My Medical Vacation



Finally on the way to the airport. My first trip to Europe. I wish my wife was coming with me but she was just dropping me at the Laguardia international terminal. I certainly hoped we would get to go to Europe together and do the normal sightseeing and partying that most couples enjoy, but this was a special trip for me. Actually a medical trip. I was finally getting implants and the price in Poland was much better than in the states. Oh, I hope you don’t get the wrong idea. I am getting Dental Implants. You see, many years ago I lost quite a few teeth in an accident. 12 in all, mostly on top. And I really hated wearing these damn dentures. I haven’t been able to really enjoy eating with them in for years. It would have cost over $22,000 to get them replaced with quality implants in the US. A friend had been to Europe for some medical work recently and after hearing about how much she saved we had to look into it. With some searching online and with the help of a Medical Travel agency in New York, I was able to book the work for about $4,500. USD + another $500 for the travel. That’s pretty good savings and thanks to a successful lawsuit against my former employer I could finally afford it.

My wife Ellie had made most of the arrangements the last couple of weeks while I tended to our new business and got it to a point where it could operate without my being there for the next few weeks. Ellie was also a computer whiz and could easily handle any situations that might arise with our online sales company. She has been wonderful in making the arrangements right down to booking the flight, the dental clinic, and even packing my bags. We joked a bit because of the other services the dental office in Poland offered. One of the highlights was that they had their own 30 room hotel/hospice so there patients could relax in one place without having to travel back and forth to a different hotel. The doctors would always be close by and the staff was all nurses connected to the clinic. They had a pool, spa and restaurant included and it only added about $300 to the fees. The Clinic was a full-service medical center that catered to out of country patients looking mostly for elective services that their other insurance would not cover. Besides dental work, they offered liposuction, Cosmetic surgery including facelifts, implants, and breast reductions, and other services.

As a little background info for you, dear readers, my darling Ellie and I have been married for 30 yrs. we are both 55 years old and have always enjoyed a pretty kinky lifestyle. We both enjoy playing sexually with women and men. I am her subby hubby and she is my loving Mistress. She loves BDSM & caning, I love being her naughty girlfriend as I am also a cross-dresser/tv and love to enjoy my feminine side and often I am quite the sissy gurl.

I was kind of concerned about flying. Well, actually more about the check-in process, because I would be wearing a pretty cami as I do every day under my shirt. I checked my suitcase but did have a small carry-on with a few snacks, my laptop, and a magazine and a couple of disposable diapers. Because I would be sleeping for much of the long flight, a diaper would definitely be needed and I had a thick one and plastic panties on under my pants. This was actually due to some nerve damage to my bladder from an injured back that came with the same accident that I lost so many teeth in. It caused me to have problems with wetting when I slept and I once had to get off a plane in Chicago with wet pants because of it.

Yes, readers, there is a medication that helped the problem, but it had side effects. One side effect was to greatly diminish one’s sex drive. My wife and I decided to stop that medication years ago. She also chose the diaper route as the best option for us. It wasn’t an adult baby kink but I think she enjoyed the extra control over me that it gave her. I hope the TSA screeners don’t notice the bulge in my pants.

We got to the Airport and said our goodbyes. I would be gone almost 3 weeks. We had never been apart this long in 30 years. I certainly wished she was coming along. Thankfully I made it through the check-in without incident and was soon on the plane getting settled in for a long flight. It was actually non-stop to Warsaw so I again listened to my Rosetta Stone Polish tapes and finally fell asleep. I had been assured that the Clinic staff was all fluent in English, but I felt it was best to learn a bit about their language and had been studying a few weeks now.

I was awakened about 5 hours into the 8+ hour flight for dinner. Much better than our domestic airlines. After eating I realized how wet my diaper felt and decided to go change. I grabbed a spare diaper out of my carry -on and tried to hide it as best I could and headed for the restroom. As I passed the flight attendants station I’m certain I saw a knowing glance and a bit of a smirk from the crew. But this story isn’t about the flight. We landed at 8:30 a.m. local time. I Escort Bayan gathered my bags, cleared customs and was met at the gate by a driver from the Clinic. There was another woman on the way to the clinic as well. We made a bit of small talk during the half-hour ride. Her name was Lois and she was from Dayton Ohio, going to get some cosmetic work done. We wished each other good luck and each went to check in.

The lobby for the guestrooms was separate from the clinic. I introduced myself at the desk as Mr. Matt Bradley, from the USA. The desk clerk greeted me warmly and the check-in went smoothly. I was given directions to my room and a few informational pamphlets and told that I had a 10:30 am meeting with Dr. Woyczek.

I only had about a half hour so I went and checked out the room. It was well appointed with a flat-screen tv, a comfy looking couch, and a desk and a nice big bathroom. The bed was a hospital type bed but it looked comfortable. I wanted to get some coffee before the appointment so I left my suitcase and just took my laptop bag with me. I grabbed a large coffee and headed to the clinic through the door in the hotel lobby.

I went up to the reception desk and introduced myself. “Hiya dear, I’m Matt Bradley to see the doctor about my teeth”. The lady behind the desk was Vella. She was probably about 34, very pretty with lovely red hair and a really great rack. It wasn’t easy to keep focused on her face but I did try hard. She was actually a nurse not a receptionist and had been assigned to me for my stay, as they assign a nurse to oversee every patient during their stay. “I could live with that,” I thought to myself. She handed me a clipboard and asked me to fill out a few questionnaires. I think I blushed a bit when I got to the questions about past health issues and where it asked if there were any problems with incontinence. Probably because I realized I was still wearing my diaper. As I was finishing Vella came to me and leaned over asking for the questionnaires back. I had quite a view when she did. She must have seen where I was looking and asked if I liked what I saw. Looking away quickly I said that I did, but that “I preferred smaller ones myself”. She gave a bit of a laugh and brought the clipboard into what I presume was the doctor’s office.

When she came out she said it would be a few minutes. She asked about my flight and what I thought of the room. I told her I had a great trip and liked the room but didn’t get to see much of it as I had just arrived a little bit ago. “Heck, I didn’t even have a chance to unpack”. She said that it was OK as she would take charge for now and I should go see the doc and do as I was told and I would have a great stay and a beautiful new smile. I headed into Dr. Woyczek’s office thinking about how she said that. Was it her English skills or did she deliberately say it that way? Well, she was pretty hot looking so I don’t mind taking her orders I suppose.

The doctor and I chatted a bit about my health history then he led me to his exam room. He did blood tests and the usual tests one would expect before going into surgery. He said that I would undergo two separate surgeries, one tomorrow and one in 3 days. He took all sorts of mouth x rays, went for a phone call, then came back and took a full mouth impression. He was explaining some of the dental implant procedures to me as it set up. As he removed the appliance with the mold he asked what I thought of Vella. I told him she seems very nice and is certainly very pretty. He asked what I thought of her chest, that his partner, Dr. Olga Zwronsky created it for her. Its the newest advance in breast implants more realistic and healthier than the other types. I told him again that they looked very hot, at least within the confines of her uniform, but that I personally liked smaller breasts. We both chuckled and he asked me to take a seat back in his office as he sent the molds to the lab.

He came back into the office and Vella was with him. He explained that they would do the first step in the operation in the morning at 9:30 am. Vella would see that I was prepped before bedtime and that they wanted me to relax today. He recommended I enjoy a swim and Jacuzzi. He said Vella would be in charge and she would meet me at the spa room in half an hour. As we were leaving the room I told Dr. Woyczek that I didn’t know if my wife packed a swimsuit. That’s when Vella said that she had taken the liberty of unpacking my bags for me while I was meeting with the Dr. and there was not one.

I silently cringed knowing that she would have seen the frilly panties and other female clothing that I know my wife had packed. Partly because I no longer owned any male undergarments. Heck, even most of my jeans and tops were actually woman’s clothing. So now she knew my secrets. Oh Shit. What’s next I thought.

Vella said the hotel keeps extra swimwear handy for guests that forget theirs and she had left a suit on my bed. She said to put it on and meet her at the spa. I couldn’t Bayan Escort believe it. When I got to my room there was a blue bikini on the bed. A two-piece bikini. Did she really expect me to wear this? Damn it. It is kinda cute though. I went into the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and wet diaper. I hopped into the shower and cleaned up a bit. Finally, I slipped on the bikini bottom. It was cut full in the back but the front didn’t have enough room for my penis. I had to tuck it just to fit in the panty. I looked down across my now flat fronted crotch and noticed my pink toenails. Well looks like its too late to pretend I’m not girly, might as well put the top on too.

I slipped on the plush hotel robe and some slippers that were in the closet and headed down to the pool room. Vella was already there and dressed in a pretty yellow maillot swimsuit with a skirt that made me swell a bit in my bikini. “Well, let us see how you look Mr. Bradley?” she said with a smirk. There were only 3 or 4 other people at the pool and luckily they weren’t paying us any attention. When I opened the robe Vella said I looked “pretty in blue ” then she laughed and added, “but you don’t fill the top out too well”. “Why couldn’t you get me a mans suit?” I asked and she said that “A real man would have called the desk and requested one. I obviously chose correctly or you would have done that instead of coming here wearing this girly suit.” So, Mister Bradley seems very wrong, what should I call you instead?” After unpacking your things I thought you would be pleased to look pretty for me.”

“Yes Miss Vella, Thank-you. You can call me Brenda miss Vella. Was all I could muster as I fell into my usual submissive role. “That’s okay” Vella said. Your wife had already explained your situation in an email. But I suggest you are on your best behavior while you are here or she will certainly hear about it sissy” The others in the pool turned their attention to us after hearing that and started laughing at me causing me to blush brightly.” Well, let’s hop in the water” she said jumping in first. I did and we swam some laps and headed for the Jacuzzi spa. Wow, those jets felt great on my back. With the jet lag and travel to the airport in NY I was wearing down. I almost fell asleep, but I did keep an eye on the quite attractive Vella.

She was asking me questions but I certainly don’t remember answering them. In fact, I hardly remember what the questions were. I just heard my self babbling from time to time. I would see her laugh at my answers now and then but I have no idea what I was saying.

As we left the Jacuzzi she asked about the tattoo beneath my navel as it was partially showing above my bikini. I told her it was an anniversary gift from my wife a few years ago. She told me to pull my suit a bit lower so she could see it all. I revealed it to her explaining my wife called it my “Sissy Stamp”. There Vella saw my pretty and colorful fairy with a butterfly on each side and the words “Ellie’s Sissy Girl” in a feminine script. It extends down to just above my sissy clitty and Ellie says “its as good as a chastity device because no woman would ever let a man with a sissy tattoo like that ever fuck her”.

Vella laughed at that and told me to shower and meet her back by the pool. I met Vella and she took me to my room and told me to rest for a while and she would come by to take me to dinner in a few hours. I probably fell asleep in about 3 minutes.

“Wake up sleepy one,” said Vella as she gently rocked me back and forth. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I saw Vella in a soft green top that displayed her beautiful assets and a short form-fitting skirt that showed a hint of stocking top. ” Time to go to dinner Brenda. I picked out some clothes for you.” “Why did you call me Brenda” I queried her. “Well Brenda, at the pool you told me that’s what your wife calls you, don’t you remember?” I told her I was so tired before I didn’t remember much from the spa. “Do I have to go by that name here?” I asked. Vella told me that my wife thought I would feel more comfortable that way, so yes, she would be calling me Brenda. She also said I may as well enjoy myself before tomorrows surgery.

She handed me a pink bra and panty set and a pair of really snug Ponte pants that were a light beige color. A pretty maroon top with a tie around the waist and a lace flounce around the collar. She turned around so I could step behind the dressing curtain and have some privacy. I pulled my panties on and tucked properly and put on my bra and the pants and top. The snug pants left a bit of a camel toe and the top was not long enough to cover up.

As I stepped from behind the screen Vella suddenly says ” Now I know why you where those diapers” pointing to the wet spot on the bed. “don’t worry baby, the staff will change the sheets while we go eat”

I put on a pair of flats and she motioned me to the bathroom. “I noticed you didn’t bring much make-up so I will help you out a bit.” and she pulled out Escort her makeup from her bag and did my face up a bit. Not too much, just a bit of mascara, eyeshadow and rouge, and some of my own lipstick. I put a couple of earrings in each ear and combed out my hair and we were off to the dining room.

Dinner was excellent, traditional Polish food. The stuffed cabbage was always a fav of mine, and this was the absolute best. “Enjoy it while you can hun, we do have to clean you out before your surgery tomorrow”. “Gee thanks” I replied. During dinner, I had a chance to ask her a few questions. After all, this was getting a bit kinky for just coming here for dental implants.

Vella said that most patients don’t get treated like this but after seeing my clothing and the email from my wife, she talked to the doctor and decided they may as well have some fun. She told me that most of their work was pretty routine and decided it would be nice to have a bit of a change of pace. She said that if I wanted they would just treat me like any of the other patients and forget everything that happened already.

As the waiter brought our dessert I finally looked up at Vella and said “No Vella. This has been nice so far. Please let me be your sissy girlfriend while I am here. I’m sure it will help relieve the stress of the dental work and make for great memories too.” Then I added, “so long as my teeth get done and I have a pretty smile when I leave”. Seeming pleased with my answer, Vella told me how happy she was that I made that decision. “It does get so boring around here at times this will definitely help alleviate it”.

After dessert, I went for a short walk around the clinic grounds and went back to my room. Vella would come by around 9:30 pm to get me ready for the morning.

I booted my computer and Skype’d Ellie. I forgot what I was wearing and she immediately commented on my make-up. I told her about the plane trip and everything I talked to the doctor about here at the clinic. I also asked her why she told them about my dressing and everything. “Look at it this way Brenda” Ellie explained. “You have no male underwear to pack. You have to wear diapers to bed. Your toenails are painted and you have a “sissy stamp” tattoo. They obviously would have noticed something different about you so I decided to warn them about it and see what they said. They wrote to me that it was not a problem for them how I dressed so I thought you might enjoy your trip more this way. Especially since you finally had a chance to go to Europe and couldn’t take your skis with you” she laughed. “So go ahead and have fun and I can’t wait till you get home and see a pretty new you, er I mean your pretty new smile”.

I knew that she just wanted what was best for me and I couldn’t be mad at her for it. We chatted a bit more until Vella was knock on the door and walked right in without waiting for my answer. Ellie asked who came in and Vella came over to the computer to introduce herself.

She informed Ellie that she had to get me ready for the operation and assured her that I was in good hands. As we already knew, there would be some pain expected from the operation. But Vella told Ellie that as she could see in how I was now dressed that they had taken her advice and that, “We will see to it that Brenda has a wonderful time and assured her everything would go smoothly as long as she continues to behave herself. They both smiled at that and Ellie thanked her and said she would email her tomorrow for a progress report. Before signing off Ellie reminded me to be a good girl because she had given Vella, the Dr. and the clinic permission to use whatever means they need to ensure a successful operation and a beautiful new smile for me. I promised I would be and said goodbye.

Vella told me to strip and come into the bathroom. She said that she needed to clean me out and I saw the enema equipment she was taking out of the cabinet. I asked if I couldn’t just take some pills or something and she said flat out “NO”. But, she would give me a pill before bed that would assure I would be absolutely clean by morning. “Now Brenda I said strip and I meant it” she swatted my ass and told me to get my panties off now. It stung my bottom and I was shocked but obeyed immediately.

She ordered me onto all fours and lubed my bottom. I have had a few enemas before but I haven’t seen anything like she was holding. All those tubes and straps and pumps.

“Don’t worry Brenda, I have done this to dozens of patients and no one has died from it yet” she laughed as she slowly pushed the nozzle into my bottom and started pumping a ball. I felt something expand in my bottom and looked up quizzically at the woman who was now tormenting my ass. “Look at the floor not at me Sissy” she commanded with another swat to my bottom. She grabbed another bulb and felt something expanding on the outside of my ass. It was like I was being plugged inside and out. Vella explained that it was a double bardex nozzle and would be preventing anything from leaking until she released it. Soon she added a couple of straps around my thighs and ankles. I was startled and told her not to bind me and tried to squirm away. Not being able to stand. She blocked my way and started spanking my plugged ass.

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