My photographic interlude

Big Tits

I am a photography buff, spending an hour or two most Saturdays and Sundays shooting pictures. If you are in my neighborhood on the weekends, you will see me coming and with my camera bag and tripod. My neighbor, Beth is usually outside tending her garden, and when we see each other, we exchange greetings. Beth asked me what I liked to photograph. It was an innocent question, but I decided to turn our conversation toward sex. I said that I wanted to take erotic pictures of women. She said good luck, and asked me if I was off to photograph a pretty woman? I told her no, but that after spending many hours taking pictures of old buildings and store windows, I thought I earned the right to take a picture of something that I was really interested in. We had been neighbors for fifteen years, and until the last few years, we often flirted – but all that stopped when I went over the line one day. I had drunk too much (my wife was away on a business trip) and I made a pass at Beth. After the mishap, she stopped flirting altogether, and when she acquired a boyfriend, she stopped saying much more than hello. Boyfriend is relative term. Beth was middle aged, maybe 10 years younger than I and her boyfriend rokettube was a stubby man in his 50s. Beth was very flirtatious this day. She asked me why I wanted to try erotic photography – she thought erotic art was a young man’s game. I agreed with her, but said that when I was younger I was easily aroused, and my penis became very hard, so much so that it was impossible to handle sexually charged subjects; now, with my diminished vigor, I could enjoy my arousal. Beth smiled; she agreed that a young man’s erection can be too much to deal with. She said she missed them – they are great for a few minutes of fun, but beyond that, they can be too much. She asked how I thought I would find a willing subject. I said I hoped to find a woman in the neighborhood who might be willing to play along. I wanted a middle-aged woman; I was intrigued by the possibilities of showing the eroticism in a middle-aged woman’s body. I paused for a bit, then said to Beth that I bet her body showed excellent erotic potential. I asked her if she was interested in posing – and if she was, would she take off her clothes? I got a quick no – but she didn’t seem annoyed or put off. I turned and carried my asyalı porno gear into my house; Beth returned to her gardening. A few weekends went by. It was Saturday again, and my wife was away again. Beth was alone too – her boyfriend was not around. She asked me if I had any luck with my special project? I asked her what she meant? She said finding a woman to pose for me. I said I hadn’t. Our conversation drifted to other topics, but stayed flirtatious. Then Beth said she might be willing to help me, but it had to be today, and I had to promise not to share my pictures with anyone. She added that she still wasn’t sure how far she would go, but she was willing to play along for a while. She asked me how I would choose my poses, what did I mean by erotic? I told her I meant sexual, and that I would watch her as she walked around her house, if my penis responded, the pose was erotic. I said I might ask her to do some things, but if she thought what I asked was too dirty, she could say no. I asked if she ever does anything dirty? She paused and said she does. Then we both went quiet. After a period of silence, Beth said let’s do this. I went to my car, grabbed azeri porno my camera bag and tripod and followed her into her front yard and then into her house, through the foyer and into her parlor. Beth was a few steps ahead of me, and I let myself enjoy gazing at her. Usually I tried not to stare, but today, I stared greedily. It was late September and Beth was wearing shorts. Her thighs and calves showed her a feminine muscularity, and looked luscious as the soft room light modeled her form. I set my camera on its tripod and asked Beth to stand still for my first shot. She turned her head to me, looking back over her shoulder. It was a classic pose of seduction. I took a few pictures. I asked her to turn to the side. I wanted her silhouette. Her round bottom looked wonderful below her narrow hips. Her belly with its delicate curves was pleasing too. As far as my penis was concerned, I was in full tingle. Then she started to undress. She began by unbuttoning her shirt. I moved around to get a better view, and shot more pictures as Beth’s torso was revealed. She looked self conscious but continued to undress. Her shirt was of a gauzy fabric, and so even before she removed it, I could see the outline of her bra. I asked Beth not to remove her shirt yet. I asked her to walk around, so she did, moving from parlor to kitchen and back. She looked especially enticing when she was backlit from one of the windows. I continued to shoot pictures.

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