My New Swimming Pool Pt. 02


The day after my neighbor and me had fun in my backyard was a sad day: It was a rainy Thursday. The summer made a break until Saturday. Due the fact that my children showed up Friday afternoon, my backyard swimming pool was closed for the public until Monday morning when my kids were with my ex wife again.

On Monday, the pool was open up again. And she, my elderly neighbor showed up again. Again wearing a very suiting summer dress. But she wasn’t alone. By the looks of it, she brought a friend with her. A female friend. A woman around her age, probably a few years older than her. Also wearing a summer dress. Showing off her curves. And yes, she caught my eye.

We three stood in my entrance door for some time. We looked at each other. We checked each other out. We all knew what the goal of the visit was. My dick got rock hard while thinking about what might happen on that day. It was the friend that started a conversation: “So that is him, the one who fucks good?”

My neighbor nodded with her head: “Yes, that is him. He knows how to please a woman.”

A smile appeared on the friends face: “Good.”

Then they went past me, my neighbor showed her friend the bathroom, then they went out to the pool. Both were shaking their asses for me. Fuck, I nearly lost it. I was rock hard. I was licking my lips. I wanted them. But well, I had an online project meeting that morning. So the fucking had to wait. I needed to focus. To keep my shit together. To present a new project to a customer. And I had to do that in a very serious, professional way. So I went back into my office after the two were out in the backyard.

Once I arrived at my desk I brought the webcam in position. I checked my microphone and then I joined the meeting. Waiting for the others to be ready. Looking out of my window. Peeping on the two woman next to my pool. They were undressing themselves. Not stripping naked, they just got out of their summer dresses. And to my surprise, they two were topless. They showed off their boobs. They clearly had my attention.

Meanwhile my meeting was in full swing. I struggle to stay focused. I struggled to keep myself from looking out of the window. Inner me cursed a little bit, because I had curtains, no blinds installed. Following the meeting with two topless woman in sight was demanding. I was fighting. I tried to listen to the others. I tried to answer their question. I tried to keep a serious, professional face. And well, the others in the meeting probably noticed something. But they were not calling me out for anything. istanbul escort About one hour later the meeting ended. I was smart enough to take a lot of notes for later.

As soon as the meeting was done I turned of my microphone and my camera. Then I headed out, into the backyard. With a huge smile on my face and a boner between my legs. They looked at me running over to them. They saw the horny expression on my face, they also checked out the bulge between my legs, but decided not to react on it.

Once I was next to them, I politely asked them if they wanted something to drink. While I was checking out their boobs. They looked gorgeous. It took them some time to answer, but then they asked me for some coffee. One black, one with milk. I nodded with my head and left again. While heading back into the house, to brew some fresh coffee I overheard them talking. The were discussing with whom I had the honor to play first. In the end, the friend one. And yes, they knew that I was listening.

When I came back with their coffee they thanked me. They asked me to sit down on the empty sun lounger in between them. I gladly accepted their invite. Then they sipped their coffee. While doing so they politely asked me to get undressed. They also told me that they weren’t getting any younger.

It didn’t took long and my dick was pointing towards the sky. They did more than just taking notice of it. It didn’t took long and the friend was jerking me off. Her hand was sliding up and down my rock hard dick. It felt nothing but good. The neighbor was watching, playing with her boobs while I got a hand job. I was nothing but turned on. Moaning was escaping my throat.

A few minutes later my neighbor began to squeeze my balls. Now both women were giving me pleasure. I was in heaven. It felt so damn good. I came closer and closer with every squeeze, with every stroke I got. My eyes were running in circles. My moaning was more than just intense. The whole neighborhood probably knew what was going on. Luckily all the children were at school.

But then they stopped. I was close. I was very close when they took their hands of me. They both looked at me: “We don’t want to cum too early, don’t we?”

I wanted nothing but to cum. It felt so good. I wanted to empty my balls. But they even held back my own hands when I wanted to finish myself of. No, not with brute force, they just signaled me to don’t touch myself that we. The had some damn huge smiles on their faces while they did that.

Shortly istanbul escort bayan after the friend took of her bikini bottom. She gave me a perfect view off her tasty looking pussy. Horny me jumped over to her. Seconds later my tongue was playing with her pussy. While my dick was leaking pre cum. While my neighbor was watching and playing with her pussy.

The friend tasted nothing but good. I stuck my tongue as deep inside her as I could. It didn’t took long she was moaning out loud. She was squeezing her boobs, teasing her nipples while my head was buried between her legs.

More and more tension was building up. Her hands were squeezing her boobs more than just hard. Her moaning was filling the backyard. But all of a sudden it all stopped. Tension left her body. The friend had her first orgasm of the day. She signaled me to stop eating her out. She pulled my face up to hers. She gave me a few gentle, then a long passionate kiss. Once she was done kissing, she told me to eat out my neighbor.

Again, I did what I was told. I moved over to my neighbor. She spread her legs for me. Her pussy tasted even better than the day before. I stuck my tongue as deep in as I could. I sucked, I teased her clit. Her moaning got more and more intense with every minute. Then she asked me to slide some fingers inside her. While the friend was watching, playing with herself. I could hear her moaning too. And so could every neighbor of mine. But we didn’t gave a damn about it. We just kept going.

At first one finger went inside my neighbors pussy. Now she began pressing my head onto her clit. Then a second one went inside. Now her legs began to close around my head. Then a third one went in. She was moaning out loud. Her eyes were running in circles. At least the friend latter told us that that was happening.

It didn’t took long and all the tension left my neighbors body. She had her first orgasm of the day. She also pulled me up to her face. She gave me a few gentle kisses while teasing my cock a little bit. Her hand was sliding up and down my dick. She but barely any pressure on it. I immediately began to hump her hand. Or at least I tried too: “Are we that needy? Turn to the right. See that perfect pussy over there? Fuck her.”

The friend was on all her four on the sun lounger. Her ass high in the air, a bottle of lube standing on the ground next to her. I meanwhile was more than just horny. I grabbed the lube, put it on my dick and slid him inside the friends pussy. My neighbor gave me one escort istanbul last order: “Fuck her gentle. She likes it that way.”

I slid my dick inside the friend. Gently. I took my time. I enjoyed every second of it. Or at last I tried too. Because horny me was in full swing. Horny me wanted to fuck her hard. But that was no option here. She wanted it gentle, slow, but luckily she asked me to go balls deep.

Damn it, her pussy felt so good. She wrapped herself around my dick. Her boobs were bouncing back and forth with every thrust I gave her. It didn’t took long and our moaning was filling the backyard. My neighbor was enjoying herself while watching us. She was fingering herself. She was playing with her tits. She was moaning out loud too.

I gave the neighbor one gentle thrust after the other. It felt so fucking good. I slowly but steadily fucked myself towards an orgasm. More and more tension was building up. Her hands were grabbing the wood of the sun lounger. She came closer and closer with every thrust I gave her too.

Next to me, the moaning stopped. My neighbor had an orgasm. It didn’t took long and she stood behind me, whispering in my ear while squeezing my balls: “Finish her off. Fuck her her hard.”

My neighbors hand on my balls made me flick. Horny finally one. I fucked the friend hard and deep. Her moaning got more intense. So did mine. Fuck, it felt so good. Just a few more thrusts left inside me. And then, the last one. Boom. My filled aching balls unloaded themselves inside the neighbors pussy.

She came with me. Her legs were shaking. Her body was trembling. Then she collapsed. So did I. I feel onto her. No, not with full force, I just landed on top of the friend. Fuck, what an awesome fuck. It took us some time to be ourselves again.

Once we all were up and running again, we looked at each other. We smiled at each other. All three of us had their fun. The pool had already more done than paying itself off. It was the best thing I ever built.

Unfortunately the fucking Monday was over as soon as I dumped my load into the friend. We kept on chatting, talking for some time afterwards. The women got dressed again, they put on their summer clothes and then then they left. They told me that they had an appointment to play Bingo in the afternoon.

When I heard them saying that, I shrugged my shoulders. They came only here to fuck. They used me, and I loved what they were doing. It was a perfect late Monday afternoon. But the fun was over for the day. I got dressed and went back to work.

While I was sitting in front of my computer for the rest of the day, I caught myself drifting off a lot. I was fantasizing about the two hot women that visited me earlier. I jerked off while thinking of them. And I wished that I had some picture of them. Just to enhance my masturbation experience.

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