Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 04


Chapter 04: The Fruit of the Tree

This will be more enjoyable if read in sequence from the beginning: Neighbors in the Park.

Randy said, “Anybody care to take a soak in the hot tub?”

I gasped. Isn’t that what we’d been doing? Well, hardly. Then we burst into laughter. It was contagious.

It was a warm evening and we’d been exercising strenuously. We didn’t get to soak long before we were too hot to stay in. Anne was first out. She dragged a cushion over next to the hot tub and lay down, the cutest little smile on her face as she looked down at the three of us left in the tub.

Fred was next and he took another cushion and put it next to Anne’s and lay down beside her, leaning on his side, looking at her. Her legs relaxed and opened up. He could see her vagina, still open from being reamed out.

Then Randy got out and remarked, “Nice puss. I think the four of us have just had a magical experience. I feel like you are going to be my best friends forever.”

“Amen,” I said. “Well, Anne, what do you think? I told you I couldn’t describe it. How did the demonstration go?”

“You have to ask?”

“Not really, but I want to hear you say it.”

“It was wonderful. Was it good for you too, Fred.”

“I hated it.” Nobody believed it for a minute and we all laughed.

“It’s just . . . “

“What, Fred.”

“Don’t be offended. I just never thought when I finally did it, it would be with someone I just met.”

“We’ve known each other for years.”

“Not as boy friend . . . Shit, you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do. And that’s not all.”

“I know what you’re going to say,” I broke in. “You never thought you’d be with another couple. Isn’t it funny how things work out? I didn’t either.”

“Sure was fun, though, wasn’t it?” asked Randy.

“Oh yes.”

“And that’s what matters, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you had to choose: to have done it tonight or not, what would you choose.”

“That’s easy,” Fred and Anne both spoke together.

“You first,” said Fred.

“A definite, do it!”

“Yeah, me too.”

All the strokes Randy had been giving me were getting me warmed up again and I started to stroke his balls as a return compliment. Anne leaned over and took a good look at Randy’s package. It’s longer than Fred’s, but Fred’s is thicker. “I wonder what it feels like.” Anne mused before she realized she was talking aloud.

I had fucked Randy and his brother, but both cocks had been issued at the same counter. I also wondered what the difference would feel like. “I wouldn’t mind finding out,” I whispered.



“Hmmm. It’s not like were going steady or engaged. You really wouldn’t mind, Millie?”

“Aren’t you going to ask us?” said Fred.

“Well?” I looked at all three of them in turn.

“I’m game if you are.”

“I have an idea,” said Anne.


“Let’s do it one at a time. First Randy can do me, then Fred can do you. That way we can watch too.”

“You slut!” I said.

“Hey, who taught me?”

“Yeah,” said Randy, “look who’s talking.”

“What’s this ‘do’ shit? You’re going to ‘do’ me? What does that mean?” asked Fred.

“You want me to say ‘fuck,’ Fred? Anne asked.

“Damn right!”

I was so excited, I couldn’t help spreading my legs. I lifted them up into the air, pushing my butt off the matt so my wide-open pussy was presented to whomever wished to take it. Fred slowly crawled over Anne’s body gliding flesh over flesh and wiggled into position between my legs. My legs were getting tired but as they started to fall to the ground, Fred grabbed my heels and held them up, spreading them apart with his hands. “Look, her pussy is still full of cum.

I was fingering my clit, which was sticking out and as hard as my ear. “Lick me, Fred. Eat me out. Put your face in my cunt and suck me.”

“You don’t have to ask.” Fred’s lingual technique was similar to Randy’s, which is to say, satisfactory in every way. By the time he was finished with me, my cunt was a clean as could be. “I noticed something when I was fucking Anne that I want to try again.”

He crawled forward until he could lower his cock into the grove of my cunt with the head lying on my clitoris so the whole bottom of his prick lay lengthwise in the groove, and slid the head of his cock up and down my slot, slithering between my lips but not entering the inner sanctum.

“Randy does that. It’s neat. But I want your cock.”

It felt wonderful, especially when his cock head pushed against the top of my pussy and I could feel it pushing at the balance point where it could go in or slide up and over my clit; then the time came when it slid in just the slightest little bit.

Fred quickly pulled back and continued to tease me by not quite putting his cock into my pussy but pushing against the little tab of flesh that was starting to drive me crazy. “Put it in, Fred. PLEASE.”

Fred acquiesced but just in a small way. He allowed gaziantep escort the tip of his cock to enter me, pushing my swollen pussy lips aside just enough to bury the head of his cock. Then he pulled out and pushed back in, just bouncing his cock head in and out of the entrance of my cunt. It felt wonderful but it made me want more and I was doing every thing I could to get more. I was pushing my ass against him by pushing against the floor with my feet. I tried wrapping my legs around his ass and pulling him down, then I tried grasping his ass cheeks with my fingers, pulling him, pulling him. Fred fought and fought and resisted every effort I made. He was driving me crazy. Suddenly I pulled his ass with all my might and he finally allowed himself to be taken in. I started coming and couldn’t stop, couldn’t stop, couldn’t stop, COULDN’T STOP, COULDN’T STOP STOP STOP. Oh, god it was wonderful.

Fred’s cock was so thick it liked to split me in half. It filled me up in a way I’d not been filled by Randy. Oh this is wonderful. I thought. “Fuck me!” I yelled.

Lying there, I became aware that Fred was not through. His cock was still fully inserted in my creamy cunt, and he’d pulled my ass up so it was resting in his lap and he had his thumb on my clitoris pressing it against the tip of his cock. Sometimes he’d take his prick out and just push it over my clit. Everything he did was sparking me, making me jerk and spasm and it was like being balanced on the edge of a cliff and then I was falling, falling. Oh God it was wonderful.

And still Fred pumped his cock into me. But now he had all his weight on his toes and hands and was holding himself in the air above me as he moved me by the simple expedient of pounding his cock into my cunt. Wham wham, his hips hit my belly as his cock forced itself into me so deep that my pussy lips were pressed against his tummy and his cock stirred the pot from side to side rubbing against one surface of his cock and then another, keeping me up in the air and falling.

“Aren’t you ever going to come?” I finally asked.

“I don’t know if I can. It’s like I’ve been coming for the last ten minutes but nothing comes out.”

“I think he’s vapor locked,” Randy said.

“Maybe I can help,” Anne said. She reached between Fred’s legs and grasped his balls between her fingers and squeezed. Suddenly Fred’s ass bounced up into the air and when he came down he was shuddering, and you could see his ass checks flex as he pumped his load into my pussy.

Randy was feeling insecure in the penis department. Anne had already been host to Fred’s thick cock and he could still hear me panting, “Oh, Fred, your cock is soooo thick. Spread my cunt and make me cum. OHHHHH SHHHHHIIIITTTTT IT’S SO BIG!

I’ve got to think of something that will take advantage of my length and technique. That’s what he thought, so he whispered in Anne’s ear, “Ever wonder what it was like doggy style?”

“Doggy style?”

“Come on, don’t play little miss priss. You know how doggies do it!”

Anne humped her back up and stuck her ass up in the air. “Not there, get up on the chair and stick your ass up in the air, my cher, for I would go there.”

“Jesus, a poet,” Fred quipped. That was a shock to Anne because she was so focused on Randy’s cock that she’d forgotten about the voyeurs. She wondered why Randy wanted her ass up in the air, then she felt his tongue start to rim around the periphery of her anus. She didn’t have an instant to decide whether that was okay because it felt so divine she couldn’t worry about trivialities. She arched her back and pushed back against the pressure. Next thing she knew, Randy’s nose was pushing into her ass and his tongue had found her cunt but that only lasted a minute and then he was nibbling the dike between her asshole and her vagina and she screamed with pleasure.

If that wasn’t enough, the next thing she knew Randy had reached around and found her clitoris and squeezed it between his fingers and tongue. It was some time before she got over that and she just slid out of control down the slope to ecstasy.

She was just becoming aware of her surroundings again when Randy backed away. OH NO, she thought. “Don’t go.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. And the next thing she knew she felt his long cock slither into her cunt and it seemed like it was never going to stop coming, never stop, never stop. It was moving into her at a glacial pace spreading her flesh in a way that couldn’t be resisted. How much is there? she wondered. Then she felt his balls kiss her ass before swinging away again and she knew. Randy’s cock slid back out at the same leisurely pace.

Anne braced for his return but instead, she felt the head of his cock just barely spread the tight entrance of her cunt before withdrawing again and then he was sucking her clitoris again and reaming her pussy with his thumb. She squeaked. “No, your cock, you fucker. Your cock.”

Randy immediately brought the head of his cock against her pussy lips. “You really giresun escort want it, Ann?”

“Fuck me, fuck me, please.”

Slowly Randy slid in but he didn’t go in to the end—only about three inches and then he pulled back until he could feel the lips of his cock head come to the inside of her pussy’s sphincter. Rather than withdraw the rest of the way, he proceeded to pump his cock in and out just three inches, slowly but not too slowly. His cock was the only point of contract between the two of them and every time Anne tried to push back onto him he backed away, ruthlessly keeping his stroke to three inches.

It came as quite a surprise to both of them when he felt Anne’s pussy muscles begin to twitch, grabbing his cock like a fist and letting go. This sure is something, he thought as he reached down and grabbed her hips and increased his stroke to four inches and upped the speed about 1200 rpm. Anne started to moan loudly and Fred and I laughed.

“Don’t laugh,” Anne screamed. “He’s killing me.”

“What a way to die.”

“Quit your bitchin’,” Randy panted even as he started to give Anne another inch, now pumping in and out with five inches of still rock hard erect banana curved cock, its red head glowing in the dark cunt that it was plundering. Fred started to worry about the neighbors calling the cops, so loud was Anne’s keening becoming.

“Stop toying with her, Randy,” I said.

Randy gave her the last two inches and humped his back into an “S” shaped curve to increase his leverage as he started to give her all he had every stroke. Being bent over on her knees, this posture gave him the opportunity to give Anne every inch of his long penis. “OH OH OH OH” the air was forced out of Anne’s lungs with every pistoning of his cock into her hot cunt.

It took a moment for Fred and me to realize that Anne’s OH’s were starting to be matched by Randy’s “AH AH AH’s,” It was almost like they were singing a duet. And soon it also became aware that Randy was climbing the rope. There was intensity to his approach that was quite different than from when he was concentrating on Anne’s pleasure. Ironically, the most exciting thing of all for Anne was this very loss of control.

She learned that even though she had been ravished, she was not devastated. She still had it in her to take control of the situation. Her cunt was stronger than Randy’s cock. He couldn’t control her—not in the end. Then she realized she was wrong because Randy suddenly slowed to a very slow pace and said, “I can feel it coming, but I’m going to hold it off as long as I can.”

Now he punctuated each slow transit into her cunt with an expressive moan, “OHHHHHH” and every stroke he swiped his cock from side to side putting pressure on every surface of his cock.

She was in heaven.

Then he


And started to pump in as fast as fast can and you could see his ass muscles clenching as he pumped his seed into the condom they all agreed was necessary for sexually active people.

“That was good!” Randy said.

“Hey, who taught me?”

“Yeah,” said Randy, “who?”


Ironically, it was at the chastity club’s weekly meeting the following Sunday evening that Randy was approached by Fred’s twin sister, Inga, on his way out the door. She pulled him aside, “Is it true?”

“What are you talking about?” he responded though he was afraid he knew.

“I heard you tell Fred on the phone.”

“You what? I mean, what are you talking about? I mean . . . Ingy! Listening in on the phone? That’s low.”

“Come on, Randy. Tell me.”

Randy stood there, almost struck dumb. He wondered what to say. One thing he did know, saying nothing was safer than saying anything, but Ingy suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him down the street and off the sidewalk into a copse of trees.

She grabbed his arms and shook him. “What was it like?” she asked intently.

If it hadn’t been for his experience in the park, Randy probably wouldn’t have known how to handle the situation. “You really want to know, huh?”


“Come home with me. I’ll show you.”

Ingy was a beautiful girl with Fred’s features given a different, feminine cast. Her athletic build combined a swimmer’s tone with a gymnast’s grace and her ass danced when she walked. Her breasts were eye magnets and always seemed to tantalize.

She and Randy sat on the edge of his bed and watched the video he’d shown her brother just the day before—the one of me and him fucking at the hot tub—not our first time, but close to it. At first they sat side-by-side on the edge of the bed but after a while Randy leaned back on his elbows and watched her watch him and me doing it on screen.

She was as exciting to watch as the video. Right away Randy noticed she wasn’t self-conscious about rubbing her pussy while her eyes were riveted to the scene on the computer monitor. He wondered if she was even aware she was doing it. Suddenly she leaned forward gümüşhane escort and Randy saw her look around the room. “Is the camera in here?” she asked.

“On top of the monitor.”

“Turn it on.” He turned in on. “Aim it at me.” He aimed it at her. “Can you zoom it?” He zoomed it in on her jeans, above the knees. “Good.” She walked over to the stereo and turned the iPod on. She danced along the side of the bed until she came into the view of the camera and then she began to disrobe in an erotic dance.

After she loosened her bra under her unbuttoned blouse, Randy decided to help her by running fingers hands up her stomach to capture her breasts. She pushed them from side to side against his hands as she began to remove his shirt. Soon she discovered the most magic thing about sex: the feeling of naked flesh against naked flesh. Their chests were afire with sexual feeling and they plopped down on the bed and rubbed breasts and stomachs together.

The direct genital to genital contact, even hampered by pants, pumped up the lust and suddenly they couldn’t get their pants off fast enough. For a while longer they hugged some more with Randy’s cock flat against her stomach then it was the most natural thing for Randy to kneel between her legs and lean forward to kiss her. Carefully he began to slap her between her legs with the tip of his cock, looking for a groove to play in. Not to go into, but to play in for a time.

She was not exactly cooperating because she was trying to get direct pressure where she needed it so bad and he was just trying to tantalize her and make her crazy. She sure was wet down there and Randy’s cock was enjoying plowing her anteroom with moist ease.

Randy could have slid into her to the end of her vagina had he wanted at that point. Instead, he pulled back and put a pillow on the edge of the bed and sat her down on it. Then he found himself between her legs and kissed her breasts and then pushed her down flat.

Randy quickly lowered his mouth to her sweet smelling pussy and, suddenly thinking of the camera, leaned to the side and said, “Look at your pussy. It’s almost ready.”

Ingy looked. “What do you mean, almost?”

“Just wait,” he replied. Randy began to lick the length of her vagina lightly. At first she couldn’t be sure if he was licking her or just breathing heavy on her pubic hair. He did both and he didn’t increase the pressure until she forced the issue by moving against him with her pussy, something she did progressively as her intimate flesh continued to swell and open up like a flower.

Randy licked in a circular motion until she got used to it, then he stuck his tongue up between the lower lips of her clitoris where they hung down across the entrance to her vagina.

Just when Ingy thought she’d been eaten, Randy sucked her clitoris into his mouth for the first time. Then he pried open the hood of her clit and lightly stroked it with a ball of spit balanced on his tongue. Soon he crawled up and lay the head of his cock on top of her clitoris and began to stroke it with this new tool and soon that velvet hammer was stroking her seam from ass to clitoris. Ingy suddenly made contact with her basic instincts and shifted her hips and the next thing Randy knew, his cock was buried in her pussy without encountering any impediments.

Randy looked at her in surprise. “What, you thought I was a virgin? Ha ha.”

His attitude suddenly changed. Uppity little thing, isn’t she? he thought. I’m going to have to teach her a lesson. He started to pommel her and at first she didn’t get into it. It didn’t matter to him. He pounded her vigorously, shifting her body with the impact of each stroke, making the bed legs skid on the floor and bouncing the headboard against the wall.

Randy decided to slow down and see if he could bring Ingy with him. He began to fuck her as slow as is humanly possible. After pounding his heart out, the sudden change was delightful. Almost immediately they both started to feel the initial feelings of climax tingling in the center of their being, so they did everything they could to stay on the edge without falling off.

Suddenly Ingy asked, “Are you a one-timer?”

“God, no. More like ‘long and strong for long.’ I’ll come more than once, be sure of it.”

“Alright, then.” She said, and immediately went ball-istic. So did he.

“Would you like to check out the famous hot tub?”

“You know what I’d really like?”


“Let me see us doing it on the computer.”

It didn’t take nearly as long as he thought it had. The whole time they watched, they petted up a storm while lying front to front hugging and craning their necks to the side to watch the screen. Randy was ready to do it again but Ingy wouldn’t let him until he started the camera to film Act II.

Ingy pushed Randy down onto the bed and said, “It’s my turn on top.”

First she leaned over and brushed his cock from side to side with her breasts. Her dark hair hanged down over her eyes and Randy could feel it brush his balls just before her tits arrived. His cock was straining to keep growing but the skin had stretched all it could; it felt like his flesh might split if he couldn’t bury it somewhere warm and hot and moist—in a cunt like the one he could see on the screen.

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