Naked Thirst Ch. 06


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Sam and Keiko dropped their towels in a basket next to the door on their way into the house, and then made their way to the kitchen. The room was bright and spacious, done in hard woods and light-grey granite. Large windows looked out into the back with the glimmer of the pacific in the distance. Bar seating lined half of the counter under the windows, and Keiko pointed to a stool.

“Grab a fresh towel and have a seat.” She gestured to a wooden rack stacked with them. “Nudist etiquette,” she explained with a smile. “Just take your towel with you to sit on, or grab a new one when you need to.” She was unwinding tubes from some sort of machine.

Sam sat and watched for a minute then asked “Is that the pump?” The device was roughly the size and shape of a large toaster. Keiko attached the tubes to bottles with cone shaped devices on top.

“Yep,” she said, “My little friend.” She got all the parts assembled, then reached for a small jar on the counter, opened it, and dipped two fingers inside.

“What’s that?”

“Coconut oil,” she said as she began to apply it to the tip of one breast. Sam felt a stir of desire as the other woman lubricated her nipples and aureoles with the fragrant substance. “It helps the cones to form a good seal and keeps the skin soft.”

Keiko held one cone with its attached bottle to her left breast and turned on the machine. A slow, soft, rhythmic humming sound accompanied corresponding tugs on the thick, dark nipple. Keiko adjusted a setting, and the machine sped up a little, then she picked up the second cone and held it to her other breast. Only a few drops came out at first, then larger squirts. The machine sped up again, this time on its own, presumably at a pre-programmed time, and milk dribbled into the bottles at a steady pace. Sam watched in fascination as the nipples distended again and again, releasing a white stream every time.

“How much comes out?”

“I can usually get six ounces at a time. Once I did over eight. It’s been harder lately without Arden around. My production has slipped a little.”

Sam couldn’t quite make sense of that. “What difference does it make if Arden is around?”

“The pump does a good job of emptying me out, but somehow my body knows the difference between the machine and a real mouth. I always produce more if I have someone get it from the source at least once a day. Angela or Rich will do it most days, but they get busy. I could always count on Arden.”

“Oh,” was all Sam could think to say. She could feel herself getting moist at the thought of Arden sucking on those breasts every day, and imaged herself doing the same.

Keiko seemed to read her mind. “Now that you’re here, maybe you could do it for me sometimes.” There was uncertainty in her voice. “If you think you’d like that,” she added.

Sam’s mouth felt dry, but she nodded. “I think I might like that.” The pump droned on and the bottles steadily filled with milk. The sexual tension in the room had risen several notches, and Sam struggled to find something to say. “How long does it take you to finish?” She finally asked.

“About fifteen minutes, sometimes closer to twenty, depending on how my supply is that day.” As they talked, Keiko held the cones to her breasts, one in each hand, and Sam realized that the other woman really couldn’t do anything else until she was finished.

“And how often do you have to do it?”

“Every three hours during the day, plus once at midnight. Seven times total.”

Sam’s brows rose. “That is a heck of a time commitment. That’s what? Like, an hour and a half every day?”

“More like two when you figure in set-up and clean-up. But it is part of my work and I love it.” Keiko’s confidence returned as she talked about a subject she obviously felt strongly about. “There’s a Japanese word, kaizen, it means ‘continual improvement.’ It’s the idea of constantly trying to do better, every day in small but consistent ways.” Sam noticed her sit up straighter as she talked. “Every day I work to improve my cooking, to learn more about the art of cuisine. I’m also always trying to improve the quality and quantity of my milk.”

“The quality?”

“Yes. Not all breast milk is the same. Mine is sweet, right? And slightly earthy?” Sam nodded. “But it could also be bitter, sour, even soapy tasting. It could be thick and rich, or thin and watery. The flavor is strongly influenced by a woman’s diet, her health, and her personal genetics. I was lucky with the genetics, but the rest I work on every day.”

Sam was taken aback by the other woman’s dedication to something that she had been thinking of as a kink. Though, really, everything had happened so suddenly that she hadn’t had a chance to conceptualize it fully yet. She realized that, for Keiko at least, this wasn’t just a fetish. It was a lifestyle that she Escort Bayan was seriously committed to.

The machine droned on for a few more minutes while Sam watched in thoughtful silence. Finally, Keiko leaned forward, and in an obviously practiced move, held both bottles to her chest while turning off the machine. Still leaning forward, she broke the seal on one of the cones and gently shook the last drops into the funnel. She then repeated the procedure on the other side. She held up one nearly full bottle and then the other, and smiled brightly. “Seven ounces. Not bad.”

Keiko disconnected the tubes and carefully removed the tops from the bottles. She replaced them with simple caps and placed the bottles in the refrigerator. Sam noticed that there was already a stoppered glass pitcher in the fridge that was about a third of the way filled with milk. “Making the ice cream wiped out most of my reserve, I think we’ll do Thai tea at lunch.” She closed the door and walked back to Sam. “Thanks for keeping me company while I pumped.”

“Sure, it was…” Weird, hot, fascinating? “Really cool.”

Keiko studied her face. Standing, Sam was a good four or five inches taller than the other woman, but seated on her stool, they looked eye to eye. The young Asian woman seemed to come to a decision and before Sam knew what was happening, she leaned forward and gave Sam a long, smoldering kiss. Sam was too shocked to respond at first but soon returned it with enthusiasm. She’d kissed a girl before, but this was different. She wasn’t drunk, and this wasn’t her safe, familiar best friend. This whole situation, this whole day, was so far from safe and familiar, she would need a map and compass to find it again. Yet as the dark-haired beauty tangled her fingers in Sam’s red mane, Sam couldn’t imagine wanting to get back to familiar territory. She was having too much fun. When Keiko finally straightened, Sam was breathless. She wanted more.

Keiko took a half-step back and let out a long breath. “I’ve wanted to do that all week.”

“I’m glad you finally did,” Sam said, and found that she really meant it.

“You liked it?”

Sam nodded. “I’d like it even better if you did it again.”

Keiko grinned and stepped back up to Sam. This time Sam wrapped her arms around the other woman’s slender waist and pulled her close, their breasts crushing together and her thighs pressed onto Keiko’s hips. Sam’s skin was still tacky with the heavy sunscreen, but it soon warmed between the two bodies, producing a pleasant slickness. Sam felt a delicate tongue enter her mouth and gave a quiet moan. The two women explored one another for several minutes before Keiko backed out of the embrace. Sam was practically panting with desire and only reluctantly let the other woman go.

Keiko was flushed and it took her a moment to find her voice. “Wow, now I really wish I’d done that sooner.” Then she got that thoughtful look again. “Maybe—” she began, but whatever she was about to say was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and closing.

Sam panicked, adrenaline coursing through her as she jumped from her seat. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” She looked around wildly for her clothes before she remembered that they were upstairs. She snatched the towel from her chair and frantically started to wrap it around herself.

Keiko placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “It’s all right,” she soothed. “It’s what we do around here. Remember?”

Sam did remember, and the panic receded a little. They were all nudists, not just Keiko, and she had decided to try being one too. Reluctantly, she let the towel drop, although she didn’t let it go.

Just then Arden breezed in. He glanced at Sam, smiled at Keiko, and headed straight for the fridge. He started rooting around for something and said over his shoulder. “Decided to take the plunge, huh? Good for you.” He found what he was looking for, a clear sports bottle filled with something blue, maybe a blueberry smoothie, and then straightened. He was wearing jams, flip-flops, and a loose tank. His hair was damp.

“How was surfing?” Keiko asked.

He shrugged as he shook the bottle, flipped the cap, and took a swig. “Not bad for this time of year. Caught a few good waves.”

“You staying for lunch?”

“Nah, just came home to have a shower, maybe catch a nap, then I’m meeting some people in the city. I should be home for dinner though.”

Keiko nodded, the fact that she was naked not seeming to faze either her or Arden in the slightest. Sam had to exert all her willpower not to pull the towel up over her chest, and her heart was hammering so loud she was sure the others would hear it.

Arden finished gulping down his drink and then rinsed the bottle and put it in the sink. He finally turned to Sam again and said, “See you at dinner?”

Sam managed a wide-eyed nod, and he said, “Cool.”

He waved at Keiko, and just like that he was gone again.

Sam waited until she could no longer Bayan Escort hear his footsteps going up the stairs before she let out a breath and started giggling hysterically. Keiko stared for a second then joined in.

“Oh! My! God!” Sam blurted, as soon as she could catch her breath. “I just stood here, naked, while you talked to a guy.”

“I told you, it’s what we usually do around here.”

“Yeah,” said Sam, her heart rate finally starting to fall. “But when he saw me he didn’t even bat an eye.”

Keiko shrugged. “It was a little weird for me at first too, but Arden was raised a nudist. It’s normal to him.”

Sam frowned. “So he’s seen so many naked girls he doesn’t even notice?” She was a little disappointed about that. She didn’t expect him to fall down drooling or anything, but his total lack of reaction was kind of a let-down.

“Oh, he noticed,” Keiko assured her. “He’s just cool about it.” She paused and cleared her throat. “I really enjoyed spending some time with you.”

“Me too,” said Sam.

She smiled. “I hate to say it, but I do have work to do. I should get started on some things for lunch.”

“Oh,” said Sam, disappointed, then her stomach rumbled. All the excitement had burned off breakfast in a hurry.

Keiko laughed. “There’s fresh fruit on the table.”

“Do you want me to help with lunch? I don’t really have anything planned for today.”

“Thank you, but no. My kitchen. I work best alone.” She said it with a smile. Sam, hesitated, then stepped forward and leaned down to give the other woman one more kiss. Keiko returned it with passion, and soon the two of them were wrapped in each other arms.

Several dizzying minutes passed before Keiko backed up again. “Keep that up and I won’t get any lunch made.”

“I’d be okay with that.” She gave the other woman a look that said she was hungry, but not for food.

“I’ll bet you would.” Keiko replied. “But I’m not sure everyone else would be so understanding. Now shoo, so I can get some work done.”

Sam gave in reluctantly. She gave the smaller woman one last, quick kiss, grabbed her towel, and went to find some fruit.


Sam grabbed an orange and a banana from a bowl on the dining room table, but then wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. Between the encounter with Arden and her make-out session with Keiko she was practically high on hormones and adrenaline. She finally decided to eat her fruit by the pool and try to calm down a little. So, towel in hand, she opened the sliding glass door and stepped out.

Sam sat in the shade by the bar and ate her fruit, then got into the pool. She had been nude for a couple of hours. She wasn’t sure if she could be a full time nudist, but for now she was enjoying it, especially when she was in the water. She swam a couple more laps and then drifted on her back, basking in the sun and relishing the weightless sensation. She both feared and hoped that Arden would show up again, and felt a little slutty for it. After all, she was into Keiko. That meant she should stop picturing the way his long, smooth cock looked pumping in and out of the lovely woman’s body. Right? She was back to being confused. Not to mention insanely horny and more than a little frustrated.

She grew bored with the water, too keyed up to do anything for very long. She got out, toweled off, and laid down on one of the loungers letting her skin soak up the warmth of the morning. The thought of being caught, nude, kept tightening her stomach, and she had to remind herself over and over that what she was doing was not just acceptable here, but practically expected. After soaking up the sun for maybe ten minutes, the alabaster-skinned redhead grabbed her towel and headed back inside. She’d never been one to lie out for hours at a time. She couldn’t tan anyway, so she never saw the point.

After the warmth of the California sun, the air conditioning felt frigid and goosebumps broke out on her skin. She still didn’t see anyone around so she popped her head into the kitchen from which delicious smells were emerging. Keiko was working over a cutting board chopping vegetables wearing an apron, and nothing else.

“Smells good.” Sam commented, leaning on the doorframe, but not quite entering Keiko’s domain.

Keiko smiled and said, “Thanks.” She paused, took a long swallow of water from a big bottle on the counter, and scooped the vegetables into a bowl. She moved to the refrigerator. Sam enjoyed the view as she bent to fetch something from a lower shelf. The normally demure young woman felt like a creepy guy leering at another woman’s ass, and laughed at herself for it. She was definitely in uncharted territory today.

“What are we having for lunch?”

“Honey glazed chicken with jalapeño-mint dipping sauce, stir fried vegetables, and saffron infused rice.”

Sam’s eyebrows went up, “Wow, that sounds great. Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?”

The dark haired woman gave her a level look. Escort “You can stop asking me silly questions and let me cook.”

Sam grinned sheepishly. “Sorry.”

Keiko softened her look with a grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll forgive you this time. Just go find something to do and don’t come back until lunch. You’re too distracting, standing there like that. I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Sam grinned back. “Yes ma’am.”

Sam went back to her room and thought about reading a book, but ended up checking e-mail and surfing the internet. Even doing that in the buff felt a little naughty. She considered sending Beth a message, but wasn’t sure how much she wanted to tell her. Definitely not about the breast milk. Beth had drunk a big glass of it straight when she had stayed for dinner, Sam remembered, but she was not about to tell her friend that. She could tell her about trying out the nudist thing and maybe even about Keiko, but not yet. She decided not to pique her very curious friend’s interest until she’d decided exactly what she was going to say.

When it got close to lunchtime Sam decided to take another shower to wash off the chlorine from the pool. Sam had a moment of hesitation before going back downstairs. Would anyone else be dressed? She didn’t think so, but was afraid that her new found body-confidence would quickly fade if Angela and Rich were back and had their clothes on. She finally decided that at worst she’d be embarrassed, and then have to come back up and dress.

Angela and Rich were coming from the direction of their bedroom when Sam came down the stairs. Her pulse raced when she saw them, and again she had to fight the urge to cover herself. But they were nude too, and that was strangely comforting. Clearly, Keiko had told them they had the green light to resume their normal lifestyle. She paused, took a deep breath, and continued towards the dining room.

Angela had been talking to Rich and didn’t spot Sam until she was about to sit down. When she did she stopped short and broke into a huge grin. “Well, I knew you were a beautiful girl when I hired you, but I had no idea.” She gave Sam a look that took in her entire body.

Sam blushed from head to toe, something that was now entirely obvious to everyone.

“Angel,” Rich scolded gently, using a pet name Sam had only heard him use once or twice, “You’re embarrassing the girl.” He turned to Sam. “Just have a seat and relax. Before you know it you won’t even remember you’re not wearing clothes.”

Sam doubted that, but she appreciated the encouraging words.

As they all sat, Angela said. “Sorry, I know how difficult it can be the first time. I’m very proud of you for being so brave. When Keiko said you had decided to join us, I was thrilled, but I’ll admit I had my doubts about whether you’d follow through. I’m so glad you did.”

Sam relaxed a little under the praise. Keiko came in with the rice and vegetables, she had shed her apron, and Sam relaxed a little more. The chicken came next, the peppers and the mint somehow making the dish taste hot and cool at the same time. And to ease the burn, they each had a glass of milky tea. There was something about being with a group of entirely naked people that made it seem more natural. Although, she couldn’t help stealing glances at Angela’s breasts. She’d seen them for most of the week through various sheer or mesh tops, and once from her window, but it wasn’t the same as staring at them from three feet away. They were modest, perhaps a B cup, but shapely, with prominent, dusky red nipples. She wondered if Angela had nursed Arden as a baby. An image came unbidden to her mind of the tall, tanned young man sucking eagerly at his mother’s bosom. Sam hastily refocused her attention on her plate and wished brain-bleach was a real thing.

When Sam had composed herself she asked about the location scouting. Rich told her about a recent rock slide into the ocean that had created some dramatic scenery. She got swept up in his enthusiasm as he described possibilities for photographing the surging waves and jagged rocks. By the end of the meal Sam hadn’t quite forgotten that she was naked, but she was feeling more at ease.

Keiko came out to clear up and let Sam help her. When they were done, Rich came to the edge of the kitchen and asked, “Keiko? Are we still on for today?”

She nodded and turned to Sam. “I need to go shopping later. Would you like to come along? I’ll be ready in about an hour.”

“Um, sure.” She was dying to know what Keiko and Rich were “on for” but it seemed awkward to ask since Keiko could have simply told her.

Keiko wiped her hand on a towel and left with Rich. Sam followed them as far as the dining room, and then watched them head for Rich’s studio, the one part of the house she still hadn’t been in. When they were gone Sam asked, “What was that about?”

Angela was still sitting at the table, sipping at a cup of coffee Keiko had given her at the end of the meal. “Keiko still models for Rich from time to time.”

Sam thought of the shoot by the pool and wondered what kind of modeling Keiko did, but before she could ask any more questions Angela said, “Did I hear that you were going shopping with Keiko this afternoon?”

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