My Visit Begins


Six days ago, we set the day for my visit with You. As each day passes i get more excited. We have spoken everyday, either on the internet or phone or both. You have sent me emails counting down the days and teased me by giving me hints of what is in store for me. I get so excited when i see Your name in my inbox. My heart races and i get giddy like a schoolgirl with each email.

Last night i packed. Picking each outfit with care. Wanting to look sexy for You. You do not tell me what i must wear, only that i come to You in a skirt. The rest of the apparel for my visit is mine to decide. This is the only decision i have to make about my visits, yet i struggle with it each time. When i step out of the car i want to look perfect for You. To be the most beautiful sub You have ever had. One You are pleased with and proud of and one You can show off and brag about.

Of course we spoke over the internet last night. I asked You not to let me cum. We both enjoy my performing on the web cam for You so much, but i wanted to save my orgasm for today. You teased me by telling me what You would do to me today. Arousing me so much that i am longing for You to my core. I wanted so bad to perform for You but knew i would cum. Feeling the desire building in me and washing over my most sensitive parts. Wanting You so bad, yet knowing by waiting until tomorrow it will be so much more intense.

I awoke with my juices already flowing. I went to work today and was excited and aroused all day. I thought of You constantly. With each thought a brief twinge of desire making my pussy twitch. Sometimes twitching for several minutes before i am able to pull my mind back on my work. Each time Bycasino i go to the restroom, i steal a brief touch. Gently pinching my nipples or rolling them between my fingers. Slowly wiping myself so that i graze my clit. Quickly rubbing it or rolling it between my fingers. I want so badly to masturbate. I am aching to cum but i know it will be better to save it for You. My cumming pleases You so much and i live to please You.

As i leave work i am dripping with desire. Each minute behind the wheel i become more moist. My body trembles a little more with each passing mile. The longing and need building as i get closer. The anticipation making my stomach flutter. My breasts are aching for Your touch. My ass aching for the sting of Your firm hand smacking it. My juices flowing like a river knowing it will soon be a waterfall of cream running to a pool at Your feet. I cannot help but steal quick touches and rubs. Pulling slightly at my nipples. As i get off the exit i am consumed with the need for You. I have gone a month without You and i am at the end of my rope. Flooded with need for You and the control You have over me. Praying i wont hit the red light, which will delay me even a minute longer from being with You.

As i pull into Your driveway, i know You are watching for me. I get out of the car as You come out of the house. My heart beats erratically. Anticipation finally reaching its peak. You approach me wearing only Your robe. I know there is nothing under there. You come to me and kiss me right there. I return it with the ardor of a lover who has been parted from her soul mate for an eternity. Your hand reaches for my breast and caresses it through my Bycasino giriş top, finding the treasure You have been awaiting. A bolt of electricity shoots through my nipple as it jumps to life in Your hand. As You kiss me deeper i feel Your wonderful tongue invading my mouth. Our tongues caressing. Need runs so deep for both of us. Your other hand reaches behind and rubs my ass. Closing tightly and squeezing. A moan of pure delight escapes between my teeth and into Your mouth. You inhale it as a fresh breath of air.

My knees are trembling, giving in under me as need washes throughout me and i feel the ache deep in the pit of my soul. As Your hand moves to the front and slides ever so smoothly between my legs, i break the kiss, as I can no longer stand without Your help. I lean into You, wrapping my arms around You. Clinging to You to keep from drowning in this pool of longing and desire. My nether lips aching for Your touch. My labia plump and swollen with the need that only You can fulfill. You stroke through my thongs, slowly increasing the pressure. I moan ever so quietly. Whimper with each pass over my aching bud. My anxiety over the neighbors seeing has completely taken wings under Your masterful touch and i abandon myself to You and Your pleasure. Knowing that this pleases You to make me cum here in the driveway.

“Master” i whisper into Your shoulder as You take me higher. I am floating on Your fingers as they slide into my panties and You grasp my pulsing bud between Your fingers. I am lost now. There is no stopping the building ache in my loins. It is flooding over my body and carrying me away to the heights of pleasure. My breathing coming harder Bycasino deneme bonusu and faster.

I can no longer contain myself and i reach into Your robe grasping Your hard cock. The tool that brings me so much pleasure. Stroking it as You are stroking me. Feeling it pulsing in my hand hard and thick. I love the feel of it. I love the control it has over me.

“My sweet sexy sub needed this” You firmly speak into my ear

A whimper is the only response i can muster. I want to say, “yes Sir”, but i am lost on the waves washing from my head to my toes as Your fingers work their magic on my throbbing clit. Yes i so needed this i think as You pull and pinch and roll my little man between Your fingers.

As i reach the pinnacle, i am soaring on the wings of an eagle, far above this driveway, up among the heavens. Until i erupt. My knees finally give and i sink into Your hand. My body trembling in Your arms. Holding You tight to keep from falling. Biting Your shoulder to keep from crying out in pure abandoned pleasure. Soaking Your hands with my love juices. Cream running down my thighs. A deep primal groan escaping my lips as my pussy contracts over and over again gushing with pleasure.

As i begin coming down, i feel so content knowing that i have pleased You. That You love to make me cum here in the driveway. Loving the feel of being here to please You and in Your safekeeping.

“Thank You Sir” i say quietly and gently pull away. Finally off my cloud, the surroundings intrude. Breaking the contact between us, my anxiety over the neighbors returning.

But i know that once inside there will be no intrusions and i will be at the mercy of Your wishes and pleasures. Once again overcome with the electricity of desire, i reach for the door handle to get my suitcase so that You may take me inside to my private land of pleasure and bliss…my tiny island of fantasy where i escape to Your desires and whims.

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