Newlywed Spitroast

Big Tits

Rob thought his marriage to Lacie was a dream that was taking him weeks to wake up from. Lacie you see, on top of having a sharp wit and brilliant mind, was a solid 11/10. With eyes so green they seemed to be literally lit up from behind, long silky jet black hair falling down her back and over her shoulders and plump juicy lips, her face alone could knock a man out. But that was only half of why Rob couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Despite having a rather slender frame underneath, Lacie had the kind of curves that most men only dream of putting their hands on. Her 34 DD’s were almost unnaturally perky, having no hint of sag even for their size. If you let your eyes (or hands, as Robert often found himself doing) slide further down her figure you’d notice the sort of figure a cliche loving man would call hourglass. Her chest gave way to a thick but perfect middle, and from there her hips widened out into two perfect handles. And that’s without mentioning an ass so large that men and women would often double-take as they walked past. And boy did she enjoy the looks. Everywhere they went she got glances, and everywhere they went she would almost certainly drag Rob to a bathroom for a quickie.

In short, she was an angel and Rob couldn’t believe his luck. Being a bit taller than her and muscular with lightly sun kissed skin and reddish brown hair, people seeing them together weren’t surprised. Just envious.

And it only kept getting better. Lacie had a bit of a wild streak that was slowly becoming clearer and clearer over the few weeks since their honeymoon. She wanted it kinky in the best ways. The first night of their honeymoon she had him fuck her on the balcony of their room so everyone on the Parisian streets below could see her getting fucked like a bitch in heat.

The first time she had a visit from a not so welcome Aunt Flo, she was more than willing to take him deep in her thick ass.

And tonight, they were going Ataşehir Yabancı Escort to engage in a fantasy that had been getting her off since she discovered porn. Robs tall, muscular friend Jessie was coming over for a housewarming barbecue. And Lacie was going to get double teamed.

She spent the entire day alternating between sucking Robs dick in thanks, and picking the perfect outfit to seduce his friend into joining them for a night of raw fucking.

After finger fucking herself to yet another orgasm at the thought of having two cocks inside her, she decided on a black dress so tight that every step made it ride up her ass and her tits almost bounce right out. And she didn’t even glance in the direction of a pair of panties.

Lacie and Rob were in the backyard when Jessie arrived, her sipping a Martini by the pool and him working the grill.

Lacie rose to greet him as he walked through the sliding door with a hello new neighbors, and holding a bottle of wine. She let her hand linger on his as she took the bottle, and then made a show of swaying her hips as she walked to the table where glasses were sitting. She could almost feel his eyes burning into the cheeks of her almost completely exposed ass as she walked away from him and he tried to keep normal conversation.

As the night went on and dinner began, Lacie really kicked the seduction into gear. She constantly offered to refill Jessie’s glass, solely so she could lean over the table and give him and Rob a view of her breasts. And she just got more brave as she got alcohol in her, commenting on Jessie’s tan, muscular physique. Letting out a soft moan as she bit into the chocolate cake she’d made earlier that day.

By the end of desert she had kicked her heel off and was rubbing her foot into Jessie’s crotch, and as Rob shot him a questioning glance Jessie realized he was being invited to be part of his first (but far Ataşehir Yeni Escort from last, as he later found out) threesome with his best friend and his wife.

Jess wasted no time unzipping his pants and pulling out his substantial cock, letting her bare foot stroke his quickly hardening shaft, and Lacie gasped and commented on how well hung he is as she reached over to begin stroking her husbands equally massive member.

Before long the men were throbbing hard and she was sitting in a puddle of her own pussy juices. The men stood up and moved to either side of Lacie, hands holding their hard cocks as if to offer them to her. She slid her plump lips over her husbands and looked up at him as she stroked Jessie’s dick, then switched after about a minute of this.

Jess reached down and gave the top of her dress a little tug, her tits bouncing free for him to grope and squeeze while Lacie went back and forth between servicing the two men. She moaned and shivered at the touch of a man who wasn’t her husband.

She could feel the two men stiffening as her expert ministrations brought them closer and closer to pumping her mouth full of sticky semen, and stopped because of this. She stood up and kissed her husband on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth and pushing her ass out towards Jess in invitation for him to get close to her.

He quickly obliged, his hands grabbing her substantial hips and grinding his cock between her juicy ass cheeks. His lips kissing her neck and whispering in her ear how much of a slut she is for wanting two dicks inside her.

Lacie had her first orgasm with Jess’s cock between her ass cheeks and her husbands pressed against her lower lips, shaking and almost collapsing between the two men.

When she could once again stand on her own turned around and kissed Jess lightly on the lips, before pushing him into a chair and mounting him, pressing her lower lips Ataşehir Masaj Salonu hard against his cock and grinding against him. Rob couldn’t help but be turned on at the sight of he wife humping another man and moaning like an out of control slut. And as she impaled herself on Jess’s cock, Rob almost moaned out loud himself.

Rob came up behind his wife and, using the juices from her pussy that had dripped down to her ass, plunged his length deep into her backside. Lacie let out a scream as she was double penetrated for the first time, the feeling of two cocks rubbing inside her sending her over the edge, her muscles tightening around the fat cocks inside her and almost causing her to black out.

They kept at this for a while, sawing in and out of her tight holes in time with each other, one pushing in as the other pulled out. Lacie couldn’t even form rational though anymore, only vaguely aware when the men switched and plunged themselves into the hole they hadn’t used yet.

Finally she gasped out for the men to spit roast her, and the quickly obliged. Rob stayed firmly planted in her cunt as Jess pulled out of her ass, and they maneuvered so she was on all fours. Rob quickly returned to work at her cunt, and she hungrily began sucking and slurping at Jessie’s dick.

Her body rocked again and again with orgasm as the men used her, calling her slut and whore and fucking her face and puss.

Finally the men couldn’t handle it anymore, Jessie pulling out first to blast his load on Lacie’s face and into her mouth, the little slut hungrily licking it off her lips and swallowing what made it into her mouth. Rob was quick to follow, pumping blast after blast of hot cum into her womb. Soon after they all collapsed on the deck of the pool, laughing panting with exhaustion.

After they rested, they repeated the show several times, until both men had dropped a load in every one of her holes.

They continued this little tradition of a spit roast at least once a month for years, occasionally bringing in even more men (and on more than one occasion a few women) for Lacie to get fucked by. In fact Lacie got fucked so often, when they had a kid some time later, they were only sure it was Robs by his red hair.

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