Myrna Ch. 05 – Memories


I was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee daydreaming out of the window when Alicia walked in. Still sleepy-eyed and her hair a bit tangled. She looked beautiful and sexy in my flannel shirt. Looking at my lady, I didn’t know if we should go for our walk in the park as we had planned or stay inside.

“Coffee, Sweetie?”

There was a yes, somewhere in that yawn. I had to chuckle to myself. I poured her coffee, and she wrapped her hands around it. Alicia looked at me and smiled.

“Are we still going to the park today, Charlie? I think Tommy’s Food Truck is there. He always has good food.”

“I don’t see why not. That was our first encounter with the Enchanted Forest. I fell in love with you in that forest. And I’m more in love with you now. And Tommy has the best fries in town. Let’s go for our walk. I love walking with you by the lake.”

“Good, I was hoping you would say that. I get so cramped in that cubicle all week and we love the outdoors so much. I think I may wear my new jogging pants, sports bra, and a top.”

“Watching your cute little ass in those jogging pants is going to jog more than a memory.”

Ten o’clock found us strolling around the lake, watching the ducks swim and the fish jump. The day was warm with a few puffy clouds passing through to enjoy the scene. You could smell the aroma of Tommy’s enticing menu from fifty feet away. Oh, yes, double cheeseburger here I come.

I did get the double cheeseburger with fries and Alicia got her favorite pulled pork with Tommy’s special Bar – B – Que sauce. With a couple of cups of iced tea to top it off, lunch at the lake was in full swing. What a perfect day.

“Alicia,” I said, “you make every day a day full of sunshine. The sun bouncing off of your eyes, your glistening eyes soft red lips, you make me love you more every day.”

“Charlie, would the day be brighter if I told you I forgot to wear my sports bra? I just got in a hurry and forgot to put it on.” Alicia said with the voice of a Siren and the look of pure sexuality.

“Girl, why is it, that I feel as though I could have 9-1-1 as number 1 on my speed dial? You know just how to drag me into your seductive ways. Well, to be honest, Büyükesat Escort have me running at full tilt into your seductive ways.”

We strolled farther along the lake we saw an older couple sitting on a bench sharing a sandwich and an iced tea. We thought it would be tough if life brings you to share one sandwich and one cup of tea. They must have read our minds and smiled at us.

“When we were dating, this was all we could afford. But we married and had three beautiful girls. Every Sunday after service, we would come to the park and share two sandwiches and two cups of tea. Our girls learned and our love grew. We are comfortable now. We have seven grandchildren. So now there are twelve of us.”

“When they come to our house, mom makes six sandwiches and six cups of tea. Our eldest grandson promised to continue the tradition of teaching and loving his children. Anne and I hope the same for you two young lovers.”

We looked at the couple, Alicia was tearing up and said, “Charlie and I will never forget you. If we are blessed with children, we will share one sandwich until we need two. God bless you both.”

On our return trip by the lake heading home, the bench where the couple was empty. Alicia and I looked at each other. “Alicia, I love you so much more, now. And I have found heightened respect for you. I wonder if we just looked into our future.” I said.

“Charlie, I think you’re right. And I also love you more, now.

When we were passing the Enchanted Forest, we stopped. I took Alicia in my arms and looked deep into her eyes. She was looking back at me. She moistened her lips and pulled me to her. We kissed a long soft sensual kiss. We held each other tighter than we ever had before.

We walked home only to find the Bitch Mobile parked in front. The sight of the yellow ragtop was not enough to take our day away. We looked at each other, wrapped our arms around each other, and kissed. It felt like a kiss to bind us together.

“Where have you two been all damned day long?” Kathy spewed.

I looked at Alicia and she smiled. I thought, Kathy you did not bring enough game today,

Alicia Elvankent Escort looked at Kathy, paused for a moment, then answered, “None of your fucking business.”

First blood has been drawn.

“I need to talk to you about mom and dad getting a divorce.”

Alicia was grinning, not a good sign, “Are you worried you won’t be in the will if they divorce, or are you worried you won’t have a hole to crawl into when the next guy leaves you at the restaurant because you are being a bitch and you crawl home to mommy?”
Kathy turned her venom to me, “Don’t you have anything to say? Are you going to let her talk to me like that?”

I was trying not to laugh. So, I said, “Yes, I do have something to say. Alicia should not have spoken to you like that.” Kathy fluffed her posture as though she had won.

“No, Alicia should have said Fuck Off and never bring your flat-backing ass around here ever again. This is a respectable neighborhood, and we don’t approve of trash like you making it dirty.”

I looked at Alicia, “Did I miss anything?”

“No, Baby. I think you covered everything. Kathy, fuck off.”

She left, madder than a hatter. Pissed is an understatement.

We went into the apartment. I asked Alicia if she wanted a glass of wine while she showered. She said she would wait until after her shower. Nice!

I gave Alicia about ten minutes to get in the shower, I was undressed in under two minutes. I walked into the bathroom, pulled the shower curtain back, and stepped in.

“Let me wash your back. I promise to do it as well as you did mine the first time. If I remember, You were using the washcloth to wash my back, but somehow your other hand got distracted. While you washed my back, you massaged my balls. So, while I’m washing your back, I will massage your large breasts.


“Then if I remember, you stopped washing my back and wrapped your fingers around my stiffening cock. So, I guess for the substitute, I will put my hand between your legs, and massage your clit. My heavens, your clit is so hard, AND so are your nipples.”

“Charlie, my knees are getting weak, I don’t think Beşevler Escort I can stand much longer.”

I bent Alicia over slightly and slid my cock into her hot pussy and wrapped my arm around her waist.

“Does that help? Are your legs feeling stronger?”

“Charlie, I’m, I’m helpless, I need to, I need to cum.”

I grabbed both of her breasts and firmly milked them. When I got to her stiff nipples, I pinched and pulled them. My cock was busy making room in her wet pussy and massaging her vaginal muscles that were grabbing my shaft.

I bent her over a little more, so I could get more of my cock inside of her. The warm water was streaming over us. I held Alicia’s hips to start a pounding rhythm. With each push forward, my pelvis slapped her full round ass and my cock massaged her more.

Now her full breasts were swinging in unison with my pumping. Alicia’s hands were against the wall for stability. I began pumping her faster, Alicia was moaning and flooding my cock with her climax. Yes, yes. Alicia was at the peak of her orgasm.

With her vaginal muscles squeezing my swollen cock, I couldn’t hold off any longer. With a firm insertion into her body my first stream of sperm shot into Alicia’s waiting opening. Another stroke and more of my balls emptied into her.

Alicia was still lubricating my cock with her climax when my last stream splashed against her insides. We were both panting, trying to recover from our orgasms. Alicia turned around and wrapped her arms around me.

“Charlie. My god, I have never felt so alive in my life.”

I got out of the shower first. I helped Alicia out and wrapped a towel around her and began to dry her. She looked so beautiful, hair still wet, naked with droplets of water slowly cascading over her torso, loving her, and the towel wrapped halfway around her.

Alicia just towel-dried her hair and lay next to me in bed. Her naked butt pressed against my stomach felt so wonderful. I reached over her and held her breasts in my hand. She covered my hand with hers and squeezed my hand. It was a sensuous feeling. A feeling I never wanted to end.

We were slowly waking up from our nap. We kissed each other and Alicia patted my cock and smiled. She was getting dressed, and I was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was almost a perfect scenario. Then came the pounding on the front door.

“Shit, that has to be my mother. God knows what she wants. Damn it.”

“Well, let me find out what she wants.” I got up and started walking for the door.


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