My Slave


“As you have been good today my slave, only one minor infringement, for which you were caned for, I have decided to give you some R & R for tonight.” I could sense that you were pleased by that, having worked hard doing my bidding all day, scrubbing and cleaning, and you knew that you deserved the cane when you dropped and broke that glass. “However, you will still do obey me without word or question”, and I caressed your buttocks through your light trousers. I could feel the heat where the cane had struck you, which bought excitement to me.

I took your hand and lead you into the bedroom, and told you to disrobe and lie on the bed, while I went into the bathroom. On my return I was not surprised you had obeyed, as your were shaping up to become a good slave. I had changed into something less business like. My black thigh high leather boots, my leather bra, and my leather g string, which had a zip down the front. Its use, was mainly decoration, although unzipped you could see my pubic area, and for convenience there was a clip at the side which released me. I could see you were interested in what was going to happen. Your thoughts could be “seen” as your penis was slightly hard. “Alas, for you” I thought. “It’s just not going to be that simple!”

I walked over to the bed and kissed you deeply. Our tongues dancing together, exploring each other, juices mingling, and I could feel your desire mounting. Mine was also, and it was tempting to continue, but I was a good Mistress and you had to go through some agony first. Of course, the agony wasn’t going painful, well not like a caning, you were just going to have to wait, for any pleasure.

I grabbed your arm, and put it into the padded cuff, before you quite knew what was happening. I could see in your eyes you were not happy, although you didn’t verbalise it. Your other wrist followed, and then your feet. You had assumed the cross position, and I admired you from the side of the bed. You opened your mouth, as if to protest, but looked at my face, and closed it quickly. Your obedience was admirable. I turned around to “organise” myself, and I could feel your eyes burning into me, and my bare buttocks. I placed the chair close to the bed, and arranged the objects on the tray. Your R & R was about to commence.

I sunk down into the chair, wiggling to make myself more comfortable. My eyes looked your body over, and I could see that the hardness which had come whilst kissing had diminished, and I silently laughed. Looking into your eyes, I started to move my hands over my own body. Fingers glided over my breasts and down my belly not stopping until I had reached the top of the boots, and loving the feel of leather, continued down to my knees and back up to my breasts. My nipples were starting to harden and I plucked at them through my leather bra. My fingers slid over my stomach to my belly button, where I had a navel piercing. I glanced over to you, watching you smile. You had seen the piercing being done, and you knew that I enjoyed having it admired and touched. My hands went down my naked sides, only just grazing over the fine strips that held the g string together. I unzipped it, but I knew you couldn’t see much, maybe some of my pubic hair, for which there was about an inch of, and you saw that often as one of your duties was to shave me.

Back to my bra, I fumbled a bit as I undid it from the back, releasing my breasts. My nipples were hard and erect, mainly because I knew what was going to happen. You were in ignorance. I squirmed in the chair again, and moaned softly. My passion was starting to rise. My hands held each breast, an overflowing handful. Then I lifted them up to my mouth, licking what I could, not quite able to reach my nipple, but so close. My fingers plucked them, as I licked myself. First teasing one breast, and then the other before letting them go. My nipples stood hard and erect, and their length was noticeable. The colour pleased me, a dark pink, almost brown and usually deepened with excitement. I wet my finger tips and ran them over my nipples, playing gently for a while, plucking, and teasing. I glanced over at you, and saw your body response to this. Your cock was starting to harden.

I was feeling extremely horny by that stage. I knew that when I released the g string my vagina and clit area would glisten. Not yet though, you were unworthy to see that. My fingers trailed over my body again, stopping at the unzipped area. I insert one finger into there, knowing you couldn’t see. I can feel my clitoris has hardened and moisture from my pussy and the juices coat my fingertip as it swirls around it. I moan again softly, looking over at you and see now you are excited. I smile at you, and you give me more of a grimace back. I lick my coated fingertip, relishing at the taste of myself. I know you would like to taste me too. Tough world my slave, because no. My fingers go back down and I shift my position so that I can seek my entrance. I part my lips gently my juices are more noticeable, and I start to insert my finger into my vagina. Slowly I let my muscles relax, Bycasino and go higher into my pussy, feeling it encase my finger. I stay that way, enjoying the sensation of my wet pussy surrounding my finger. I hear you struggling against your restraints, but refuse to look at you because I know my finger could be replaced by your manhood. At the moment that is not what I really want. Instead I start to move my finger in and out of my wetness, my thumb flicking my clitoris at times.

I squirm again in my chair, and know the moment has come. I unclip my g string, and wiggle out of it, and throw it on the floor. I reseat myself, throwing my legs over the arms of the chair, giving you finally the view I know you want. I can imagine what you are seeing, my strip of pubic hair, my shaven areas…my clitoris hood, and my vaginal opening. The juices would have made everything glisten, and picturing you picturing me, is a huge turn on. I look over to the tray I pick up an object. Lovingly I stroke my double dildo up and down suggestively. I know you think it’s your cock, because glancing over I see your penis jump. I lick the end of it, and think it’s the tip of your cock. However, I put the double dildo down, and select a more life like penis vibrator. This I also put in my mouth, and lick and nibble on it, just like I do your cock. I swirl my tongue around it, sucking more inches into my mouth. When it is coated with my saliva, I gently put it between my legs, letting it glide and slide through my other juices. I turn it on and hold the tip just barely touching my clit. The feeling is incredible, making me moan and twitch. I know I could make myself come very fast like this, but I have other things in mind.

I slide the life like toy to my entrance, trying to decide to plunge it in, or slowly insert. My body chose for me. I plunged it in fast, halfway, and then slowly bought it back close to the entrance. I keep doing this, and each time the vibrator goes higher and deeper. I look you in the eyes, but miss them. They are concentrating on other parts of my body. Your cock is so hard and rigid, and I want it. So I hastily look away, and continue fucking myself with the rubberised plastic. In and nearly out it goes. Then higher and higher, until I feel it touching my g spot. My whole body jerks in pleasure. I am too excited by it all, so I slowly take out the plastic. In the lamp light the vibrator glistens with my love juices. I lick some of them off, and I can see you licking your lips. So I know you want a taste. I hold it out to you teasing you, and then re insert it back into my pussy. Again I fuck myself with it, my buttocks moving, my breasts jiggling, and my clit throbbing. Again I need to stop because I am too close to the edge of no return. I wonder who is being tortured more, you or me. As you have not said a word to me, only the occasional groan or moan, I decided you have been good, and this time I take the vibrator which is covered in my love milk, over to you. I hold it near your face, allowing you to smell me first. Your eyes plead with me, so I allow you to lick the vibrator once, before I take it away. I can see you want more by the way you lick your lips and moan. However, it’s not to be.

Once more I turn it on, and send pulsating vibrations through each nipple. Each tingle I can feel down in my pussy. More moisture trickles from me, and again I move against the chair, hard. My breasts are on fire, and once more the vibrator is sent southward to my clit first, to tease, and then my pussy. I am so close to coming, and its hard to stop, my solo fucking is so deep and hard, and yes so is your cock.

Making a swift decision I move over to you. The look on your face is priceless. My knees each side of your head. I hover above your face and I see tiny droplets of my juice hit your face. Your tongue goes searching for them, and some have hit your lips. You lick them clean. Slowly I move closer to your head. Your tongue is rigid and sticking upright. It anticipates its feast. Finally I am within your tongue range, and I feel the tip of your tongue seeking out my hot hard clitoris, moving it gently, manipulating it. It feels wonderful, and while you are doing that I am playing with my nipples. More tingles are sent down my system to my pussy and clit. I move closer to your mouth now, I want to feel your tongue deep inside me. You know me well, and I feel your tongue lashing at my clitoris and then my pussy entrance. I can hear your lapping, sexual sounds and smells surrounding us. My juices are covering your facial hair, and I know I will enjoy kissing and licking them off you later. For now though I am enjoying your tongue working its way up, teasing me, and tantalizing me. It’s seeking out all the moisture it can. At then you start to tongue fuck me. My pussy grinds itself into your face. Your tongue is moving as high up as it will go, and then coming down again. I moan loudly, I am so close to coming. I want to wait for you, but I have a feeling I won’t last. Your tongue slides backwards and forwards over me, and I feel it going back Bycasino giriş close to my anus. This makes me jump up, and I send your tongue back to my pussy. I have my reasons. Your tongue continues to fuck my pussy, occasionally coming out and teasing my clit. I am going wild, plucking at my nipples frantically. Again your tongue slides backwards, very close to my anal area, and this time I allow it.

I feel your tongue very close now, and then it stops. I know what it has found – a silver circle. I smile, I don’t think you have encountered it before, on me. Your tongue continues you lick me though, and teases that entrance also. I am so horny now, almost ready to explode. I can hear your teeth against the silver circle, and they grab it. I move slightly and you turn your head a little, and I feel the first ball release, bringing untold pleasure, and there are two more to go. My pussy gyrates against your hot mouth and I know that even if you pull the other balls out fast, I will come. Your face is soaked, and I have never been this turned on. I anticipate you removing the other balls. Your tongue swiftly goes back to the area, grabbing the silver ring again, my finger goes to my hot huge clitoris. I feel you tugging again and as I encircle my clitoris I feel the next ball, and the next freeing themselves from my body, with a scream and a groan my body starts to quiver, and pulsate, and I come. Such an incredible feeling, my pussy and clit twitch and I experience total relief. My juices float onto your beard and lips, and I attempt to stay upright so you can lick them off me, but I can’t and roll away from you. My body doesn’t stop trembling for ages, and I glance over to see you licking as much of your face as your tongue can reach. I am so breathless, and so pleased with you, that I decided to allow you some freedom.

When my body finally finishes quaking and shaking, I move over to you, and kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing together, exploring, and I can taste myself on you. I know also you’re so totally horny, your cock is so rigid, and I release you from your bonds. You take a moment to shake yourself, and then look to me for your next instructions. I decide then that as you have performed your duties admirably that I would allow you the freedom of how to have your sexual release.

You’re startled when I relay this back to you. Since you have served me, which is six months, I have never allowed you the “freedom” of making a choice in a sexual way. I was also interested in which path you would take – your pleasure or mine. These thoughts however ran through my head quickly, I desired you greatly, and I was still so horny, and I knew you were too.

You wrapped your arms around me, and started to kiss me gently, slowly opening our mouths, entwining our tongues, deeply searching inside each others mouths, bodies touching, rubbing and so very hot. You were so gentle, kissing my eye lids and cheeks, ears even. I felt totally enraptured and adored. You really had the hallmarks of a great slave. I could feel your devotion even as our passion mounted. Kissing and hugging gave way to you gently lying me down, and after feasting your eyes on me, you started to kiss me again, but this time you went down my neck. Your hot breath on me was delightful, and your nibbles brought me little twinges. Lower you went, finding my nipples, which you worshipped with your mouth. I moaned almost in unison with you. Your mouth, tongue and teeth left no part of my breast undone, even to the extent of your hot breath blowing on my huge hard nipples. I could feel your beard lightly scratching me, but this was a great sensation. Until you met me you had been clean shaven. It was me that suggested, well rather ordered you to grow one. Like a good slave you did, and I think you enjoyed smelling and tasting me in your beard, long after we had finished, because sometimes I refused to allow you bathe or shower for a few days.

I closed my eyes and felt you going down further. Hitting my navel and your tongue delved inside my belly button and played with my piercing. That totally turned me on more. I wondered how you were going, you had no release as yet and I know you had been sexually frustrated watching me. I believe I was a good Mistress and fair. Of course my needs came first, but you had to keep your slave happy and healthy too, so your needs were important for my own. This was a special event too, I am not sure if you remembered but I did. Six months ago today was when you agreed to move in and be my slave, and cater to my every whim. Surely you deserved a little reward for that! Giving you some sexual freedom was your prize for the moment and I knew you were taking advantage of every second, because who knew when I would put you back into restraints, or punish you. I could not think of punishment while you were delighting my body so much. My pussy was still saturated from earlier, and I could feel the wetness down to my anal area.

I briefly wondered if you knew I had inserted the balls when changing in the bathroom, and if you realised that Bycasino deneme bonusu every wiggle and squirm on the chair had been such a turn on. When I had used the vibrator, the 3 balls which were over half an inch round, coupled together with the internalized vibrator had made me feel so full. As yet we hadn’t done much in the way of anal sex. I mean I had abused you, in the past with objects, but that was to teach you about my dominance over you. I can remember your reluctance to it all, but after several canings, and leaving you in chains, to “think” over your mistakes you now accepted it. How willing you were, at the moment I wasn’t sure about. I only know you obeyed my orders now, usually without question. So I really would’ve liked to have seen your face when you came across that silver circle. Was it surprise, shock, or delight? Maybe I would find out later from you, but it wasn’t important now.

You had finished with my belly button and now I could feel your hot breath on my mons. I moaned with desire wanting your tongue to clean me up, and also to thrill me. You still hadn’t indicated to me in any form how your sexual release was going to come. I was willing at this stage to suck you off, and feel your creamy climax dribble down my throat. As yet you hadn’t experienced a full blow job from me. Oh I had licked and sucked, but I had never let you climax like that. I think you believed I had an aversion to it, but no, I was just biding my time. Training a good slave takes time and effort and we had made great progress. However, you knew little about my sexual prowess and desires. Of course I hadn’t allowed you to accompany me to the parties where I could let lose and do exactly what I pleased. For you to see me like that yet, would have changed your outlook. Later you would accompany me, and even be used and abused by others, whilst I watched on proudly, and you would watch your Mistress doing her thing too, but for now I kept it all a big secret. Sure I had ordered you to lick me, suck on me, screw me even, but each time you had some sort of restraint on you. This experience was different for you as it was you that had to decide on the how. Perhaps you were even worried I wouldn’t let you finish. Slaves however, do need to feel loved, happy and wanted as much as their Master or Mistress. So yes, you would be allowed to finish, anyway you wanted. I liked the idea that you were not quite sure about it though. A bit of worry never hurt a slave.

I felt your mouth over me, cleaning up areas of my come that were still there. No direct contact on my clitoris or vagina yet. It felt good to anticipate feeling your tongue and lips there. I was that sure of you. I knew you loved my taste, the temptation before you I knew, irresistible. You opened my legs wider, found my huge hard clitoris hood, and started lapping me. Under and over the hood I felt you, then around and around. I squirmed, moaning and groaning, and pushed my pussy more into your face. The softness of your beard so close to my skin was scratching me, but in such a desirable way. Pussy juice again flowed from me, and I wondered if you could keep up with it all. Your tongue probed my entrance, still lapping all around, trying to swallow up all I had for you. I was so hot for you when your tongue delved higher and higher into me. Slowly at first, in and withdrawing, and then picking up speed. My legs were around your head drawing you in closer, and I could feel your nose near my clitoris, your beard and on occasion you would stop and nibble me. You moaned softly at intervals and I knew you were enjoying this as much as I was. I wished I could see your cock, but it was hidden from view, I just hoped that the silky sheets were not going to wear your sexual release, because I could see you humping them.

You indicated to me that you wanted me to roll over. Perhaps it would be me humping the sheets I thought momentarily. I rolled over though, and I could feel your eyes burning into my back, and yes backside. Opening my legs again, I could hear you settle back down, and then I felt your tongue again. It strained up to reach my clitoris and I lifted up slightly so you could have better access. Next it was my pussy, your tongue delving into me, again fucking me, and my arse wriggled in delight. You parted my arse cheeks after a while and I could feel your tongue go down the entire length of my crack. First licking up, and then licking down. I moaned again I loved every second of it. I was just worried I might come too soon. Your tongue teased me this way for a while, but eventually it stopped at my anus. That puckered hole where the balls coming out had excited me so. I relaxed slightly, and could feel your tongue licking the area, before you hardened your tongue, made it pointy, and entering that orifice. Now I was being tongue fucked in the arse by you, and it felt so incredible. Your thumbs were either side of my hole, and I could feel you stretching my skin, trying to open that cavity as open as possible. Your tongue went in as high as it could, and probed all around. Out and in it went, each time brings waves of horniness to me. I could hardly stand it, and I was getting so close to climaxing again. I really wanted to come with you though. It happened so rarely, and never when you had entered my body, so I really wanted to savour it this time.

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