Neat N’ Naked 04: Dakota


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Authors Note:

Neat N’ Naked is a Series of 26 unrelated stories I am working on. They all have the same basic premise, – Someone hires a naked maid and orgasms ensue.


This story contains adult content including heterosexual intercourse, prostitution, virgin deflowering, fellatio, cunnilingus, and heterosexual sodomy. If you don’t enjoy this kind of smut, please choose another story.


“Neat n Naked… where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?” Came a deep throaty voice from the phone’s earpiece.”Can I please hire a maid?” Kit asked softly, his hands sweating a bit.”Why of course you can darlin’. Just tell me what your preference is.”

“I have a thing for petite blondes, maybe a catgirl, about twenty, with a nice bust.”

“I think I have, yes, I do,” she said, more to herself than to Kit, “I do have a catgirl, but she’s a little older than what you’re looking for. Let me send you her info and I’ll look for someone closer to twenty.”

Kit looked at the picture and saw a tiny blonde woman, pretty in an austere way. She’s holding a cat while wearing cat ears, a pink leotard, and a white tutu. While she is in her 40’s, she could pass for 30.

Name: Angela

Age: 44

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 120

Measurements: 34-25-35

Rating: 7/10

Angela has not provided a Bio yet, but here are the comments from her first two clients…

1- She’s a strong female, who knows the man is king. She gets emotional at times. 10/10 Dwight S. Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

2- She’s a cold fish in bed who often calls out other men’s names. She has a strange beet fetish. 4/10 Nard Dog.

After looking over her profile Kit felt she wasn’t what he wanted so he asked, “Is there anyone else, not necessarily a catgirl?”

“I do have another option for you. I’m sending her info now.”

Dakota is a petite blonde, with short hair and a square pretty face with sparkling green eyes. She has great legs and a really cute ass. She is so curvy that she should carry a warning: Dangerous Curves Ahead.

Name: Dakota

Age: 21

Height: 5’0″

Weight: 108

Measurements: 32-24-33

Rating 9/10


Dakota is a full-time college student, who prefers performing oral sex over any other activity. She once sucked a golf ball through 5′ of garden hose just to win a bet. While not strictly a sub is willing to be submissive and tied down, but she does not like discipline, so no spanking or other forms of sadomasochism. For Kit, it was an easy decision. “Dakota please,” Kit asked softly.”Good choice,” she said. “She is available tomorrow, all day. Will that work for you?”

“Perfect,” Kit said, licking his lips. “Anytime after nine am.”

At 9:01 am Dakota knocked on the door. Kit heard the knock and peeked outside, seeing a beautiful blond college-aged girl. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight, black, yoga pants and a sports bra. Her skin was glistening with a light sheen of sweat and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She had a sexy little smile on her face while she waited to be let in.

Kit was feeling a little nervous. He wasn’t sure his normal clothes were the best choice. He looked at his black graphic Ramones tee, Wrangler boot cut jeans, and bare feet. He debated changing, but a loud, insistent knocking reminded him that Dakota was already there, waiting for him.

He opened the door and froze when he saw her. She was unbelievably gorgeous and worked out regularly. “Dakota?” he asked, knowing it was her.

Dakota smiled at the awkward young man. “That’s me, and you must be Kit?” she asked as she walked in and pushed the door closed.

“My full name is Kitsune Cartaii,” he said, standing ramrod straight, showing true pride in his name.

“May I call you Kit?” she asked, dropping a bag on the floor, “or do you prefer Kitsune?”

“Most people call me Kit and I kinda like it.”

“Sorry about how I look, my spin class ran late and I didn’t have time to shower or change. Maybe later we can shower together,” she suggested with a wink.

Kit froze in shock at her suggestion. He had never showered with anyone and his pants began to get tight in the crotch at the thought of her naked skin, glistening wet, as he washed her.

“If…if you…you need to…to, you can use…use my room.” He made fists with his hands working up some courage, “But only if…if I…I can watch.”

As they walked through the apartment, Dakota looked around at the typical mess of a single guy’s apartment and said, “Wow your place is a mess. I need to get started, don’t I?” as she looked directly into Kit’s eyes.

“I…I don…don’t clean mu…much.” He told her. DDD…do ya…waa…waa…want tttt….to sha…sha…shower first? he asked.”Not yet, maybe after we get sweaty and dirty,” she told him with a wink, “it’s Bahçelievler escort always better to get sweaty and dirty before you get clean,” she said giggling. She saw the worried look on Kit’s face. The smile fell from her face as she looked into his eyes. “Kit, relax. I’m just a girl,” she said, putting her hand on his arm. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax,” she told him.

Kit closed his eyes and started to inhale deeply as his nose is filled with a sexy, earthy, lemony, scent. His heart started to race as he felt waves of heat coming from Dakota as she stepped close to him. His breath caught as he sensed Dakota moving closer to him. Then he felt a pair of soft warm moist lips press against his. Kit froze as Dakota kissed him sweetly but with a touch of passion. Kit reached out, found her upper arms, and pulled her close to him. He was scared to do anything else for fear she would stop kissing him.

After a few indescribably wonderful minutes, she pulled her lips away from Kit and stepped back. Kit blinked several times, unsure of what to do or say.”Now that we got that out of the way, you should be more relaxed and calm,” Dakota said to him, her hand resting on his forearm.

Kit stood there, trying to capture her delectable scent again as he looked at her. “That was wonderful,” he murmured, his eyes blinking as he tried to recover from the incredible kiss.

Dakota dropped her hand and said, “Well Kit here goes…everything,” she said, “as in everything I’m wearing.”

Kit gulped as his eyes opened wide. He watched as Dakota grabbed the bottom of her sports bra and quickly pulled it over her head, freeing her pert breasts, allowing Kit to see her silver dollar size, light pink areola, and eraser sized nipples that were almost a half-inch long. Kit didn’t move when she tossed her bra toward him, landing in on his shoulder. Kit took the bra off his shoulder and held it up to his nose. He inhaled her scent deeply and closed his eyes, savoring how sexy it was.

When Kit opened his eyes again, she’d kicked off her gym shoes and then began to sway her body to some music only she could hear. As Kit watched her hips undulate and her breasts quiver, he felt his dick start to grow in his pants. She moved like a stripper on stage, teasing Kit as she started to lower her pants and then pull them back up. He stood there with a foolish grin on his face. She lowered them past her ass, dropped to all fours and reached behind her, spreading her cheeks open to expose her pussy and asshole to his view.

Kit felt his heart palpitate as he drank in the view of the most perfect honey pot he had ever seen in his life, including porn pussy. She then stood up and continued sliding the pants down, exposing her long supple toned, tanned legs. The pants pooled at her feet, she gracefully stepped out of them. She stopped dancing and struck the classic red carpet pose and asked, “Do you like?” as she stood there letting him stare at her naked body. Then she slowly turned to show off her juicy, lush, round, ass.

Kit finally found his voice, “Wow, you’re incredibly beautiful,” he said as he swatted her firmly on her left cheek.

Dakota jumped in surprise and anger. “Hey, none of that!” Dakota said sharply. “I know my profile says no spanking. Try anything like that again, I will leave immediately and blacklist you. Touching is okay, hitting is not. Understand?” she asked, glaring at him.

Kit stepped back in shock and fear at the anger in her face. The tone of her voice frightened him a little.

“I’mmm…So.sss…sorr…sorry,” he said, glancing at the floor with a sad look on his face. Kit didn’t look back up at the woman. He felt stupid. He had known what her profile said. He honestly forgot and acted on the irresistible impulse to touch her sweet ass. He belatedly realized he shouldn’t have slapped her.

Dakota’s face softened as she saw the fear and remorse on his face. She exhaled sharply and forced herself to let go of her anger. She stepped closer to him, not quite touching, but close enough to make Kit feel uncomfortable. “Apology accepted, this time,” she said warning him. Then she cupped his chin and forced his head up until their eyes met. She paused for a moment before leaning forward to kiss him again. It only lasted a few seconds before she broke away. Looking at him, she had a sudden realization, the shy awkwardness, the hesitation, and the self-conscious restlessness. She stepped back and locked her eyes on his, “Are… Are you a virgin Kit?” she asked not unkindly. Kit shrugged and let his face fall to try and hide the flush that was spreading over his face, confirming Dakota’s suspicions.

“I…I…I’m not sure. I’ve done…things with girls. I’ve even been inside one, but I’ve never reached…completion, except alone.

“Dakota took his hand and led him to the unmade bed. “Sit down,” she commanded him as she sat down, patting the bed beside her. Kit sat down. Dakota took his hand and held it against her breast. “Kit, you paid Bahçelievler escort bayan for my time and I’ll do anything you want. I just want you to be sure that you want to lose your cherry to someone you’ve paid? You are a handsome, sweet guy and deserve to have your first time with someone you love or at least like, not someone you chose after looking at a picture and reading a dozen sentences. I got four pages when I was considering adopting a dog.”

“I never met a girl that would date me,” he said, staring straight ahead. “It’s like I’m Snape and I fall for Lilly. I don’t know how to get a girl to like me…,” his voice faded.

Dakota leaned against his side, “I wasn’t popular in high school. I had braces, glasses, and no tits or ass. I was an acne covered surfboard with pretty eyes. I crushed on the hot guys and was ignored. Every clique made fun of me. I was asked out on exactly three dates in high school. Two were members of the chess club, hoping for some geek on geek love. When I refused the geeks, they spread a rumor that I let the chess club tag team me under the bleachers during homecoming. After that, I was constantly harassed by the guys in school looking to score with the school slut. Even teachers made passes at me.

Pausing for a moment to control the tears filling her eyes at the painful memories, she put her hand on Kit’s thigh. “I blossomed the summer after graduation. My tits went from cherries to honeydews. In about a week I went from a surfboard to the hottest beach bunny this side of Hawaii. Suddenly, everyone wanted to be my friend. It took me over a year before I was willing to trust anyone, and to this day I feel more like the geek I was than the sexy bitch I appear to be.”

She leaned closer to him, “If you want me to be your first, I would be honored. I’ll do my best to make it special for you, but it won’t be what it could and should be with someone you care about.

“Kit sat there with her and thought silently about what she said. “You made some great points, but there’s no chance that we’ll have an ugly breakup and then run into each other at a mutual friend’s house or local bar. You won’t care if I date someone else or hire another woman,” Kit said, looking at her nude body and feeling her naked thigh pressed against his pants. “I want you,” he said, squeezing her thigh, as his other hand reached for her hard nipple.

“Well then, I guess it’s up to me to show you what you’ve been missing,” she said as she slid off the bed and onto her knees. She expertly opened his pants, slid her hand inside his underwear, and found his erect cock. She pulled it out, exposing it to her gaze. “Ooh, that’s a nice meaty cock. It’s going to go down nicely.” She licked her lips and took his head into her mouth, licking it all over with her moist pink tongue. Kit lifted his ass and pushed his pants down to his ankles. Dakota started to fondle Kit’s balls, keeping her eyes fixed onto his as she slowly took more of his rapidly swelling cock into her mouth.

Kit had never felt anything like her warm, wet, and eager mouth working over his cock. He let out a deep moan, forcing himself to stare into her eyes as his cock swelled even more, filling her mouth. He was surprised when he felt the familiar tingle of an impending orgasm only minutes after she took him into her mouth. “Shit,” he groaned in ecstasy.

Dakota watched Kit closely as she took his entire length into her mouth. She began to start rolling her R’s as she’d learned in High School Spanish, trying to get Kit’s first nut out of the way, so he would last long enough to enjoy what was to come.”I’m about to cum…” Kit groaned, his eyes clenched shut, his midsection heaving twice before he exploded inside Dakota’s mouth. For his first time, the load was massive and thick, like cream, coming in long spurts that filled her mouth. Dakota drank every drop of cum she could swallow, but there was too much even for a fellatrix of her skill. Some escaped her lips and ran down her chin, where it formed a droplet that grew larger and larger until it weighed too much and lost adhesion. It fell from her chin and landed right on her erect nipple.

Dakota continued sucking Kit until she drained every last drop of cum from his balls. When he started to get soft, she released his cock from her mouth with a resounding pop. Using her fingers, she began to scoop up the remaining cum splatters on her face and tits, licking and sucking on her fingers until it was all gone. “Yummy!” she said, smiling at him as she got onto her feet and asked, “Can I have a drink please?” She raised her arms above her head and stood on her tiptoes, stretching her long, lean, lithe, naked body.

Kit had a goofy grin on his face. He couldn’t believe that he had gotten his first blow job or how wonderful it had felt. He suddenly realized that Dakota had spoken. “huh? What was that? Drink? oh! Of course! What would you like?” he asked as he pulled his pants on, heading to the kitchen. “Hey, I have an idea. I’ll make us lunch if you Escort bahçelievler straighten up the living room so we’ll have a place to sit and eat.” He felt weird asking the naked girl who’d just swallowed his cum to clean up his apartment, but it was the only way he could think of to keep her within sight.

“I can do that, as long as I make a pit stop first,” Dakota said, gesturing to the bathroom.

Kit nodded his head and headed into the kitchen, while Dakota went into the bathroom. Using some mouthwash, she rinsed out her mouth. Then she walked toward the living room to clean off the couch. She caught sight of a naked ass cutting up some meat. “Ohh baby, make me a sammich,” she yelled at Kit while she stood at the living room doorway, drinking in the mess. She shrugged her shoulders and moved to the coffee table, sorting through the piles on it, stacking everything in three piles, keep, trash, and review. The third stack was by far the largest. She paused and called out, “How’s my sammich coming?”

“Be ready soon,” Kit replied, chuckling.

They worked in silence for a while, Dakota had finished with the coffee table and started with the couch, clearing enough room for her and Kit to sit comfortably while they ate their meal. Soon, Kit entered the living room carrying two-lap trays, each one had a gourmet sandwich with waffle fries and a smoothie. Kit put them down on the coffee table, now that the Mount Everest of junk mail had been cleared off.

“I hope you like your sammich,” he said, teasing her. I think that the grape mango smoothie compliments the flavors of the aged beef and artisanal cheese.” Kit said, smiling.

“Damn dude, I was hoping for something a little better than a PB&J, and you go all Gordon Ramsey on me. I’m impressed,” as she picked up the smoothie and tentatively licked some from the top. “That is good,” she said as she used both hands to pick up the massive sandwich. She stretched her mouth as wide as possible to get it into her mouth, she failed. It was the first time she’d found an object she couldn’t wrap her lips around. Dakota cocked her head and put the sandwich at an angle and took as big a bite as she could. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the flavors exploded onto her tongue. Dakota held her hand in front of her mouth and said,

“You have to tell me what’s in this. It’s the best thing I’ve had in my mouth that wasn’t attached to a man,” while chewing her food. After she swallowed her first bite, she took another small bite, savoring the delicate balance of the flavors. As she chewed, she walked over to a small shelf containing a huge collection of DVDs. There was a stack of loose DVDs and a bunch of boxes haphazardly piled on the floor. Dakota gathered up all the cases and discs and sat on the floor in the lotus position, knowing from experience that guys loved the way that this position left her pussy exposed and slightly spread.

The movies were mostly the usual single guy action-adventure and war flicks. But mixed in there were a few adult films, from classics like Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas to some really strange and unusual fetish films, “Are you really into this stuff?” Dakota asked, holding up one of the more unusual titles.

Kit watched her examine his DVD collection with a casual interest, slowly eating his sandwich. “Ahhh… Texas Dildo Masquerade.” He smirked and shook his head, chuckling at the parody porno DVD. “No! It was a gag birthday gift from some school friends, most of them were.” Kit moved over to sit on the floor next to her and began to help sort the DVDs, trying to remember what else he had that was in the pile. Toward the bottom, he found one that wasn’t opened yet and the title made his eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “I didn’t know I had this,” showing her. “This ain’t Ghostbusters,” he said, turning it over, curious about it.

“It seems a shame to spend your hard-earned money on something and not enjoying it. Especially with a friend,” Dakota said, taking the DVD from him and getting it out of the case.

While she pulled the plastic off the case Kit said, “I work for a major computer software firm. I earn a nice income and I live simply.”

“Not the point. Why buy something if you never get to enjoy it? Would you buy a vacation home and never use it?” Dakota asked as she sat on the couch, “Are you going to join me?” she queried as she used the remote to start the movie. As the opening scene started, she continued eating her lunch.

Kit shrugged, “I can afford to waste money,” he told her as the film opened with a visual of a woman fingering herself. “Well that’s boring,” he said, putting an arm around Dakota as the woman moaned for the cameras. “Her passion’s only slightly less fake than her tits” Kit said as his other hand started to rub Dakota’s thighs. He let his fingers glide over her soft, toned, skin until he brushed against her pussy, casually rubbing it and trying to act as if it were a common occurrence.

“Shit, that feels good!” she said as his fingers started rubbing Dakota’s slit. “If you make so much money, why the fuck isn’t some gold-digging slut here with you instead of me?” She asked, spreading her legs a bit wider so Kit could have total access.”Let me tell you a story. Two guys are sitting at the bar of a country club. Guy one points to an old guy sitting off by himself.

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