My Mother’s Madness Ch. 03


[Author’s Note: Thanks to all the readers who have enjoyed these stories so far and sent notes of encouragement. They really help me to keep writing. Thanks also for your patience while waiting for Chapter 3. As always, all characters are over 18 and this is purely fantasy for your enjoyment.]

The next day, I arrived home from school, I found Mother sitting on the patio reading and enjoying an afternoon cocktail. She was wearing her bathing suit and a loose, transparent wrap.

She was so beautiful. I’d seen her naked all of my life—she was never modest in front of us—but now, with all that had happened, I was keenly aware of the softness of her skin, the warmth of her breasts barely contained in the bikini, the strength in her demurely crossed legs. I knew the taste of her lips, the force of her tongue, and felt a new surge run through me as her eyes fell up and down my body.

“Darling, lovely to see you. And just in time! Your father should be home soon. Why don’t you join me for a swim until he gets back?”

“”Sure.” I said, giving her a peck on the cheek and looking about for Liam. I could only wonder what they’d been up to all afternoon. “Where’s Liam?”

“Oh, upstairs, futzing about. I told him to come swim with his old mother, but he mumbled something about having some homework to finish. What crazy talk! It’s Friday!”

“Well, I’ll see if he wants to come,” I said. Realizing my Freudian slip, I blushed as I headed back into the house.

I dumped my books off in my room. The weather was just getting warm enough to swim again, so I had to dig out one of my plain, modest bikinis from beneath a pile of clothes.

As I stripped, I took a moment to view myself in the mirror: so skinny, so pale. My little breasts hardly stood out from my body, though my nipples were nearly as big as Mother’s and prone to sticking out at the slightest chill. I had to admit, I liked my ass, toned as it was from soccer and field hockey.

Still, my body was so unlike Mother’s voluptuous figure; if not for our similar, deep brown eyes, you’d never have thought we were related. Maybe one day, I told myself, my body would develop like Mother’s. I liked that thought, and imagined how I might fill out as my hands crept down my flat belly to my pouty pussy lips, visible through my spare pubic hair. Still, how could any boy get turned on by this little girl’s body?

Finally, I stepped into my bathing suit and went off to find Liam. He was in his room, sitting on his bed, reading. As always, his room was spare and tidy. Even as a young boy, he’d never littered his walls with posters of cars or athletes like other boys.

Liam looked up at me and smiled, then noticed my bikini and got a quizzical look on his face. I flushed a little as I felt his eyes on me. Even our most banal interactions had taken on a simmering, seductive thrill. From the way he blushed, I could tell he felt it too.

“She’s got you swimming with her, eh?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

“I could use a dip. School was…ugh,” I sighed, as if that said it all. I stepped forward and flopped on his bed.

“It’ll get better,” he promised. “Once you go to college.”

I shrugged, unconvinced. “We’ll just have to see,” I said.

Liam moved to sit up next to me and put a brotherly arm around my shoulders. “No, don’t worry about it, Sena. College is a 100% better than high school. Trust me, I hated it too.”

I smiled at him. He was a great older brother. I leaned against him a bit and we sat there in a silence for a few moments. I shivered a little, feeling chilly, and looked down to see my nipples poking through my top. I caught Liam noticing them and he blushed furiously. We both laughed.

“Perv!” I said.

“You should talk,” he replied.

“Just a house of pervs, I guess.”

“Well, it is Mother’s house, after all.”

We chuckled at that. Having broken the ice, I mustered the courage to ask him about the previous day with Mother. “How did it start? I mean, did she just trap you here all day?” I prodded.

“No, well, you know Mom,” he replied. “We woke up late in the morning. You were already gone to school and I’d already missed my first class. So, you know, it wasn’t hard for Mom to convince me to stay home.”

“I bet! All day, rolling around naked, with your mother!” I said.

Liam blushed. “I know, it’s weird, isn’t it? But who are you to talk? I saw you two in the tub, before, um, before I joined you.”

“I know. It is weird. But, then again, it isn’t, you know.”

Liam nodded and sat up next to me. “It’s just Mom,” he sighed. We sat there in silence, each considering Mother and her eccentricity.

“So,” I finally began with a needling tone in my voice, “what did Mom and you do, anyway?”

Liam’s face grew red again and he avoided my eye. “We just, you know, laid about.”

“Ha! You did a lot more than that. I watched her give you a blow job, remember?”

“You saw all of that?” he asked, abashed.

“Yup,” I laughed. I must admit, I reveled in his discomfort. “And then you kissed her pussy.”

“Well, bursa eskort you know, we did some more stuff, during the day. Slept a lot, then I’d wake up and Mom was playing with me again, or asking me to do stuff.”

“Stuff, huh?” I giggled, poking him in the side with my finger.

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, how much ‘stuff’ did you do?”

Liam grinned. “This is so crazy,” he sighed. “Well, she really loves to kiss, you know. She laid me back in the bed and cuddled up, lying half on top of me, and we just kissed for the longest time. Her tongue…” he drifted off. I found myself staring off into space, remember what her kiss felt like for myself. We both shifted uncomfortably, clearly getting turned on by our memories.

“What about it?” I pressed.

“So warm and wet. And her body too. Her skin was hot, almost like she had a fever, but so soft I didn’t want to stop touching her. She pressed her breasts into me, into my chest, as we kissed. Then she sort of fed them to me, begging me to suck them while she straddled me. I think she came just from me sucking on her nipples.”

Liam and I were both panting. We were sitting very close, his arm still around me, his fingers gently stroking my skin. I rested my head on his shoulder and my hand on his thigh.

“Did you, like, did you fuck?” I was as shocked as Liam when the words came out of my mouth. To even have this conversation was absurd! But, there it was, and nothing could be taken back.

Liam choked on my question for a minute, then shook his head. “No, it really never got to that point.”

I nodded. Then, unable to help myself, I pressed: “Would you have? I mean, if she’d wanted to.” We were like co-conspirators whispering secrets.

Liam squirmed. I squeezed his thigh to reassure him. Instantly, we both stiffened. I thought about taking my hand back, but the imp of my Mother’s madness had hold of me, and I began to caress Liam’s thigh.

“It’s okay, Liam, you can tell me,” I whispered, looking up into his eyes.

Liam swallowed, then nodded slowly. My heart raced. I reveled in his confession. He was as lost, as depraved, as any of us. I could see it in his eyes, as he could in mine. Our lips were so close now, we were panting, letting our hands roam each other’s bodies.

“Wow, you’d have fucked Mother,” I sighed. I brushed his cheek with my lips and whispered into his ear, “You know, she’d have probably let you, if you’d tried.”

Liam held his breath and seemed to be searching my face, as if finding something new there. I grinned devilishly and let my hand creep farther up his thigh. He was hard, pressed against his trousers.

“Wow, seems like you like the thought of that,” I chided him, resting my palm on his hard cock.

“Well, you can’t blame me,” he said, finally. “Mother is…powerful…”

“No, don’t worry, I can’t blame you,” I agreed. I started rubbing his cock through his pants. “I think it might be fun to watch.”

Liam grinned at the thought of that. He pulled me closer, his strong fingers gripping my naked arm. I kissed his neck, right below his ear.

“Tell me, Liam, is that all you want to do?”

“How do you mean?”

“Fuck Mother, is that all you want?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it like that.”

“Would you fuck her tits?”

“I guess. They are big and soft. That would feel good.”

“Would you come on her face, like some girl in a porno?”

Liam chuckled. His fingers slipped under my top to toy with my hard nipple. “I guess, if she wanted.”

“What about anal sex? Would you fuck your own mother in the ass, you perv?”

Liam stiffened at the thought. “Do really you think Mom and Dad have anal sex?”

“I think they probably have every kind of sex,” I replied. We sat there in silence and considered that notion, rubbing each other with increasing heat.

“Well, what about me? What do you want to do…with me?” I looked him right in the eye as I said it. Our lips were mere inches away from each other. I held Liam’s cock firmly through his trousers and felt it pulse beneath my fingers. He continued to massage my breasts and tweak my nipples. We leaned forward to kiss. “Would you fuck me, Liam?” I whispered.

“Kids! You’re father’s home!” Mother called from downstairs. “Come say hello!”

We jumped as soon as we heard her voice. We jumped apart, as if we’d been caught. Then, we both burst into laughter.

“Everyone in this house is crazy,” Liam said, shaking his head.

“Well, it’s Mother’s house, after all,” I agreed.

I lifted my bikini back over my breasts and he straightened his trousers, then we hurried downstairs to welcome Father home.

We descended the stairs to find Mother and Father kissing passionately. Mother’s wrap had fallen down her shoulders, leaving her cleavage exposed. Father’s arms were around her back, hands resting on her ass. She clung to him, swaying back and forth.

We were quiet enough that they didn’t even notice us until we were only a few feet away. Then Father raised bursa escort bayan his head and stiffened, trying to be proper, and gently pulled away from Mother. She kept her arms around his neck and pressed her ample breasts into his body, just as Liam had said she’d done to him. I couldn’t help by grin. Mother was smiling and ecstatic that her whole family was together again.

I gave Father a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and Mother moved in to embrace me from behind and sandwich me between them. Like Mother, Father was fit and though not especially tall, he still had several inches over Liam and me. I felt the warmth of their bodies as Mother pressed hard against me, smashing me into Father, who laughed at her exuberance.

Mother and I never had our swim, as Father was hungry and we quickly set to making dinner. She had planned a delicious roast and grilled vegetables, and Liam and I were her sous-chefs as Father showered and relaxed before dinner.

Dinner was delicious and lively. Father told us about his time in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, and promised us presents after dinner. Mother chatted away about all that Father had missed in the community during his ten-day absence. She went on and on about what wonderful children Liam and I were, how we looked after her and made sure she didn’t get too lonely. At one point, Father regarded me with an odd look, as if searching my face, but then he smiled and thanked us for taking care of Mother.

After dinner, Father gave us our presents (an antique Japanese dagger for Liam and elegant, hand-stitched Thai silk pajamas for me). We settled in to watch an old movie (Mother’s favorite family pastime), complete with hot cocoa and popcorn. To any outsider, we’d have looked as dull and complacent as any average family.

To a keen observer, however, telltale signs of Mother’s eccentricities abounded. First, Mother insisted I change into my new pajamas before we watched the movie, and that everyone get likewise comfortable. Father resisted, but Mother put her hands on her hips and gave him a look which sent him off to change.

Soon, we assembled, Father and Liam in simple pajamas, Mother in an immodest pink nightgown that was hardly concealed by one of her diaphanous wraps, and me in my new smooth, silk pajamas. Liam did his best not to ogle Mother, but it was impossible not to notice her lush breasts and hourglass figure barely contained in her nightgown. It was so thin and tight that it cupped her breasts and the outlines of her nipples were clearly visible. It was obvious she also wasn’t wearing panties.

Mother fluttered about, making sure each to give Liam and me several hugs and kisses before she settled into the couch next to Father. Liam took up his favorite chair and I stretched out like a cat on a bed of pillows before the fireplace.

Next, Mother could not keep her hands to herself throughout the evening. I peeked back regularly to see her caressing kissing Father, even slipping her hands into the folds of his pajama top to rub his chest. He’d laugh and lightly caress her too, playfully admonishing her to watch the movie. Liam was watching them intently. Mother would whisper something in Father’s ear while rubbing him, then giggle, and he’d cluck, as if he disapproved, but with a smile on his face.

Over the course of the evening, Mother’s nightgown rode up her nearly to her waist, revealing almost all of her beautiful, lush thighs. From my vantage, I could see all the way up her legs to her naked pussy. More than once she caught my eye and gave me a wink while she toyed with Father. Even though Mother had always been openly affectionate with Father, she seemed much more unabashed and giddy than usual. Father seemed a little confused, but he relaxed and let Mother have her fun.

By the time that the movie was over and Mother and Father were flushed and were practically panting. They were clearly eager to head to bed.

“Come give us kisses, my darlings, Daddy’s tired and I need to tuck him in!” Mother exclaimed.

I bent to kiss them goodnight. Mother put her hands on either side of my face and held me still for Father to see.

“Isn’t she lovely, Richard? Such a beautiful young woman!” Mother said. She planted a wet kiss right on my lips.

“Yes, of course she is,” Father said dryly, raising his cheek to accept my kiss. “You’re both great kids.”

Mother let her hands flutter down my face, neck, and breasts. Her warm hands pressed the flawless silk against my skin, giving me a little shiver of pleasure. I wanted more, but knew it was fleeting. Father didn’t seem to notice as she put her arms on either side of my hips, then slid them around back to cup my ass. She kissed me again. “Oh, I could kiss your lovely lips all night, sweetie,” she said.

Liam dutifully leaned forward to kiss Father’s cheek and said it was good to have him home.

“Give your old mother a hand up from this couch,” Mother told him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Liam hauled her up. As they stood, she smashed her body into görükle escort his, her breasts nearly spilling from her top. She kissed him right on the lips, still holding tight. “Such a strong, young man! See, Richard, they take great care of me when you’re gone.”

“I see that. We’re very lucky to have such great kids,” Father said, standing as well.

With that, Mother took him by the hand and led him upstairs. Liam and I exchanged another glance and a shrug. Then I kissed his cheek—quite suddenly, as we’d never kissed goodnight before—and then ran upstairs to my own room. I left the poor boy there alone in the living room, obviously aroused from his encounter with Mother, confused and horny.

It wasn’t long before I heard the sounds of love-making emanating from my parents’ room. I lay in bed listening for quite some time, letting my fingers glide up and down my pussy lips. I had shucked my pajama bottoms before climbing in bed, knowing that my wet pussy would want attention.

After my encounter with Liam and Mother’s tender ministrations, I was worked up and needed relief. I relaxed, gently toying with myself, as I listened to their muffled voices—Mother’s voice pleading with urgency, while Father’s was calm and low—and then their panting, moaning, rhythm as the bed swayed with their passion. I couldn’t make out their words, but the intent, passion, and intensity were unmistakable.

With one hand pinching my nipple, I attended to my pussy lips and clit. I was so wet! I dipped my fingers between my cunt lips and smeared my juices against my clit, using them to lubricate my gyrating fingers.

I thought of Mother and Father and imagined him riding her, fucking her from behind, as I’d seen men ride women in porno movies. My thoughts drifted to Mother and Liam, kissing for hours, entangled and naked, warm and on the verge of fucking. Those fantasies merged into my memory of our bath together, of Liam’s fingers along my ass, Mother cupping my head and pulling me forward to suck her nipple as I rode her leg. I conjured a scene of us in the bath, leaning against Mother’s heavy breasts as she held me close, while Liam fucked me from behind, just as I imagined Father doing to Mother now.

It wasn’t long before my little fingers brought me off to my own orgasm. Like Mother down the hall, I made no effort to be quiet. It was so liberating to pant, moan, and call out as I came by my own hand. Finally, I lay there in the dark, panting, until I dozed off, cupping my own wet cunt in my hands.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I awoke to the sounds of my parents’ voices. Were they still going at it? Again, I listened for a bit, but this time curiosity overcame me. I snuck down the hall to find that they’d left the door open. I peeked in to see Mother, completely nude, astride Father. Mother was riding him, undulating back and forth, up and down, letting her hair flow forward and back. Father gripped her tits, her neck, shoved a finger into her mouth. She seemed to devour him whole: his cock, his hands, all of his energy.

The light was dim and fell on them with heavy shadows, but I could see their expressions were full of delight and passion. Mother had a sleepy smile on her face as she rode Father, regarding him through half-closed eyes. Father’s eyes were shut tight, his mouth agape in a continual moan as Mother’s cunt worked up and down and around his cock.

I became so distracted that I didn’t see Liam approach. I nearly called out when he leaned close to me to spy on our parents’ activities. Luckily, I caught myself and gave him an angry look. It didn’t last long, though, when I saw that he’d already pulled his cock from his pajama bottoms. It was lean and hard, full in his hand. He ogled me, wearing only my pajama top, with my hand cupping my cunt.

Together, we watched and played with ourselves. I fingered my wet pussy while he pumped up and down on his cock. I soon lost interest in watching our parents, and instead watched Liam while listening as Mother’s cries became more intense and passionate. I lifted my top so that Liam could watch me finger myself, and leaned against the wall for support.

In the bedroom, Mother’s cries intensified as she began to urge Father. “Yes, yes, that’s it Richard, push up harder, fuck me harder, darling!”

As Mother continued to loudly ride Father, Liam seemed to lose any remnant of shyness. He stepped forward and pressed me against the wall. We kissed hard, shoving our tongues at each other, panting loudly, biting and clawing.

In the bedroom, Mother continued: “My cunny is so wet, darling, so wet for you! Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve hard your long, hard cock!”

“Did you miss it?” Father grunted.

“You know I did, I always do! Nothing can take its place! No one can fuck me like you can, darling! Yes, yes, just like that.”

“And your tits, did they miss me too?” Father asked.

“They missed your big, strong, rough hands! Grab them, twist them, slap them!” I heard the sounds of skin slapping as Father obeyed. Mother shrieked with pleasure. She was such a delicate creature except in the midst of her madness. The perversities seemed to bubble up out of her and she growled like an animal. We’d have heard her even if we’d been in our bedrooms, like good little children. Instead, we were attacking each other in the hallway, mere feet away.

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