My Perfect Lover


I stand before her, our nakedness exposed. I trace my right index finger over my lips and lick its length with my long, wet tongue. She does the same, copying my every move. Our eyes are locked on each other’s as if in a trance, daring not to look away for fear of breaking the spell. I reach out to her, my hands almost meeting hers, save for the mirrored glass that stands between us. She is me, I am her.

We meet here daily, several times, naked and alone. I marvel at her beauty and am ever amazed, that the woman I see before me is indeed really me. She is nothing more than a reflection of the woman I am and she is, without a doubt, the woman I most desire. Her heart-shaped lips are plump and pink, shiny and wet from the gloss she so carefully applies. Her brown eyes tell a thousand tales and shine with tears that are ever present and ready to spill forth at any moment. They are overly large, somewhat like those of a doe, with lashes made longer from her dark mascara. She wears her dark hair short and spiked, a throwback from the 80’s punk era. Her right eyebrow is pierced with a silver barbell, matching the earrings that cascade up each ear, fourteen in all. She is unlike anyone else in her looks, confident in her own uniqueness.

It is her body that stirs within me, a desire most distinct. My eyes take in everything at once but instantly fall on the beauty of her breasts. They are full, round and large. Although they no longer hold the firmness they once did, (her 42 years have begun to show in places where gravity and age have taken over), they are still silky soft, supple and milky white. Her red nipples are so nearly close to perfect, and are almost permanently erect. The areolas are light tan in color, not small but certainly not overly large. Her belly shows signs of bearing her three children, no longer as flat and firm as it once was, but still shapely and smooth. My eyes continue their tantalizing tour and come to rest on her cleanly shaven pussy. There is no trace of stubble, leaving her entirely exposed to my view. Her mound of flesh, where hair once grew, forms a perfect v-shape, narrowing downward to her swollen lips. Her smooth outer lips are closed, revealing nothing of the treasure that lies hidden inside.

We are breathing heavily now, our chest rising and falling in rapid succession. It is time, we both know, to allow pleasure to wash over us, to possess us, to own us. I spread my legs and slowly open my lips, watching her do the same. Her wetness has covered the entire surface of her dark pink cunt flesh, leaving it shiny, slick and slippery. I reach down and gently run my fingers over my hardening clit, feeling my erection already standing at attention. The urge to cum has taken us over, and now anything and everything goes. All sense of time has faded, all surroundings cease to exist. It is just us, alone with our sex.

I lower myself to the floor, where a flannel blanket and four pillows await me. I lean back a little, while my feet straddle either side of my full length mirror. The view is breathtaking; a cleanly shaven cunt, dark pink and puffy, dripping wet with its own flowing lubricants. My nipples are puckered, hard and erect. I squeeze them and pull on them, making my body tingle with an even more heightened desire. The heat from my wide Bahçelievler escort bayan open cunt begins to rise, the slight muskiness fills my nostrils, a dizzying sexual scent that causes me to squirm and buck ever so slightly. My mouth craves a taste of pussy and I find myself almost desperately wishing that I could lick and suck on my own creamy cunt. I slowly slip two fingers far upside my velvety vagina, feeling the walls tighten and start to suck them in. I allow myself the enjoyment of being finger fucked for just a moment, sliding in and out just enough times to coat my fingers with my slick juices. I bring my wetness to my waiting mouth and lick off every drop of myself, eagerly sucking off the tangy treat.

My toys are laid out before me, just within reach. I have a large assortment of dildos and vibrators but only make use of the ones that give me the greatest sexual release, the strongest orgasms, the most colossal of climaxes. I am well versed in sexual self gratification, I am an expert of sorts, a true professional. My metallic blue vibrator is the first toy I grab, eagerly thrusting the batteries down into its chamber. I hurriedly turn the dial to full speed and allow the vibrations to numb my fingers. My erect clit glistens and shines, hungrily protruding from its hooded cover. I place the vibrator’s tip hard against my clit and press down with as much force as I can bear. My hips begin to push up and begin to do an erotic dance with the motions of my hand. I spread my legs wider and push my feet harder against the mirrored wall, raising myself up as I do. I watch every move that she makes, she, who is my sexual counterpart, my erotic twin. She is as hungry as I, her body movements picking up pace as the vibrator continues its work on her hard, swollen clit. I can see a trickle of nectar drip from her, a clear drop of honey dribble downward toward her tight little puckered asshole. She is thrusting upward, fucking some invisible dick, desperate in her attempts to be satiated in her own sex.

In a dizzying haze, I reach for my blue, curved rubber dildo and without any thought, thrust it far up my dripping hole. In and out, faster and harder I drive it, coating its rubbery shaft with my cream. I press down harder with my vibrator while my left hand continues to wildly fuck my sloppy cunt. Then, I feel it. It starts in my toes and travels at lightening speed up my inner thighs, up through the depths of my ass, and filling my pussy with tingly sparks of electricity. I can taste my impending orgasm, as the sensation, the building of my sex, reaches the very back of my throat. My body tenses, and flushes to a light rose hue. My nipples pucker and ache, the kind of pain that is welcomed with utter elation. My toes curl upward and my legs begin to tremble and convulse; I am nowhere, I am no one, I cease to exist and yet I fill the very atmosphere with my sexual presence. My clit pulses and throbs, opening and closing my wet hole with each contraction. I crave to taste myself, to lick and suck up every drop of my cunt’s delectable drool.

Then, without warning, as I continue to pound my pulsing pussy, a thousand miles down, into the furthest reaches of my body, an explosion occurs, spilling forth, blasting and obliterating Escort Bahçeşehir everything in its path. I pull the drenched dildo from my swollen cunt and thrust it, hungrily, greedily into my mouth. My urethra has reached its full capacity and can hold back no longer. I spray out my warm, salty cum, in hard, forceful squirts, splashing the mirror and covering me like the summer’s sea water. Again and again, my juicy cum gushes forth, draining down me and drenching the blanket beneath me. I suck my dildo down into my throat, licking up every bit of my own goodness. I start to rhythmically fuck my mouth, slowly savoring its tangy taste.

Our eyes meet, a passion and a desire there like never before. They watch intently, as the sleek blue dildo continues to fuck its way in and out of our mouths. I notice her body continue to tremble and can see a trickle of sweat travel its way down the side of her cheek. She is exhausted but not spent. She wants more, her eyes scream out this message to me and I respond with a slight nod in her direction. We both know that this ecstacy, this monumental madness of a most erotic kind, cannot end. It must continue, for without it, we are nothing.

We both know what we want next, we know it more clearly than we know ourselves. We crave it, we live it and we breathe it. It invades our waking thoughts and haunts our sleep. To be entered anally is our most intense desire. The thought sends shivers over our body and nearly brings us to orgasm, without the slightest of self touching. The suctioning dildo attaches firmly to the mirror, the rubbery cock stiff and slim and perfect for its anal deed. I am on all fours now, my knees resting softly on the blanket beneath me. I reach behind and dribble the cool lubricant down the crack of my firm, soft ass. It slithers downward, like a baby snake sliding toward it darkened den. I spread my legs, allowing my ass cheeks to open up and my right finger access to my tight little asshole. I run my finger around the entrance and then slip it up inside my tight tunnel, readying it for its fuck. My asshole grabs onto my finger, in its own attempt at capture and muscles it upward, luring it in further. My ass if fully prepared, lubricated, open and relaxed, ready to invite its sleek silicon guest inside.

My body shakes with anticipation, as I back my ass toward the slippery erect cock, the head almost smiling back with lust. I allow the cock head to kiss and lick my puckered ass ring, to aquaint itself before diving in. I sense my readiness, my eagerness to be fucked up my ass. I can taste the desire, feel the fuck before it even begins. I pop the head in and gasp as it begins to fill and expand my rectum. The pressure is intense, shooting sensations and messages of defecation to my brain. I know I won’t shit but instead, am able to receive and enjoy the similar feeling. I back all the way into the dildo now, feeling my round ass cheeks slapping against the mirror.

Almost instantly, my clit hardens and grows, sticking out like a small penis, begging to be stroked. I reach down and pinch it between my thumb and forefinger, jacking it furiously. I am beyond reach, beyond reason, beyond rationale; I am lost to lust. I glide my body back and forth, slamming my ass into the counterfeit Bakırköy escort cock, my tits dangling downward, nipples hard and ripe. I pull at my clit, forcing it to lengthen, to better simulate a dick, the thought of jacking on my own clitty-cock, sending me into a further erotic frenzy. I am moaning loudly now, sweat dripping down my spine, trickling its way alongside my hips and landing on the already damp blanket. I imagine ejaculate, shooting forth from my own little dick, spurt after creamy spurt draining down my legs. I sense I have a penis and I can almost feel my swollen testicles aching with desire. I am wild, saliva building in my mouth and threatening to spill down my chin. I grunt and scream, sounds that I do not recognize as my own. My breathing is labored and heavy, I gasp for air but am given little in return. I am no longer human; neither woman nor man, I am sex and sex alone.

Suddenly, the dildo is not enough, its size too small to satisfy my sexual hunger, my need to feel fuller and wider. I hastily feel about for a larger dick, a thicker, longer tool to ram up my reddening rectum. I pull off of my suctioned sex toy and reach back with its bigger competitor, quickly shoving it up, in its entirety. I scream out in pleasurable pain, the ten inch jellied dick ripping me open, widening my asshole to 10 times its normal size. I lower my quivering ass down onto the monster, allowing it to devour my insides and tunnel its way into my bowels. I gasp for air, squealing and shaking, whipping about in a frenzied dance with desire. My body glistens in sweat, my hair soaked and sticking to my face. I bite my lower lip and tightly shut my eyes, while my ass continues its wild ride toward orgasmic oblivion.

I growl and hiss and scream to the heavens, as I begin my climax. Wave after delectable wave washes over me, causing tremors to buck and contort my being. I grab my breasts and squeeze as each wave hits, pinching my hardened nipples and pulling them and stretching them outwardly. I turn to face my lover, her beauty humbles me. We reach out for each other, in a last desperate act of our love making, connecting with our minds, our bodies and our souls. We sink to the floor, our toys strewn about us in every direction. We beg for air, for our lungs to stop their torturous longing to be filled. Our chest rises and falls as we breathe in and out, deadening heat escaping from our open mouths. Little balls of sweat beads mingle together, forming rivers that run in various directions down our bodies, puddling beneath us.

Together, we are finally spent, finally ready to surrender ourselves back to existence. We are no longer in the grips of lust, and for the moment, it no longer holds us captive. We are free to be. We are free to exist in a world outside of our sex. We are free to feel and to think, free to separate one from the other, to walk away from our mirrored existence and roam again in reality.

If I could, I would delve back into my own realm of existence, my own form of reality and never return. I live by lust and lust alone, it owns me and I am its willing servant. It washes over me, and constantly reminds me of its presence. It never leaves me, it envelopes me with warmth, it cloaks me in its companionship. Lust consumes me. It is my master and I, its slave. It is my nameless lover. It invades my body, residing within the deepest recesses of my soul. It attaches to every nerve and every pore within me, it flows within my veins, it breathes when I breathe, it never rests. Lust is my drug and sexual ecstasy is my high. Lust; it is my true lover, it is my perfect lover.

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