Nicki Is Mine Ch. 01

Public Sex

We are walking down the street. You walk beside me with your eyes firmly fixed on the pavement in front of you. You do not look up…you do not glance left or right. You are elegantly dressed, your feet fetchingly arched in open toed 8 inch stilettos, your slim legs encased in black silk thigh highs, your plump bottom discreetly covered in a mid thigh length black satin pleated skirt. Your upper body is encased in a black fur bolero jacket and for a finishing touch your hands are plunged into a black fur muff. Your hands are also handcuffed together.

Under the skirt a small but powerful vibrator has been inserted in your anus, it is held in place by a black leather strap around your pelvis. You have now been wearing it for 3 hours and the tingling sensation it is producing is almost unbearable, every now and then I pretend to gently caress your ass but really I am taking the opportunity to adjust the position of the vibrator so that the sensation is renewed. You are wearing no underwear but small gold clamps are fastened to your nipples, a delicate gold chain fastens the two clamps together.

We are passing a café; I motion for you to sit down at a table. You do so awkwardly, your movements hampered by the handcuffs. You stare at the white tablecloth. A waiter approaches. He is small, about 50 years old with dark hair and a swarthy complexion. He asks if we wish to order anything. I reach across and open the buttons on your jacket; it falls slightly open, the chain plainly visible between your breasts, the waiter cannot take his eyes off you as I order a coffee.

“Nothing for Madame.” Asks the waiter.

“No, Nicki has been naughty and does not deserve Betturkey anything.” I say.

The waiter smiles and moves off to fetch the coffee. I reach over and slide a hand inside your jacket toying with one of the clamps. I give it a twist making you gasp softly.

“Yes” I say “Nicki has been a bad girl and she knows what happens to bad girls, don’t you Nicki?”

“They get punished Master” you whisper.

I snap my fingers and you slide off the chair and under the table shuffling forwards on your knees. I undo my zip and present my rock hard cock to your approaching mouth. You lick the end, bathing it in your saliva and then slide your lips over it. My hand grasps the back of your head steadily forcing it down onto my prick. You gag slightly and then your throat opens allowing me entry. The waiter returns with my coffee, he looks around to see where you are and I lift the corner of the tablecloth to show him. His eyes widen, so does the smile on his face.

“Nicki sucks cock extremely well,” I murmur “Would you like her to demonstrate her talents for you. She’s always willing to show a new friend.”

The waiter nods and I push your head away, doing up my zip. He motions me to follow as we watch you struggle to get back on your feet. Your silk stockings are laddered on one knee and your lipstick slightly smeared. You follow the waiter into the back of the café. There is a small stainless steel trolley just inside the kitchen door. I position you at the end of it and unfasten your cuffs. I make you lie face down on the trolley and handcuff your hands underneath it. You are now lying with your head over one end of the trolley Betturkey Giriş and your ass protruding over the other. I reach under and jerk your jacket wide open so that your breasts are squashed on to the cold steel. The nipple clamps scratch on the hard surface, tightening as the cold makes your nipples swell. The waiter moves around to your head unfastening his trousers to reveal a large circumcised penis. He grasps your hair and forces his cock head into your mouth. You suck desperately, striving to relax your throat as the head of his cock pushes further in.

“What the fuck is this?” Standing in the kitchen door is a huge black man.

“Nicki is entertaining your friend here” I reply “Perhaps you would like to join us?”

I flick up your skirt revealing not only the vibrator but also your wet little shaven pussy.

“God but I want some of that.” He breathes.

“Well help yourself,” I say, “The little slut needs a good fucking.”

He drops his trousers revealing a huge thick cock. He steps forward and slides a finger into your wetness.

“Hmmm. Nice and juicy.”

He positions himself behind you and grasping your thighs drives his prick into your tight cunt. You try to scream as this giant invades you but the cock in your mouth won’t let you. The waiter is getting more excited and begins to fuck your mouth pulling his cock out and pushing it in again faster and faster. The Negro in your cunt is pounding it harder and harder. His pelvis pounds your ass driving the vibrator deeper and deeper. I can see the sweat beading on your neck as I reach under and twist your nipple clamps. The waiter stiffens and I see Betturkey Güncel Giriş your throat work as he begins to cum. He pulls back, coating your tongue with sperm and finally pulls out of your mouth all together and sprays your face and hair with jism. His companion gives a groan and empties his load into your tight little pussy. Both men murmur their thanks and stagger out.

I walk around behind you. There is cum leaking from your pussy mixed with your own juices. I work three fingers up your cunt and scoop out the contents. I hold my hand in front of your face.

“Clean it! Bitch” You lick and suck my hand clean while I unfasten the strap holding in the vibrator. I caress your ass gently and then give it a hard slap. You gasp and I repeat the process till your bottom is a glowing shade of pink. Then I wet my thumb in your pussy and use it to lubricate your asshole. I unfasten my trousers and slide my cock into your ass. It is tight and hot, the muscle gripping my penis like a velvet glove. I jam the vibrator against your clit working both your holes at once. I grasp your hair and pull your head back as I begin to thrust into your ass. I kiss you hard, sucking on your tongue as I ream that plump little peach. I lick the waiters cum off your face, transferring it into your mouth with my tongue. You suck hungrily, your ass tightening around my shaft. I feel the pressure build and with a hard final thrust I empty my balls up your tight asshole.

I unfasten your cuffs and tell you to go tidy up. You redo your makeup and present yourself to me to be re-cuffed. I fasten the cuffs and leave your jacket open. As we walk out of the café the waiter smiles at me and asks us to please come again.

As we walk along the pavement your breasts bounce enticingly under the jacket, I occasionally reach inside and caress a nipple or fondle a whole breast. I turn to you.

“I think its time you met Lisa.”

(Look out for part 2 Nicki and Lisa)

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