No More Sir Ch. 03


All participants in the story are over the age of 18. This is intended for those who like BDSM stories centered around DDlg. This is NOT a tale of incest!

***FYI this chapter focuses more on the storyline and less on the erotic parts so hope you enjoy.


I couldn’t help but let out excited squeals every time I saw something Disney in a store. We were only getting a few basic things, but I couldn’t help but to go look at every store I had a chance too.

Holding Daniel’s hand the whole time I ran around the mall like a kid in the candy store. Occasionally he would pull me to him silently instructing me to leave, but he never stopped me from going into a store or trying something on.

“Ok Babygirl, we have gotten you a lot of basics but there is one thing we still need to get.”

Looking down examining all the bags I was holding I studied them. I had gotten jeans, shirts, shoes, work outfits, pajamas and my favorite lingerie and undergarments.

“What else is there Daddy?” “Can it wait until we go shopping again?”

“No Princess it can’t, but for this item, we have to leave the mall.”

I nodded my head standing up on my tippy toes to kiss him. Before I let my lips touch his I lowered myself back down.


I caught myself pausing before continuing.

“I mean William never let me kiss him without permission…”

I posed it like a statement but really it was a question.

“You don’t have to ask to kiss me sweety.”

I gleefully jumped up pressing my lips on his giving him a quick kiss. His chuckle matched my laughter as he pulled me in closer staring into my eyes.

“Come on little one you’ll really enjoy the next store.”

My shopping bags filled the back seat and trunk and I laughed getting into the passenger side.

“What’s so funny little one?”

“Nothing Daddy it’s just I feel like a Princess.”

Leaning over the console he kissed my cheek.

“You are a Princess MY Princess to be exact.”

I blushed holding his hand as he drove off. I got the urge to listen to a song, usually, I would wait until I was by myself thinking it was silly and childish. I had never wanted Sir to think I was immature and unworthy of his companionship.

Being with Daniel, was different and it made me rethink the way I thought about my impulses.

“Daddy I have a request for a song…”

“Ok, what song is it baby?”

I bit my lip contemplating if I really wanted to ask Daniel to play it.

“Just tell me and I’ll play it.”

“Well Daddy it’s just such a nice day and I feel so happy I wanted to listen to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.”

Letting out a deep chuckle he replied.

“On one condition.’

“What is it?”

“Tell me why that particular song.”

Feeling my cheeks warm I bit my lip.

“Well I feel like a Princess today and it’s like you’re my Prince that has saved me.”

Stopping at the red light Daniel turned to me.

“By saving you, you mean taking you away from William?”

I stilled at the mention of his name, I hadn’t realized in a way Daniel was “saving” me from him. But William wasn’t an evil stepmother or stepsister, he was who I had belonged to and loved.

“I guess yes…”

Seeing me withdraw Daniel ordered his bluetooth to play the song. Hearing it hadn’t made me as happy as I wanted. The song played but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t shake the idea that I would have to talk to William very soon.

After all, to my knowledge, he was still expecting me to decide between him and Daniel by the end of the day. I had chosen Daniel in the moment but a part of me still belonged to William.

Feeling the car come to a stop I looked up seeing a sign reading MAGGIE’S BOUTIQUE.

There were manikins wearing gorgeous ball gowns and formal wear in the window giving away what kind of boutique it was.

“Daddy they’re so pretty!”

“We’re getting you a dress, Angel.”


“Well you are my assistant Princess, you know Daddy has that benefit coming up this weekend.” “I had asked you to accompany me that night as my assistant and you refused, but now I’m asking you to accompany me as my girl.”

Blinking quickly I caught my breath, I hadn’t made the connection with the benefit and the boutique store until he said something.

“You want me to accompany you on your arm?”


I shifted in my seat facing him, I had chosen him, but William didn’t know yet and he deserved to find out by me not a tabloid.


“I know it’s fast Adalei but I want the world to know you’re mine and I am yours.”

He wasn’t lying about the second part, he was rated one of the most eligible bachelors in the city and women were always falling at his feet. I had to give him credit though, in the time that I had worked for him I had seen him handle the fawning women with grace.

If he ever indulged in them he kept it very hidden.

“I want to Daniel but I don’t know…”

I didn’t want him to be angry but, I also wanted to be honest with him. I couldn’t shut down and push him away, he needed Betturkey me to let him in even if it was at my own pace.

“Okay Princess, but just in case let’s still get you a dress.”

I smiled holding his hand as we walked in. He was everything I needed him to be and more, and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

“Hello, we would like to look for a formal dress please.”

The consultant turned to face me.

“And what is the occasion?”

Before I could reply Daniel interrupted.

“A benefit for a charity.”

I smiled looking up at him, he was being patient but definitely wasn’t below being persistent. Squeezing my hand I nudged him.

As the consultant began to lead us to a dressing area Daniel leaned over whispering in my ear.

“Either way you’re going to come with me whether you go as my assistant or my girl.”


“But nothing Princess, those are your choices if you choose assistant I will keep my distance as much as possible.”

“And if I pick to go as your girl?”

‘Well then you won’t be able to keep my hands off you, and everyone will know you’re mine.”

I nodded accepting his terms, I was his assistant and it was a good alternative if I decided I wasn’t ready for the world to know about us yet.

“That’s fair.”

Kissing my cheek he took my purse sitting on the couch as the consultant dragged me to a row of dresses. We picked out a few choices ranging from mermaid style dresses to extravagant ball gowns.

After Daniel rejected the first two mermaid dresses I decided to try on a ball gown. It took a little longer to get into as I stood there while the consultant laced up the corset.

Hearing my phone ring I went to open the door stopping as soon as I heard Daniel answer.


I knew that ringtone, it was Williams special ringtone and Daniel was now talking to him.

“Get me out of this as fast as you can please.”

I didn’t want to be mean to the consultant, but I needed to come between William and Daniel. If they went head to head it would only end in a literal blood bath.

There was no doubt that either of them would fight each other if it came to it.

I didn’t know how to handle Daniel if he lost it but I knew how to reason with William. Feeling the dress hit the floor I quickly threw on my clothes stepping out of the dressing room.

“She’s no longer your property I don’t give a shit what you do but you’re not talking to her.”

Not wanting to make a scene I stepped closer until Daniel’s eyes met mine.


His body froze in a protective stance as I heard William yell something on the other line.

“She’s MINE end of discussion.”

He was making things worse, I didn’t doubt Daniel was the protective type but so was William. I knew William was quick to lose it with his latin temper and he had no problem getting physical if it involved me.

“Daniel please let me talk to him.”

His eyes grew hot and I saw his hand clench around my phone.


I watched as he pulled the phone away and ended the call. Realizing he never intended to give me the phone I became angry.

“I asked to talk to him, you had no right to deny me that.”

“You seem to forget you’re mine now Adalei.”

“Don’t be a dick, Daniel.”

I watched as his body transitioned from irritated to pissed off. Reaching to grab my hand I jerked it back. I wasn’t going to let him drag me off to continue the discussion.

“Let’s go now.”

“Hand me my phone.”

“You can have it when we get home.”

“No that doesn’t work for me, I want it now.”

“You will not talk to him do you understand me?”

I felt my anger boil up at that comment. He could be as possessive as he wanted but he could NOT tell me who I could and couldn’t talk to.

“You can’t control me I thought you were different.”

Snatching my purse from the couch and my phone from his hand I stormed out. I barely reached the door before I felt his hand wrap around my elbow. Pulling me outside I followed him not wanting to make a scene.

I refused to follow him past the sidewalk though jerking my arm away.

“I’m sorry you’re upset at me and how I handled the situation but I’m not sorry for not letting you talk to him.” “You are mine and I will protect what’s mine, dealing with him right now will just mess up your head.”

So that’s what this was all about he wasn’t confident that I could handle William, and that I would falter in my decision. He hadn’t given me the chance to prove my loyalty.

“I guess you’ll never know how I would have reacted.”

Turning away I stormed off.

Daniel was quick to chase after me but I jumped into a taxi just as he grabbed the door handle.

“Downtown please.”

As the taxi drove off my phone began to ring, looking at it reading the contact name Daniel I muted the volume. Too upset to talk to him I I began scrolling through my contacts.

He was still saved in my phone as Master and I closed my eyes holding the phone up to my ear. Hearing the line pick up I waited Betturkey Giriş in silence. I could hear the heaviness of his breath.



I could hear the pain in his voice but relief as well.

“I’m so sorry Adalei…I love you.”

“I love you too, but we need to talk.”

I heard him let out a sigh at hearing me say I loved him too, I wasn’t going to lie, I did love him. I probably would always love him in some way, but regardless if Daniel was meant for me or not I knew William wasn’t.

“William that doesn’t mean I’m coming back.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means I’m coming over so we can talk, but after that, I won’t be staying.”

The line grew quiet and I felt a tear slide down my face.

“I love you Adalei I’ll always be yours even if you leave.”

If he kept talking I was going to start sobbing in the backseat of the taxi.

“I’m on my way to you, I’ll be there shortly.”

The taxi pulled into the all too familiar driveway and I paid the driver his fare stepping out onto the pavement. I had been there just one day prior but I felt like a stranger visiting for the first time.

Contemplating on whether or not to use my key I decided to knock.

“Where’s your key?”

Turning around I faced William stumbling back as I took in the sight of him wearing nothing but running shorts. Realizing he had been running when I called I sighed out. He always went running to relieve stress.

I couldn’t help but be instantly hot for him, my body was trained to do so. The sweat glistened off his chest and I fought the urge to kiss him fiddling with my keys.

“I felt wrong using it…”

He took a step closer and I realized I couldn’t back up any further due to the door.

“This will always be your home.”

My breathing faltered giving away my heightened arousal as he reached for the keys in my hand.

“William I…”

Finding the blue key on my keychain he unlocked the door placing his hand on the small of my back guiding me in.

As he shut the door behind us I turned around breathing in to say something. Before I could say anything I felt his hand tuck my hair behind my ear.

“I’ll make some tea, go sit on the couch.”


I stopped myself biting down before I could say, Sir. It was too much of a habit to answer to his orders.

Trying to hide that I almost said Sir I continued.

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

I made my way into the living room taking my usual corner seat on the couch. My fur blanket was still there sprawled out waiting for me from the previous morning.

I wanted to wrap myself up in it but that would send the wrong message. Instead, I sat criss-cross waiting for him to return with the tea.

When he emerged, I instantly smelt the familiar scent of my favorite peach tea. It was a small gesture but he was trying to show me how well he knew me.

“Peach my favorite thank you…”

He took the seat next to me stroking my cheek. It took me a second to be able to pull away but I leaned back closing my eyes.

“William I can’t … “

“Why because of Daniel?”

“Yes, a little.”

Drawing his hand back he set it in his lap.

“You still love me Adalei I know you do.”

“That’s not enough Will.”

“Then tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.”

“You can’t do anything William, Daniel was right.”

His jaw and fists clenched.

“What was he right about?”

“That I haven’t been fully happy for awhile and that you need a different type of submissive.”

He stood up growling.

“I do not need a fucking new submissive I need YOU Adalei.”

“William you can’t tell me you’ve always felt satisfied with me.”

“The fuck I can.”

I stood up at that moment feeling the urge to go to him. His temper was rising and if he lost it there would be no reasonable discussion with him.

“William don’t do that.”

Turning to face me he breathed out.

“Do what Adalei… love you? fight for you?…tell you you’re wrong if you think I need someone else?”

He began to walk to me closing the gap between our bodies.

I held my breath frozen there.

“Tell me you don’t feel this tension Adalei, you want me just as much as I want you.”

His hand raised entangling softly in my hair making me lose my train of thought.

“I know I haven’t always gotten things right with you, but I can make things right.”

“I can’t be who you need me to be William.”

His hand slid down resting on my waist. His touch felt so familiar yet wrong, I wanted Daniel NEEDED him.

“You are already what I need you to be.”

“William if you love me please let me go.”

“I can’t let you go you know that.”

“Then I will let you go.”

Ducking under his arm I headed to the door walking out as quickly as I could without looking distressed.

Daniel was right I couldn’t handle talking to William right now. His words screwed with my head playing on repeat like a broken record player making me doubt myself.

How Betturkey Güncel Giriş could he say all those things now when it was already too late? I was walking but didn’t have a destination in mind. The streets were empty and it was getting cold making me feel uneasy.

I knew the neighborhood well since I had lived there so long but it didn’t feel the same anymore. None of it felt the same anymore.

Unlocking my phone I scrolled down to Daniel’s name feeling tears sting my cheeks.


“Daddy I want to come home.”

“Where are you?”

I hesitated for a second, needing him was more important than keeping where I was a secret.


I could hear the tension and I interjected.

“I told him I wasn’t his, but you were right Daddy I wasn’t ready.”

“Are you at his house?”

“No, I left and just started walking.”

“I’m on my way little one text me the address.”

I lost it sobbing uncontrollably, I needed him at the moment realizing I felt safe with him. I felt more than safe though I felt cherished.

Taking a seat at a bench I texted him the address to the house I had decided to sit in front of. Holding my legs against my chest I buried my head Into my lap.

“I don’t need a new fucking submissive I need YOU Adalei.”

I couldn’t stop listening to it no matter how much I tried. William had said all the right things but I knew they weren’t enough.

It had made it harder to leave though, I guess I was banking on him saying something wrong.

Feeling the presence of a car stopped I lifted up my head, and before I could move Daniel was out of the car walking towards me.


I didn’t need to say anything else, standing me up he wrapped his arms around me pulling me in tightly. Feeling his lips pressed against my forehead made me want to squeeze him in a tight embrace

“I don’t want to control you, baby, I want to guide you and yes there are rules or things I’ll do to protect you but I do them for a reason.”

“I know that now…”

“You doubted me.”

“I think I doubted myself more Daddy but yes I did.”

“Regardless of what you think, you are everything I could ever want or need Adalei.”

Leaning my head back I looked up at him then kissed his chest.

“I’m sorry Daddy.”

“It’s okay Baby just as long as I have you.”

“I’m yours…”

“Good, because I’ve been yours since the day I first saw you.”

Laughing I looked up.

“You mean when I spilled your coffee all over your desk when you interviewed me?”

“No before then.”

“But I didn’t know you before then.”

“Ahh, you see I have a confession to make.”

Stepping back I crossed my arms playfully.

Pulling me back to him quickly I laughed out throwing my head back. His smile washed over me only increasing the happiness that was spreading through my body.

“So when did you first see me?”

“I saw you at a BDSM club, you were collared and William was near you so I respected what wasn’t mine.”

“I never took my eyes off you that whole evening though, and even found myself thinking of you that night as I released myself.”

“I thought that that would be it, you would just be the girl I never knew who got away.”

“When I walked into my office seeing you sitting there in that navy blue wrap dress I nearly lost it.”

“I knew you were collared but the thought of owning you, even if it was just as my assistant was far too great.”

I blinked repeatedly at a loss for what to think or say.

“I didn’t know…”

“I know Princess, let me finish.”

“I never wanted to cross into another man’s submissive because I respect that rule, but as time went on I started falling for you.”

“It didn’t help that you were so adorable even when you messed up.”

I interrupted finally needing to ask the question on my mind.

“So if you don’t believe in crossing that boundary why did you for me?”

“Well I saw the way you would act after looking at your phone and occasionally I would notice you walking differently.”

“I tried to tell myself he was just doing what any dom would do, I mean I’m not against fucking you until you walk funny little one.”

I chuckled nudging his arm, but my eyes had tears in them. I knew exactly what he was referring too. The times he would punish me leaving welts on my ass and legs, and the times he would send me texts calling me his slut.

I thought something was wrong with me. I liked getting punished and spanked but I never enjoyed the toys that came with it or the names. To me, I much preferred when Sir would use his hand, but as long as he was touching me I was wet.

“The longer you worked for me the more I started thinking you were a little, this only made it harder for me to stay away from you.”

“I started watching you whenever you would leave for the day and you always seemed okay until Friday.”

“Seeing you bow your head to him like that followed by how you acted when you came back up to my office was too much for me.”

“I realized you weren’t as happy as you could be and then after talking to you in my office that night I realized you didn’t know what type of submissive you are.”

“I needed you to be mine, needed to show you how happy I could make you.” “I needed to show you the life you could have with me.”

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