Nikki and Mike


Gah! Stop! Get off me!!”

I laughingly yelled these words as my brother endlessly poked me for threatening to bite him in retaliation for a previous offense. My sides hurt from the poking and the laughter, and he had a manic gleam in his eyes that prompted me to throw a punch in an effort to stop him. He just laughed at my weak attempt and continued his work of creating a portrait for some vain old rich woman.

My brother, Michael, 26, was four years older than me. We were very close, telling each other almost everything. He was my height and build, and even though he was older, people often mistook us for twins. We both had the same dark brown hair, the same facial structure. However, where his eyes were hazel, mine were a dark steely gray. He was just a half inch taller than me, at 5 feet and 3 inches. His skin was darker than mine, he having worked outside much of his adult life, and me having had indoor jobs. He wasn’t super muscular but nicely toned from riding his bike EVERYWHERE he needed to go, even though he had a car. We lived together to save money, and since it was just us he often walked around shirtless. His upper body was covered in tattoos, something I loved.

He’d been single for awhile. Due to a medical issue growing up, he had to take medications that rendered him sterile and it took him quite a long time to orgasm. None of the girlfriends he’d had, had been able to stand having sex with him for that long and as such, he’d never been able to orgasm. He used to complain about this often, and I’d just shake my head. He always went for titless 18-19 year olds thinking that the tightness would get him off quicker, never realizing that because they were inexperienced, they wouldn’t be able to hold out as long.

I was also jealous of these women. What did they have that I didn’t? I was 5 feet 2.5 inches, had perky 38DDs, a thin but curvy body, and an ass and legs that men drooled over. My fair skin, edgily cut long dark auburn hair, deep gray eyes… What was wrong with my looks? I wasn’t nearly as crazy as most of the women he brought to the house, either. Sometimes it scared me just how unstable these girls were, throwing things for seemingly no reason, yelling at him, calling him a freak, and peeling out of the driveway as if running for their lives. I just didn’t get it.

One day, my life changed. He came downstairs after a girl had left, and he had a decent sized nick on his arm, which was dripping blood. I squealed and began gathering the first aid equipment to fix it. As I patched him up, he told me what happened.

“Well, that one was insane. I can’t believe she knifed me for telling her I didn’t want a relationship. I mean, what does she want? We met at a party. I’m not going to go out with someone I don’t know well and just met at a party,” he said.

I just shook my head. He was lonely, but not desperate.

Suddenly, a flame shot through my body. A mental picture of me, on his bed, wildly riding his cock, screaming his name while I dug my nails into his skin.

“Nikki? You okay? You look really red, are you alright?”

My brothers words brought me back down to earth. Did I just have a sexual fantasy about my brother? My sexy as hell brother who I loved?

I shook my head, trying to clear it.

“No, Mike, I’m fine. I just can’t believe she did this either. Are you going to be okay? You should go lay down. I’ll let you know when dinner is ready.”

Like a patient following a doctors orders, he trudged upstairs to bed. I followed him to make sure he got in bed, and once his door was closed, I scurried off to my room and pulled off my pants. I laid down on my bed and went over that fantasy in my head, furiously fingering myself as I moaned his name quietly.

It hit me. I had to have him. I cared about him in a way his one night stands couldn’t, and I made it my goal to get him to orgasm, even if it took me three hours. Hell, even if it took me all day. He’d never had an orgasm WITH a woman; I’m sure he always finished up himself while the woman went home. I wanted to be the one who got him to completion. I wanted to feel him spurting his cum into my pussy, wanted to scream his name as I came violently, flooding his cock with my juices. As I pictured him cumming deep in my pussy, bursa otele gelen escort I came so hard that it left a huge cum puddle on my bed, at least two feet from my pussy.

And so it began.

I cleaned myself up, and threw on a short skirt, with a top that I never wore because it let my tits almost fall out. I wore no underwear, no bra, and my nipples poked through the fabric of my top. I had to have him. It burned me fiercely, and I knew it wouldn’t go away, no matter how many orgasms I brought myself to. I needed him in me. My brother.

I went downstairs and prepared dinner, texting him when it was done. He came down the stairs and into the kitchen to see me bent over pulling dinner out of the oven. My pussy lips must have been showing, because he pulled my skirt down as far as it would go, over my ass. As he did, his hand brushed my pussy, sending a jolt through me and flooding my pussy with wetness.

“Jesus, Nikki, I know you’re trying to get comfortable, but maybe wear some underwear next time,” he said as he hurried to sit at the table.

“Its hot in the kitchen with the oven on, but if it makes you uncomfortable to see a woman’s vagina, I’ll wear some panties next time you prude!”

He was red in the face and I was laughing. I set the food down on the table, bending over him so he could see my breasts nearly spilling out of my top. I caught him staring, and noticed a sizeable bulge in his pants. He was so enthralled by my breasts and I’m sure an image of my naked, shaved pussy, and didn’t even notice that I saw him.

Score for me!

As we ate dinner, I constantly teased him with my hard nipples. I even rubbed my pussy under the table, which I didn’t think he noticed. After dinner, we sat on the couch watching tv. I cuddled up close to him, giving him a full view of my breasts from above. I slowly ran my hand up his thigh, stopping midway up. His cock started growing and I smiled, going back to watching tv.

He suddenly picked up the remote and turned the tv off.

“What’s your deal today, sis? Why are you teasing me? I know you are, don’t try to hide it.”

I wasn’t expecting him to catch on just yet. Of course, I should have known. We were too close, knew each other too well. I stuttered without being able to say anything, and he just got up and left the house in a fit.

Pissed at myself, I ran to his room and threw myself on his bed, breathing in his smell. I laid there for a moment, before noticing something on his computer. I pulled up the tab and saw something that made my knees shake. On the screen was a woman who looked much like me, and the title of the video was “Big brother bangs tight younger sister.” I quickly pulled up his history, and nearly every video he had watched was one involving brothers and sisters. I knew his secret. He wanted me just as badly, if not more, than I wanted him. He must have gone upstairs and jerked off instead of sleeping, fantasizing of banging his little 22 year old sister.

When he came home I was sitting on the couch thinking. I must have looked sad, because he sat next to me and held me, rubbing my back.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to storm out like that. Its just… Well, you’re teasing me. You know how hard it is for me, and sisters aren’t supposed to do that to their brothers.”

“I’m sorry Mike, I just can’t help it. I have to tell you. You’re so sweet, and sexy, and it kills me to see you bring home all these bimbos when you could have me, all of me, all the time, any time you wanted. I just…”

As I said these words, he pulled me close, close enough to see how beautiful his eyes were, and he kissed me. Gently at first, as if asking a question. When I overcame my surprise at the suddenness of his kiss, I started kissing him back, wrapping my arm around his neck. We kissed deeply, harder. His tongue ran across my lower lip and I moaned into his mouth. I pulled his tongue into my mouth and sucked on it, then let it go and gently pulled on his lip with my teeth. He groaned and pulled me onto his lap without breaking our kiss.

I could feel his cock pressing between us, and I almost came. It felt huge. I rubbed up against it with my pussy, slowly grinding against him while we made out. He escort bayan reached up and grabbed one of my tits, pinching my nipple and pulling, making me squeal. I stopped kissing him and fiercely bit his neck. His cock jumped, hitting me in the pussy as I ground against him.

“Nikki, we shouldn’t… I don’t want to hurt you, I love you too much…” he breathed.

“You started it. Maybe I want you to hurt me. Maybe I want to hurt you. Maybe I want to fuck you until you cum in my pussy. Feel it? My pussy is wet for you. Please… Dont make me stop,” I whispered into his ear.

He seemed to have a fire lit within him. I bit his neck again, this time harder. I knew he liked pain, and I used it to my advantage. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my nails down his chest, leaving bright red marks and raised lines on him. Again, his cock twitched in his pants beneath me, hitting my bare pussy right in the clit, causing me to orgasm. I screamed, squirting my cum all over his pants.

He look at the scene with awe in his eyes. With a quick, determined glance at me, he threw me on the floor, pulling my top down as he did so. Before I could realize what was happening, he had thrown off his shirt and ripped down his girl-cum soaked pants, and was laying on top of me, my skirt pulled up around my waist. His chest heaved and he had an animalistic look in his eyes. His bare cock rubbed against my shaved, soaked pussy. It was huge. He gently stroked it between my lips. He kissed me again. When he finally let go of my mouth, he looked me in the eyes.

“Are you absolutely sure? Once we do this, there’s no going back.”

“Yes, Mike. I’m sure. Now please, please fuck me!”

With that, he roughly slammed his whole cock into my pussy with one powerful thrust. I came again, screaming his name. My brother was inside me. We both liked it rough, and we weren’t going to be gentle just because we were siblings.

Harder and harder he fucked me, slammed his dick deeper into me. Every time he thrust I felt it rub against all my sensitive spots; my clit, my g-spot, my cervix… God he was bruising my cervix but it felt so good. I had my nails dug into his back so deeply that he started to bleed a tiny bit, but he loved it. He growled into my ear, biting my neck and shoulder, leaving marks. Then he sat up, pulling his cock out of me, leaving me feeling empty. With a wicked smile, he slapped my tits. He made me wait for a moment, then began teasing me by ever so lightly rubbing the head of his cock on my clit and then pressing it against my hole, then rubbing my asshole with it.

“You want this cock? Do you? I’m going to make you beg for it. You’ve had a taste, but you have to tell me how much you want it!”

“Please Mike! I want it so bad it hurts! I need you inside me, I need you now! Please!”

“Not good enough,” he said as he stood up.

I got to my knees. His giant cock was in my face, sticking straight out. It had to be at least ten inches, and I couldn’t fit my hand around it as I reached up to stroke it. The steady drip of precum leaking from the tip made my mouth water. I wondered what it tasted like as I licked my lips.

As I looked up, he smiled impishly at me, before throwing his head back as my mouth engulfed his cock. I only had a few moments, however, before his hands were on the back of my head, pushing his cock further into my mouth and into my throat. Mercilessly he started fucking me in the mouth and throat, moaning when I tried to moan, twitching in me when he noticed I was playing with myself.

“You must want this cock in you bad,” he said as he continued face fucking me.

After a few more minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth, making a plopping noise as I sucked it clean upon withdrawal. Gently he picked me up, carrying me up the stairs, to his room, where he threw me on the bed.

Leaving me squirming, he proceeded to put on his favorite music- heavy metal. I have no idea what bands some of them were, but a few I did know. And for what was coming, I knew the music was fitting.

Again, he made me beg.

“Tell me you want it.”

“Mike, please, I want your cock so bad! I need it! I never want another cock again, no one has ever felt as good as you! I need your mudanya escort cum. I need you! Fuck me the hardest and best I’ve ever been fucked in my life!”

With that, my brother decided that shoving his dick in me again now, would be too good for me. He lowered himself between my legs, breathing on my sopping wet pussy. I groaned, spreading my legs.

“You are so beautiful. Your pussy… It smells so good. I just want to lick it up and down. I want to lick my little sisters pussy.”

He ran a finger around my opening, slowly pushing in just one knuckle. With his thumb, he grazed my clit. I bucked slightly, craving him.

With a sudden movement, his mouth was planted around my clit while his finger was deep inside my pussy, pumping my g-spot. He gripped my clit with his teeth, tugging and pulling while licking it with his tongue furiously. I yelped in surprise, then started bucking wildly. His tongue flicking my clit was too much. It felt so good, too good. My brother had his face buried in my my snatch while I pulled his hair and shoved him deeper into me.

With my free hand, I pinched and pulled my nipples, tweaking them painfully, increasing my pleasure. They were swollen, red, hard. I caught him gazing hungrily at them as he held me down and continued his attack on my pussy. He brought me close to the edge around 10 times, me whimpering and moaning uncontrollably, before he finally let me cum. When he sensed me getting ready, he pulled his mouth from my clit and placed it over my hole while simultaneously shoved a well lubed finger up my tight rosebud, making me scream with pleasure as I flooded his mouth with my juices. Still, he couldn’t catch it all. His cheeks and chin were covered in my girl cum. He laughed while he pulled his finger from my asshole, wiping his face with his arm.

He leaned forward and took one of my breasts in his hand, squeezing it tightly, digging in his fingernails. I gasped. He bent down and took one red, abused nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue before gently grinding it between his teeth. I was so wet, so hot, caught in a state of near orgasmic bliss. His teeth pulling my nipple, stretching it, letting it go with a pop. I was so entranced that I didn’t notice him rubbing his head between my soft, puffed up pussy lips.

With a thrust, he lay inside me again. And then he was out. And then, even more violently, back in. My poor pussy was getting pounded raw by my brother and I loved it. He started thrusting like mad, my legs on my shoulders, his cock keeping me in constant orgasm. My nipples he kept in his mouth, one at a time, then taking both in at the same time, causing me to shudder to another orgasm, soaking his bed in a huge puddle. My nails clawed his back and down his sides, making him shake. He grabbed my throat and choked me which brought me to a smaller, but no less amazing, orgasm.

At this point, we had been at it for over and hour and a half. My pussy was raw and I was covered in bright red marks where he had taken me in with his teeth and sucked while he bit. I was exhausted, but I would not give up. I needed him to finish. More importantly, I needed him to finish in me. I wasn’t worried about pregnancy- there was no worry of that as he couldn’t have children. But I still wanted him to fill me with his cum. I wanted to walk around all day with his cum dripping down my legs, coating my thighs. I wanted him to know the extent of my love for him. He needed me, and I was there.

With a few more powerful, earth shattering thrusts, he pulled me onto his lap and grabbed my hips. He pounded me up and down on his cock, which seemed harder than ever. I could feel the tear he had caused in my pussy, but I loved it. To me, it was him marking me as his.

He raked his nails down my back all the way to my ass as he shuddered. He threw his head back as he pumped me even harder, rasping out my name. I could feel it. Warm, I could feel it splattering against my cervix. Then, I felt something else. His cock was right against my cervix, hole to hole. His semen splashed into my uterus. I shook violently, arching my back, screaming one last time in the throes of the greatest orgasm I’d ever had.

When we were both done cumming, he laid me down gently on his bed. We laid in our own juices, but we didn’t mind at all. We cuddled close. He stroked my face with his hand and kissed me softly as I drifted off to sleep, my pussy full of his cum.

“I love you Nikki. I’ll always be yours, and yours only,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Mike. I love you, big brother.”

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