Night to Remember Ch. 01


Almost exactly on time he heard a knock at the door, his heart beating faster in anticipation as he crossed the hotel suite to answer the door. Opening it he saw the beautiful AJ standing there, her long legs accentuated by a short black skirt, a white blouse unbuttoned to show off her ample cleavage, a large leather bag over her shoulder. Her black hair framed her pretty face, tanned skin accentuated by her white teeth as she smiled at him and asked if he was ready for her.

“Yes” he said, voice slightly nervous, anticipating what was to come. “Good,” she said, “You’d better be,” pushing him back inside the hotel suite and closing the door behind them. “I’ve been waiting to try this for ages.”

Once the door had clicked shut, she kissed him deeply, running her hands across his cheeks, down his chest and straight to his belt. He was taken slightly be surprise by the forcefulness of her kiss and leant back against the wall as she unbuckled the belt and loosened the zipper of his trousers. She broke from the kiss, both of them panting slightly, she flashed him a bright smile and put a long perfectly manicured finger to his lips.

“Just relax and enjoy the afternoon, I know you’re going to love what I’ve got planned for us.” With that, she slowly slid her hands down his body and pulled down his pants, kneeling in front of him, a bulge rapidly growing in his shorts as he felt one of her hands brush against the thin material covering his hardening cock.

He closed his eyes for a second as she pulled the waistband of the shorts slowly down his thighs, exposing his manhood to her for the first time. “Mmmm,” AJ moaned “good enough to eat babe.” He opened his eyes as he felt her hand cup his balls, her fingers gently curling around them as if weighing them.

“Jeez, babe, they feel heavy. I’m going to empty them for you, all over my tongue, how’d you like the sound of that for starters?” Her voice sounded so sexy when she told him what she was Escort Bayan going to do to him, one of the reasons he’d asked her in the first place, she was so damned hot and open minded — he knew the minute they’d laid eyes on each other she’d be the one to make his fantasy come true. They’d met just a few months ago at a business fair, she worked for a company his boss wanted him to sound out for a deal — He was pretty sure this wasn’t the deal he’d had in mind, but damn, this was a much better proposition.

His thoughts were brought swiftly to the present as he felt AJ’s hand move from his balls and start slowly working up and down his hard shaft, working the foreskin of his cock back, exposing the large purple glans which gained more appreciative moans from AJ.

He looked down past the mass of perfectly styled black hair and caught a glimpse of her tanned cleavage framed by the open necked blouse she was wearing, the tone of her dark skin accentuated by the whiteness of the blouse. His eyes travelled lower to her slim legs, barely covered by the short black skirt she was wearing. She was kneeling on one knee and the skirt had ridden up her thighs so it was more of a large belt than anything, allowing him to see her g-string barely covered her well trimmed pubic bush.

While he was appreciating her body, AJ was more than appreciating his swollen cock and balls. Once she had pulled back his foreskin she slowly started to caress his balls with her hand, and started gently kissing the side of his cock near the base, slowly working her way up one side while pulling at his ball sack. First she kissed one side, from base to just under the glans, then the other side. Finally she took his cock in one hand and pressed it against his stomach, all the while playing with his heavy balls, then kissed right where his cock met his balls, she sucked gently on the based of his cock and started to trace up the underside of his cock with her Bayan Escort tongue, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Then she let go with both hands and laughed a dirty little laugh as his cock slapped against her cheek.

“I’m going to drink your cum.” She said, and took a deep breath before she took his entire length in her mouth in one smooth swift movement, using only her lips and tongue. He felt breathless as he felt her warm mouth slide down his hard 6″ member, her nose buried in his pubes. Jesus! He thought. This is amazing. Her tongue worked around his sensitive glans, making his legs tremble with the sensation, she sucked hard as she worked her head slowly up and down the entire length of his cock, almost letting it slip out of her mouth before taking it all back in again right down to the root of his manhood.

He noticed one hand had returned to his balls, slowly squeezing them when she got her mouth right down the base of his cock, fingers rubbing gently at the area just behind them — a sign of things to come he hoped. Her other hand he noticed, had moved between her legs and he could see her fingers slowly working in and around her pussy under her flimsy g-string.

After a few moments of this he felt her fingers behind his balls become more forceful and insistent, reaching further back towards his sensitive asshole. They brushed over it once or twice, but then went back to his balls, as AJ started to gently tug down on his balls in rhythm with her sucking. She let his cock slip from her mouth on one occasion, exhaling deeply, strings of saliva still connecting her lips to the purple head of his hard member. She stood up, the thin string of saliva breaking and leaving a small trail from the corner of her mouth down to her chin. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, in that oh-so seductive voice of hers. “I’m going to make you cum now babe, I want it all in my mouth, then I’m going to share it with you, Escort OK?”

She knelt back down again, and took his cock in one hand – the other still working on her own pleasure – and started to slowly wank his cock from base to tip, watching his glans intensely. Her stroking got slowly faster and she started to lick the underside of the head of his cock, after a moment or two she took the head in her mouth and started to work her tongue harder and faster over his glans. Moving her hand back to his balls she reverted to her former technique of sucking the whole length hard, now though she sped up and moved from tip to base quickly, sucking hard on his cock and pulling rhythmically at his balls.

The sensations built quickly in his cock and balls, and after just a few minutes of this intense sucking, he felt powerless to stop himself from cumming, and he moaned loudly to AJ letting her know she was going to get his load very soon. She pulled harder on his balls and sucked his cock harder, concentrating on the now hypersensitive glans. Seconds later his legs almost buckled as he felt the first wave of his orgasm shoot a string of cum into AJ’s hot wet mouth, quickly followed by several more as she continued to suck on the head of his pulsing cock.

After half a dozen powerful spurts of cum, she pulled away slightly so she could see the next few strings of cum land on her outstretched tongue. She sucked again on his sensitive cock head until she was happy she wasn’t going to miss any more, then she stood up in front of him and presented him the hand she’d been pleasuring herself with, fingers wet with her juices. He sucked on her fingers, savouring her taste, before she took his face in both her hands and kissed him again, deeply, the salty taste of his own cum mingling with her juices and their saliva. He took his own seed into his belly just as she had done… Their pact after all rested on them having done to themselves what they’d to the other.

“Mmmm, I enjoyed that babe, and looks like you did too. ” AJ laughed, before pointing to the bedroom. “Right I’m going to get things ready for the main event,” she said, she took out a small box from her bag “You, go take a shower and get yourself ready.”

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