Nice Surpise


As I was on my way to get fucked, I reflected, once again, what I was up to… I was a married guy, happily married, who liked getting fucked…by another guy. It wasn’t love, yuck. It was an extremely pleasant diversion that no one except a guy could provide. It messed with my mind when I thought about it, but in spite of my best intentions, I couldn’t stay away.

Tommy was the first, last, and only guy to ever fuck my ass. He was 35, 15 years younger than I, whom I had come to meet somewhat accidently. He was recently split from his wife, and worked at the University near me. He mentioned that he was having difficulty finding a girl, now that he was free again. He said he’d even gone and gotten a blood test, the whole battery, to prove he was HIV-, along with all the other STD’s.

Then he made the comment that he might have to change teams, and try guys.

That got my attention. I’d tried man – man sex only once, and all I’d done was touch a guy, and jerk him off. Nothing else. I was curious about maybe sucking a guy, eventually working my up to getting myself fucked, if I could find the right guy.

Tommy said that years ago, in high school, he’d had a friend who would exchange blow jobs with him, until they both discovered girls, when they sort of drifted apart. Now he thought maybe he could try that again.

I’d casually mentioned that I’d jerked a guy, I might be interested in sucking a cock.

Tommy looked at me, said if I wanted, we could go to his place, and it was about 20 minutes away. We’d have the place to ourselves for a few hours until his kids got off the bus.

Nervous, but willing, I followed him to his house. We entered, Tommy gave me the grand tour of his place, and I felt like it was if I were going to be staying there or renting from him. We ended up in his bedroom.

Tommy picked up an envelope from his nightstand, and handed it to me. “Open it.” was all he said.

I took it from him, reached inside, and pulled out 4 pages of lab results. His blood test results dated 5 days previously, his name, address, birth date, doctors name, then pages of test results, the sum of which was, he was clean and disease free from a list of STD’s, including herpes and HIV. It was nice that he showed me, I was relaxed that I knew he was safe.

Without any further conversation, he began undressing, Seeing what he was doing, and knowing that’s what I’d come here for, I took off my clothes, hanging them on the corner of his closet door.

I turned to him, he was naked, in pretty good shape, and his cock was already half hard.

“What do you want to do first?” he asked.

I shrugged “I don’t care, what would you like?”

He pulled back the covers on his bed, and laid down, his cock pointing straight up.

I moved to the bed, knelt down, and tentatively took him into my mouth.

There was no taste. It was like licking my own arm. I placed my hand at the base of his cock, and began licking up and down the shaft. Eventually, I took the head in my mouth, and proceeded to run my tongue all over the head, and tasted a drop of his precum. It was salty, but sweet.

I was hooked.

I renewed my sucking and licking, Tommy was moaning in satisfaction.

After a couple of minutes, he told me to swing around so we could 69.

It took some maneuvering, but we worked out a position, I returned to sucking him. He drew me into his mouth, it was heavenly. He sucked me with vigor. Slurping, licking and pulling on my cock like a child.

His cock was leaking precum quite profusely now, I was enjoying my meal.

I was surprised when Tommy moved from my cock to my ass.

Now, I had eaten several woman’s tight assholes. They had all loved it, and I enjoyed doing it to them. I just hadn’t thought that Tommy would do it to me.

He attacked my ass hole with the same enthusiasm that he had when he sucked my cock.

It seemed that he was producing far more cum now than he had been a few minutes ago, and his cock was noticeably harder.

As I continued blowing him, he began to fuck my hole with his tongue. I really liked that. He sucked at the ring of muscle guarding my virgin hole, pulling it into his mouth. It seemed I had relaxed my hole, I could feel his tongue penetrate me deeper than I would have thought he could get it in.

Tommy was moaning as he ate my ass, the slight vibrations adding to my pleasure.

Still sucking, he pulled away to ask me if he could put his cock in my ass.

My ass was throbbing. I wanted to feel him inside my ass, but I was scared. I’d put vibrators and dildos in my ass, playing around by myself, but this was a live, man, with a flesh and blood cock.

I decided to go for it. “Yes, but please be careful, no one’s ever been in there.”

Tommy rolled me over, pulled me up onto my knees, and pulled me so my knees were at the edge of the bed, Tommy stood on the floor behind me. Kneeling down, he ate my ass some more. I DID like his tongue in my ass.

My cock, hard and pointing out and down beneath me, was leaking Kolej Escort a long, thick stream of my cum.

After tonging me, Tommy got something out of his nightstand drawer. I looked over my shoulder, it was tube of lube. I thought to myself that it was nice that he was going to use lube.

Tommy lubed his finger, and began to slide it into my tight hole. It felt so good. He went in slow, my cock hardened to the point it became painful.

Tommy got more lube, and used a couple of fingers, fucking my ass.

He lubed his cock, and placed it at the entrance to my hole. “You ready?”

“Yessss” I tried to relax as he pushed in. I felt no pain, I knew I was stretching open, I could feel pressure as he moved into my hole. He was going so slow, the stretching quickly gave way to some kind of perverse pleasure as I realized I was a guy, getting fucked by a guy.

I needed more. Without any warning, I pushed my ass back against Tommy’s hips, impaling my cock on his hard rod. Feeling nothing but pleasure, I began rocking back and forth, fucking myself on Tommy’s willing cock.

Tommy’s hands held my hips. “Yes baby. Fuck me. That feels so good.”

That made two of us. I continued moving back and forth. I had shortened my movements, trying to keep what I think was the head of his cock, right over my prostate. The pleasure was way greater than I’d ever imagined it would be, plus, I’d felt no pain. Apparently, my fucking myself with dildos, and relaxing my hole had eliminated the tearing and pain that I’d expected to feel.

I slowed down some, trying to prolong the pleasure. I was pacing myself, not wanting to cum, but wanting to make sure Jim stayed hard in my ass.

Hands still holding me by my hips, Jim began to meet my pushing back at him with gentle thrusts of his own. My eyes were closed, I was just concentrating on his cock, reaming my ass, the pleasure spreading out from my loins, making my whole body tense with anticipated pleasure.

Way too soon, I heard Jim grunt. His hands squeezed my hips almost painfully, as he unleashed his warm cum into my ass.

“Umm…agh..agh…agh…YES!” as he thrust firmly into my hole, his cock convulsing, squirting cum.

I felt warmth coating my insides, as Jim held himself inside of me, his hips pressed hard against my ass cheeks. He heaved a big breath of air, as he tried to calm down from his orgasm.

He gave me a couple more gentle thrusts, and then slowly withdrew himself from my now stretched and gaping hole.

I knelt upright on the edge of his bed, my own cock sticking straight out in front of me, dripping precum, while I felt Jim’s load run out of my gaping ass, to run down the back of my balls.

It tickled me.

Without warning, Jim shoved me forward onto my stomach, then flipped me over onto my back. Before I could respond, he dove face first into my crotch, his mouth sucking in my hard cock. I felt him apply suction, his tongue working my cock, his fingers tickling my balls.

I put my hands on the back of his head, not to pull him in against me, but to let him know I was enjoying his actions. I tousled his hair, and gently humped upward, fucking his mouth while he sucked me.

It only took what seemed like seconds before I felt cum working its way up my shaft. Jim must have sensed my impending ejaculation, for he thrust a finger deep into my still gaping ass, which made my cock spew its load into his mouth.

I shot several loads into Jim’s mouth. When I finished cumming, Jim withdrew his mouth off my cock, sucking gently as he did, cleaning me off.

As he slid up my body, I was surprised to feel his cock was still hard. He lowered himself on top of me, pressing his lips to mine. I hadn’t been expecting that, or, his tongue prying its way into my mouth and sharing his mouthful of my cum with me.

I, like most guys who will admit it, had previously tasted my own cum. I liked the taste. I wondered if Jim’s cum tasted the same as mine. I had a drop of his earlier, but not really enough to decide if I liked it or not. I swirled it around my mouth, my tongue dancing briefly with Jim’s, before swallowing

Jim lay cuddled on top of me, before sliding off me, toward the edge of the bed.

Without any warning, he picked my feet up, holding them up to his shoulder, the effect of which caused my body to be dragged to the edge of the bed. Jim thrust his hips forward as he held my ankles high, his still hard cock slipping into my still gaping hole, burying itself to the root.

Without thinking, I yelled “Yes Jim. Fuck me. Make me your bitch!”

I hadn’t intended to say that. It just came out.

Jim continued to use me. “You like that? You want to be my bitch? You going to let me use your pussy whenever I want it?”

I shiver shot from my plundered ass throughout my body, as yes, I wanted to be his bitch, and he was welcome to use my pussy.

As pleasure wracked my body, I told him “Yes please Jim. Use my cunt. Only you, I promise, only you will Rus Escort have me, no one else. I want to feel you inside me. Whenever you want, tell me, and I’ll come to you.”

He smiled down at me, increasing how fast he fucked me and how hard he went in and out. He caused a very loud smacking sound with every thrust into me, his stomach slapping my ass.

All good things must come to an end, and Jim thrust really hard into me, hold me tight against him, as he emptied himself into me.

My cock had firmed up a bit from pleasure, but was not ready to cum just yet.

Jim withdrew from my pussy, now HIS pussy, actually, and lowered my ass to the bed.

As he let go of me, I spun around, grabbed his hips, and pulled his still firm cock into my mouth. I had no trouble deep throating him, taking him in until my lips pressed against the base of his cock.

Holding my head, he thrust in and out as I sucked, cleaning him from base to tip, before letting him slide out of my mouth.

Still panting a bit, I licked my lips, and looked up at him.

“Wow” he said. “That was something. YOU were something. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. I thought my asshole was going to get sucked out through my cock. And you cleaned me after I was in your ass.”

As he said that, I realized he was correct. I hadn’t thought about it. Oh well, I was fine, he was fine, who cares, I would be glad to do it for him again.

I sat there thinking. I had gotten out of control. I had let him fuck my ass twice. No, my PUSSY twice. I sucked and cleaned his cock after he had buried it deep inside of me. I needed to think this out. But for now, I enjoyed myself. Nothing was forced upon me, No one got hurt. Everything was good. I was quiet for a few moments. I made the decision.

I’d do it all again. In a heartbeat.

Tommy and I proceeded to get together a couple of times each week. He owned his own home, had no close neighbors, and we seemed to get along well together. We’d meet, usually in the afternoon, at his place. We engaged in a whole host of activities, most of which I’d classify as deviant in nature. But I thoroughly enjoyed being used. I enjoyed sucking cock, and apparently had developed a bit of a talent for it. Tommy liked to blow me, and would attack my man cunt with relish, eat, suck, and lick my formerly tight hole, trying to force his tongue all the way into me. Inevitably, I found myself taking his cock deep inside my pussy. The feeling of Tommy constantly slapping his belly against my rear end was erotic, and he was able to keep the head of his cock sliding over my prostate often enough, that he could make my clit shoot, almost always without one of us touching it.

A couple of months after we started playing with each other, I arrived at his place, to find another guy there, Mike, supposedly an old school friend of Tommy’s.

We were introduced to each other, Tommy told me that Mike was staying with him temporarily, as he and his wife were splitting.

I was disappointed, as I’d arrived all horned up and ready to get fucked. Now it looked like we were going to have to pass on our playtime.

Tommy then told me that Mike knew about our extracurricular activities, I was both appalled and pissed. I needed to keep things quiet. I was still married, and had no intention of leaving my wife or embarrassing my kids.

Tommy then proceeded to tell me that years ago, while they were in school, he and Mike used to suck each other off, before they each found girlfriends. He said they’d remained exclusive during that time, except for a third guy, who on rare occasions hooked up with them. He was now a major league football player, married with kids.

Tommy got me calmed down, we went into his bedroom, I asked if they’d fucked. He said no, neither of them bottomed. They did however, blow each other.

I was ready to leave, but Tommy had been fondling my clit while we talked, and it had gone past the point of firming up. PLUS, I was still horny from prior expectations on my way up to his house.

Tommy talked me into staying for a while, and we would still fool around, while Mike remained in the living room.

I wasn’t too happy, but, I was very horny. My cunt throbbed with expectation of being taken.

His bedroom door was closed, and before I knew it, I was nude, on my knees, sucking Tommy. I held his ass, pulling him into my mouth. The head of his cock bounced off the rear of my mouth each stroke, before it slid into my throat.

I had been able to overcome my gag reflexes, and take him until my lips were pressed against the base of his cock. I loved the taste of his cum.

Generally, I’d swallow a load, then suck him to keep him hard, he’d eat my pussy, then fuck me.

Today, he hauled me to my feet, and placed me on his bed, face down. He parted my cheeks, and proceeded to eat me. We had gotten to the point where I didn’t need lube very often, Tommy would eat my cunt, get me loose and wet with his saliva, then he’d ease his way in, pleasuring Yenimahalle Escort us both.

My pussy hole was considerably looser now than when we’d first met. I could feel the knot of muscle pushing out around what used to be my asshole, now Tommy’s pussy hole to fuck.

It felt so good. I closed my eyes, just concentrating on the feeling coursing through my body as I was fucked. My clit, fully erect, was leaking profusely, getting the bedding wet underneath me.

I don’t know why, but at one point, I raised my head to look behind me at Tommy, and to my shock, Mike was standing in the doorway, his pants pooled at his feet, stroking a cock even bigger than Tommy’s.

Embarrassment at being caught naked, with a guy fucking my ass like I was a girl, turned to sudden, inexplicable desire.

Desire for Mike’s cock.

In my mouth.

Without thinking, always a problem when I an hot and horny, I faced him, looked him right in his eye, and opened my mouth, wiggling my tongue at him.

Mike shook his head no.

I shook my head yes, keeping my mouth open.

Mike quietly moved towards us, losing his pants as he moved.

Reaching the bed, he put one knee on the bed, which got Tommy’s attention.

He started to speak, I hushed him, “It’s alright Tommy, let him join us.”

Tommy resumed pistoning in and out of me, as Mike brought his cock to my lips.

A thrill ran through me, as I sucked him into my mouth, tasting a drop of precum which had been at the end of his cock.

I was more excited now than before I’d noticed him. The kinkiness of what I was doing, sucking a cock, and of a relative stranger at that, and getting fucked at the same time, made my clit shoot.

My ejaculation took both myself and Tommy by surprise. With each pulse I produced a good sized stream of cum, coupled with a contraction of my pussy muscles, which prematurely milked a load out of Tommy, and bathed my insides with his creamy, warm cum.

I know the sheer ecstasy of my orgasm made me pause for a moment, and realizing that I had, I began sucking Mike harder, trying to taste his cum.

Tommy pulled out of my body, making me feel a cooling sensation in my rear, as my gaping wide cunt allowed his massive load to flow out of me, and drain down over my balls.

I changed my position slightly, so to better take care of Mike’s cock. He held my head and slid his cock into my throat. He wasn’t too much longer than Tommy, but he was somewhat thicker.

I made it my mission to take care of him. I began swallowing, knowing that my throat muscles should provide a milking sensation to his cock, as I had done previously with Tommy.

Shortly, Mike’s thrusts into my mouth came more quickly and harder, his stomach slapping my lips and face.

With a grunt, Mike’s cock exploded it’s cum directly into my throat and stomach, depriving me of tasting his seed. He pulled back after the first shot, enabling me to run my tongue all around the head of his cock, wiping off some tasty cum, before it was thrust once again into my gullet.

A few thrusts later, and Mike was finished, easing himself out of my mouth, and off the bed, standing there, his cock drooping, a last drop of cum just peeking from the end of his cock. I moved my head forward as far as I could, and licked the stray drop off the heads of his cock.

Two days later, Tommy emailed me, and asked if I could meet him at his place in the evening. I told him I probably could, as my wife had a night class until 8:30, so I could be with him until then.

I shaved, cleaned myself out internally, and showered in anticipation of the evening’s activities, whatever they might turn out to be. Tommy had alluded to some kind of surprise, so, though a bit nervous, I was excited. My cock stayed somewhat firm from when I ‘d received his email, through my shower, and was still in an excited state as I drove to his residence.

Arriving at his place, Tommy opened the door, standing there in a towel. I could see Mike behind him, similarly clothed, with only a towel around his waist. Okay, looks like I will be servicing the both of them tonight. Tommy knew I wasn’t interested in sleeping around, but since Mike had already used me, I supposed it was too late to exclude him. Besides, his cum tasted good, and he was clean, so I guessed it made no difference.

I entered, Tommy closed the door behind me, and I stripped right there, tossing my clothes onto a stuffed chair by the door. Still somewhat firm, I dropped to my knees, hands behind my back, with my mouth opened in a submissive style. I, while preferring to bottom, had never considered myself submissive, but more of an aggressive bottom, trying to get cock for my mouth and ass-pussy.

Tommy stepped towards me, and using only my lips and tongue, opened his towel, and took his hardening cock into my mouth. After a few minutes of taking him into my mouth, he had hardened nicely, Mike had stepped up by my face and was holding his now rampant cock out for me to suck.

I reluctantly let go of Tommy, turned my head, and took Mike all the way in to the bottom of his cock. I felt the head of his cock scraping down my throat as it stretched me on its way in. I enjoyed the sensation of fullness in my throat as my lips held the base of his cock. I swallowed with my throat muscles milking him, I felt his cock flex inside me as a result.

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