Night of Erica’s Twenty-First


This is kind of a continuation of Erica’s twenty-first, but it’s really more like a spinoff.


Melissa had a dream she was naked and lying on some soft grass. During her dream she felt a strange hand appear out of nowhere and grab one of her big boobs, squeezing it a couple times before letting go. ‘Odd,’ she thought to herself, and waited patiently for more fun to ensue, but nothing came.

Then she started dreaming other naughty things where she was being teased, and slowly played with, and touched here and there, and before she knew it she had slowly woken up in a state of arousal.

She found herself in bed next to her boyfriend, both without a stitch of clothing on. Then she slowly remembered the night’s events and knew she was currently in her blonde friend’s guest room at her house (well, it was blondie’s bf’s house, but that’s all the same).

However, she wasn’t only there with her bf. She felt soft flesh to her right. Though it was a very dark room she could kinda see it was a small figure. Reaching over with her right hand she felt a small tuft of hair, and some small but puffy pussy lips. She couldn’t help herself and slid her fingers between the two lips, feeling quite a bit of wetness. Melissa brought it to her own lips and tasted the wetness, noticing it wasn’t just a womanly taste she just got, but also some manliness there, and she loved it.

Once again she lowered her right hand to the mysterious little woman’s vagina next to her, and played with it some more, where now she felt the little woman’s body moving a little in response to the touching.

Brian, who was next to the little sexy woman on the other side to where Melissa was, hadn’t quite gone to sleep yet after just lying down. Right before he put his head on the pillow he did grope Melissa a little, and now he was worried she would find out it was him who did the deed, but seeing how Melissa only focused her attention on his little Megan, the little lady between them, he felt he was in the clear.

However, he could not stop staring at how Melissa kept touching Megan’s little tight pussy. Well, he had just finished fucking it so maybe it wasn’t that tight. Then the sight of Melissa sucking on her finger full of Megan’s juices, which also included some sperm from him, was enough to give him an instant woody.

He wanted to jerk off but didn’t wanna get caught doing it, so he felt himself just trying to grab his girlfriends right thigh and butt, and squeezing that for a little pleasure. With his right hand he grabbed his dick with his thumb and forefinger and slowly pleasured himself with simple up and down movements.

Then his little Megan rustled and turned to her right side, facing him. His left hand was now trapped under her, oddly enough right at her little trimmed bush. All he had to do was wiggle his fingers a little and he’d be touching her sexy lips.

Melissa got a little annoyed she lost her playtoy, but quickly realized the closed door opened a door to something else. Through the shadows she could faintly make out two little round globes. She thought they looked so sexy, being so small, Bostancı escort bayan yet firm. As she reached down to caress one she felt it was indeed firm, but also nowhere near the size of her own butt cheeks. Melissa calculated the little sexy lady’s butt next to her (Melissa still didnt know it was Megan next to her) was less than half of her own butt’s size. She couldn’t help but give one cheek a hard squeeze, before realizing she may have done it so hard she’d wake her up.

Realizing the person she was groping didn’t even flinch, Melissa got bolder, and started reaching between his sexy ‘victim’s’ cheeks, grazing along her butt crack gently and slowly. She couldn’t help herself and had to bring her fingers to her ose, taking in this sexy little vixen’s smell next to her. Melissa wanted to fuck this girl next to her terribly. She wanted to eat her, wanted to scissor her, and wanted to finger fuck every single hole of hers.

Maneuvering her hand back down between the sexy little vixen’s butt, she found her nether hole and grazed around it softly. She found her middle finger right at the girl’s entrance and tried to push in ever so gently, but it was so tight it was not parting at all. Melissa thought to herself she was touching a virgin asshole and got really excited thinking about it. Then her middle finger moved up a little bit inadvertently towards the sexy girl’s pussy, when she felt another finger already there.

At that instant both hands froze.

Melissa thought it was the sexy girl’s hands fingering herself and got excited at first, then wondered why she was no longer toughing herself. ‘Surely she must’ve felt me touching her, right?’ Melissa thought to herself. ‘Why would she suddenly stop? Unless she’s shy that I found out she’s touching herself. Oh, that’s so cute!’

Never once did she think someone else was on the other side of the bed.

Brian, on the other hand, got worried that Melissa found out he was fingering her also. Not noticing any reaction from Melissa he continued his ministrations, which by now Megan was rocking her hips against Brian’s fingers.

Seeing that her current plaything was back to masturbating herself, Melissa continued probing around back there. She loved the wrinkliness of the tight little rosebud, but still could not easily put any of her finger in there. She felt this little sexy body was too fragile to force it in to her, so she kept playing around the outside.

Megan, now becoming slightly aware of her lover in front of her, grabbed his hand and pushed more of it into her sweet pussy. He had two fingers in her and could not believe how wet it was in there. Never had he felt so much slipperiness in his girlfriend, but he wasn’t about to ruin it and think about it more. Instead he took advantage and slowly a squishing sound began to be heard in the bedroom.

‘Wow,’ Melissa thought, this sexy vixen is really going to town on herself.

Then Megan, conscious but still in a groggy state, thought how naughty her boyfriend was being. She normally didn’t like anal play, and in all honesty, had never been fucked back there, Escort Bostancı but she has had some light fingering. In her state of arousal she was enjoying the continued anal play her boyfriend was giving her, not thinking twice of how he was physically able to do it.

In her heightened state of arousal, Megan lazily turned over onto Brian and lifted herself up slightly, slipping his hard cock into her quite easily, and started to fuck him cowgirl style. Brian had to do most of the work, but with Megan’s little frame it was no problem.

Melissa, on the other hand, was quite taken aback at the turn of events. She just found out that another person was there next to the hot little tart she had been playing with. Upon closer inspection with the light hitting her more now, Melissa realized it was Megan she had been fingering, which now made sense considering her size. She got even more wet upon her discovery because she had been dreaming of Megan’s tart little body since she met her a while back.

Though she was no longer fingering her, Melissa liked the erotic sight of Megan being fucked by some unknown lover. She could not yet tell it was Brian under her and imagined Megan fucking a complete stranger. Then she felt a hand on her right hand, and it not only grabbed her hand but pulled it between Megan and her lover underneath.

Brian, realizing Melissa would not be able to finger Megan’s clit well in this position, maneuvered the tiny Megan around so she was now riding reverse-cowgirl. He leaned her back and pumped away frantically at her pussy.

Melissa realizes what Megan’s lover did for her and turned on her right side so she could finger Megan’s clit with her left hand.

Melissa was in heaven anew. The feel of Megan’s clit and knowing she was now moaning louder because of Melissa’s ministrations got her even wetter. With her right hand she tried to maneuver it to finger herself and found it difficult to do so.

Quite aware of his surroundings, Brian realized Melissa’s struggle and reached over with his left hand to help her out. Her pussy felt almost as amazing as his own girlfriend’s, and also almost as wet. But the naughtiness of it brought him extremely close to orgasm. It took all his willpower to not blow his load there, not wanting to finish until his Megan had hers and was convulsing wildly when she was stimulated several ways.

The first thing he felt was Melissa’s big thighs clamp around his hand as she reached her climax. She wasn’t surprised she came so fast, especially because she had Megan in her hands. Megan too was getting close to her point and Brian, realizing Melissa was spent and had stopped rubbing Megan’s clit, reached around in front and started rubbing her frantically.

He felt the inevitable coming on from Megan as he pumped up and down, making Megan bounce up and down in a slutty manner, and rubbing and rubbing her clit faster and faster.

With a loud guttural moan Megan began to spasm on his cock, creating the effect he was waiting for where she clenched over and over on his cock, causing him to also shoot his hot cum deep into Bostancı Rus Escort her pussy, as her vagina muscles continued milking his cock, making him spurt over and over, until her body went limp and fell back against his.

They lay there for a while, all three, spent and sweaty. Melissa’s current boyfriend, to her left, was completely unaware of what transpired, being a heavy sleeper who had a little too much to drink. Well, he a had a lot too much to drink.

Slowly Brian inched his way closer to Melissa, and let Megan’s body roll off of him and to his right. Being that close, and with light starting to come in as dawn approached, Melissa could see it was Megan’s boyfriend under her all along. She found that to be erotic, because she respected him, since he had helped her out with a couple of problems in the past.

Knowing how messy Brian’s penis was, Melissa reached over and touched it. Realizing she was right, she got up a little so part of the top half of her body was on Brian, then she slowly brought her mouth down to take him in. It may have softened, but it was still an impressive size, all things considered. She reveled in the fact that she was tasting Megan’s pussy juices again, and really slurped on Brian’s cock.

Though Brian was unable to reach Melissa’s tits, which he desperately wanted to fondle and grope, he took advantage of the ass he had access to. With his left hand he reached and grabbed her left butt cheek and started going to town on it. He was squeezing and slapping and bouncing it all around, imagining he was fucking Melissa doggystyle right now. Even though he wanted to fuck her doggy, he did not want to cross any boundaries and settled for the impromptu blowjob and fondling he was able to do.

Feeling that what he had access to was all fair game, he pulled her ass cheek out and mad his way into her crack, finding his target rather quickly.

Brian loved anal play. He loved the naughtiness of it. He loved how Megan would slap his hand away on occasion when he would probe at her rosebud. And right now he loved how Melissa was letting him have free reign over her butt and asshole. Feeling himself close and not wanting to miss an opportunity, he reached forward to capture some of Melissa’s juices, then came back to her asshole and probed in. He was surprised how easily it went into her asshole. ‘Melissa could teach Megan a lot of things,’ he thought to himself.

In no time was his whole index finger in her asshole, as he flexed it around in there, then he started fucking her asshole, and then in less time than he wanted, he felt himself once again cumming, this time in Melissa’s mouth.

She felt his hot cum go in her mouth, and having just come minutes before she knew his load would not be a big one. Melissa kept as much as she could in her mouth, and once he was doing flexing his dick she pulled off it brought her face to his, showing him how her mouth was full of his cum. He could barely see in the dawning morning, but knew there was his cum in her mouth, then could hear it as she swished it about, before she made an exaggerated gulp, signifying she was now swallowing it.

Melissa returned to Brian’s cock once more, but this time only to give it a simple real cleaning.

Exhausted, both of them lied back down comfortably, and just wondered exactly what would happen between the four of them when they all woke up in a couple hours.

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