My Kind of Taxi

Big Tits

I was a tourist staying in New York for a week, I was having fun with friends and all, but it came down with me wanting more then friends.

I took a taxi from Hamilton Heights down to Central Park, not knowing that I only had seven dollars in my pocket. I was in the taxi with a man born in Saudi Arabia, he was a nice man, maybe thirty years old by looking at him. We made small talk, he moved here with his family when he was three years old, he was single, and did not say much about his sexual preference. He kept on looking at me and smiling in the rear view mirror, but what could I say? I’m an attractive guy, I like to stay in shape, I work out a lot and run quite a bit. I stand about 6’2, 180 pounds, and plus I’m only twenty two years old.

When we arrived at my stop I looked at the price or the cab fare of forty eight dollars. I thought that I would at least carry that much with me, but I guess I was wrong. Like I said I was only packing seven dollars with me. I knew that I could not just leave, I was not in the running mood, and did not want to get arrested for not paying my taxi fare. I let him know that I had no way to pay this, but he just laughed and said that we had to work something out. I had to compromise with him in some way, and I could see that he kept on rubbing his crotch.

I noticed his hand movements, and I knew what he wanted. I looked down at his crotch, then up at him… He was smiling, and what ever he was packing, sure looked pretty good. I asked Demetevler Escort him with a sly look what he wanted, he stared at me and just motioned that we should go to some quiet place, I agreed and we left.

At this point in time I was sitting in the front seat of his taxi. We pulled up to a abandoned factory, a perfect place where none crossed. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, I was surprised to see that New York was a ghost town where we were. The taxi driver started to unbuckle his belt, then his pants, when he pulled them down I could see his hard cock poking up from his boxers. He told me to reach in and take it out, so I pulled his boxers aside and pulled out a soft skinned 7.5 inch cock that was nice and thick, the way I like it. I looked at it wide eyed, not knowing where to start. He told me to wrap my soft lips around it, and make it forty eight dollars worth. I was going to make it a lot more then forty eight dollars.

I lowered my head down to his cock and wrapped my lips around his spongy cock head and sucked it hard. I could hear him moan in delight as I licked around his cock head with my warm tongue. After sucking his cock head I made my way down to his shaft. I could feel his hands running through my hair, moving in a petting like motion, but not forcing me down on him. His balls were huge, must have been full of cum just waiting to be dumped into one lucky person, and today that lucky Otele gelen escort person was me. He was panting loud as I sucked on his balls and stroked his shaft. His balls were shaved, the way I liked it, but I was probably distracted by his shaved balls because for the first time he lifted my head up to get back to work on his cock.

My mouth was full of yummy cock when his cell phone rang. He turned his CB radio off so he would not be disturbed, but his boss must have been trying to get through to many times to finally have to phone him on here. I kept gorging myself on this delicious treat when he told me to suck his cock quietly, then picked up his phone. He was greeted by his boss in an angered tone, asking where he was. He told him that he had a special customer to take care of, (While it was his ‘special’ customer taking care of him). While talking with his boss, I thought I would be nice enough to spice up the moment and take his cock all the way down my throat. His cock had a nice little curve which gave me enough time and pleasure of letting his cock slide past my throat. He just have jumped right out of his seat when I did so, I tried not to gag before, but he made me gag this time.

When he ended his conversation he looked down at me and smiled, telling me how I caught him by surprise when I deep throated him like that. I just continued sucking his thick cock, and he laid his head back and relaxed. Balgat Escort I must have sucked him for twenty minutes straight, and my jaw was starting to hurt. I rotated from massaging his balls, to deep throating his cock, and it was not long before I heard him say that he was going to cum. I did not want to let any of his cum spill on him or his seat, so I tightened my lips on his shaft and sucked and stroked him as fast as I could. I felt his balls tighten, and his hips start to move, and before I was ready to swallow his cum he grabbed onto the back of my head and spurted a huge load of creamy cum into my mouth. Holding my mouth in place I had to swallow so much as possible, losing the chance of savoring his cum. I could literally feel his balls shrink in size as I sucked the last of his cum from his cock.

For the first time since I started I let my head up from his cock and stretched my neck. The driver looked at me and told me that I hadn’t cleaned off his cock, and pushed my head back down on his cock for a final cleaning. I licked every inch of his cock for him. The driver started to pack his cock back into his pants, and I started to fix my hair from my stylist assault.

I stepped out of his taxi and looked back in his passenger window to thank him for some classic New York sausage. He looked at me and asked if I was going to tip him, I asked him why I would tip him? He stared at me and told me that when we were at Central Park there was a ATM across the street, and he knew that I saw it. I looked at him blank faced knowing he was right. He mentioned that I looked like I needed some cock, and he was willing to give me some. He saw my cute face and knew it needed to be satisfied.

I grinned at him and reached in my pocket. I told him that he was right, and gave him my seven dollars, and he drove off.

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