Naked Professor Duties


End of Summer Session — July 14th 2020

Professor Jennifer Mclaren was fed up having to teach online classes using Zoom, and the past few months had been long and unsettling. Overall, she found the online process awkward and ineffective. She was becoming accustomed to seeing eyes glaze over.

Having had enough, she decided to break the rules. The online summer semester was almost over and she needed the students’ full attention for the review. The exam was going to be tough and there was no chance she’d grade them leniently because of the lockdown.

She got naked in her backyard where she often did her video lectures. The community where she lived was spacious enough that she had privacy along a nearby river stream. As a biology professor — who’s courses emphasize outdoor biology and reproduction — being in tune with nature was part of her job.

Could her breasts be the new secret to her teaching success?

This idea was hatched several days ago, and with a few minutes before the online class started, Jennifer laid on the grass and fingered herself.

Her pussy immediately turned wet as her two fingers worked their magic. Outdoor masturbation was her guilty pleasure and her big nipples were swollen. She stopped at the brink of orgasm, wanting to remain in a sexualized state.

A minute before class started, Jennifer pulled her fingers out and cleaned them with a paper towel. She put on her panties and leggings, but remained barefoot on the grass. For her top, she slipped on a form-fitting white tshirt Nothing else.

She sat on the grass and opened her laptop, knowing this ploy would help focus the attention of her students on her, instead of their phones.

Jennifer was blessed with large nipples that matched her statuesque frame and she intended to use them to their full potential. It was a decision that plagued her, but for the success of her students, she was willing to pay the price.

When she logged into her Zoom account, she kept the camera focused only on her face. As always, she started class on time. When all the stragglers finally joined, she did the unthinkable.

Jennifer zoomed the camera outward so that her upper-body was shown clearly, along with the background of the trees and scenic beauty. On her laptop window, she saw her own nipples poking through her thin tshirt as the sun beamed down. She could only imagine what her students thought.

After a few seconds, she noticed a couple of male students looking closer at their screen. She even saw some of them clicking on their keypad, presumably to enlarge her image.

“Morning everyone,” she said with a smile. “It’s our last class and I’m proud of all of you. And I know that many of you will be in my Fall semester courses, so it’s really important that you receive a passing grade here. So please, pay extra close attention for today’s review.”

Diving into the lecture, Jennifer’s pussy was still buzzing from the outdoor masturbation session. But that was the whole point. It kept her nipples stimulated and seeing more eyes veer down to her chest was an exhilarating rush.

These students were mesmerized by her tits. It was almost comical to watch how many eyes were now drifting down.

Had this been a mistake? Forcing herself to ignore any negative consequence, she plunged into her lecture. As a consummate professional, she went through the class material for nearly two hours.

Beginning of Fall Semester — August 24th 2020

As with all educational institutions, the University re-opened with a cautious approach. Many classes were still being conducted online. Others were strictly in-person. Some were hybrid models.

To her delight, she stepped into her early morning classroom and could sense the eagerness from her students. Enrollment was down across the campus, but her classroom seemed almost full. Perhaps the science students had a stronger thirst for in-person learning, she thought.

Jennifer’s teaching philosophy was threefold: 1) to inspire a lifelong journey 2) to engage directly with students in the classroom, and 3) to integrate the classroom experience with something that would prove useful to a real world career in science.

Taking center stage, the students gave their full attention. Jennifer felt an energy she hadn’t felt in many months. This was life. She was used to the occasional creepy leers from a few male students, but this time it was ridiculous. Borderline obscene! She figured that these college boys were probably sex starved from the lockdown.

“Good morning class,” she said, starting things off. “I’m Professor Mclaren and welcome to Human Biology 350. It’s good to be back in the classroom, isn’t it?”

Her warm smile radiated in the classroom, and in return, she had gotten plenty of suggestive nods from male and female students alike.


Heading back to her office after class, she was convinced this was a turning point. She hadn’t garnered this much attention in years. She had quickly gotten over the leering aydınlı escort and dismissed it as the sexual frustration of young people.

Jennifer sat behind her office desk with a fresh cup of coffee and sifted through emails. It was a standard affair for the first day of a new semester. Most emails were from students wanting to add a course or make small inquiries.

But there was one email that would change her life forever.

Hi Professor Mclaren,

This is Amrita Patel. I was previously in several of your classes and now I’m a grad student going for a Master’s Degree.

I’m assigned to be your T.A. for the Advanced Reproductive Biology course. It’s a real honor and a last minute addition thanks to the Dean.

Additionally, I’m also the new President of the Inter-Sexual Students Association and a lot of our members are in this 11 am class. There’s only a small number of students so it’ll be an intimate learning experience.

Anyway, news has quietly spread amongst students about your extra-curricular activities. Frankly, I think it’s so cool that you’re open-minded like we are. I never could have imagined that you’re actually one of us.

Can you please have a look at some of our recent meetings? It’s how we heal and unite, while also advancing in the studies of biological sciences.

Let me know what you think of these short clips. We think fondly of you!

x Amrita

This was the first time Jennifer had ever been given a Teaching-Assistant without her knowledge. It was customary for teachers to pick. Equally as surprising was this ‘reputation’ Amrita was referring to.

Brushing off any concern, Jennifer opened the link.

The video played on her laptop and she saw Amrita butt naked outdoors. It was the side of campus that was secluded and blended with nature. Amrita was laying on her back doing yoga-style stretches with open legs. It seemed like the purpose of this was to allow sunshine into her glistening wet vagina.

In another clip, Amrita was naked in a lecture hall along with other students of all races and backgrounds. They were standing in a circle doing yoga poses. Fast forwarding the video, Amrita guided a female student to her back while male students formed a line.

When the first male student penetrated the female at Amrita’s direction, it became too much to comprehend. This was pornography. On school grounds!

Closing the video, Jennifer was flabbergasted. In all her years in academia, she had never seen anything like this. Sure, a female student had accidentally sent her naked selfies before, but that was meant for a boyfriend. And she had seen dick pics from idiot students, sent to her from proxy email accounts, but that was anonymous and cowardly behavior.

This was something different. This was the first time a student had ever bared her sexuality in the most brazen way imaginable.

Jennifer decided to respond tactically. These days with political correctness, students have a lot of power so it was smart to be cautious. She replied:

Hi Amrita,

I’m thrilled to have you as my T.A. It’s unexpected news.

As for your videos, it’s most interesting. I’ll admit, it really caught me off guard.

Can we meet privately in my office later? I’d like to talk some things over with you.

Prof. Mclaren

After dealing with thousands of students in her life, this was easily the most unusual circumstance she had ever found herself in.


Jennifer was positive that the Dean of the university really wanted to fuck her. She had always gotten that vibe from him, and women can always tell. Being as savvy as she was, she had turned that to her advantage, being able to have private meetings whenever she wanted.

They started off with the usual small talk, with the Dean wanting to know how the students are doing, and Jennifer provided a rundown of her honest feedback. Then she dropped the bombshell.

“A former student of mine named Amrita Patel is claiming to be my new teaching assistant. She also claims that you personally selected her for the job.”

The Dean winced, then he looked surprised. “Oh yeah, that’s correct. I was supposed to tell you about that but I forgot. My schedule is relentless.”

“Likewise. And do you know about the activities of the Inter-Sexual Students Association? This particular student is the President of that organization and she sent me material…”

He interrupted, “Stop right there. I know what you’re referring to, and quite frankly, I’m allowing it.”

Jennifer was stunned by the swift rebuke. She always had a great working relationship with the Dean and had become accustomed to having her concerns heard and pondered. Never had she been shut down like this.

It was also clear that the Dean knew exactly what she was referring to.

“You’re allowing it?” she asked curiously. “Students are having sex on campus and inside classrooms. Ordinarily they’d be disciplined, or even expelled bağdat caddesi escort for this.”

“Yes — ordinarily — but these are unusual times.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Which means that students get to send me campus pornography with zero repercussions?”

“It’s a new world and we have to adapt.”

“Let me be clear about something,” she said, trying to center herself. “I don’t want anyone expelled. I don’t want anyone disciplined. All I want is to protect the reputation of this academic institution. Think about the internet. Something like this will go viral and end up on every porn site on the planet. This university will be ruined.”

The Dean shook his head and leaned in. “Here’s the unfortunate truth, Jenny. The school will be broke. Flat, fucking broke.”

Jennifer was flabbergasted as the Dean delivered the news in a solemn tone. The curse word added an extra touch. Everyone knew there’d be a financial hit, but to use the word ‘broke’ to describe the situation?

“How? I thought the budget was balanced.”

“That was before. People don’t want to pay for a half-assed online education. Many students are waiting until there’s a vaccine before returning to campus. Students are dropping classes at unprecedented levels.”

“Oh my god,” she sighed.

“We’re looking at serious cuts if things don’t turn around next semester. We have to be inventive to lure students back to the classroom. It’s the reality of our situation.”

As a tenured professor, she reflected on the privilege she had having a guaranteed income. Not everyone was in the same situation. Having taught here for nearly a decade, she viewed the faculty and staff as family. Layoffs would be devastating.

Then something clicked in Jennifer’s head and it all made sense.

“Why did Amrita email me that video?” she inquired. “And what did she hear about me? Apparently there are rumors going around about how ‘open-minded’ I am to certain things.”

The Dean remained steadfast as she presented her question.

“Your nipples were poking through your tshirt in a recent Zoom class. That lecture was recorded and shared privately by students on various social media sites. A lot of students joked that they’d register for your classes again.”

“An unfortunate incident,” she said through clenched teeth, hiding her sudden regret for showing her nipples.

“But it got me thinking. So I may have let information slip to the Inter-Sexual Association that you’re an ally of their cause.”

Jennifer went wide-eyed. “You what!?”

“Now wait a second,” the Dean said with outstretched hands, trying to calm things down. “It worked, didn’t it? Enrollment went up.”

She exhaled, shaking her head. “What exactly did you tell these students?”

“I told the club that you’re a body-positive sexually liberated educator that shares their philosophy.”

“But I don’t,” she said, once again gritting her teeth.

“Think about the students. We both know online learning doesn’t work. They need to be in the classroom. Think of all the jobs you’re saving. You’ve always been a wonderful team player.”

“I still am,” she reminded.

“Then you’d agree that maybe Ms. Patel has new teaching methodologies that could have great potential. We have to think beyond the pandemic and into the future of education. Keep an open mind and listen to what she has to offer. Ms. Patel is one of our brightest grad students.”

When the Dean said that, Jennifer’s ears perked. Finding new ways of engaging students had long been her desire. Her interest was piqued at this novel approach, but there was still a lot of consequences to consider.

Jennifer played coy. “It sounds like you’re letting the inmates run the asylum.”

“Not at all. You’ll be in charge of the class.”

“I understand.”

“So you’ll work with Ms. Patel?”

Being a team player meant sacrifices. Being a tenured professor who was on track to becoming a Department Chair also meant putting students first.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try,” she said, playfully throwing her hands up. “This planet is backwards at the moment and there’s nothing to lose.”

The Dean smiled, “I knew you’d see things my way.”

Advanced Reproductive Biology– The 11 am Class

She left the meeting flustered. Part of her was shocked, they actually expected her — Jennifer Mclaren, Professor of Biology – to adapt an experimental teaching methodology which required her to embrace nudity at the whims of her ‘sexually liberated’ young students.

This was inconceivable at any other point in history, but at the same time, it was true that the standard method of teaching was becoming outdated at a rapid pace. Evolution needed to happen within academics, which involved drastic measures.

Back in her office, all she could think about was how her body would react or feel. Just the idea of being around naked students, or being naked herself, caused her heart to beat bahçelievler escort faster. She imagined her clothes being removed, eyes feasting on her body, maybe a little touching.

Reflexively, her hand slipped to her breasts and she gently squeezed them through her lace bra. ‘Would they like my body?’ She asked herself. She let her hand slip lower, rubbing her tummy and down to her thighs.

Jennifer shook those feelings off when she looked at the time. She had never masturbated in her office before and she didn’t intend to start now.

Class was starting soon and she checked her emails again in case there was anything urgent. One of them caught her attention:

Hello Prof. Mclaren,

I’m here early and the students in Advanced Reproductive Biology seem restless. I’m taking them outside to the park area near Phelps Hall. I hope you don’t mind. The Dean said this was okay.

See you there!


It was the first time anyone had ever steered her class without her knowledge. She had always prided herself on being the captain of the ship. But she had to remind herself that this was a new world.

She smoothed her clothing, grabbed her things, and locked the office door.


The outdoor area was a bit of a distance so she walked briskly. At this rate, she’d be late, but there was nothing she could do. Especially when other students and faculty members made quick chats with her.

Once outside, Jennifer saw her group of students standing in a circle. There were 19 of them, eyes closed, with their faces up at the sky to absorb the natural rays of sunlight.

Amrita Patel was leading the pact with a yoga routine with hands pressed together in a praying position. The grad student was wearing a long Indian-style Ghaghra skirt, a colorful blouse, and a traditional saree to complete the look.

The teaching-assistant undressed with remarkable ease. Everything came off in front of all the other students. Her skin was a beautiful chocolate color and her black nipples appeared rock hard. Amrita blushed and giggled while rubbing her hands on her bare hips.

Other students blushed and giggled, too. More than half of the other students also chose to get naked, and after shaking off the initial nerves, they reformed their circle. Their faces tilted up towards the sun.

“Now harness more of the sun’s energy,” Amrita said, promoting a holistic style.

The teaching-assistant was the first to lay on the grass, flat on her back. Then she lifted her legs in the air and spread her ankles apart. Years of yoga had allowed Amrita to hold this pose with ease. It allowed sunlight to shine in her vaginal entrance.

Other students followed and performed the difficult pose to the best their bodies would allow.

“Stretch, spread, and feel,” Amrita said, as if this were more of a spiritual class than a rigorous academic course.

For once, Professor Mclaren felt like an intruder in her own class. She did her best to embrace the nudity, as this was the ‘new normal.’ Then she marched towards the group of mostly naked students.

“Good morning,” Professor Mclaren said to the group, catching her breath from the speed walking. “My apologies for being late.”

The group gave their pleasant greetings to the professor in the midst of their stretching and outdoor leisure.

Amrita kept her legs open. “Hi, professor. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m leading the group in a pre-learning exercise. Before our minds can get in tune with nature, our bodies must be there first.”

The simple statement was all Jennifer needed to know that she’d be in for a long semester. She was almost entranced by the sight of the penises and vaginas that surrounded her. Amrita seemed to be wet by this process, with sunlight glistening from that pink hole.

“Can I have a private word with you for a moment?” the professor asked.

“Sure thing.”

Giving one last stretch, Amrita stood up and pressed her bare feet onto the grass. Instead of getting dressed, the teaching-assistant remained naked with dark nipples and a bare body on full display.

They stepped aside in the outdoor area. There weren’t many people around in this part of campus. The students ended their stretching and shared banter.

“What exactly did the Dean tell you?” Professor Mclaren asked.

“Is something wrong?”

It was obvious that the last thing Amrita wanted was conflict. Could a partnership like this really work? Could they really form a collaborative effort to further the state of modern education?

Professor Mclaren’s eyes went up and down the nude body. “Nothing’s wrong. I’d just like to know so we’re on the same page.”

“I was told that I’d be an integral part of this course. That the teachings of the human body and sexuality would be unfettered. That we’d be allowed to explore new ideas.”

“Naked,” the teacher added.

“Clothing optional is a more accurate term,” Amrita smiled. “Students should be made to feel comfortable in their environment, which is what we have to create.”

Jennifer’s eyes inadvertently drifted to the breasts again. “Of course. Honestly, I’m still trying to process everything. I’m from a different generation.”

“I completely understand,” Amrita replied. “My parents are religious and super traditional. They’d freak if they ever found out about this.”

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