My New Boss Pt. 01

Bite Lip

I am Tim, a forty-two year old unmarried male, working at a large pharmaceutical company as Vice-President of Marketing. I am unmarried in the sense that I have no wife, but most of my friends consider me married to my job. I do work a lot of hours and am well compensated for my time, making just over forty thousand dollars per month. Like most Americans, I spend just about every penny I make. I contribute the maximum allowable amount to my 401k retirement plan, but after taxes and medical insurance premiums are taken out of my paycheck, I pretty much spend the rest.

I have a lot of standing financial commitments. A huge mortgage, two large car payments, a Ducati motorcycle and a Harley-Davidson that are also financed, a boat payment, a brand new Recreational Vehicle, also financed. Most of my professional friends are in the same position as me, heavily leveraged, planning to work until the day they die.

The American dream is an illusion, conjured up in order to chain people to their desks. The “work hard, play hard” mantra is flawed, because if you work really hard, you don’t have any time to play hard. I get three weeks vacation a year, after eleven years with my company. However, I rarely take more than a long weekend because there are mirror images of me, as I was ten years ago, dotted around my company, looking to take my job.

Believe me, as hard as it is to keep a forty thousand dollar per month job, it is even harder to replace one. I spend many a restless night worried about the prospect of losing my job, especially as I have minimal equity in my house. If someone would have mentored me fifteen years ago, about the importance of saving for a rainy day, I would be in a much better financial position.

Instead, I spent the last decade keeping up with the Jones’. I have no clue why I just upgraded my RV. My old one, which itself was only three years old, was perfectly adequate, especially as I only used it twice last year. Then the guy two doors up the street from me, just came home with a 43 foot diesel pusher, and the spotlight is on me to see if “I can be a baller” too. Now I have a fourteen hundred dollar a month payment on a 45 foot long vehicle, that sits in my driveway every day, rapidly depreciating. I put twenty percent down on that motor coach, and am probably already several thousand dollars upside down.

I am not sharing my extensive list of toys to try and make anyone jealous. Rather to set the tone for why keeping my job was so important to me. If my steady flow of income was terminated, I had ninety days maximum to replace it, before I was bankrupt.

My only source of joy, and the thing that kept me sane, was my girlfriend, Suky. She tells everyone that she is my girlfriend. However, our relationship is unconventional in the fact that it is non-sexual, other than for a weekly handjob. You see Suky is a masseuse in an erotic massage parlor. Once a week I book an appointment and Suky’s magic hands take me to heaven. We date outside of the massage parlor, but it is completely one-sided sexually, in her favor. I know it is unorthodox but our relationship just evolved this way.

I have been using massage parlors, escort services and street-walkers for my sexual release for years. I work too much to date any high maintenance American chicks, and it is just easier to get a massage and bust a nut with a happy ending. Escort services are mainly a treat for me, like on my birthday, as the cost is much higher than a massage. Street-walkers, on the rare occasions that I use them, are usually an impulse purchase!

After I moved to my small town, my options were limited. There were no working girls walking the streets within thirty miles of my house, and the closest escort agency didn’t have the hottest girls available. I did manage to find a massage parlor close to my home, that I really liked. I would go there two or three times a month, and after several months I got to know the Mamasan, Joy. I had two or three regular girls, that knew how I liked my session, and I would enjoy a very sensual, tender full-body massage. Then, after the flip, I liked a slow, edging handjob with lots of eye-contact. My sessions improved as the girls communicated with each other, and worked to ensure I got what I wanted.

Joy, who I soon learned was the owner, took a particular interest in my satisfaction. I had garnered a reputation as a clean, well-groomed, generous tipper with impeccable manners. For this reason, when I showed up there were no shortage of volunteers to work on me. There was the occasional new girl, but for the most part, it was the same five or six attentive masseuses from which to choose. I never even made an appointment as the service was about the same, whoever attended to me.

Joy worked on me once, and through very skillful communication, learned more about my hot buttons in one session, than the other girls had in two years. If she hadn’t been twenty years older than the other girls, she would have been my regular masseuse. She peppered me with uşak escort questions about my sexual proclivities, and by the end of the session, which she extended to ninety minutes at no extra cost, I had enjoyed three very intense orgasms.

Like I said, if Joy had been twenty years younger, it would have been a no-brainer. However, I need the visual component of the young masseuse, as much as the mechanics of the handjob, to really enjoy myself. Joy apparently had a staff meeting about my favorite kinks, because from that day forward, the girls paid more attention to my shaved asshole, and always jerked me off using a pair of silk panties.

I hardly even remember telling Joy about my affinity for silk undies, so immersed was I in the moment. However, she had unearthed all of my favorite kinks and shared them with the team.

“You know there is a lot more on the menu for a generous, well-mannered gentleman like you,” Joy told me one day, as I was leaving her massage parlor.

I had just had a very intense orgasm courtesy of a young Thai masseuse named Rosebud. For this reason, I wasn’t that interested in the available extras, but Joy was always pleasant to be around, so I accepted her offer of a cup of tea. We sat in the staff room, and as she brewed the tea, I looked at her occupational license board. There were seven licenses posted, and I recognized all of the young faces. They were licensed, obviously, under their real names, but Joy had put their working names above their respective licenses.

As I absorbed their working names, I realized that all of the girls had a moniker that could be construed as a sex act, or service. The aptly named “Joy” certainly was a complete and utter joy in every sense of the word. I had enjoyed the services of “Rosebud” without even noticing the significance of her apparent specialty, and wondered out loud if anal sex was available from this young beauty.

“Yes,” Joy said with a smile. “As a VIP customer, you can enjoy her tight little ass, if you desire.”

As I continued to read the names on the occupational licenses, I noticed “Pleasure”, “Rim” and “Handi”. While these names weren’t going to be as tough to decipher as the Enigma code, I did smile at the ingenuity of indicating each girls chosen specialty. I enjoyed my tea and the pleasant company of Joy, before thanking her and leaving to go back to work.

On my next visit to the massage parlor, Joy intercepted me as I entered the lobby.

“Tim, this is Rim,” Joy said, reacquainting me with a young Filipino girl, who had given me a very tender massage a few times in the past.

Rim smiled seductively, as if to signal her complete availability to me.

“Why don’t you try Rim today?” Joy said sweetly. “I know how you enjoy attention on your asshole, and Rim will definitely not disappoint,” she continued.

I smiled at the openness of the offer and nodded my head to give my consent.

“Tim would like your specialty today,” Joy continued.

Rim nodded her head agreeably, and said softly, “It would be my honor to pleasure you, Mr. Tim.”

I smiled at the young woman, and she took my hand to escort me to the massage table. This transaction certainly was pretty straightforward, and there was never any discussion of a tip, although I did have a reputation of being generous.

“I would like to take a shower first,” I said.

“Of course,” Joy said. “Always the gentleman, Tim. That is very considerate of you.”

I couldn’t imagine asking a woman to eat my ass, without taking a shower first, but judging by the look of appreciation on Rim’s face, it was a fairly common occurrence. Joy said something to Rim in a foreign language, and the Filipino woman lowered her head submissively, and scurried down the hallway.

I always felt like it was destiny the way I met Suky, although she still teases me that I was about to get a rimjob from another woman, when we first encountered each other. I entered the shower room without knocking, as I had done on numerous occasions prior to today. As I opened the door, a young Asian girl looked up at me from her position, squatting naked as she was, on the bathroom floor.

Chemistry is a very imprecise element to try and quantify, but I felt it the second I laid eyes on this beautiful creature. I couldn’t really get an idea of her physical proportions because she was squatting on her haunches. She had one hand between her legs and she was applying lubrication to her asshole. We made eye contact and my heart melted. She was just exquisite to look at. Breathtakingly beautiful, with an innocent face and fantastic eyes. I couldn’t tear myself away from her. She moved forward slightly, coming off of her haunches and landing on her knees, in an overt act of submission to me. The young Asian girl remained kneeling in front of me, completely naked, looking up at me submissively, as I locked eyes with her.

It was Joy who finally broke us apart. She entered the shower room, and said something in a language that I didn’t understand, to the young Asian. I knew it wasn’t Tagalog she was speaking, as I could tell the difference between the way Joy had spoken to Rim, and the way she spoke to Suky. Joy spoke dismissively to Suky and Suky lowered her head respectfully.

“Yes, Auntie,” she said in perfect English. “Sorry to be in the way, Tim” she continued as if she was aware of who I was.

As she got up from her knees, I let my eyes wander across her perfectly proportioned breasts, her taut, lean stomach, and her clean shaven pussy. The young girl maintained a submissive posture as she left the room, with her head bowed and the tube of KY jelly in her hand. Her tight little ass barely jiggled, as she scurried out of the room on her tip-toes.

“Who is that?” I asked Joy, unable to contain my interest.

“That is the new girl, Sucky,” Joy said with a smile.

“Sucky?” I repeated for clarification. “How do you spell it?”

“She spells it Suky, but at work she will be Sucky,” Joy said firmly.

I wanted more information on the new girl, but I am a gentleman and was currently engaged with Rim. Rim entered the shower room with a fresh towel for me and some waterproof lubricant. She stripped naked, turned on the shower and walked into the large enclosure.

The Mamasan said “Enjoy yourself Tim,” and left the room quietly.

I had an erection but it wasn’t because of Rim, even though under normal circumstances she would have been more than enough to get me going. I couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous Suky. I entered the shower enclosure after I got naked. Once I was completely wet, Rim grabbed the soap and started to give me a loving body wash. She washed every inch of me, paying particular attention to my genitals and ass-crack.

Once Rim was satisfied I was squeaky-clean back there, she slowly lowered herself onto her knees and started to kiss my lower back. She was barely making contact with me, her soft lips grazing my spine as she teased my butt-cheeks with her manicured fingernails. Goosebumps appeared on my buttocks and lower back, and I jumped when she extended her tongue to lick me, just above my ass-crack. She let out at a giggle, as she realized the effect she was having on me.

Once her moist tongue made contact with me, she dragged it slowly down my spine, and started to kiss and lick my butt-cheeks. My cock was rock-hard now, responding favorably to her tender, submissive touch. After a few moments, Rim started to nibble my ass-cheeks, sending an entirely new, but equally pleasurable, sense of ecstasy through my body.

My nuts were pulsating with anticipation, throbbing as they begged for release. Rim sensed this, and she tapped the inside of my calf gently, signaling me to spread my legs further apart.

I tentatively moved my feet further apart, and was rewarded with Rim’s soft little tongue probing underneath my taint, until the tip of it flicked across my swollen nuts. I let out a whimper of pleasure, and, as I looked down, could see pre-cum hanging from the tip of my cock, in a thin string. Rim’s gentle ministrations felt incredible, and I never wanted her touches to stop. I shuddered, drew in a deep breath and let out another quiet moan.

My moans of appreciation emboldened Rim, and she spoke softly, in a very respectful tone.

“Mr. Tim, please put your foot up on the shower seat.”

There was a small seat built into the shower enclosure, about eighteen inches above the shower floor. I put one foot upon the shelf, and as I got my balance, I could see that Rim was granted much more access to my balls and taint.

She scooted further under me, and gave my aching nuts a tender nibble. I moaned again, thoroughly enjoying her teasing, but desperately wanting release. Rim obviously knew this, but she also knew that my orgasm would be much stronger if she teased me on my way to release. After nibbling my scrotum for a few moments, Rim began to suck my throbbing nuts.

I couldn’t see much of her as she was positioned directly underneath me, but I could feel her silky hair running down my inner thigh and across my knee. I looked down and I was aware that as I continued to leak pre-cum from the tip of my swollen cock, it was matting in her hair.

Rim eventually released my nuts from between her soft lips, extended her tongue and grazed it across my taint. This remarkably pleasurable feeling caused me to jump involuntarily, and Rim let out another little giggle. Rim teased my taint for a few moments until I was breathing heavily and desperate for release.

“Please Rim,” I begged, “make me come.”

“You like, baby?” the beautiful young girl teased.

Rim had me in the palm of her hand and I couldn’t remember a time that I was so consumed with my impending orgasm. Rim dragged her tongue slowly away from my taint, and headed towards my asshole. She circled the rosebud slowly, the nerve endings around my sphincter responding favorably to her tender licks. Then as I moaned appreciatively, her soft, moist tongue entered my anal passage.

Once her tongue was deep inside my asshole, she wiggled it around. At the same time she extended her dainty fingertips to my nutsack, and began to tenderly massage my swollen balls. My testicles ached for release and Rim obviously detected this, because as she ate my ass, she applied a very liberal dose of the waterproof lubricant to my cock, and began to slowly jerk me off.

Rim had used way more lubricant than was necessary, but her handjob felt fucking amazing, and I knew I was going to come soon.

Rim withdrew her tongue from inside my asshole, and said seductively, “Do you want to have your first orgasm in the shower, or wait until we get onto the massage table and I can use my silky panties to make you come?”

It had been almost two weeks since my last massage session, so I was ready to orgasm. Also, seeing Suky for the first time, had really elevated my level of excitement.

“I am close, Rim,” I admitted to the young Filipino.

“I was hoping you would want to enjoy your first cumshot early in the session,” she teased. “Close your eyes and think of the beautiful young Sucky! Maybe she can join us for your next orgasm, if she is done with her client.”

I stiffened up at that last remark, and felt my balls churning as I rapidly approached my orgasm. Apparently, Joy was adamant that the new girl be referred to as “Sucky” while

at work. More impressive to me, was Rim’s perceptive nature. She had obviously recognized my strong physical attraction to Suky, and was playing on it to get me off.

I did close my eyes. I placed one hand on the wall of the shower enclosure to steady myself. Rim’s eager tongue re-entered my anal passage and started to wiggle deep inside me. Her soft hand continued to jerk me off in a slow but steady rhythm. I tried to remember the look on Suky’s face when I caught her lubing up her asshole for her next client, and wondered if I would get to butt-fuck her in the near future. Anal sex was apparently available on her menu, and Suky possessed the most fuckable ass I had ever seen.

I thought of Sucky as I approached orgasm. I started to thrust into Rim’s hand, and she intuitively made the perfect adjustment to improve my pleasure. She stopped jerking me off, and held her hand in a tight fist, so that I could fuck it at my pace. It was at this point, as I pounded into the tight fuckhole that her fist provided, that I was appreciative for the copious amount of lubricant that Rim had poured into her hand. Although I had initially thought she had used way too much, as it transpired, her fist was perfectly prepared.

A few seconds later, as her tongue wiggled inside my anus, I exploded all over the shower wall. Rim kept her fist perfectly still and maintained a constant grip so that I could continue to pound it until I was completely spent. There was nothing I could have suggested to make it a more pleasurable cumshot.

Rim was an amazing rimjob artist. She continued to eat my asshole for several minutes as waves of pleasure washed over me. Finally, my cock started to get flaccid and she relaxed her well-lubricated fist. Rim removed her tongue from deep inside my anal passage. She remained on her knees and looked up adoringly into my eyes.

“Do you want me to eat your load, Mr. Tim?” she asked submissively.

It took me a spilt second to process what she was saying. I had just had one of the defining sexual moments of my life, one which I thought could not possibly be any better. Now, as if my pleasure was the most important thing to her, Rim was offering to extend this amazing moment by eating my ejaculate, presumably from the shower wall.

“Yes, Rim,” I said shakily, “that would turn me on immensely.”

“Please sit, Mr. Tim,” the young Filipino said, pointing to the shelf inside the shower enclosure that had supported my foot earlier.

It was about eighteen inches off the ground, just large enough to accommodate my slender ass. After I was comfortably seated, Rim moved her face over to the glob of my semen that had splattered against the shower wall. Some of it had slid down the wall, coating the wall and ending up on the floor of the shower enclosure. However, there was a large glob still visible on the wall, presumably ejected with enough force to stick, at least temporarily.

Rim extended her tongue, made eye contact with me, and began to eat my jizz from the shower wall. It was a very lewd display of submission, and it excited me immensely. Rim made loud slurping noises as she sucked the remnants of my load from the shower enclosure wall, and then, once the wall was clean of my ejaculate, she lowered her lips to the shower floor, and licked the rest of my cumshot up. Rim maintained eye contact with me the entire time and I felt my cock starting to get hard again, which, at my age, was highly unusual.

I watched Rim with admiration, as she made my session with her unforgettable. Finally, she got up from her knees, and flashed me an adoring smile, as if I my pleasure was the most important thing in the world to her.

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