My Friend’s Asian Girlfriend


There was once not long ago me, 2 mates and their girlfriends went out for some beer at at a local bar. This was around 10 at night. The bar was busy as usual on a Saturday night, with a live band playing.. the party soon started.

We sat at a square table.. me facing 2 guys and his girlfriend ended up sitting next to me. She was average height and average built. A real sexy dresser thought, wearing a simple tight blouse where you can see the imprints of her lacy bra underneath. She had long straight black hair that is down below her bra strap. She had on the shortest pair of jeans with her pink g-sting showing at the back every time she bends over.

Soon into the party everyone was happy and a little drunk. As usual I always liked flirting with girls. And the closest one was Angel (that’s her). I started by accidentally brushing my fingers on her hand or thighs while talking. No long, she would follow suit. Touching and playfully hitting me while talking.

The whole night I was just checking her out.. staring at her bouncing breasts as she laughed. I paid attention to when she crossed and uncrossed her legs. So slim.

As the night went on, we got closer and closer, more physical contact, with my Uşak Escort arms rubbing against her arm. At one point, while teasing her with my fingers, she suddenly grabbed my hand and held it. This was of course happening under the table, without her boyfriend knowing.

I was glad that she held it like as if she was my girlfriend. So I started caressing her hand, which she had placed on her thigh. So sometimes I would brush against her upper smooth thigh. The next thing she did was released my hand to grab a drink. I left my hand on her thigh without her objecting. When she finished her drink, instead of returning to my hand, she went and placed it on my thigh.

I was getting excited at the possibilities at this moment.

Sometimes when we talk or make a joke, I would travel higher with my hand. She would also do the same, mimicking my movements. So while we pretending to reposition ourselves, my hand ended up right next to where her thigh joins her pussy, and hers touching my now hard cock.

Above the table we were just joking around without giving away what was happening underneath. It was exciting for me and I could tell with her eye contacts that she wanted more. She has already Uşak Escort Bayan started stroking my cock with her fingers. I was in heaven. As for me, my index finger found an opening to her pants and under her g-string onto their wet pussy. I was exploring her lips, pubic hair and in and out of her vagina. She was squirming on the chair trying to move my finger deeper into her.

By then, my pants was wet from the pre-cum and I felt like taking a piss. Not wanting to leave her, but I needed the release, so I forced myself and excused myself to the toilet. Surprisingly she rose from her chair too and said she needed to go as well. I still remember that her boyfriend asked her to follow me and not to talk to strangers. Hehe..

So she was following behind me and into the crowd. Halfway to the toilet, I grabbed her along side of me and gave her a nice long kiss. She returned the favor my grabbing my arse and pressing her body into me. Which made me wanted to piss more! So I broke the kiss and pulled her along to the toilet.

At this bar, the toilets were unisex. So guys and girls shared the same washroom. Not surprising we ended up in a cubicle. I quickly unzipped my pants and took a long Escort Uşak piss while she waited behind me. Once I was done, I turned around to see that she was naked from the waist down. I remembered I smiled and said how hot she looked with her nicely trimmed pussy. I asked her if she wanted to pee too, but she just shook her head and lipped “Fuck me now!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, so I sat down on the closed toilet lid and she positioned herself on top of me. I could tell she was really horny and so was I. She slipped onto my cock easily and soon she was ridding up and down on my cock. Man she was tight and she was squeezing my penis with her pussy. I pushed her blouse up and then her lacy bra, revealing her bouncing tits. She looked so sexy with her blouse bundled up on her neck. We kissed deeply, sucking at each others tongue.

Her hip was rocking faster and faster. I told her that I wanted to cum and she bent over and whispered in my ears, “Cum inside me, I want to feel it shoot inside me”. And without warning she stuck her tongue into my ear and moaned. This pushed me over the edge and I came and came. She screamed so so loud and I knew that she felt my hot sperm and orgasmed.

We kinda fell into each others arms after that and just hugged. She slipped out of my soft penis and wiped herself with some tissue. Soon after that we got dressed and left the toilet. We found out that we have been away for almost half an hour.

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