Never Enough Ch. 09


I catnapped on and off till mid-morning. I couldn’t get comfortable sleeping in the passenger seat of the Eldorado. I looked over my shoulder seeing Chris and Jared’s truck still sitting at the service entrance. My neck was stiff and my throat was dry so I decided to give up on getting any sleep.

“Hey Jennifer, we’re making headway!” Jared exclaimed as I entered the club.

“Still think you’ll make the 3:00pm deadline tomorrow?” I asked, hoping for a positive answer.

“Sooner.” Jared answered, smiling. “We’ll be done before noon tomorrow.”

“Marcus is coming in around noon.” I stated. “He’ll be here with you till early evening. I’ll be back around midnight or so.”

“Cool, we’re going to quit around six and get some sleep.” Chris said. “We’ll be back around midnight, maybe a little later. We’ll work till we’re done.”

Climbing the stairs to my office, I realized how much my legs hurt from sleeping in the car. I must have slept in an awkward position. Marcus arrived at the club around noon. We chatted with Chris and Jared on their progress before I left for home.

Amber wasn’t home when I entered the apartment. I figured she was either out shopping or with friends. I felt much better after I got a hot shower; at least my legs had quit aching. I took a couple of aspirins and stretched out on the bed, gradually falling asleep. I tried to put thoughts of Steven out of my mind, but it was difficult not to think about him and his sons. I had ended our relationship abruptly, not handling the situation well at all.

I woke up around 7:00pm, getting dressed in casual jeans and a t-shirt. Putting on a fresh pot of coffee, I grabbed a cigarette while it brewed. There wasn’t much on television so I sat out on the patio, gazing out over the lake. There were several people out on the lake, enjoying the evening’s cooler temperature. I thought about Andrea, hoping she’d be able to get out of her drug arrest somehow but I feared the worst. I didn’t know if she could even afford a good lawyer, knowing she was having financial difficulties. I sat on the patio till it was dark, drinking one cup of coffee after another. I fixed a frozen entrée in the microwave just to appease my appetite before heading back to J.R.’s.

Chris and Jared knocked on the service doors around 12:30am. They both looked tired from working the long hours. I propped both service doors open, knowing the cleaning service would be arriving shortly. I sat at the bar watching the two men working on connecting in the new sound system. The main stereo system was still sitting in several cardboard cartons next to the stage. I was getting anxious to hear it in operation. There were still several other improvements yet to be made, but the new sound system was the most important.

I went out for donuts around 5:00, knowing the guys were bound to be getting hungry. The three of us sat at one of the tables drinking coffee and enjoying our breakfast.

“So, how’s the studio coming along?” Chris asked. “Almost ready to shoot the first movie?”

“Still a ways from being ready.” I answered. “Supposed to pick up the sound and camera equipment up in Chicago today but I’m going to have to make other arrangements.”

“You hired sound technicians yet?” Jared asked. “I’ve got some friends who’d definitely be interested.”

I told him I hadn’t hired anyone yet. I knew Jared was interested so I figured I’d hire him and maybe one or two more technicians. Camera operators, who were experienced in making adult movies, might be scarce. I really didn’t want someone with little or no experience.

It was around 8:30 when I left the club, heading for the studio. Jackie was already there when I arrived. She offered me a cup of coffee but I’d had enough.

“Frank should be by with the van.” Jackie stated. “Probably be sometime this evening before he gets back from Chitown.”

“I doubt if Frank will even be by at all.” I responded walking towards the men working on the cubicles.

Amber arrived, tossing her purse on the conference table. She went to get herself a cup of coffee and a bagel. I stared out the window waiting for Jackie to join us. I was secretly hoping Frank wouldn’t show up. I wasn’t prepared to face him. My hopes soon turned to dismay when I saw a large white van pull up to the building.

I didn’t wait for Frank to enter the conference room, meeting him at the makeshift coffee bar. I wanted to talk with him in private, not in front of Jackie and Amber.

“Looks like the guys should finish up the cubicles sometime today.” He stated. “The plumbers are supposed to start tomorrow. They should be done by Wednesday.”

“Frank, we need to talk.” I muttered. “I guess you haven’t talked to your son, have you?”

“Yeah, I did talk to Steven.” He responded. “Talked to him this morning as a matter of fact.”

“Well……….did he say anything about what happened between us?” I asked, not understanding his casualness.

“Yes, yes he did.” Frank replied, walking towards the conference room.

The four of us discussed Ataşehir Fetiş Escort the day’s activities. I was anxious to get back to the club and see how the guys were coming along. Jackie was going to work around the studio, cleaning up after the carpenters. Amber had something she wanted to do, not going into any details. She wouldn’t be at the club till shortly before opening. I could tell she was still upset with me.

“Jennifer, I need to get going.” Frank spoke. “You got the money for me.”

I took the envelope from my purse, sliding the money across the table to him. Frank tucked the envelope in the pocket of his sportcoat.

“You don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.” I stated.

“I know, I know.” Frank replied, rising to his feet.

I watched Frank leave the building and get into the white cargo van. I sensed Jackie and Amber’s eyes staring at me. I gathered up my purse and attaché, heading for my car.

When I entered the club, the new sound system was playing. My mouth dropped to the floor, instantly noticing the difference. Music filled the entire club, no harsh sounds, no raspy background noises and it wasn’t blaring. Chris and Jared were sitting at the bar, operating one of the remote control units.

“Well, what do you think?” Chris asked. “Better or not?”

“Wow, it’s completely different!” I exclaimed, grinning. “It’s so much better. I won’t need the cotton stuffed in my ears anymore.”

Chris and Jared were pleased with my remarks. The money I’d spent was more than worth the results I’d gotten. I gave both guys a big hug, showing them how much I appreciated their efforts. Jared showed me how the remote controls operated so I’d be familiar with it. I wanted to make sure Marcus, Fawn and Amber were familiar with their operations. I’d have a control unit up in the office; the other unit would be under the bar.

“We can do your lighting, even you fan controls if you’d like?” Jared said. “Want us to work you up some figures?”

I thought about it for a minute before agreeing to see what they could come up with. The lighting was definitely outdated, new lighting fixtures might not be a bad investment.

Jared showed Marcus how to operate the sound system with the remote controls as well as directly at the sound system itself. He loaded in several cd’s to make sure he had the hang of it. He agreed with me, the sound system was much, much better.

I stayed at the club till Fawn and Amber arrived. Marcus went through the operating procedures for the sound system with both of them. Hopefully, our customers as well as the dancers would also appreciate the investment I’d made.

I left J.R.’s around 4:30, hoping to beat rush hour traffic. I planned on getting some sleep before returning later in the evening. I almost went to sleep on the drive home, drifting from my lane into the path of a large truck next to me. I exited the by-pass, taking to the side streets for the rest of the trip home.

After getting some much-needed sleep and a bite to eat, I quickly showered and got dressed. It was after midnight when I pulled around back to my usual parking space at the nightclub. Walking towards the service entrance, I noticed Frank’s white van parked at the far end of the parking lot.

Frank was sitting at the end of the bar, talking with Amber when I entered.

“I can’t believe this new sound system!” He exclaimed. “Look Ma, no cotton!”

Amber informed me the customers had made numerous comments about the improved music. So far, no complaints!

I grabbed a Coke and headed towards my office. Frank was right behind me. I sat down at my desk. Frank took the near empty envelope from his sportcoat and handed it to me.

“There’s a few hundred dollars left.” Frank informed me. “The store gave us a big discount since we spent so much.”

“Great.” I responded. “How did the trip go? Any problems?”

“Nope, none at all.” He replied. “Got back, got unloaded, thought I’d stop by and grab a beer before heading home.”

Frank sat down across from me, looking out over the floor of the bar. I bit my lip waiting for him to start in on me.

“What happened between you and Steven?” He asked, looking away from me.

“I felt it best if……………” I said, not finishing my statement.

“Felt it best for you or for him?” Frank inquired. “I’d just like to know for myself?”

I didn’t answer his question. I wasn’t sure what to say and be truthful. Was it best for Steven or was I just thinking about myself.

“You should have you butt spanked for what you did!” Frank exclaimed with a serious look on his face.

“Life’s not all about money.” He added. “You’ll never be happy if all you have is money. I know. I’ve got plenty of money and I’m not happy.”

I looked down at my hands trembling in my lap. I was fighting back tears, not wanting to break down in front of him.

“Promise me one thing?” Frank asked. “Get with Steven and try to work things out. Ok?”

I reluctantly agreed, nodding Ataşehir Gecelik Escort my head. I promised Frank I’d contact Steven and see if he wanted to talk things out. I didn’t promise him anything more than that. I wasn’t going to make any commitments I knew I couldn’t keep. Frank left the bar shortly afterwards, stopping briefly to say a few words to Amber. I noticed Amber glance up towards me, assuming their short conversation was about me.

As promised, I phoned Steven at his office but not until late Thursday afternoon. Sarah informed me he wasn’t in his office but she’d have him call me when her returned. I had a feeling Steven was in his office; he just didn’t want to talk. I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t return my call, actually feeling a bit relieved.

The club was packed that evening. I worked behind the bar so Fawn and Amber could at least get in an occasional break. Most of the talk amongst the girls was about Andrea. She’d pled guilty to a lesser charge of possession of cocaine. It was a plea bargain that might lead to a lesser sentence. I wasn’t sure what it would be but I was hoping she wouldn’t have to serve time in prison.

At Friday morning’s meeting, the four of us discussed hiring audio technicians and camera operators. Jared was a “shoe-in” but he couldn’t handle the audio alone. He’d mentioned having a couple of friends who were technicians. It wouldn’t hurt to interview them and see if they could handle the work.

“Why not run an ad in the local underground newspaper for camera operators?” Jackie suggested. “That’s what Carl always did.”

It sounded like a good idea. Jackie and Frank would work together on putting an ad together and getting it placed.

“What about actors and actresses?” Amber asked. “We’ve got four guys but we’ll wear their butts out in no time! We need at least four or five more guys.”

“Planning on working overtime Amber?” Jackie quipped, laughing. “Frank here might fill one of the openings.”

“Not me, I‘d have to shave my butt!” Frank exclaimed, grinning. “Besides, I’d have to double up on the Viagra!”

“How are you going to go about handling the interviews?” Frank asked. “Just curious, mind you.”

“We’ll do the interviews one at a time.” I stated. “Two or three of us on a panel. That way we can get a group decision on each applicant.”

“Won’t that make the applicant, nervous as hell?” Frank asked.

“That’s what I want to see.” I replied. “Weeds out the curious right off. I‘m not hiring anyone just because she‘s a female………….or a male!”

“I don’t want hardcore performers, just fresh faces who can handle having sex in front of a bunch of people with cameras.” I added. “Good storylines with dialogue, good actors and actresses and damn good camera work!”

“Storylines, you mean full length movies?” Amber asked. “Not just ten minute clips?”

“We’ll do both.” I answered. “I want an hour and fifty minutes of story filled with great sex. The clips we’ll shoot and edit into two and four hour videos as they accumulate.”

“Who’s going to do the editing?” Frank asked. “You’ll have to hire additional people to do that. That means more on the payroll.”

“Just one person will do the editing.” I stated. “Under my direction.”

“No way you can handle it all.” Jackie stated. “Let me take care of the editing.”

Taking a moment to think over Jackie’s suggestion, I agreed but only with my help till I felt comfortable with her judgment.

We were getting closer each day to shooting our first movie. We’d do a “clip” movie first to regain some of my initial investment. That would buy us a little more time to plan our first movie.

The plumbers had finished up installing the two new showers in the bathrooms. They did a great job. It was money well spent. Ryan and Paul were going to work the weekend, staring on construction of my new office and editing room.

Amber left immediately at the conclusion of our meeting, not saying where she was going. I presumed she had a boyfriend but I wasn’t sure. If she wanted me to know, she’d tell me. Jackie and Frank were going to work on putting the ads together for the underground newspaper. The two of them worked well together.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Frank asked, as I was about to leave.

“Sure, what’s on you mind?” I inquired.

“You……………and Steven.” He answered. “Thought you were going to work things out.”

“I called his office, he never returned my call.” I stated. “I’m not sure if either of us is ready to talk.”

“It’s important to me, you two at least try.” Frank said. “You’re both stubborn as hell.”

“Why is it important to you?” I asked. “You got an ulterior motive or something?”

“I’d rather not say right now.” He replied. “I will when the time’s right.”

“Frank, just so you’ll know.” I stated. “There’s no way Steven and I will ever be serious. I’m not ever getting married again. Believe me, you don’t want me for a daughter-in-law.”

“You two belong together!” Frank exclaimed. Ataşehir Genç Escort “I feel it’s meant to be!”

“We don’t deserve each other.” I responded. “Steven deserves someone better, someone of his own stature. Not some goddamn fucking whore!”

I pushed the front door open and exited the building, rushing towards my car. I didn’t want to hear anymore of Frank’s remarks. Frank held my door open, not letting me pull it closed.

“Remember what I said……….about the money.” He stated. “Life’s not all about money. And if you ever refer to yourself as a whore again, I will spank you!”

Frank finally released my door, letting me slam it closed. I almost grinned at his reference to spanking me. I thought he actually might do it. I hadn’t been spanked since I was six or seven.

I drove to the club, fighting through all the construction traffic. Steven’s car was sitting by the service entrance when I pulled in. Marcus was helping the deliverymen get the storeroom restocked.

“Jennifer, your boyfriend’s sitting up in your office.” Marcus stated. “Hope it’s alright.”

“It’s alright.” I replied. “And he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my attorney.”

I slowly climbed the circular stairs to my office. Steven was sitting in front of my desk. I set my purse and attaché on the desk, sliding into my highback chair. We just sat there looking at each other for several minutes, trying to stare each other down.

“You here on business or is this a social call?” I smarted off.

Steven didn’t answer; he just kept staring at me.

“I need to get to the bank.” I informed him. “If you’re going to say something, say it or else I’m going.”

“Send Marcus to the bank.” Steven commanded. “You’re not going anywhere.”

I opened the safe, stacking the money on my desk. Counting it several times, I made out the deposit slip. I glanced down at the bar, seeing Marcus signing the invoices. I stuffed the money into a safe box, locking it with my key. Steven remained silent the whole time, just staring at me. I’ll have to admit, it was getting to me. Marcus came up to my office, handing me the invoices.

“Would you mind going to the bank for me?” I asked him. “See Katy when you get there. She knows what I want.”

Marcus picked up the safe box and started to walk away.

“You going to be alright?” He turned and asked.

“I’ll be fine, Marcus.” I replied. “Don’t worry about me.”

Steven and I watched as Marcus left through the rear service doors. It was just the two of us alone.

Steven took a small white box from his suit pocket, placing it on my desk. I looked at it briefly before looking back at him.

“No…………you know there’s no damn way!” I exclaimed.

“We’ll talk ONLY after you put it on.” He boldly stated. “And not until.”

“I’m not putting it on.” I responded. “So you can just put it back in your pocket.”

Steven rose from his chair and walked towards the stairs.

“Steven………Steven!” I screamed. “I’m not putting it on! Steven!”

Steven disappeared down the stairs. Rushing towards the railing overlooking the bar, I kept shouting his name. He never looked back as he exited the bar. I slowly walked back towards my desk. I hesitated to pick up the box, knowing its contents. I put it in my desk drawer, trying to forget about it.

“If this was his way of working things out, I wasn’t going to concede.” I thought. “There‘s no way I was going to make a commitment to him!”

I took the box out of my desk drawer and slowly opened it. The diamonds sparkled in their gold setting, one diamond in the center, surround by two smaller diamonds on each side. I gazed at it for several moments before closing the box and putting it back in the desk.

I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I knew down deep, I wanted Steven back. Giving me the ring could only mean one thing; he wanted me too. Was it his way of saying he loved me? Did I love him? I wasn’t sure what love was anymore. Were we confusing love with lust? I tried my best to put all thoughts of us together out of my mind.

Friday night got busy immediately after we opened, lots of “suits” and “blue-collar workers” letting off steam. The new sound system was working great. I drifted from table to table chatting briefly with the customers. I heard numerous compliments on the music and how much better it sounded. I contemplated the new lighting Chris and Jared had suggested. I’d have to see how the money was holding out before making that decision.

Frank stopped in around 9:00 with Jackie. I was sitting at the bar talking with a few customers when I spotted them. There was one open table so we sat down together. Jackie handed me a folder with the ads she and Frank had put together.

“See what you think of these.” Jackie said. “We can get them in next week’s issue if you’ll approve of them.”

I read them over carefully, not finding any faults with their work. With any luck, we should be getting responses within a couple of weeks.

“They’re fine with me.” I stated. “Let’s go ahead and run them.”

Frank and Jackie left the bar after having a drink. I noticed Jackie slip her hand inside Frank’s arm as they strolled out. I wondered if the two of them might be hitting it off socially as well as working together. They both seemed awfully happy during our brief conversation.

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