My Hot New Maid Gives Me a Hand


I woke up from my sleep. I just had a wet dream and my dick was hard as fuck. I usually sleep naked but I realized today my dick was restrained against my underwear. The thing about underwears is that it feels amazing when the tip of your hardening dick is dug into the front, creating that patch of precum. But the better feeling is when you pull down the underwear and your boner flies free with that thick drop of precum forming at its tip. I watched it drool against the side of my dick as it twitched and got bigger and bigger now that it sensed freedom. I threw my underwear across the room and lied down again.

I woke up again, I didn’t realize I fell asleep. I woke up and realized instantly that my dick was hard as a rock still with a pool of precum where its tip had been, some even on my abs. I naturally sat up holding it in my hand giving it a few strokes as I rubbed my eyes with my other hand. They hurt from the sudden change in light.

“Good Morning,” she said in her beautiful voice and I looked at her near the door, holding my underwear.

“Good morning, who are you?” I said in my deep morning voice.

“I’m your new maid sir,” she said as she went and put my underwear in the laundry basket. She kept herself busy dusting and arranging stuff but I knew was stealing glances at me. Also, she was looking at me holding my underwear when I woke up. I kept giving my cock strokes as I talked to her.

“I see,” I said and thought for a bit. “Come here,” I said. She came and started arranging my side table. She opened my drawer and took a visible gasp and then started sucking her lower lip.

“Those are my toys, um…,” I looked at her.

“Marcia, sir, ” she said with a slight smile.

“Marcia, what a beautiful name,” I said to myself as I continued to wank my dick slowly. She then dropped something Bahçelievler escort on the floor and purposefully turned her ass towards me while bending down to pick it up. Someone is so turned on, she is trying porn moves, I thought to myself. I was turned on too, sitting there holding my hard dick and watching her beautiful curves.

“Marcia, could you close the windows there is too much light?” I asked her.

“Sure sir,” she closed them.

“Marcia the door too. I feel cold,” I smiled. She gave me a quick glance and then smiled. She went and closed the door. It was almost completely dark now except for the night lights.

“Marcia, did you clean my drawer?” I pointed to it. She took a deep breath as she opened it again.

I watched her take out all the dildos and clean them. I keep them for my female companions of course. She took out the mouth restraining choker and looked at it. Until now she had looked at everything as if she knew what it was or where it went. She kept it looking at it.

“It is a breathable ball gag,” I said and she gasped at me. Every time she looks at me I feel blood rush to the tip of my dick. She has a cute smile with big beautiful pink lips.

“Come here, I’ll show you,” she handed it to me and held out her wrist, I laughed. “It’s not a wrist band my dear girl. Come here.” I tapped on the bed beside me. She sat there smiling and I think I saw her shake a bit from an pre orgasm maybe.

I placed the ball in her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head. Her tied hair made it much easier.

“It keeps your saliva flowing and stops the screams from going out,” I said as I appraised it with my fingers. She kept looking at me. Then ever so slowly she glanced her eyes down to my dick, which was now over flowing with precum. Her glance Bahçelievler escort bayan got me turned on more. She was sitting so close to me.

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my thigh. She looked at me and then back at my hand, I smiled at her. I left her hand on my thigh and spread my legs a bit.

“Go on, try it,” I told her. She slowly reached for my dick. She held it with three fingers like a wine glass. She then slid her fingers from my balls to the tip touching it all. Suddenly a drop of her saliva fell on my thigh, I looked at her face. She looked embarrassed.

“It’s okay, not your fault,” I said. She looked so innocent touching my dick I touched her soft cheek.

“You have beautiful lips Marcia,” I said. She tried saying something too but realized she was gagged. She just smiled.

“Like it?” I said leaning on my back. She nodded her head and I felt her grip tighten. She held my dick strongly and started giving me hard and fast strokes. She was obviously very inexperienced in handjobs. She didn’t even spread the precum. She was so cute and innocent. I got up and removed her mouth gag. I gave her a long kiss, I couldn’t resist her big pink lips anymore. She kissed me back like a little shy girl. She was irresistible at that point.

I hugged her back with my arms and got her up on the bed. I made her sit on my thighs and she started opening her top. I helped her with the buttons and soon she threw away her bra. She had big beautiful breasts and I kissed them squeezing them with my hands. She blushed and wouldn’t meet my eyes. I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed out her lips and kissed them, it left a red mark on her cheeks. God damn my dick was precumming all over.

I quickly grabbed the button on her jeans and opened it. She stood up on the bed and Escort bahçelievler pulled the down along with her panty. All this while I thought strip tease by the whores I brought were sexy but I realized this innocent taking all clothes off turned me on so much more. I grabbed her ass as she was about to sit down on my thighs again and brought it over my hard penis. She looked at me with a smile and took a deep breath, I let her ass go and she sat on my dick.

Her warm and wet ass touched the skin on my dick as soon as she sat down. It felt so amazing I let out a moan. She leaned back and rested on her hands while she went up and down on my dick. She pushed her head back after a few strokes and got slower. Omg, did this woman just cum? She is the best woman ever!

I sat up with my dick still inside her and pushed her on her back. She covered her mouth as she smiled so much. She was so happy. I leaned over her as I started fucking her hard. She was making it so difficult to holding cum in. I fucked her and fucked her. I leaned down and started kissing her. She has the plumpest lips I have ever kissed. Her pussy was so wet too.

It all felt so good. Her smile, her soft nipples against my chest, her hand on my shoulder, her wet pussy dripping around my dick I could not hold any longer. I held my breath and fucked her the final few humps and I felt her pussy fill up with my cum. Soon I pulled out and lay next to her. We were breathing so hard as we lay next to each other, looking at the ceiling.

When I looked at her I saw her craning her neck to see the cum drizzling out of her pussy. She took it in her finger and held it close to her face. She had the same look from when she had seen the mouth gag. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did I just fuck a virgin?

“Tell me your age Marcia,” I asked her, a bit nervous. “I’m 19 sir,” she promptly replied, still looking at my cum in her hand. I let out a relieved sigh. Another question popped in my head and my eyes widened.

“Hey, you are on birth control pills right?” I asked instantly. She looked at me with the same innocent eyes, which asked the question I feared: “What?”

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