Neighborly Visit


Nathan Billings was a strong man, or so he liked to think. He took care of himself, ate the right foods, and worked out religiously. He got his flu shot every year and made sure that he took his vitamins. Despite all of his efforts, though, Nathan contracted his yearly cold. He fought through the nasal congestion well enough, but once it got into his chest, he was down for the count. He called into work and told them he wouldn’t be in Thursday and Friday. His doctor prescribed him some drugs to quell the coughing, but he told Nathan the best thing for him would be to rest and let the cold run its course. Nathan’s wife Sherry worked as a head nurse at the regional hospital. Sherry cared deeply for her sick husband, but the demands laid on her by a short staff didn’t allow her to stay home with her sick husband.

Nathan watched with his head propped up on pillows as his wife put on her scrubs prior to leaving for work. “I’m so sorry baby. I wish I could be here to just love on you and make you better,” she said in a playful, but genuinely caring baby voice.

“Really honey, it’s okay. I plan on drugging myself up and sleeping my way through this,” he told her right before another coughing fit.

“Okay, well, I’m really worried about you. Do you want me to drive home at lunch,” she asked.

“Babe, really, I’m okay. I don’t want you to spend any time worrying about me. I’m going to be horrible to be around the next couple of days and I don’t want to get you sick too,” he urged her.

“Alright,” she said with a little tinge of doubt in her voice. “I will get some more orange juice on the way home tonight and plan on giving you some extra special care.” She sat on the bed next to him and rubbed his dick through the comforter that covered his body up to his neck. Her little stunt caused him to inhale a little deeper than he wanted and started another coughing fit. “Oh my baby, I’m sorry!”

“I’m alright. I’ll hold you to that offer tonight,” he said while trying to smile a reassuring smile.

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead and patted his cheek as she turned and walked downstairs to leave. Nathan heard her car pull out of the driveway. He looked at the alarm clock next to his bed and noted it was almost 7:30 am. He reached over to the liquid cough medicine and took two quick swigs, wincing as the bitter medicine traveled down his throat. He then took the bottle of pills his doctor had prescribed and chased the syrup with two more pills. He turned on the television to Sportscenter. He never made it through the first highlight before he started snoring.


Helen Suggs was back from dropping her daughter off at day care. Despite her staying at home, she and her husband Paul decided that it was best for Tina to spend a few days a week at day care to get her acclimated to other children both physically and socially. Helen hated to admit it to herself, but the time alone was healthy for her too. She got a chance to get some personal time. Talking to a three-year-old all day can get to an adult.

Helen was tending to her laundry that Thursday morning. She was dividing the clothes by colors and whites. She then got to a pair of her panties. “Goodness,” she said to herself as she noticed how big they were. Tina was three years old, but Helen couldn’t seem to shake the weight she had gained from her pregnancy. She looked in the old mirror she had in the laundry room and frowned at her reflection. She wasn’t a size six anymore. She stood with her hands on her hips and turned from side to side. Her hips were wider than before Tina was born, growing from thirty-three inches to thirty-eight, the growth going almost exclusively to her ass, which she turned to look at. She lifted her night shirt up and lamented the tan “granny panties” covering her now wider ass. She turned back around, dropping the shirt and held her breasts, one in each hand. One of the benefits of her extra weight was her bigger breasts. She had grown from a B-cup to a voluptuous C. At any rate, Helen didn’t like her 142 pound frame, or the size 10 clothes she wore.

Paul was always reassuring, telling her how beautiful he thought she was, but it hardly showed up in their sex life. Helen missed the days when they would have sex at least five times a week. Now, she was lucky to “get some” once or twice a month. She reasoned it was the stress from his job, but reasoning still didn’t fill the need she possessed. Helen wanted sex, and she wanted it more. Tina’s day care days occasionally provided her the opportunity to relieve her desires, but at some point, she’d have to approach Paul about it or just start taking it from him whether he was ready or not. Her train of thought was interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Helen, it’s Sherry. How’s your morning going,” the voice on the other end of the phone said.

“Great Sherry. What’s going on?” Helen was perplexed by the phone call.

“Well, I need a favor from you. Nate Sakarya Escort has a really bad cold and I’m worried about him. He’s at home today and tomorrow and I’m not going to be able to see him at lunch because of work. Could you pop by and make sure that he’s taking his meds and maybe bring him some lunch,” Sherry asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I don’t pick up Tina until two and except for some laundry, I don’t have much else to do,” Helen replied.

Sherry was relieved. “Girl, I really owe you one. You’re not buying any drinks on our next girls’ night out. I promise!”

Helen smiled at the mention of next week’s outing with her girlfriends. “Really, it’s no bother…but I’ll take you up on that offer,” she laughed as she responded.

“Alright, thank you so much. You know where the key is at. I gotta run, I’m about to leave the bypass. Thanks again!” Sherry hung up.

Helen looked at her watch and decided that she would head down the street to the Billings’ house around 10:30. She had planned on wearing her night shirt all day until it was time to pick up Tina, but now started considering what she was going to wear. She knew it was only to check up on Nathan, but she never walked out of the house without makeup and putting forth the effort to look at least presentable. After she put another load in the washer, she went upstairs to shower and get ready.


Nathan woke himself up with another coughing fit. His chest ached from the coughing, as his body tried to expel the phlegm that was keeping his chest congested. He got up from the bed and took a long piss, took a drink of water and orange juice from a tall glass and took two more of his pills. He looked at his alarm clock and noted that it was 10:17. He walked over to the stand next to his bed and read the bottle of syrup. “Do not take more than the prescribed dose; may cause extreme drowsiness,” he read to himself. “Exactly!” He steeled himself against the coming bitterness and took two long swigs of the syrup. He removed his pajama pants, leaving him in his boxers and nothing else and looked over at the television. Nathan smiled as a large Norwegian tried to lift a Volkswagen during a World’s Strongest Man airing. By the time the Norwegian yelped a second time, Nathan was again fast asleep.

Helen looked down at herself one last time as she stood in front of the door to the Billings’ house. She laughed at herself, noting her favorite sun dress and painted toenails protruding from the thongs of her new sandals. Her mother always reminded her that she never knew who she’d see once she left the house, so she should always look her best. The advice stuck. Helen wore her brown hair down past her shoulders and carefully applied her makeup to impress. She wasn’t trying to impress Nate as much as just feel good about herself, but if he liked what he saw, so much the better. She snickered at her last thought.

She lifted the third potted plant on the right of the door and found the key pressed into some topsoil. She brushed it off, opened the screen door, and then unlocked the door to the house. “Nate,” she called out. There was no response. “It’s Helen. Sherry sent me here to check on you.” Helen closed the door and put the key on the table that was in the foyer. She looked into the living room and noticed that Nate wasn’t there. She decided to go to the kitchen and fill a glass with orange juice and take it to him. “He must be upstairs,” she thought.

She took her sandals off with her free hand and threw them gingerly to the door. She then went up the stairs toward the bedrooms. Theirs, she knew, was the first one on the right at the top of the stairs. Helen felt a bit strange doing this. The two couples were great friends, but she’d never really had a one-on-one conversation with Nate. Having their first in the Billings’ bedroom, no matter what the circumstances, would feel a bit weird.

Helen got to the door and looked through the crack. She only saw the side of the king-sized bed, no sign of Nathan. “Nate,” she whispered as she pushed the door the rest of the way in. She was a bit shocked to see him lying on his stomach with his naked back exposed. He was covered from his waist down. “Nate,” she spoke a little louder. Again, he failed to respond. Helen walked to the edge of the left side of the bed and used her right hand to shake his left shoulder. She was surprised that he didn’t move, but maintained his deep, steady breathing. She put the orange juice she brought up from the kitchen on the bedside nightstand and turned around to leave.

As she began to walk out of the room, she took a second to look around the room. She had seen the room previously when Sherry had brought her up to ask her opinion on a dress she had purchased, but she’d never really had the chance to examine it closely. The color on the walls was a bold wine with a lovely painting of a Mediterranean scene. The light through the window accentuated Sakarya Escort Bayan the delightful color contrasts that showed Sherry’s splendid taste. Helen looked to the right corner of the room and was made a little curious by the silky pieces of clothing draped across the arm of the leather chair. It looked like a two-piece camisole. The ivory silk panties lay atop the spaghetti-strapped top. She took a glance at Nathan’s body, still lying motionless besides his occasional breathing, and dared herself to go look at the clothing.

Helen felt a little naughty as she went to the clothes and picked them up. A waft of air brought the smell of Sherry’s expensive perfume to her nose. She kept looking back at Nathan, ensuring that he was still asleep. She wondered what she would look like with the lingerie on. “Sherry’s what? A size eight?” The tag confirmed her guess. One final look back at Nathan and a quick note of the cough syrup on the nightstand reassured her that her next move would go unnoticed. She wanted to try on her friend’s camisole.

Helen turned to Nathan, keeping a steady stare on him as she pulled her sundress over her head and placed it on the chair. Out of the corner of her eye, Helen quickly realized how crazy all of this was. She was standing in her friends’ bedroom with only a bra and panties on. But she had gone too far to stop now. “Besides, this will only take a second,” she comforted herself. First, she took off her bra, releasing her breasts. Next, she quickly took off her panties. She pulled the top of the camisole over her head. The top was very tight against her breasts and Helen noted her nipples pressed against the silk cloth, just below the top of the shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was standing without underwear and only a camisole top on. She looked over to see that Nathan was still asleep.

At that moment, she began to feel butterflies in her stomach and a warmth between her legs. She was getting more than a little nervous at the prospect of getting caught, but sexy at the same time. She took the bottom to the set and quickly pulled them over her hips. The bottoms hugged her ass and hips tightly and she was slightly afraid that she would rip them. What worried her more was the warmth between her legs had become a bit of wetness as her juices began to flow. The naughtiness of her situation was starting to arouse her. Not wanting to rip the bottoms or stain them, she pulled them off and laid them back on the chair.

“Mmm.” Suddenly, Nathan moaned and turned over, taking the edge of the comforter with him. Helen froze and held her breath, her right hand instantly covering the patch between her legs and her left arm covering her ample breasts. Her eyes were wider than ever as she stared down at Nathan’s body. He was lying shirtless on his back with his arms outstretched, but was still fast asleep. What shocked Helen most was Nathan’s large hard-on pushing out from the slit in his boxer shorts. After the initial shock of the moment wore off, she took account of Nathan’s ample cock. She guessed that the flooded member must be at least seven inches.

Helen relaxed her muscles once she was assured Nathan was not about to awaken. She stared at his chiseled torso as it rose up and down with each breath. She looked at his legs prodruding from below his boxer underwear. She then closed her eyes. She made a conscious decision to look at it again. She opened her eyes and her mouth opened at the size of Nathan’s seven inch cock standing at attention. Helen opened her legs slightly to get some air to her aroused womanhood and it told her what she already knew: her pussy was wet. Her right hand went from covering her pussy to rubbing its outer lips. She gently took her entire hand and rubbed her wet mound, trying not to breathe too loudly. She then removed the top and increased her arousal when she looked in the mirror, watching herself stroke her pussy with Nathan’s body and cock in the background.

Reluctantly, she moved around to the other side of the bed, closer to Nathan’s naked form. She was now using her right middle finger to vigorously stroke her slit, occasionally pushing two fingers into herself while looking at her near naked neighbor only two feet away. Though afraid, she replaced her right hand with her left and reached out to Nathan’s cock with her moist right hand. She gently wrapped her hand around his shaft and held it there for a couple of seconds to ensure that he would not awaken. When he didn’t, she squeezed his shaft, forcing blood to billow at its head. She was amazed at how big it got and she released it and started to stroke.

Suddenly, Helen heard a crash. She froze after looking to the source of the sound. The Billings’ cat was on the dresser and had apparently caused one of the many pill bottles owed to Nathan’s sickness to fall. Helen, whose heart had stopped beating, let out a large sigh of relief when Escort Sakarya she realized that practically nothing was going to wake Nathan up.

“Wow. This could be very interesting,” she thought to herself. Nathan was practically comatose. Helen deduced that if the crash of a half-loaded pill bottle did not wake up Nathan, practically nothing would. Helen slowly sat down on the bed. She was surprised that the memory foam hardly registered her action. Her eyes were locked on Nathan’s closed eyes, hoping that they would not open. They still did not. “Okay. Now what Helen,” she asked herself.

Answering her own question, Helen looked to Nathan’s rod, still wrapped by her hand. She never was a big fan of giving blowjobs, but at this point she hardly felt like a regular, everyday housewife. She was a vixen; a lust-crazed dirty girl and she was going to act as such. Sherry was not coming back for hours. She had a hot man’s dick already in her fingertips, and after the many inadvertent noise tests, she was relatively comfortable in assuming that he would not wake up while she took advantage of the situation. No one was watching. No one would ever know.

Helen began to more vigorously stroke Nathan’s hard cock. She then lowered her mouth to his head and extended her tongue, licking the underside. She felt it jerk slightly as Nathan’s cock sought to enter a warm hole. Helen smiled at the reaction and then decided to give it what it wanted. Helen closed her lips over the head completely. No doubt if Nathan was awake, her move would have elicited a moan, but now, Nathan continued his light snoring.

Helen began taking more and more of Nathan’s shaft into her mouth, testing its limits. The further the tip of his dick entered her mouth, the more she relaxed her tongue. As her tongue extended, the less Helen was able to control the saliva that flowed past her lips and drenched her stroking hand. In addition to the excitement generated by her actions, Helen loved the sounds. She loved the squishing, gulping sounds her mouth made as she allowed Nathan’s shaft to further penetrate it. She was losing her ability to control herself and the more she continued her action, the more confident she felt that Nathan would remain asleep.

Helen took her free hand and began stroking the lips of her pussy, now sopping with her sexual excitement. As she worked on her pussy, those moist sounds added to the sounds already echoing throughout the room. Helen began to spasm when she applied pressure to her engorged clit. Helen knew that she did not have all that she needed. She would have to take care of her now-uncontrollable urges.

Helen inhaled deeply as she pulled her wet mouth off Nathan’s shaft, now covered in her saliva. For a split second, Helen considered cleaning the scene she had created, putting on her clothes, and heading for home. Her wet, needy pussy convinced her she needed to do otherwise. Helen threw her right leg over Nathan’s hips like she was climbing on a motorcycle. When she released his cock to do so, the tip of Nathan’s extended cock leaned back towards his stomach and on its trip there, slapped the wet entrance of Helen’s pussy and waited there for her to plunge backwards onto its length.

Helen reached between her legs and shook the base of his cock, pushing her lips to either side of his cock’s head. With Nathan’s cock positioned to enter her, Helen rocked backwards slowly. Helen inhaled deeply as his cock began to divide her warm vaginal walls and entered her deeper and deeper. Helen finally came to rest with her ass on Nathan’s upper thighs. Helen held the position for a while, reveling in the deep penetration that was occurring.

She then looked over to the mirror and saw herself. She was naked, breasts hanging voluptuously over Nathan’s torso. She had never seen herself while fucking and the sight was electric. She never felt sexier in her life. The forbidden nature of her actions and the fact that she felt like a conquering huntress turned her on. It spurred her to begin pumping hard back onto Nathan’s cock. First, she took up a slow, steady motion, but then picked up a rhythm like a jockey riding a thoroughbred. Helen began to spasm as she neared an explosive orgasm. She looked at the mirror again and her reflection and that of Nathan’s moist shaft entering her from behind as she rammed herself onto his shaft caused her to erupt in orgasm that lasted for minutes.

Helen panted heavily as she attempted to catch her breath. As she began to come down from her orgasmic high she threw her head back and stared at the ceiling. The relief she felt was complete. She’d clean up a bit and walk out, having stolen a moment of satisfaction from her sexy, well-endowed neighbor.

Helen jumped when she felt Nathan’s hands grip her hips.


Helen practically leapt from her bed. With her feet now firmly on the floor, she took inventory of her situation. Her hair was wet and a towel lay draped over her right leg as she sat up. She was naked, sitting on her bed in her own home. As her grogginess cleared, Helen remembered lying down on her bed after her shower, lost in a sexy daydream. It had apparently led to the wonderful erotic dream experience she had with her neighbor Nathan.

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