlobe causing him to gasp.

“Let’s see what happens,” he whispered.

Tommy flung his head back and groaned with delight as Ryan nibbled at his earlobe again. Suddenly he was aware of fresh air encircling his genitals, without realising it, Ryan had undone his belt and fly exposing his hard six inches. Tommy wasn’t wearing underwear and with a little help his trousers was soon about his ankles. Then with a flick of the hand, the trousers, socks and shoes had been completely removed.

Tommy trembled with excitement. He was naked in front of a strange man, his hard cock oozing fluid and flexing in anticipation. Ryan unbuttoned his tunic and Tommy realised he was about to see Ryan naked.

Ryan paused and asked, “are you sure you want to do this?”

Tommy nodded vigorously. “Please,” he groaned.

Tommy could hear the lust in his own voice. Ryan seemed to relax a little.

Soon the GI’s chest was bare, muscular, and with a soft covering of hair. His body toned and lean. His trousers were next along with his underwear and Tommy whimpered when he saw Ryan’s hard-on. It was magnificent. Much bigger than his own, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it, but he knew he wanted to touch it.

Ryan moved to the bed pushing Tommy onto his back. They kissed again allowing their hands to explore each other’s bodies. Tommy was in heaven, he never imagined, in his eighteen years of life, that making love with another man could be so wonderful. Tommy put his hand round Ryan’s cock, feeling its solidness, so thick and full of virility. He wanted to make Ryan feel as good as he did, he wanted to return the wonderful sensations and he stroked the huge tool causing Ryan to moan in delight.

Ryan stroked Tommy as their kissing intensified and he squirmed and groaned beneath him. Tongues explored each other’s mouths, fighting a duel for possession.

Tommy’s body was now hyper sensitive, his nipples solid and erect, his climax inevitable. He moaned loudly and writhed as he felt it build, but it was too soon, he didn’t want it to end; he wanted the feeling to last forever. He couldn’t stop it. No matter how he tried, his whole body tensed and a wave of euphoria washed over him. He cried out into Ryan’s mouth as his body convulsed and he ejaculated.

Ryan was taken by surprise as Tommy’s ejaculation hit him in the face. Ryan quickly erupted himself adding to the streams of semen gushing between them. He groaned into Tommy’s mouth, their lips locked throughout their orgasms.

Ryan rolled onto his back, “Wow I’ve never cum that quick before,” he said.

Tommy silently stared at the ceiling, a million thoughts rushing round his head. He was breathless, but calm, serene and happy.

They both looked at each other. Tommy had never looked at another man so intensely in the eyes before. He was entranced. It felt like there was a deep connection.

Ryan was first to break the silence. “You Ok?”

Tommy nodded. Ryan rolled onto his side and scanned the semen covering Tommy’s teenage body. “Wow, we really made a mess huh?” He ran his finger through it, his touch causing Tommy to giggle.

Ryan fetched a towel and cleaned it up. As he discarded the towel he climbed onto the bed and pulled Tommy Cebeci Escort to him. Now Tommy was lying on top and it was he that initiated the next kiss. It became more passionate and soon they were both fully erect once more.

“Tommy, I want to make love to you,” Ryan said looking him deep in the eyes.

“Isn’t that what we just did?” he asked naively.

“Well yes, but there’s more than just kissing and jerking each other off,” Ryan explained.

Jerking is a word he’d never heard before, an American saying no less as he’d always known it to be called wanking. Hearing Ryan say this made Tommy realise how inexperienced he was at this.

“I want you to teach me,” he said.

Ryan smiled, “Of course, but do you understand what I’m asking?”

Tommy shook his head.

“I want to be inside you, I want to fuck you.”

Tommy was startled, “You mean…bum me?”

Ryan laughed, “If that’s what you call it, then yes.”

“But, won’t it hurt?” Tommy asked.

“Yes, to start with, but it feels really good, I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Tommy swallowed hard, it scared him but he had this overwhelming desire to please Ryan. Finally he agreed.

There was tension in Tommy’s voice. “Are you scared?” he asked.

Tommy nodded, Ryan kissed him. “I promise to be gentle.”

In one swift move they changed places. Tommy was on his back with Ryan looming over him. Ryan lifted Tommy’s legs and got him to hold them. Tommy’s heart raced, terrified of what was about to happen. He was about to have second thoughts when Ryan’s head went down between his thighs and his tongue touched Tommy’s tight hole.

Tommy almost yelped out with shock. “Oh my God!” he panted.

Ryan stopped and looked up, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Do it again! Please!” he said, his eyes wide with desire. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that his anus could have been the centre of such amazing pleasure. Ryan’s tongue quickly got back to work teasing his hole, and he moaned loudly. Ryan’s tongue probed deeper and Tommy flung his head back into the pillows. Any second thoughts he had about getting fucked had quickly been replaced with the desire to have his anus played with.

Ryan replaced his tongue with his forefinger and gently slipped it inside.

“Oh Jesus!” Tommy gasped, “Oh god, please fuck me!”

“I will sweetheart, I will. But we need to open you up a bit more first, otherwise it will hurt.”

Sweetheart! Tommy didn’t know if he wanted to cry or laugh but he was sure of the intense love he was experiencing towards this handsome brute of a man. Slowly but surely Ryan added more fingers until he had three buried deep inside Tommy.

“Please Ryan, I’m ready. Please!” Tommy begged.

Ryan produced a large amount of saliva that he rubbed on his throbbing erection. Kissing him, Ryan pressed against his virgin hole. Tommy felt a dull pressure and suddenly his sphincter gave way and the head of Ryan’s cock slipped in.

“Arghh fuck!” Tommy shouted. “It hurts!”

“It’ll pass, just hold it there,” Ryan assured him.

“Please Ryan, it really hurts!”

Ryan ignored him and held him tight.

Tommy clung to Ryan while he waited for the pain to pass, to his relief it did and he eventually relaxed.

“How does that feel now?” Ryan asked.

“Like I need a shit,” Tommy said and Ryan laughed.

Ryan pressed further, Tommy felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t as pleasurable as he thought it would be but he was glad the pain had passed. Soon Ryan was fully inside and Tommy was aware of a deep pressure. When Ryan began to slide in and out, his cock brushed against Tommy’s prostate that sent shockwaves of extreme pleasure through his body. He suddenly understood why homosexuals did this.

Ryan fucked Tommy deep, and the boy loved every inch of this soldier. He knew now he was born for this moment; to be with this man. In his mind they were meant to be together. Tommy was now fully erect having lost it initially from the pain, he watched it bounce with each thrust.

Ryan had a look of ecstasy on his face, he seemed be enjoying it as much as Tommy was. They both looked at Tommy’s cock as a glob of clear liquid oozed out.

Ryan paced Tommy’s prostate more aggressively. Tommy knew he was going to ejaculate but this time it was different, much more intense. His moans high pitched as a wave of euphoria swept over him.

“Arrghh fuck!” he shouted as Ryan’s cock pounded into his prostate. Finally Tommy released another load of semen up his torso. His sphincter spasmed around Ryan’s cock and after a few more strokes Ryan delivered his load deep into the boy’s bowels.

Ryan collapsed on top of Tommy, both panting heavily. His cock slipped out and Tommy suddenly felt empty.



“I think I love you.”

Ryan suddenly sat up, Tommy felt scared. Ryan’s face had changed, his brow furrowed and his eyes hardened. He seemed angry.

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