Neighbors Ch. 03



The next week went by as if nothing had happened between them, and very little seemed to have changed in their routines. The only real change that Matt noticed, and enjoyed quite thoroughly, was that she walked around her apartment wearing no clothes most of the time. She seemed completely at ease being naked, and she still smiled and waved whenever they saw each other. Matt’s biggest problem that week was that he had seemed to have a perpetual erection each evening, and he found it necessary to masturbate frequently to avoid a case of blue balls. He knew she watched him through her bedroom window as he was jacking off one evening and with her watching, he was a bit self-conscious, taking much longer before he managed to climax.

Saturday finally arrived and Matt went through the day doing mostly busy work, taking care of several projects that he had been putting off. He then went through his normal routine of the day, but added several shopping trips to his list of errands. He went to the shopping mall in the city just after noon, picking up a new outfit for the evening. He chose a pair of nice, tight fitting blue jeans that hugged his ass very well, and also a white, long sleeve cowboy shirt. Although Matt really didn’t like briefs, he bought a sky blue pair to wear beneath his new jeans, also picking up a bottle of nice cologne.

Then Matt began his final task, searching for a paddle to use that night. He went to several stores in the mall, but had no luck after several hours. Then he went into the Victoria Secrets where an older woman behind the counter smiled at his obvious discomfort. As he tried explaining to the woman what he was looking for, his embarrassment was readily apparent from the flush to his cheeks, but after several minutes, she finally understood his specific request, and laughed sweetly, telling Matt about an adult store that wasn’t too far from the mall. Before leaving, he bought a spaghetti strap teddy, deep blue, that he thought would be her size, then thanked the clerk and headed for his car.

Matt drove out of the mall as the sun dipped behind the taller buildings of the city. He felt the blush to his cheeks begin to rise again as he pulled in front of the adult shop, Sweet Endings, parking with several other cars in front of the tinted windows.

The blank windows of the shop were very deceptive as Matt walked in, the loud vocals of heavy metal music assaulting his senses as he pulled open the door. It was like Matt walked through a portal, emerging into a porn studio. There were several customers browsing, looking through the assortment of sexual toys and devices. The entire wall to Matt’s right was dedicated to dildos of every imaginable shape and size, several of them larger than Matt’s forearm. The center of the store held dozens of various racks with costumes displayed using mannequins. There was everything from leather bondage gear, to outfits of transparent lace and silk. There was even a rack with, what Matt could only describe as fairy wings, the large butterfly shapes reminding him of costumes from a renaissance festival. There were display shelves arranged around the room like spokes of a wheel, holding all sorts of creams, lotions, incense, sexual enhancement devices, gag gifts, nipple clamps, cock rings, and many things Matt had never seen before, and he could only imagine how they would be used.

The wall to Matt’s left had various contraptions hanging from the ceiling by long chains. Leather harnesses and swings with dummies shown in several very descriptive positions. One mannequin had a purple rope tied around its torso, legs, and arms, suspending it at eye level with its legs spread impossibly wide. Behind these life sized dolls, Matt saw the wall was lined with paddles, canes, yard sticks, rope of every color imaginable, lengths of chain, and even a long oar used for a boat.

Ignoring the rest of the store as best as he could, Matt walked over to the wall of paddles, seeing that the assortment hanging from cords of leather attached to their handles, was much more varied than he thought possible. There were paddles thinner than cardboard, and others thick enough to be used for decking, many having holes of various Bycasino sizes drilled into them. The shapes were more limited, having round paddles, square paddles, heart shaped paddles, long and thin paddles, triangular paddles, frat paddles, and that scary looking boat oar, mounted horizontal higher up the wall. There seemed to be three main materials that each paddle was made from, plastic, leather, and wood, although there seemed to be a multitude of types made from each.

Matt concentrated on the wooden paddles that were the kind he thought his neighbor had been using the other night, and he was overwhelmed with having so many choices from the others that he narrowed his selection to wood.

Matt was startled by a girlish voice just behind him, and turned to see a woman in her mid-twenties. ‘Can I help you find something?’ She said.

Matt blushed furiously as he faced her, his face a bright red. The woman was slim, and very attractive, long brown hair reaching to her waist, her moderate sized breasts accentuated by the tight T shirt she wore. “SWEET ENDINGS” was written in deep red letters across her bust, an intentionally faded picture of someone’s buttocks beneath the words. Matt could make out a heart shaped mark, bright red on one of the cheeks.

She smiled sweetly as Matt blushed deeper, realizing it looked as if he was staring at the woman’s breasts. ‘I was looking for a paddle….. Um, for my girlfriend.’ Matt stammered. ‘This is all really new to me.’

‘It’s okay.’ The woman said, looking Matt in the eyes. ‘Discipline is a lot more common than you would think. As a matter of fact, most of the employees here are spankos.’

Matt didn’t know how to react to the woman’s bluntness, so he just nodded, mumbling ‘Uh huh.’

‘The purists, like me, prefer wood to any of the others. But leather is a nice alternative. Does your … Girlfriend do bondage with her discipline?’

I, uh….. I’m not really….. Well, that is to say, I just don’t…. She’s kind of….’ Thankfully the woman interrupted Matt as he tried to complete some form of a sentence.

‘No need to worry sir, I can recommend a couple of our more popular paddles if you’d like.’ She turned to the wall, trying to hide her smile. She took a lightweight, round paddle from the wall, handing it to him. ‘This is a nice beginner’s paddle, it’s easy to swing, but it’s still pretty effective.’

‘Well.’ Matt said. ‘She seems to prefer something heavier I think. The one she has is pretty thick and looks more like this one.’ Matt pointed to one of the frat paddles hanging on the wall. ‘But I wanted to get her something a bit different. Maybe one that’s round?’

The woman smiled, knowingly, stepping further down the wall and handed Matt a much thicker paddle, its short handle rounded, the head a full foot across with the image of a rose burn into the wood. It looked like an oversized ping pong paddle. ‘I can personally recommend this one.’ The woman said with a grin. ‘It’s heavy enough that you don’t need a lot of force to the swing, but she will most certainly know you’re back there! Plus, it’s large enough to cover the entire cheek of most butts, even being able to swat both cheeks at the same time.’

Matt lifted the paddle experimentally, feeling the weight of it in his hand. ‘I’m not really sure.’ He said. ‘I just don’t have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.’

‘Well, let’s have you try it for a couple of swings. ‘The woman said to him as she stepped back, smiling. ‘Please follow me; we have a demo area in back.’

She walked toward the back of the store, Matt following her with the paddle held awkwardly in one hand. She opened a curtain on the back wall, revealing an open doorway, and went down a short hall into the room beyond, Matt following, admiring her firm ass in the shorts she wore. He found himself in a large room, several life-size dummies in various positions around the room, all of them bent at the waist, some across stools or chairs, others leaning over in place. There was a large selection of paddles, canes, and floggers spaced along the walls, as well as several bondage implements.

The woman stepped up to one of the dummies Bycasino giriş kneeling on the seat of a chair. ‘Try a couple of swats on Hilda.’ She said, indicating he should stand to the side of the dummy.

Matt stood beside the dummy’s hips and raised the paddle, saying. ‘You named it?’ His arm came down on the buttocks of the mannequin with a loud ‘smack’, hitting it hard enough to rock the chair forward.

‘Damn!’ the woman exclaimed. ‘Don’t break her! Let the paddle do the work. Here, let me show ya.’

She took the paddle from him, raising it only slightly before she let it swing toward the dummy’s butt. Matt realized that she didn’t need to give much force to the swing as the paddle struck the silicone buttocks of the mannequin with a nice swat, causing the dummy to slightly rock forward, but the chair didn’t move.

‘See.’ She said. ‘Let the paddle do most of the work. If you need a harder strike, just start further back, gravity does the rest. You only need to guide the paddle to land in the right spot.’ She raised the paddle farther back and the resulting smack was only marginally louder. ‘Of course, you can always put more of your own force behind the blow. Just don’t swing too hard, you don’t want to harm the girl, only hurt her.’ The clerk added a bit more swing with her arm this time, the paddle landing squarely on target with a louder smack.

She handed the paddle to Matt. ‘You try a couple of swings, see what you think.’

Matt did as the clerk had shown him, starting with a mild strike and increasing the force with his last hit to the dummy’s ass. His aim wasn’t as spot on as the clerks, but he liked the feel of the paddle, the heavy wood swinging easily in his hand as he struck the dummy’s ass again with more force.

‘Well done.’ The woman said. ‘You sure you haven’t done this before?’

Matt laughed as he stepped back from the mannequin. ‘Actually, I’ve only watched one spanking; this is the first time I’ve even held a paddle.’

‘Wow.’ She exclaimed, giggling slightly, and then she became serious. ‘You’re the first virgin Dominant I have ever met.’ She glanced past him momentarily, and then looked him in the eyes, a bit nervously. ‘I hope you don’t think of me as to forward, but I have to ask. Would you let me be the one to pop your cherry? I can disable the camera in here for a couple of minutes; no one would be the wiser. Please, may I be your first bottom……. Sir?’

She didn’t wait for him to answer, Matt staring at her like a deer in headlights. Instead she went to one corner of the room and reached behind one of the longer paddles on the wall momentarily, before turning back to him, a huge smile on her pretty young face.

Matt was still staring at her when she said. ‘There. We are now as private as I can get it in here.’ She stepped back to Matt and took his free hand, leading him to an empty stool against the far wall. The clerk let go of his hand as she stepped up to the stool, pulling her hair over her shoulder to drape across her left breast. She pulled the stool away from the wall and grabbed the seat, leaning her body forward, her belly resting on the curved wood, her legs spread slightly with her feet on the floor. She lifted her hips a little, wiggling her ass, the position making the shorts she wore stretch tightly across her fanny.

Matt’s fear had returned when the clerk disabled the camera, he didn’t want to hurt this girl, and he wasn’t any sort of expert, or even proficient at giving a spanking.

‘I’m not sure if this is a good idea ma’am. Hell, I don’t even know your name.’ Matt whispered as he hesitantly stepped a little closer to the clerk.

‘Don’t worry Sir, I’ve been a bottom for almost seven years now, you’re not going to harm me.’ She glanced over her shoulder, looking Matt in the eyes. ‘My name is Cindy, and I’m begging you. Please, let me be your first submissive! Please spank me Sir, please just give me a couple of swats!’

Matt detected a slight difference in the way she addressed him as ‘Sir’ and felt his arousal mounting as he stepped beside Cindy’s hips, his penis beginning to harden; he thought there couldn’t be any harm in giving her just a Bycasino deneme bonusu few swats. ‘Pleasure to meet you Cindy, my name is Matt.’ He said, then lifted the paddle slightly, bringing it down easily against Cindy’s shorts with a light thud as it connected with the fabric stretched across her bottom, the paddle landing dead center on her buttocks.

‘Harder please.’ She said as she wiggled her butt slightly. ‘Let me know your there at least.’

Matt’s arousal grew fully in moments, as did his erection. He had never been in such a position of control; he had never felt the rush from dominance that he felt at that moment. He raised the paddle again, letting it fall to strike the center of Cindy’s butt with a stronger sounding thud, the paddle feeling firm and sure in his hand. He struck her butt once more, putting a bit of his own force into the blow, causing Cindy to arch her back just barely as the paddle thudded against her shorts. Matt’s arousal from the power he was feeling was delicious; he really was enjoying the role of a Dominant, even though that role was his by chance alone.

‘It feels different somehow.’ Matt said as he stepped back a pace, rubbing his free hand along the smooth face of the paddle.

Cindy pushed herself up from the stool. ‘It’s the fabric of the shorts.’ She said a bit breathlessly, undoing her shorts and quickly pulling them down, revealing a pair of pretty white lace panties beneath. When she leaned over the stool again, the seat of those skimpy panties slipped between her buttocks, the skin of her ass fully exposed.

Matt stepped beside Cindy once more, his confidence growing stronger as he raised the paddle, the feeling of dominance growing as well. Cindy began to pant as the paddle struck the bare skin of her fanny with a loud smack. She arched her back and lifted her head, the skin of her buttocks beginning to show a slight pink as Matt struck her again. The paddle caught her just a little high on the ass when Matt struck her a third time, but her soft moan urged him to continue the spanking. When the paddle landed against the deeper pink of Cindy’s ass again, Matt put more force into the strike, causing Cindy to whimper just barely as she stood on her tip toes and bit her lower lip, bouncing in place when she pushed herself completely off the stool, her arms extended in front of her gripping the seat tightly.

Matt stepped back from her again. ‘I seem to have done that correctly?’ He stated, and then asked her. ‘Are you okay?’

Cindy stood, rubbing her butt with both hands, her skin a bright pink. ‘That was marvelous Sir.’ She said, her breath a bit labored, and a slight flush on her cheeks. ‘Are you sure you’ve never used a paddle before?’ Then Cindy glanced down to his groin, her smile widening at the bulge in his pants. ‘I think your girlfriend is going to be pleasantly surprised Sir. Hell, a few more minutes of a spanking like that and I would be begging you to let me ride that cock of yours.’

Matt blushed deeply as he turned away from Cindy, laughing nervously. ‘I don’t think so Cindy, not this time. Thank you though. Thank you very much for the lesson. I think this will be an excellent first paddle for me. My neighbor will enjoy it, I have no doubt.’

Cindy stepped beside him, fully clothed again, and smiled. ‘Your neighbor? I thought she was your girlfriend.’ She said smiling slyly.

Matt stared into her eyes, realizing he was caught in a little white lie, his feelings of dominance subsiding. ‘Well, um, I only just met her last week really. We’re only up to a second date so far.’

Cindy laughed and clapped her hands a couple of times, turning to one of the tables in the room, still giggling as she took one of the Sweet Endings business cards lying there and wrote her phone number on the back. Handing it to Matt, she said. ‘Call me any time Sir. I would just love giving you another lesson. I could help you learn how to give a proper warm up.’ She stepped forward and lightly kissed him on the lips, then said to him with her lips mere inches from his. ‘One last tip, let the sting from each swat build a little, just pausing between strikes for a few seconds makes a huge difference.’ Matt felt her hand slide over his erection. ‘And Sir, our lesson sure as hell wouldn’t stop once you’ve warmed my bottom up!’

Cindy was still giggling as she preceded him to the checkout and rang up his paddle in the register, winking at him as she handed him the plain black bag with his new toy in it.

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