My Lover’s Feelings Ch. 03


Taking his seat at the table with Dara, Zane held a confused look on his face.

Dara finished chewing and questioned him, “isn’t that one of the girls from the games?”

“Yeah, she said her name was Carrie.”

“She looked sad, what else did she say?”

“She just introduced herself and left,” Zane replied. “I’m really not sure why she was sad; I asked and she said it was a long story.”

Dara turned her head in the direction Carrie sat. Her hair gently tossed in the wind as her eyes squinted while she searched the outdoor bar.

Zane stared at his wife’s pretty face, it felt like their early twenties to him all over again. She looked so youthful…full of life.

Dara turned back to see her husband’s adoration. After a quick smile, she continued searching for Carrie.

“I’ll be right back,” Dara placed her napkin and fork on the table. With a smile and a wink, she stood and walked off.

Zane continued eating as he shuffled his food in-between bites. His exchange with Carrie at the bar really confused him. What ‘long story’ could you possibly have on vacation? What could go wrong here?

“Hi,” Dara said with a smile.

Carrie looked up and put on a half-baked grin. “Oh, hello.”

Dara could easily see that she was troubled. The same thoughts crossed her mind as to what could be bringing her down in this tropical paradise.

“Is someone joining you, or may I sit down?” Dara put her hand on the chair opposite Carrie.

Carrie looked up curiously; her wavy blond hair blew with the wind. Behind her designer sunglasses were eyes filled with pain, holding back tears. Carrie had a gorgeous face, her body was like a buxom supermodel.

“Sure,” Carrie finally responded after a few seconds of silence. “My name is Carrie,” she reached out to shake Dara’s hand.

“I’m Dara,” she said as she took a seat. “Are you okay? You don’t seem very happy. Anything I can do to help?”

“I’m alright, just…” Carrie turned her head to the side to keep Dara from seeing her partially teary eyes.

“Did something happen?” Dara inquired. “Look, I realize you’ve never met me; but before my husband and I came on this vacation, I was in a life rut that would make any woman cry. These islands are so wonderful, it seems out of place to see anyone sad here.”

“I just…I don’t know,” Carrie fought back her emotions the best she could.

“Are you and your husband fighting?”

With those words, Carrie looked through her sunglasses right into Dara’s eyes. A slow sigh escaped her mouth, “I’m not married.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, boyfriend?”

Carrie looked down at the table in sadness. Dara could clearly see a tear running down her cheek.

“Hey, hey…I’m really sorry. If you want me to leave, I really didn’t mean to…” Dara stopped speaking as Carrie began to cry.

Carrie quickly composed and met eyes with Dara. “I’m not here with anyone.”

“You came here alone? What…how…didn’t you see that it was a couples getaway?” Dara said confused.

“Yeah, I guess I hoped I wasn’t going to be the only single one here. I figured other single people must come here sometimes!” Carrie said with a slight sob to her tone.

Dara could only sit silent as she watched Carrie emotionally suffer.

Zane chipped away at his food as he looked around waiting for Dara to return. As he scanned the crowd, he choked a little when he saw Dara and Carrie walking back towards the table. He sat horrified, wondering if Carrie had told her of their sexual encounter. Not really sure why it would matter, as Dara had sex with another man during the games too. Still, its going to be odd to have lunch with his wife and another woman he just fucked.

As they neared the table, His and Carrie’s eyes locked on each other. Carrie stopped in her tracks just a few steps from the table.

“Odd, I figured you already knew my husband. I saw you two exchange words at the bar a few minutes ago.” Dara explained.

“Yeah,” Zane uncomfortably replied, “you could say we know each other.”

Carrie’s head sank as she took a seat at the table, setting her plate down. “Ok, promise you won’t be mad…”

Dara’s eyes narrowed with a puzzled look at Carrie.

“I had sex with her during the game,” Zane quickly blurted out, putting another fork full of food into his mouth.

Carrie looked at Dara with an apologetic face. Dara looked back surprised, but cautious.

“But,” Dara paused, “I thought the men were blindfolded?”

Zane and Carrie both started to talk at the same time, then stopped.

“I got a little out of hand, and I took my head cover off,” Carrie insisted to speak.

Dara wondered why that made this situation so awkward as she looked back and forth at the two of them.

“She got a little crazy and sucked me off before leaving the room,” Zane interrupted again. “That’s it.”

“That’s it?” Dara interjected.

“That’s it.” Zane confirmed.

Dara looked back over at Carrie as she hung her head in shame. “I didn’t know we were supposed to do that!” Dara chuckled as she collected food with Sakarya Escort her fork.

Carrie looked up, completely in shock that Dara wasn’t furious with her. She was relieved. When she saw Zane sitting at the table, she figured drama was going to follow. “Thank you for not being mad at me.”

“Its okay,” Dara assured her. “I’ve learned a lot since we got here. After all, its vacation right?”

Even Zane was surprised to hear this come from Dara’s mouth. Dara had really let go in the last two days.

“So what have you done by yourself here for the last two days?” Dara asked Carrie.

“Wait, you are here alone?” Zane chimed in.

“Well, yesterday I pretty much hid in my cabin,” Carrie said with a timid laugh. “I heard about the games today, and I figured ‘what the hell’ right?”

Zane smiled as he ate, her youthful energy was amusing to him.

“And just what are you smiling at?” Dara questioned Zane with a grin.

“Its funny!” Zane laughed.

“Mmm-hmm,” Dara smirked as she continued eating.

Carrie blushed as they spoke.

“What time is it?” Zane asked.

“Almost time to get back to the games,” Dara said wiping her mouth as she looked at the clock hanging from a coconut palm tree.

“Um,” Carrie stumbled on her words, “I’m not going to go back to the games. I don’t have anyone to participate with anymore.”

“What?” Dara spoke up. “How did you get into the games before?”

“I asked one of the ferry drivers to join with me.”

Zane chuckled again while he ate. Dara flashed a scolding look his way.

“I’m getting kind of tired of them anyway,” Dara returned.

“What do you want to do then?” Zane asked her.

“We’ll figure something out.” Dara looked around the sun-drenched paradise as she chewed. Her eyes came to rest on the nearly empty row of stools under the shaded bar. The large-breasted bartender was wiping off bottles of liquor as she placed them on the rack. She finished her last bite and collected their empty plates. “I’ll be right back.”

After Dara left the table, Carrie and Zane’s eyes met and she quickly looked away.

“That wasn’t so bad, huh?” Zane mocked.

Carrie laughed, “she seems really nice.”

“Two days ago we were completely different people. The ‘magic’ of this vacation really brought us closer together.”

“What magic?” Carrie sat dumbfounded.

“What do you mean, what magic? You mean that those are…”

Carrie cocked her head to his question.

“Okay, I’ll just say it. Your breasts were that big before you got here?”

“Of course I did. Do you see a plastic surgery clinic on these islands?” her breasts bounced in her top as she took hold of them from underneath. “These are real. No silicone here.”

“You’re a gifted girl,” Zane remarked.

“Its genetic,” Carrie let them go as they returned to their rest inside her sparing top. “My mother had an F-cup by the time she was 25.”

“You can’t be much older than that.”

“Good guess, I’m 27.”

“Well you are a beautiful 27 year old woman,” Zane complimented. “And might I add talented,” he said as he raised his glass to her for a toast.

Carrie giggled and raised her glass to meet his. They toasted and drank, finishing their cups. A few seconds of silence was broken by Dara’s return.

“I got us some afternoon entertainment,” Dara sat down with two bottles of rum. “Let’s go back and relax in our cabin.”

“Well thank you for letting me sit with you guys, you are great people,” Carrie said as she stood to leave.

“Going back to hang with the ferry driver?” Dara asked her.

Carrie stood speechless as she looked back and forth at Zane and Dara. “Why do you ask?”

“Why don’t you hang out with us this afternoon? Unless you just wanted to go back to your cabin.”

Both Zane and Carrie’s eyes fixed on Dara’s grin after she spoke. Zane was completely tossed off-guard by Dara’s actions.

“Well…alright,” Carrie replied in wonder.

“Lets go see if there are any good movies on,” Dara stood and collected her bottles.

The ferry took them back to their island. Upon opening the door, they saw their cabin had been cleaned and the bed made. Zane pulled his suitcase from below the bed and produced some soft cloth shorts with a muscle shirt, then headed into the side room to change.

Dara placed the bottles on the dresser next to the TV and pulled her own suitcase to the top of the bed. She grabbed a pair of high-cut shorts and a T-shirt. “Would you mind pouring us a couple shots while we change please?”

“Sure, no problem!” Carrie replied setting her purse-type bag on the dresser.

Dara entered the side room through a single curtain that separated the two rooms. After pouring the shots and walking around the bedroom for a little while, Carrie saw the curtain wasn’t completely closed. Curiosity got the best of her as she inched her eyes around the side of the curtain.

Zane was putting on his muscle shirt facing the curtain. The shirt covered his face as Carrie’s eyes wandered down. His inches Sakarya Escort Bayan were thick and well hung, and swung with his movements. She was quick to get out of sight before he pulled his shirt down.

She sat on the bed, her pussy tingled as she remembered what that dick did to her earlier. Her eyes searched the room looking for ANYTHING else to take her mind off it.

“Alright, shots!” Dara said as she re-entered and pushed her suitcase back under her bed. Her low cut shirt exposed her bouncy, round breasts held by a sports bra as she bent over.

Zane also joined them, his cloth shorts did little to hide his thick, flaccid member. “Did you see a movie you wanted to watch or something Dara?”

Carrie sat in the recliner not far from the bed as they searched the movie listings for something good. After selecting one, Dara handed each of them a shot as the previews played. As soon as they downed their liquor, she was refilling their cups.

“I love rum,” Zane said as he chugged.

“Me too,” Carrie agreed.

“Get comfortable Carrie,” Dara insisted as she kept handing out rum shots.

Carrie relaxed into the chair while Zane and Dara laid on the bed. As the movie rolled on, she could only concentrate on what happened earlier. She peaked the corner of her eyes at Zane and Dara cuddling as they watched.

Dara could sense Carrie’s feelings in a way, as she observed her fidgeting. Dara put her hand on Zane’s stomach, just above the elastic band of his shorts. She rubbed back and forth, slowly sliding her fingers under his shorts until her rubs teased the base of his penis.

“What are you doing?” Zane whispered softly as he looked at Dara then Carrie.

“Just go with it…please,” Dara whispered back.

Zane relaxed his body as Dara outlined his base with her index finger and thumb. He began to stiffen up under his shorts as she watched her peripheral vision for a reaction from Carrie.

It wasn’t long before Zane was hard as a rock in his shorts. His erection was extremely obvious from anywhere in the room. Dara felt the need to bring it to the next level. She pulled her hand from inside his shorts, then rubbed him from outside. Her hand encased his cotton-clad tower of meat, rubbing it slowly up and down.

Carrie shifted in the chair. She tried, but couldn’t hide that she was watching.

Dara laid her head down on his stomach. She stared as she stroked. Zane would just watch as his wife teased another woman with his manhood. Seeing the need to get things going; she stretched his shorts over, setting his monument out in clear view. Immediately, she took him into her mouth…only sucking a couple inches to leave plenty for Carrie to see.

Carrie was now completely enthralled by Dara’s actions. She stared as her hand discreetly creeped inside her bikini bottom. She was getting wet fast watching Zane’s dick go in and out of Dara’s mouth.

Zane looked over at Carrie when he heard her sigh. Her hand was rubbing slowly as the other cradled one of her massive E-cups. Carrie’s wavy blonde hair rested as a perfect accent to her thin, but busty upper body. She looked even more lusty pleasuring herself to him.

Dara sat up while jerking Zane’s rock hard, towering erection. She enjoyed how Carrie reacted, and looked right into her eyes. Dara was drunk, drunk from the rum and drunk with lust. She leaned up to Zane’s ear and whispered to him, “fuck her.”

Before Zane could react, Dara worked her way off the bed towards Carrie. Not sure what to do, Carrie froze in place. Dara placed her hands on the front of Carrie’s shoulders as she sat in her lap. She leaned to Carrie’s ear and beckoned her to follow.

Once they stood, Dara snuck around behind Carrie. Carrie stood in amazement watching Zane’s hand stroke himself slowly. Her head leaned to the side and her eyes closed as Dara kissed her neck. Dara’s hands reached around to Carrie’s big breasts, barely covering a third of her enormous orbs. With a squeeze, she moaned in drunken delight.

Zane stroked his dick as he watched Dara and Carrie. The strings of Carrie’s top flung over her shoulder as Dara grinned from behind. Her top fell forward, completely exposing her small nipples encased by light peach areola. Zane drooled as Dara’s fingers rolled and pinched them. His erection was so full and hard in his hand, he felt he could hammer a nail with it.

Dara encouraged Carrie onto the bed with her naked husband while she removed her T-shirt. Carrie took position over Zane, licking and slowly sucking all she could get in her mouth. Dara was impressed with her skill for such a young woman. Zane’s head sank into his pillow as she ravished him. Drunk or not, Carrie was really into this.

“I told him,” Carrie said between sucking thrusts, “that his wife was a very lucky woman.”

Dara giggled as she stripped and took position on the other side of Zane’s waist. Without a word, Dara licked whatever part of his dick that Carrie wasn’t sucking. Zane’s leg twitched a little to their works. Carrie became lustfully passionate, deep throating Escort Sakarya as much as she could while Dara played with his balls.

“Get on top,” Dara commanded.

Carrie obeyed without hesitation. She climbed over and lowered herself onto his pole, stopping a few times as she worked him inside. Once he was mostly inside, he became hypnotized by her huge tits. He massaged and squeezed them. Even his hands only covered half of her breasts.

Carrie moaned her pleasure out as she rode him. Dara followed her bouncing clit with her fingers as Carrie’s arms balanced herself. Her massive mounds jumped in rhythm with her bouncing as her orgasm began to build.

Zane watched his inches disappear inside her over and over. Before long Carrie collapsed forward, propping herself up by her hands on his chest. She trembled, trying to hold herself together the best she could. She failed. Her head flew back, letting out orgasmic moans that could shake the foundation of a house. Her orgasm raced through her body as her arms went limp, and she crashed down onto his chest.

“Holy shit,” she spoke softly, “that was better than before!”

Zane smiled as he massaged her breasts that bulged from between them. Even pressed against his body they stuck out like melons. Carrie slowly pushed herself up and him back inside her. The head of his dick pinned against her inside. She steadied herself, trying to fight off the urge to cry out.

“I want to try something,” Dara spoke up from beside Carrie. She leaned down to Zane’s ear, “I want to fuck her…”

Zane was momentarily confused, but realized quickly what Dara was implying.

“Lay on your back Carrie,” Dara instructed as she stood.

Zane stood up beside her, his still fully hard member swings as he moves. As Carrie laid on her back, Zane and Dara stood next to each other beside the bed. In a blink, they swapped bodies again.

Dara once again had command of Zane’s body, and she was consumed with curiosity. When Zane opened his eyes, he saw his body climbing onto the bed. Dara kneeled on the mattress next to Carrie, and Zane sat on the other side.

“I thought…” Carrie stuttered as she looked them both over.

“It’s the magic of this place,” Dara spoke from within Zane’s body.

“Long story short,” Zane replied, “we imagined switching bodies. Now she has control of my body, and I have control of hers.”

Carrie’s eyes narrowed, “so the ‘magic’ of this place makes whatever you think of come true?”

“Some things,” Zane returned, “we’ll explain more later. For now, just relax.”

Carrie looked over at Dara in Zane’s body. Dara was stroking her dick; as they both watched, she could swear it was getting thicker and a little longer.

“There,” Dara showcased 11 inches of thick flesh in her hand. “I want to show you what that guy had during the game.”

Carrie and Zane’s eyes widened as Dara gently jerked.

Dara moved in-between Carrie’s legs, spreading her legs open with Zane’s muscular legs. As she lined her new thickness up with Carrie’s hole, it was clearly going to take some work to get in there. Zane reached over to the gift basket they received and produced some generic lube.

“I see we aren’t the first to pull these sort of tricks,” he joked as he coated his hand with the slippery substance. He wrapped a hand around her long shaft and pumped it to spread the lube out evenly. “Never in my life did I ever think I’d be jerking on a dick this big.”

“Ok so let me get this straight,” Carrie asked. “Right now, I see her body, but it’s Zane inside.”

“That’s right,” Dara replied.

“Same with you?” Carrie looked at Zane’s body.

“Yep, we switched bodies temporarily. Plain and simple.”

“Wicked,” Carrie chuckled as she set her head back into the pillows.

Her confusion was soon interrupted as Dara’s monster plunged right in. She slid 9 inches inside as Carrie gasped.

“Oooo…” Carrie alternated between moans and short, swift breaths.

“Oh wow,” Dara remarked, “no wonder some guys can’t hold out long enough! That’s tight.”

“That’s huge,” Carrie responded.

Dara smiled and started thrusting faster. Carrie tried to slow her down by bringing her legs together, but Dara held them apart. She wiggled her waist, mostly inserted; spinning the other end of her pole around in circles, inside Carrie.

Carrie arched her back, allowing Dara’s head to tantalize all the right spots. She still couldn’t fully grasp that it was Dara in Zane’s body, but she was loving every inch inside her. As Dara continued ramming her, she began to realize that only a woman would know to do some of the special tricks she was using.

Dara was getting near her breaking point quickly, inexperience in holding in an orgasm left her at a disadvantage. Carrie was already singing out in pleasure as Dara began to turn the corner. She stopped thrusting and withdrew, afraid to end the encounter too fast. As Carrie finished her now solo orgasm, it was obvious to her that Dara was close. She wanted to show Dara the best orgasmic feeling a man could have.

“Lay down Dara,” Carrie said as she nudged her into place. “Earlier, I lost control with Zane. I can’t help it that I love dick,” Carrie wrapped her lips around the head and teased it with her tongue. She pumped Dara’s shaft with one hand and squeezed her luscious E-cup with her other.

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