My Fuck Buddy


My name is Heath and I’m 22 years old. I’m in a happy relationship with my girlfriend Jenny. We had only been together for a couple of months when she decided to introduce me to her family. This was a big step for me, I had never been introduced to any partner’s family before because I had never been in a serious enough relationship. All girls before Jenny couldn’t handle the fact that I am bi-sexual, and it never worked out.

Jenny is different. She understands and is fine that I have been with men before her. She even suggested that I feel free to keep hooking up with the occasional guy to ensure that my urges are met. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding this girl.

Jenny did have a few rules. 1)I don’t go into detail about what I do with the men, 2) I never have sex with men at my place, 3) I only play with guys I have already hooked up with in the past or I have known for a few months (no randoms or bathhouses) and 4) I get checked for STIs regularly.

I was fine with these rules if it meant that I could still get cock. I did enjoy bathhouses in the past and the tabooness of random anonymous cock through a gloryhole. However, over my few years I had met a few guys that I continue to see on a semi regular basis.

My sex life with Jenny was great, we had sex nearly every day, even the days when I had sex with men. One of the things that Jenny enjoyed about my engagements with men was that I usually returned super horny.

The reason for this is that I often don’t cum when I have sex with men. I am a complete bottom and enjoy sucking cock, rimming a hot hole and taking cock up my tight arse. Very rarely do I receive oral from men and the times I do I find it very hard to cum. I never give anal to men but there are times when a guy can make me cum while he is fucking me.

One such guy was Ernie. He is an older guy about 50 with grey balding hair. He is in reasonably good shape with great stamina and can pound my arse continuously for a long time.

Ernie was the second guy I hooked up with, not long after my 18th birthday. We met online and at wasn’t long before he had me bent over his bed and was fucking me bareback. This first time when he came, he pulled out and blew his load all over my back, but I was still nervous that he had barebacked me without my consent. It took me a while to reply to his contact after that and I had myself tested which all returned clean. It turned out that the only reason he barebacked me was because I had never been unsafe with a guy and had Demetevler Escort never actually fucked a girl at that point.

I discovered that Ernie was married with 2 kids and his actions were a secret from his family. He only liked to play at his place, but it had to be when he was certain nobody else would be around.

Difficulty now was that he would just call when he knew he would be alone but since dating Jenny I wasn’t available as often. The morning of meeting Jenny’s parents, I was at home studying for my upcoming uni exams when Ernie called. Jenny was out shopping with her mum, so I knew that I was free to head around.

I arrived at his place, parked around the corner as usual and walked up to his house. It was a small red brick single story building, fairly well looked after. Even after 4 years of coming to this place to have sex, I had only ever been in his bedroom which was the first room as I walked in the door. The bedroom had an ensuite so it was convenient enough to wash up before leaving.

Ernie had told me to let myself in today as he would leave the door unlocked. I walked into the house, closing and locking the door behind me. I had showered and douched before leaving my place as per my usual and was ready to go as I entered.

I found Ernie already lying on his bed, naked, stroking his 7 inch think erect cock. Ernie was in a horny mood. This meant one of two things. I was in for a “wham bam thank you ma’am” where he would pound me hard until he came quite quickly, or he would be in the mood where he would want to prolong things and I would be on the receiving end of his cock for over an hour. Each one I was used to and enjoyed in their own way.

“Hey Heath,” he said as I entered. I didn’t need to be told to remove my clothes. I did so quickly, exposing my 5 inch, average thickness hard cock. “Get over here and lick my hole son.”

He didn’t often call me son, but it did turn me on when he said it. He was a few years older than my own dad but way better looking and in much better shape. If my dad looked like him, I would probably have a crack.

I didn’t hesitate to jump on the bed behind Ernie and lower my face between his cheeks. His asshole looked delicious. Crinkled brown skin with a few long black hairs scattered around it. His white ass cheeks had more hair on them.

I placed my hands on each of his cheeks, pulling them apart and breathed in his manly scent. I loved when Ernie showers Otele gelen escort a few hours before I come. This way he is clean but the musky scent and taste of his cock, balls and asshole are strong enough to really turn me on.

I lapped at his hole with my tongue for a few minutes, relishing in the slightly bitter taste on my tongue. Ernie was moaning into his pillow as I did my best to push my tongue up his tight ass. He is a total top, the only thing allowed in his ass is my tongue.

After a few minutes of this, Ernie swung his legs around, pushing my face away. He grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my mouth on his erect cock. The taste of his musky cock was delicious as I went to twon sucking his man meat as though my life depended on it. I worked his ball with my hand as I sucked on the head, tasting copious amounts of precum.

I removed my mouth and began to lick around his purple mushroom shaped cock head, I knew he enjoyed this. However, the mood he was in showed and he grabbed my head again and started fucking my mouth. I tried to take the pounding, gagging a few times as he hit the back of my throat.

I could tell that he was close to cumming and just let it happen. He was making all the noises he does before he cums and he pulls back slightly, held his cock in my mouth and starts cumming on my tongue. I relished the taste of his semen as it poured out onto my tongue ad into the back of my throat. I did my best not to swallow straight away but it was hard as there was so much of it.

Eventually he pulled out of my mouth and some cum dribbled out and fell to my chest. “Open up,” he said. I did and showed him my mouth full of his cum. I knew he loved to see me with my mouth full of his seed. “Fuck, you look so sexy like that.”

I closed my mouth and smiled while swallowing the delicious fluid in my mouth, opening again to show Eddie my empty mouth. “Thanks, you taste as good as ever.”

“Give me 10 and I think I’ll be read to go again. This time your ass is gonna get my load.”

We chatted for a few minutes, I was stroking my still rock hard cock, not wanting to get myself off yet. I wanted to cum while Ernie was inside me.

It didn’t take long for Ernie’s cock to come back to life. I bobbed down and began to give him another blowjob, this one slower.

I licked slowly around his smooth cock head, savouring the taste of his left-over cum. Ernie had his eyes closed as I slowly Balgat Escort licked and sucked him back to complete hardness.

With his cock still in my mouth, I reached across to his bedside table and picked up the lube. I applied a generous amount to my asshole and began to finger myself slowly with two fingers, preparing myself for his cock.

When he was hard enough, I removed his cock from my mouth and straddled myself over his lap. I held his cock to my hole and slowly sat down, impaling myself on his bare cock.

The feeling of him slowly filling me was awesome. This is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that there is nothing between the flesh of this man’s hot cock and the walls of my anal cavity. A slow sensual bareback fuck is only bettered by a rough hard bareback fucking.

I was on my knees, impaled on this thick piece of meat, grinding myself up and down. My extremely hard cock bouncing with me as I rode him. My hands were roaming around Ernie’s chest, playing with his nipples. His hands were running up my thighs. My cock was aching for release, but I dared not touch it as I wanted to cum fully from the feelings coming from my ass.

I rode Ernie for a few minutes, on the verge of cumming almost the entire time. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hips and while still fully inside me, flipped me over onto my back with my legs in the air.

Ernie now took control. He began pounding me faster and faster. Removing his cock almost entirely and then slamming in back in until I could feel his balls slap my ass.

I looked down at his cock pounding in and out of my ass, I looked so hot. The angle Ernie was fucking me was hitting all the right spots inside my ass and I was so close to cumming. Ernie kept up his pace as I reached my climax without touch my cock. I exploded 3 jet of hot cum on my face, neck and chest.

As I released, my asshole clenched causing Ernie to explode inside me. I felt his cum filling my ass as I came down off my high.

I licked my cum from around my face, tasting my own seed. I love the taste of cum, my own is no exception. Ernie pulled his deflating cock out of my abused hole, causing some cum to spill out before I clenched. I like to keep cum inside my ass for as long as I can after I’m fucked bare. It makes me feel so slutty.

I rolled over onto my stomach and we talked for 10 minutes before I headed off to the shower to clean up before heading home. When I had dried off and dressed, I returned to the bedroom and Ernie was not there.

“I’m in the kitchen,” I heard Ernie call out.

Never having ventured into the house this far before, I walked over to where he was fixing 2 drinks. He was still naked, now with a limp cock.

As I walked through the living room to the kitchen, I noticed a family photo on the wall. It was of him, his wife, his son and his daughter, Jenny.

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