No Mercy – A Short Story


Long, bare, creamy-smooth and tanned legs trembling, she stepped into the boutique. Macy had prepared for this excursion into playful indecency, with tingling thoughts of the the doing, but ‘the doing’ was now upon her and the anticipation of the next few minutes was making her light-headed.

As ordered, she had taken great care to groom and dress herself for this task. Long, gently waved brunette locks fell forward over her left shoulder onto the fitted, brilliantly white sheer silk blouse she had selected. The neckline closed in front at the bottom of 3 inches of softly mounded cleavage. The button there pulled just slightly against its duty, threatening to abandon its task, but it held. A small sparkling crystal pendent hung just below the mid-line between collar-bone and button.

They needed no support, but her full breasts were cradled and uplifted in cups as thin and translucent as gossamer. While dressing she had made sure that the nipples were perfectly positioned, high and forward. It wouldn’t take more than the slightest temperature change to awaken them rendering the blouse and the bra almost irrelevant.

“Damn, it’s cold in here!” Macy thought as she approached a rack of ALMOST ‘CFM’ stillettos.

She’d chosen her black leather skirt. Close fitting without being tight, the thin animal skin enhanced her shapely curves. The length was almost too short be appropriate. Almost, it ended at about mid-thigh but with every forward step it was forced upward on her leg. She tried to remember to take small steps. But those aren’t easy for a girl with a 36″ inseam. And any woman known that the effect of heels is lost if there isn’t a confidence in her flowing stride.

Under the skirt she wore only a fresh Brazilian waxing, and a generous amount of gently scented jasmine lotion. She stood looking, without really seeing, at a pair of 6″ spiked heeled shoes. They were more ‘sole, heel and straps,’ lots of straps lacing back and forth up to the knee, than shoes. Just as gaziantep escort she picked up the shoe to examine more closely, a quiet male-voice behind her said, “Those are exquisite aren’t they? Not everyone can wear them. The lady’s calves have to be tapered just so. They would look perfect on you. May a fit a pair for you?”

As she turned to see the salesman she saw that he was much younger than his voice had hinted. He couldn’t be over 21! “Oh shit,” she thought, knowing what she was about to do to him. A flicker of embarrassment crossed her thought and she dropped her eyes to the floor for half a moment, and then remember her assignment, “Be strong and confident, completely oblivious to the affect you are having on him. Show him no mercy.” Macy raised her chin, thrust her breasts forward, hips slightly to her right side and smiled.

“I’d like that, thank you. But I’m not sure if I prefer the black or the brown. Could you bring both please? Size 7.” As he turned to retrieve the shoes from storage she felt a warm new layer of ‘lotion’ being applied under her skirt.

The boutique was quiet as she settled into the comfortable fitting chair. Only one other customer sat at the other end of the store, her foot resting on a ramped ottoman while the female sales associate helped seat her foot in a series of designer shoes. Macy could see that they were talking about styles and fit but couldn’t really hear them at all. Over the in-house music system, throbbing latin jazz played quietly, more felt than heard.

Glancing down, Macy was reminded that leather doesn’t stretch and her skirt had risen up much higher in this chair than the one on which she’d practiced at home. It occurred to her that if she HAD any pubic hair, it might well have been a challenge to hide it! She was safe, but literally barely so.

A young girl appeared to her left carrying a tray with a single sparkling glass. “Champagne for the lady?” was all that was spoken but the girl leaned deeply forward to make the offering.

Nerves were beginning to get the best of Macy as she glanced up to take the glass from the tray. The young girl was attentive only to the glass, apparently unconcerned that the open-necked loose tee she was wearing fell full away from her chest baring breasts, little more than obscenely erect nipples actually, above a washboard tummy.

Macy inhaled the first half of the champagne and felt her own nipples nullifying any hint of decency provided by her clothing. She crossed her legs at the knee, right over left, and became aware of the delicious squeezing pressure that placed across her pussy. Her clit pushed back slightly to defend itself but that just increased the pressure.

“Thank you for waiting. I hope we’ve made you comfortable. It took me a moment, but I found your size.” The young salesman returned carrying several boxes of shoes. “I found some alternatives you might like as well.”

The young man sat on the low stool directly in front of her to unbox the shoes. Macy’s position became very clear to her in those few seconds. The young man sat at eye level with her humid, bare sex and she’d have to uncross her legs in order to try the shoes. One more moment of panic, interrupted by the memory of her Master’s quiet, powerful voice. “Show him no mercy. Show him everything, BUT no mercy.”

As the young salesman touched her right ankle to move her foot to the fitting stool Macy uncrossed her leg and placed it on the stool. He was still focused on preparing the new shoe while she did, but the movement pulled cool air in under her skirt and she felt a wisp of air lick the full length of her moist slit. Another sip of champagne, and she allowed her raised right thigh to rest against the other closing the gap. Almost imperceptibly she bounced the top thigh against the lower one, not quite absentmindedly massaging her cunt.

Left hand on the back of her ankle, he lifted her foot and then used his right on the heel of her shoe to slide it off. Another part of her body naked, she relished the feeling and wiggled her toes a little. “Nice champagne,” she thought.

He placed the sole of the new black shoe under her right foot and began positioning the shorter straps behind her toes and around her ankle. Slowing winding around her calf, he wrapped the leather strips at precise intervals, crossing them at the front of her shin and again at the rear of her leg. As he reach just below her knee, her position didn’t give space for him to place the lacing between her knees. He touched her at the inside of her leg, just below her knees with just enough pressure to signal movement.

Macy showed no hint of the hesitation she felt as she parted her knees. Her thighs were long and slender. A former boyfriend had teased her about being a “gapper” because when she stood naked in front of him, legs together, there was still a wide space below her pussy that he could see through all the way to the back. Sitting here now in front of this young man who didn’t exist 10 minutes earlier, she knew that she was fully exposed to his view. In her current state of excitement she knew it was very likely that her lips were nowhere near closed.

She stared at his face, giving no hint whatsoever that she was in any way aware of his view. She saw him flush, and quickly glance at her face like he didn’t quite understand, and down again. He couldn’t avoid noticing the slightly darkened bumps of her nipples as he returned haze gaze downward.

Macy quick stood up, into the shoe and said, “I love it! It’s a perfect fit! She spun on the shoe, a perfect dancer’s turn, and posed in the mirror, turning her leg left and right for a better view. “Will you help me with the other one?”

“Um, well, of course I will ma’am.” he stammered.

Fear was gone, exhilaration had set in. Macy felt her cunt dribble just a drop or two onto her thigh before she sat back down.

His voice came again,”Show him everything, but show him no mercy.”

“Yes, my Master,” she whispered. “Thank you.”

“Could I have just a little more champagne?”

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