My Lovers, Gran and Mum


I was nineteen; I had just been accepted for university to study Law, just like my mum, gran and grandpa. Mum was nineteen to when she was accepted, but two days after she was accepted she gave birth to me.

Mum was a single parent mum, when she was eighteen; it was November; she was pregnant. Gran supported her. She got through her final few months at school and nobody knew that she was pregnant.

I was born a healthy kid. I was breastfed by both my mum and gran. Gran had an excess of breastmilk. When I think of that today, I was a lucky baby. Mum and gran both have massive boobs. When I was two months old, mum started university. Gran looked after me. When I was five, I started school, mum graduated from university and started working in gran and grandpa’s law firm. Grandpa was twelve years older than gran. We were a complete family. We did everything together.

Grandpa was the father that I never had, but I couldn’t have wished for a better father than him. All my life, he was there for me. Throughout my teens, he was the voice of my worldly knowledge. He took me to football matches; he took me to my sports. He taught me to drive. My knowledge of road traffic law was incredible. I passed my driving test one week before he died of a massive heart attack. He was so happy that I had passed.

Grandpa’s passing was an enormous loss to gran, mum and myself. We got through the funeral. The church was full. He was respected by lots of people from every walk of life. Over dinner one evening gran said that I was now the head of the family. Mum asked, “We are due to go on holiday next month, shall we go or shall we cancel?”

“Jill, we’ll go. That’s what grandpa would have wanted. We’ve been going to that hotel for years. It’s where Jack learned to swim. We all have so many happy memories. Grandpa is gone, but we have still to get on with our lives. We’ll have a family room now. We don’t need two rooms this year. I will cancel one of the rooms.”

The hotel was wonderful, it had a beautiful spa, there was dancing every night. After I had passed my test, grandpa had said that this year I could drive the family there. Grandpa had bought a top of the range Mercedes. I loved that car and I would be driving it.

Gran asked, “Jack, are you looking forward to our holiday?”

“Of course gran, if the sun shines then there’s nothing to beat it. I am also looking forward to driving you there.”

“Jack, that’s a great idea. In the evenings, if we go out, your mum and I can have some wine and you can drive.”

We were all looking forward to our holiday. We would move forward. It would give us all the opportunity to get over grandpa. He hadn’t participated in any of the sports like mum and gran but he’d been part of all those holidays. There was a dance every night in the hotel. Grandpa had loved that. This year I’d be the one who would dance with mum and gran.

Two weeks later, I’d been in the shower. I had been horny. I’d been watching porn in my room. I had wanked and cum. I had washed and rinsed my cock. The shower was not in a cabinet, it was open plan with jets everywhere. I switched it off and stepped to get my towel when gran came into the bathroom, she was wearing only a dressing gown and holding a pair of panties in her hand, she said, “Sorry Jack, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I’ll just put these in the laundry basket.”

Admiring her massive tits that jiggled as she walked towards the basket. She was naked underneath. Her eyes were totally focused on my monster cock. It was a look of admiration and adoration. She obviously liked what she saw. She put her soiled panties in the basket, then smiled and said, “Jack, sorry to have disturbed you. Let me know when you’re finished, as I still need to do my teeth.”

“Gran, we’re both adults. Do your teeth now if you want?”

Gran didn’t reply but started doing her teeth, her eyes sparkling mischievously as she visually examined my monster cock. I dried my shoulders, head, back and legs very slowly, so slowly that gran could have cleaned her teeth three times in the time I took to dry myself. Gran’s eyes never left my cock. I put on a fresh pair of boxers and gave gran a kiss on the cheek as I left the bathroom.

The next morning, gran made breakfast. She, like mum always cooked breakfast in a dressing gown. Gran was wearing the same dressing gown as she wore last night. Gran asked, “Jack, when are you home tonight?”

“I will be home at five. Why?”

“Your mum goes to her fitness class, then yoga between six and eight this evening. I am going this afternoon to my sports so that we can have supper when your mum comes back at eight. I was wondering if you could scrub my back while I’m in the shower?”

“No problem gran, I’ll do that for you, but we’ll both have to be naked.”

“We are both adults Jack, your mum will be going straight from the office to her sports so we can start when you get home. One other thing, Jack, what we do is between ourselves. güneyşehir escort There’s no need for your mum to know, is that ok with you?”

“Of course gran, it will be our secret. This is my last day at school and some of the guys are going for a coffee. Would you like me to come home earlier?”

“Five is good. I’ve got to work this afternoon.”

All I thought about all day was gran’s big melons. We got out of school at twelve, the day dragged on and on. We went to a pub. I didn’t drink beer, so I had a few glasses of white wine. As I walked home, I wasn’t drunk, but I felt relaxed. I was wondering how gran would proceed with this. Would we talk about it first? Would we go straight to the bathroom? Could she have changed her mind and didn’t want me to scrub her back now?

I let myself in the front door. I heard gran in the kitchen. She asked. “I’m having a glass of wine. Will I pour you one?”

I thought that I’d better take one, as she would smell the wine that I had drunk from my breath. “Yes please gran, I fell a bit nervous. At least that’s school over and I hear that the next few days will be scorchers. A heat wave is coming.”

Gran was wearing a towelling bathrobe. The way her massive melons were jiggling, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She poured my wine and topped up her own, then said, “There’s no need to be nervous. You should be careful if your sunbathing always use sun cream.”

We chatted in the kitchen, then gran led me to the bathroom. There was a shelf and the back scrubber was hanging from a hook. There was also a selection of shower gels on the shelf. Gran said, “I just need to take off my bathrobe. You had better get undressed, big boy. Gran took off her bathrobe. My cock stiffened when I saw her gorgeous body. Her tits were amazing, but her vulva was fantastic. It was smooth and swollen. She had a delightful long sex slit with perfectly formed pussy lips. I stripped naked. Gran’s eyes were fixed on my monster erection. Gran smiled then said, “Jack, please tell me that I’ve given you that magnificent hard on? You have a beautiful body and your cock is something else. I am going to put on a shower hat as I had my hair done this morning.”

Gran put on her hat. She looked cute with it on. She then adjusted the temperature. She handed me a container of shower gel. I took the gel from her and said, “Yes, your gorgeous body makes my cock hard and when I see your beautiful tits and pussy, it makes me harder.”

“I’m so happy to hear that, you can feel me as you wash me, may I suggest that I shave away all your pubic hair, it will make you so much more sensitive down there, then you will get terrific sensations and I don’t like hair in my teeth when I’m giving you those sensations?”

I started to wash gran’s front. Her tits felt amazing, her nipples were hard and erect, she was facing me, she was lathering my shoulders, chest and stomach, then she pulled my foreskin back and lathered my cock and balls. This felt so good. I spread my legs. Gran’s hand was now between my buttocks, applying shower gel to my ass and perineum. Gran slipped her middle finger up my tight ass and whispered, “Jack, you feel so good Jack, would you like gran to give you wonderful sensations? But it must be our secret?”

I pulled gran close to me, our lips met, gran buried her tongue in my mouth, she was also pushing her pussy against my leg, gran was a very sexy woman. I replied, “Don’t worry gran, it will be our secret. No one will ever know. I love how you kiss.”

Gran smiled and said, “Let’s finish showering, you have still my back and pussy to do, then when we’re finished, we can go into my bedroom for a kiss and cuddle. We have an hour and a half before your mum gets home, but I will need fifteen minutes to get supper ready. Remember that I want to shave your pubic hair away?”

I scrubbed gran’s back then lathered her ass and pussy. She was very wet and had an enormous clit. When I had finished, gran went to the bathroom cabinet and brought out two razors. The first was for dry shaving.

She stood me over the toilet. A minute later I had only a stubble left, and it felt good. She then applied shaving foam and shaved me smooth. She applied a cream and when she had finished, I was soft and smooth around my cock. My cock was rock hard.

We went into gran’s bedroom. Gran put two pillows on top of the bed, then covered them with a towel. I was hard, gran was wet, then gran said, “I’ll lie on top of the pillows. That way, I can take you deeper. Jack, take it easy to begin with as that’s a monster cock that you have got. Once I’m used to it, it won’t be a problem.”

An hour later gran and I showered again. Gran insisted that we do this as mum would easily smell the smell of sex from us. Gran had climaxed three times, we both climaxed simultaneously on her third orgasm. Gran was amazing in bed. We were both in the kitchen drinking wine when mum came home. Mum never güneyşehir escort bayan suspected anything, though she looked tired.

After dinner, mum went for a shower, then went to bed. I went to my bed, but I left my bedroom door slightly open. I also left my bedside light on. I knew gran would come, and I wanted to see her gorgeous body. Ten minutes later gran came into my bedroom and closed the door. She was naked apart from a red, silky nightgown. An hour later, she left my bedroom, a satisfied woman.

We soon had a routine going. Mum was always first away in the morning. When mum left gran would come to my room. Sexually, gran was insatiable. She loved cock, and she loved it in every hole. At night and in the morning gran and I were getting it on every day. It was amazing for both of us. Gran was beginning to glow. She felt that she was losing weight, and that was down to all the sex we were having.

The weather was wonderful. I was sunbathing naked on the balcony of mum’s bedroom. It was so secluded and it was a sun trap. Gran would put sun cream on my back before she left. I could easily do my front. After a few days, I had an amazing all-over tan. Gran complimented me on it. She called me her Adonis, as my body was so firm, tanned, and muscular.

A few mornings later, gran had left just before eleven. We had had our morning session, then gran had put the sun cream on my back. Mum wondered when she came back to the house just before twelve where I could be, then she remembered my sunbathing. It was a gorgeous morning. Then mum saw me lying asleep on the lounger on her bedroom’s balcony.

Mum then saw the biggest flaccid cock she had ever seen in her life. She imagined what it would be like, hard? She thought that I may awaken soon. She got two new pairs of stockings. She had laddered the pair that she was wearing and gran hadn’t a spare pair. As she left the house, she dreamed of ways she could get that magnificent cock inside her.

My phone rang just after one-thirty, it woke me up, I’d been fast asleep, it was gran, I said, “Hi, I was fast asleep, I hope that you’re phoning to tell me that you’ll be home early?”

“Jack, are you naked and still lying on your mum’s balcony?”

“Yes, what’s the problem?”

“Your mum went home, as she needed to get something from the house. She must have seen you naked. She told me that you had developed into a remarkable young man. I’m sure that she was impressed with your cock. We’ll have to be careful about what we do until this cools down. Have you been sleeping all the time? Did you not hear her? I think it was around twelve when she was there?”

“I heard nothing gran. I lay on my front for an hour after you left. Then I put on my sun cream and did my front. I fell asleep. It was your call that woke me up. What’s the problem, gran? Mum’s seen my cock before.”

“Jack, your cock, when it’s flaccid, is still an impressive cock. I’m thinking that maybe you should try flirting with her a bit, then we’ll know if she’s happy that you’ve developed the way you have or she may be interested in your cock? This is a scorcher today. I will be wearing as little clothes as possible tonight. Jack, you should set up the barbecue and we can have a barbecue tonight. I’ll get the steaks on the way home. I’ll also go into the Deli and get their gorgeous potato salad.”

Mum and gran came home together just after five, they both looked tired, the heat was killing, I was only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, mum was friendly and said, “That’s some tan that you have Jack, it suits you. We should think of air conditioning for the office, that was unbearable today. I won’t be wearing much for our barbecue. Can we eat around six as I missed lunch today?”

“I’m organised mum, I’ll start the barbecue at twenty to six. We’ll be able to eat just after six.”

Mum was first to come onto the terrace. She looked cool. She was only wearing a loose top and loose fitting shorts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her massive tits were wobbling beautifully. Mum said, “Jack, you’re so well organised. When will you put the steaks on?”

“In a couple of minutes, mum, I like it very hot, so it seals the steaks quickly. It is a great day for a barbecue?”

“I think that we need some wine. Here’s gran, we definitely need wine now. Mum, you look gorgeous. Your figure is in great shape. I am going for some wine. Will I bring you a glass?”

“Make it a big glass, as I’m thirsty. You both look good. It’s great to be wearing fewer clothes. I must be getting old as the heat gets to me now. Jack, I’m impressed, you have set the table. I’ll go and get a bowl and put the potato salad in it.”

Gran and I went into the kitchen, we both went to the fridge, as gran filled a bowl with potato salad she said, “Jack, your mum’s hot for you, I have never seen her dress like she’s dressed today in my life. Flirt with her, if she responds, then flirt a escort güneyşehir bit harder. Don’t do anything until you both know that you’re thinking the same way. We’ll need to be so cautious now. It’s a pity, as I was enjoying our non stop lovemaking.”

We went back onto the terrace. Mum was turning the steaks. I had a good look at Mum. she was now thirty-eight. Gran was sixty-one. Mum looked like she was in her late twenties. Gran looked like she was in her early fifties. They were both stunning. I thought how good gran was in bed then wondered what mum would be like?

The steaks and potato salad were excellent. Mum said the weather would be the same for the next few days. We all agreed that a barbecue would be our supper for the next few nights. Then mum asked, “Jack, what about that girl you were dating? Do you still see her?”

This took me by surprise as I had finished with her five months ago. I had met her at a disco. She was three years older than me. She was hot. She lived with her mum, who turned out to be hotter than the daughter. We used her bedroom. At the weekend, we had long sessions. Then I felt that I needed to concentrate on my studies. I later found out that she also had a married boyfriend. He was a sugar daddy for her.

I was in the supermarket one day and I met her mother. We flirted, she invited me back to her house for coffee. The mother worked from home, she was in Real Estate. The mother had been impressed with my stamina and wanted some herself. Up until that night with gran I had been seeing the mother three times a week. The mother taught me a lot.

“We split up over five months ago. I needed to study harder, and it worked for me. I’m not dating anyone at the moment.”

Gran winked at me when I said this. We all chatted away. Mum and gran were happy that tomorrow was Friday, another week over. Then gran said, “If tomorrow is as hot as today, then I’m going to wear an old mini skirt as it will be cooler than these shorts.”

Mum agreed with her and said that she would do the same. We left the terrace just before ten. It had been an enjoyable evening. Mum’s eyes were flirting with me, but apart from asking about my old girlfriend, there was nothing more. We all went to bed. I closed my bedroom door.

I was surfing on my iPad when twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and mum came into my bedroom. My first thought was thank god that gran hadn’t come tonight. I said, “Hi mum, that was a nice night tonight, I found it very relaxing.”

Mum was now wearing a white, silky nightgown. She was naked underneath, as I could see her hard nipples. The way the belt was tied, she was showing a lot of tits, and they looked gorgeous. Mum said, “I enjoyed tonight myself. All three of us relaxed tonight, which was great. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night, only a week to go before our holiday. Are you looking forward to it?”

“I am mum, it will be good for all of us. We now must move on after grandpa’s passing. Mum, I’ve a question. You’re a beautiful woman. Why are you not dating anyone?”

Mum had a surprised look on her face but she answered, “Jack, I was nineteen when I had you. I had been accepted by university. I was pregnant with you. I couldn’t have managed without gran, she was there for you and me. It wasn’t easy, but we managed it. When I graduated, you were going to primary school. I then had to work in the office. I wanted to spend my free time with you and watch you grow up. That gave me a lot of pleasure. Now you’re going to university. Imagine that you were the father of a little baby and you were starting university. I’m sure that you’d be spending every minute with your baby, just like I did with my baby.”

“I would do the same mum, did you ever date anyone?”

“When you were in your early teens, I went out a couple of times, but when I was out, I was only thinking of you. The men that I was with were only looking for sex. I’m not a quick fuck. That wasn’t for me. From then on, when ever I was asked out, I politely declined.”

“Mum, did you never have urges?”

Mum smiled, then said, “I get very strong urges, but I have my ways to give myself relief. I can live without a man, but it’s not easy.”

I took mum’s hand and squeezed it gently then said, “Mum, you were there for me, I’ll be there for you.”

The look of compassion on mum’s face was beautiful. Mum spontaneously leaned over, our mouths met, I opened mine, mum’s tongue slid deep inside my mouth. We kissed lovingly for a couple of minutes. Mum’s hands were caressing my chest. She had a lovely touch, firm but gentle. Mum whispered, “Jack, you have a beautiful body. It’s so firm and tight. I love how you kiss. I haven’t kissed like this for years.”

We kissed again, this time we were both more affectionate. As we kissed my right hand found mum’s massive left tit, it felt so good. Mum loved it. She was purring with pleasure. Then mum said, “I must go now Jack, I want to go further but I’m having my period. I have a question for you. I want to go on the pill for you. Please be honest. Do you want me to go on the pill?”

I didn’t reply, but we kissed so passionately that she must have known that my answer would be yes. Several minutes later, we broke off. I said, “I would love that Mum. I don’t want to fuck you. I want to love you.”

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