My Sugar Daddy Loves Me


A young woman dates an older man, Hoping to marry him if she can. This of course is her game plan. He buys her sexy lingerie and other things,She loves when he buys her jewels and diamond rings.At one time, this was a very hot and sexy fling. He loves her and treats her very well,She’s so gorgeous and makes his cock swell.He’s captivated by her beauty; feels like he’s under a spell. He loves for her to bob up and down on his dick,She sucks, slurps, and gags on his Ankara Escort prick.She loves that his dick is very thick. She’s so sexy and has been very blessed,He loves to caress and play with her breasts.Squeezing, pinching, and tweaking her chest. She lies down and spreads her thighs,She gets so excited and closes her eyes.He’ll lick her into whimpering sighs. He licks and teases her hidden pink clit,He Sincan Escort parts her pussy lips and tongue fucks her slit.He cups and massages her enormous tits. She holds his hands and grinds into his face,He is licking her so fast keeping the pace.He’s licking her pussy all over the place. He tells her to ride his seven inch stick,She straddles him and fucks his prick.Her pussy is so wet and very slick. Etlik Escort She moves her body up and down,She makes a weird little frown.Her eyes are so beautiful, big, and brown. Her hair starts to sway as she moves her hips,He sits up and kisses her ruby lips.Her pussy is oozing and starting to drip. They both make moans and little screams,He fills her cunt with his hot, coconut, cream.Fucking his honey feels like a dream. His cream is all over his seven inch joystick,She gets on her knees for lots of licks.God he loves his beautiful chick. He loves that she loves to fuck,He really loves when she cock-sucks.For once in his life, he has run into some luck. A sugar daddy and his princess will wed,A lifetime of fucking and really good head.They will enjoy their adventures in their four poster bed.

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