My Ties, My Freedom


The world encapsulated in darkness Soft velvetblinding my vision The soundsmusic thrumming in the backgroundHis voicereassuring and comforting His touchwarming my skin with each movementThe heatas his palm settles and squeezes The pressurerope biting deliciously into my skinThe stingwhen he slips it between my thighs I am helpless before himBound and blindedLoved and adored as he ties Kolej Escort meHelpless and trusting with each knot Every wrap, every fiberUntil I reside in a pleasurable fogHe lies beside me as he strokesCaressing his handiwork across my body Silk slides between my lipsBlindfold taken awayCandlelight flickers as he shiftsOne tug of Rus Escort the rope My petals furl openAlready moisture beckonsHis ministrations make me wantNeedy for more Sweet pulsation pushes inside meThrusting, drawing, pushing me highPinching my nipples drawn tightRough orders, growled in my ear “Not until I say” his demandPlaying Yenimahalle Escort me like a violinStrings taut with tensionBody trembling and desperate Again and againHe lifts me higher and higherDenying me the sweet releaseI am so hungry for him Writhing in his arms The bite of the ropeA symphonic accompanimentTo the tumultuous pleasure “Now, come now” his permissionA muffled cry and I arch My body singing in reliefBuffeted by my orgasm I pant heavilyHe removes my gag Kisses my lipsSlowly begins to loosen my ties His lips and fingers traceThe impression etched into my skin Curling around me, cupping meHe whispers low for me aloneI smile and move against him Never have I felt so free In those ropes, I find freedom.

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