Nadia Nails It


Hey all, this story is WAAAAYYY different than what you’re used to from me. If you are one of my regular fans, you may be disappointed. If you are into amazonian girls with muscles on the other hand, this might be just the thing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t represent a sea-change in my work, just the results of a request from a beloved fan. Have requests of your own? Contact me via my profile page!



It shook the room.

The entire gym had stopped and was looking at me. It’s no surprise really, this was the first time any of these wimps had heard what it sounded like when someone finally let an entire weight stack of 290 lbs down for a final rep.

Her final rep.

I sat up and admired the pump-result of my latest set, my gorgeous twenty-three inch biceps still ballooned up from the effort, rivaled in size only by the breasts between them, mounted high and served up by the monstrous pectorals beneath them. If I kept getting more ripped I’d be tempted to consider implants to keep things proportional, but muscle would always come first.

The muscles were the most impressive part of the package, but they came with a lovely thick crop of brown hair arranged in a perfect pixie-cut, a pair of deep brown eyes, and 5’11” of huge muscles, huge tits, and the hugest arrogant smile ever to grace a pair of thick lips. I puckered up and blew a kiss to that girl looking back at me in the mirror, deciding the two of us were ready to conquer this place like we deserved.

I approached the desk of the Westwood Fitness Center, cocking my head in recognition of the man who’d let me in the door for my free trial, Chase. He was decently built, though not big enough to take me.

“Alright, I’ve made a full circuit. You’ll have to let me use some of the machines weird since they don’t have enough weight for me, but I’ve decided I’m willing to train here. How much?”

Chase arched an eyebrow, he had that wonderful look of puppy-dog terror I do so love to inspire.

“Our standard rate is $351.”

“I want at least $400.”

“What? No, that’s what it costs for you to work out here, 351 dollars is our annual rate plus initiation fee.”

I laughed, muscles firm while my tits jiggled. “No, Chase, four hundred is what I’m charging you for the privilege of working out in your gym. You could have no better advertisement than someone who looks like me. Some will come just to ogle me work out. Others will come to see if they can get the same results, but either way that’s money in your boss’s pocket that I could just as well be taking to any other gym who might offer me even more.”

He gaped a long moment, jaw working a bit as he seemed to be thinking through everything I’d just said. It’s not his fault; while some of us are perfectly brilliant, there’s plenty to back up the meathead stereotype that pervades establishments such as these. Chase was nice enough on the eyes, sure, but I wasn’t going to ask him to do my term paper or anything.

“I don’t know. Why not just go somewhere that will make you more if that’s really true?” He threw out what was sure to be his last point of resistance.

“That’s easy, Chase: I like it here. Do we have a deal?”

Another long pause, but then he flung out his meaty palm and it met mine in a slap as we shook hands. I gave the gesture just an ounce of my total strength which seemed enough to cow him a bit as he agreed to my terms.

A few hours later I was finally managing to work up a real sweat, powering my way through the rest of the machines, and now working some bench presses with a barbell loaded to 415 lbs. I didn’t have anyone spotting me, but that was fine, this was a pretty light load for me so it would be safe if something unexpected happened. Lots of guys had been watching me work, some to the point where they’d completely stopped training themselves. Idiots. The first few times one of them tried to approach I’d just make brief eye contact, expressionless, that tended to have a pretty intimidating effect I’ve found. Eventually they possed up and talked amongst themselves, seeming to decide there was safety in numbers.

As was inevitable, the group of the local gym rats finally decided to come mark their territory a little, all five of them swaggered up to me as one. I’m not going to knock these guys too hard, some of them had clearly been putting in real work, and while they might lack my own discipline or genetic benefits, there were some twenty inch biceps in the group, one guy had beautiful shoulders and another wasn’t as bulky but had some of the most proportional definition I’d ever seen.

“Hey man,” said the big biceps, “what did they do with your dick after you had them cut it off.”

I stood, slowly, letting my full height bring me to just a bit taller than him.

“I never had one,” I spoke slowly, letting the easy contemptuous sneer take to my lips, “but I had, it would be a lot bigger than yours.”

Two of the guys actually laughed at that and he glared, I’d touched a nerve, bursa escort or possibly a penis the size of a nerve.

“Say that again!” He growled, his hands coming up awkwardly between us.

“No, you say it.” I said, grabbing his fingers in mine, setting us into the classic ‘mercy’ position. He strained against me, but I was faster, younger and stronger than this asshole and it took almost no effort to twist both of his arms down, locking his elbows against his will and applying pressure.

“AIIIGH! Let me go you crazy bitch!”

“Who’s got a tiny dick?” I calmly asked.

“I DO! I DO! AW FUCK LET GO!” I released him.

“Now see? Doesn’t it feel good to just admit it and get it off your chest?” I cooed.

He slunk off behind the others, but kept close, hoping something would break his way in the next few moments. I wouldn’t be sorry to disappoint me.

Deltoids, (the guy with the nice shoulders) was next, he approached me more calmly.

“You’ve got the bulk of a lifetime body-builder, but you can’t be more than… 19?” he guessed.

“Eighteen, but I turn nineteen in a couple of months. Not bad, most guys can’t guess even close to my age.”

“Well I’m not gonna lie, you’re just shredded, ma’am. I’m Dan.” He put out a hand to shake, I gave it a week five, not trusting anything just yet.

“Dan the Deltoids. Hm. What’s your max?” I wandered over to the Hammer-Strength shoulder press machine as I spoke, smirking to myself at the way they all looked around, and then tentatively followed.

“190.” he said.

“Alright. I’ll make you a deal. If you can shoulder-press 190 on this machine, I’ll let you guys work out in my gym. But if I can do more than you, you have to do one thing I say. Deal?”

He looked stunned, “Wait, what if I can do more than you?”

There was a pause.

Then I laughed for a whole minute without stop.


He let the plate stack back down; It had clearly been a huge struggle for him, and I didn’t wonder if maybe he’d exaggerated what he could do a little in order to impress me, but being called on it forced him to a new personal best. Of course he wouldn’t admit it if that were the case, but I had to wonder all the same. I gave him a five that seemed like it might have hurt him a little before taking my turn at the machine.

“How much do you weigh?” I asked him. he shrugged those pretty shoulders, “220. Why?”

Wordlessly I grabbed his wrists and placed them on the weights so he was in a raised push-up position, now at least a 3rd or more of his body weight was added to the 190 lb stack. It was still only 260 maybe, so when I sat down I really made my point by smoothly going through the motion time and time again, not even bothering to count reps; while he’d struggled with his turn I was just making it all look like a walk in the park, and as his upper-body rose and fell with the rest of the weights the look on his face suggested he might be about to pee himself.

“Jesus christ!”

“No way!”

“She’s unREAL!”


The chorus of amazement was enough to tell me I’d won.

“Okay, so what did you want from me?” he whimpered.

“We’ll get to that later. Who’s next?” I looked them all over.

The contest with Mr. Quadriceps was easy enough, he could do a very impressive eight-hundred pound leg-press, but that was nothing compared to the more than a ton my own form could put out. To be fair, leg presses are kind of a sucker’s exercise when put up against proper squats where I know we could both do a lot less, but the look on their faces as I loaded the machine with weight after weight after weight was sort of worth it all the same.

The last of the proper contests was with a guy who did serious resistance rowing and had forearms like a pair of hams. Rather than putting him up against me in rowing I instead brought him to one of the juice-bar’s tables and we arm-wrestled. I was charitable, feigning the mildest of struggles with him before slamming the back of his hand to the table-top. He cursed but also gave me a friendly punch on the shoulder. With the exception of sulky-biceps I was definitely winning these guys over.

Finally I turned my attention to the one with especially nice abs, the evenly-proportioned guy who was younger and slighter than the rest.

“Alright, what’s *your* speciality?* I asked. To my surprise he simply blushed a very deep shade of red.

“You uh, can’t compete with me on that one.”

Well that pissed me off! I launched from my seat and slammed a palm against the wall by his head,

“I promise there’s not a fucking weight you can lift that I can’t lift more.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, b-but I’m n-n-not a lifter, ma’am! I’m just trying to get in shape for when I move to LA.”

I blinked, a thought finally dawning on me.

“You’re… you’re going to be in adult films?”

He nodded.

I grinned, “Well that’s convenient, you can come help these guys cash in the favors escort bursa they owe me. Come on!”

I turned, beckoning the lot of them with one of my huge arms, letting them enjoy the wiggle of my chiseled glutes as I made my way for the men’s locker room.

Well I wasn’t going to make the women uncomfortable was I? Some towels went up around waists as I strutted in, and while towels went up jaws dropped. I swaggered over to the sauna like I owned it, because, really, I did, and opened the door. There were a couple of guys relaxing when I poked my head in, but they didn’t hesitate to bail the second I cocked a thumb for the door over my shoulder.

“Now then, it’s time to get use out of all of you, and we agree I earned it.”

Biceps folded his arms over his chest.

“I didn’t agree to nothin’.” The others scowled; he’d really lost their respect at this point.

“That’s good, because as we already discussed earlier, Mr. Way Overcompensating, you don’t have anything to offer me that I’m interested in anyway.” I leaned in close. “But by the end of this, if you’re very lucky, you’ll be begging to be allowed to eat my ass.”

He trembled at my words and stood off into one corner. I’m not positive why he was bothering to stick around at this point, but my guess would be that some stubborn part of him was still hoping that he’d somehow find a flaw in me to exploit and win his crew back.

“Okay, stud, what’s your porn name gonna be?” I asked Abs.

He blushed again and blinked before answering, “I was thinking of going with Clint Beastwood.”

“Niiiiiiice!” I licked my lips, moist in the steaming sauna already. Both sets. “Okay Clint, you’re gonna get the easiest job to start and one of the harder jobs by the end. I want you to lose the clothes, sit down, and relax. Spread your legs. Wider. Good.”

I began to stip away my own workout gear as he complied with my order, finally revealing my own superior muscles, my abdominal definition is so extreme it’s gone beyond the point where you can really count it in terms of “packs”, I just have a giant slab of perfect muscle that’s etched in ways most people would deem medically impossible, a symmetrical pattern of perfectly isolated core meat, separated by a vast trench in the middle that would run a line all the way up my chest if not for the fact that my humongous breasts obscure the view.

Even biceps had to suck in a breath when those tits came out and the guys stared hungrily at them, beads of sweat already forming to roll down the opulent orbs. I could make them jiggle just by flexing if I wanted to but, I Just kept my pecs tense so they were served up nice and high for the everyone’s eyes to consume. Deltoids had been a good sport about things, so I nominated him for a pleasant job.

“Hey Mr. Vin Diesel-shoulders, keeping these tits sweat free is your job. I want your tongue taking care of these babies at all times. Understand?”

He didn’t answer, he just loomed right in and began to paint my huge boobs with long lusty laps.

I turned to Quadriceps, “Okay, baldy,” (well he was) “I want you to lie on your back with your head riiiiight, there. Think you can do that for me?”

He grinned, not exactly sure where I was going with this but eager to find out, positioning himself a couple of feet from the porn star. Clint Beastwood by the way, definitely deserved his name! hanging soft and floppy in the sauna so far that dick had to be at least eight inches long, and that’s to say nothing about those goose-egg nuts in a shaven scrotum. I don’t tend to Jill-off a lot, but if he did make it into the movies, I might just make an effort.

Lastly I turned to the guy with the huge forearms, “As for you, you’re gonna put those great arms to use. I want you to give me a massage so good I don’t even notice the guy eating my pussy. Got it?”

At first he looked disappointed that his role wouldn’t be so sexual, but then grinned at the thought of getting to use his best feature to it’s best advantage; I’m nothing if not a natural leader.

The time had come to put our plan into motion. Pushing my designated tit-licker aside long enough, I slowly squatted into a kneel over the face of the guy with the huge legs, my cunt was shaved bare for him, clit engorged already at all the getting off I was about to do. He was tentative at first, shy even as he barely flicked that tongue against my hot little button, but as I ground down against him and offered him other parts of my pouty sex to explore he got bolder, probing my depths, rubbing more roughly against my cunt-lips, and coming back to really give that nub hell.

Forearms was already getting those muscular fingers into my shoulders as I leaned forward, making me coo in a rare loss of control. There was something electric that shot through my body, connecting the sensations in my tongue-whipped sex all the way to the loosening muscles of my lats, bringing a full-body shudder to me as I climaxed, tits swaying and jiggling around while I rewarded bursa escort bayan the quad king with a mouthful of girl-cream. The jiggling made my tits hard to capture for the deltoid monster as he knelt and fought to recapture them with his mouth, sucking my tits in hungry mouthfuls now.

I fought through the orgasm, not letting it make me lose my sense of self as I pounced on the porno kid’s porno cock, loving how the huge tube of meat flopping around in my hand even as it was big enough to add a second. I lathed my tongue along it’s surface, teasingly licking the sides, underneath, and the back, always stopping before I reached the head, making him whimper a little and even stomp a heel as he began to harden with frightening speed. I plunged lower to taste those balls, tongue-lashing them, squeezing them with my lips and finally sucking them hard in stuffed mouthfuls. I know some guys don’t like rough treatment on their nuts, but I don’t give a fuck because I treat them however pleases me.

I turned to look over my shoulder a moment, slowly jacking the hung stud as I looked to Biceps, he was breathing hard, clearly enjoying the show while trying not to. By amazing coincidence my clit got sucked at the exact same time my right nipple did, both bursting from mouths with loud pops that echoed in the little sauna, it made me give a little moan before I spoke to him, voice heavy with lust.

“Take off your pants or leave, bitch-boy.” I growled.

“What? I ain’t doin’ that!” he whimpered.

“Yeah you are, or I’ll fucking punch you. Just once. As hard as i can.” I punctuated my threat by lifting a huge, steam-glistening arm and flexing, the muscles bunching into discs and balls that popped out all over, the smallest of them making the biggest of his look like a child’s. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about gym rats, it’s that they tend to respect what they’ve worked the most, and if you can trump them at that, you own them.

I owned him.

He took off his pants.

Now I could see why the others had smirked at his earlier stand-off with me, it isn’t just that I’d be better hung than him if I were a man, I was basically better hung than him already, his dick was barely clit-sized, shriveled and sad looking like a pale egg in a nest of brown pubes. I howled with laughter at him.

“Jesus buddy, did you over-shoot ‘roids or something? That would explain the small dick but shouldn’t your muscles be bigger? I’m confused!”

His whole body turned a deep, shamed red and his dick shrank up even more. Little high-and-tight balls that I could barely see were trying to make an exit as well, like his genitals were fighting to get through too small an exit and blocking each other from vanishing entirely.

I shook my head and turned my attention to the now rigid, succulent piece of cockmeat I’d left in the middle of attending. His length was commanding, and either just under or just over a foot though I couldn’t tell exactly. All I knew is that it was going into my throat and I slammed forward, finally giving his head it’s first taste of attention in the form of jamming deep into my esophagus. It was now that he learned I didn’t just have mastered control over the muscles outside my body, the inner ones too showed remarkable strength and skill as I *HuhGLURKED!* his fat cock into my gullet. Even with all that skill he was making it a challenge to keep my gag-reflex in check, but I managed, sawing his length inside myself like a sword-swallower, making inch-after-inch disappear.

The wonderfully intuitive cunt-licker servicing my pussy mirror my actions, now stabbing his tongue into my quivering quim as deep as it would go, he curled it and raked it up and down over my g-spot, bringing a big gushy orgasm out of me. I howled and leaned back, keeping my head curled down to not lose any of the dick I’d conquered yet, feeling those wonderful fingers dig into my sweaty back, really working the muscles into a perfect, relaxed state. The change in position gave Shoulders more room to work and he was really devouring both tits then, squeezing them together to fit as much of my heavy soft breasts far into his maw, sucking the nipples lustily in *pop* after *pop* of flesh, sweat and slobber spraying into the air with his efforts.

I finally found my way down to those big balls, lips lewdly loving them with a throatful of girthy cock stretching them out. I used my hands and curled his big stones up to grind them against my face, but while I might have been able to treat a lesser man to a balls-in-mouth deepthroat blowjob at this point, with this studs awe-inspiring assets I would simply have to settle for nuzzling them. He didn’t seem to mind, sighing with horny satisfaction, “I’ve never had anyone swallow me all the way before! Do you want to be in movies too?”

I pulled off his cock with nasty wet belch and laughed, flecks of spiraling slobber spraying in all directions “Oh no, when I want big cocks, I take them, I don’t wait for some director to tell me what to do with them! Speaking of which, it’s time to do a little re-organizing. Shoulders, you’re on clit-licking duty, Quads you’ve earned the right to suck my tits, forearms, I want you to get behind me and use those big hands to serve my breasts up for Mr. Big-Legs.

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