My First Toy


The first time I bought and used a vibator was so…hot. I was 19 at the time and in collage. It was funny that it took me this long to add a peace of hardware to my sexual arsional, it wasn’t like I was at all inexperinced with sex or anything like that. After all, I had already made love to several other women and not just some teenage experimental shit. I mean hardcore lesbain sex, which has not changed in the last ten years.

Anyway, it was about three weeks after we returned from Christmas break. A winter storm had coated northwest Ohio with a thick blanket of snow and the mercury had fallen well beyond the bitter cold. At the time I was between lovers and not really in the mood for messy attachments. I had been keeping my sanity with quickie shower rubs and very quite playing under the covers as my room mate slept. But to be honest it wasn’t doing the job. I really wanted…no needed more stimulation then I was getting. Don’t get me wrong, the “O” was coming (bad pun) but I needed a new experince. Yes, I needed a toy.

I decided to skip my classes one Monday knowing my roomie, Jenn, would be in class from 11 A.M. until three in the afternoon. I took the bus out to near the closest adult book store. I must admit, I was really scared about going to such a place. What would it be like? I pictured a twenty foot wall covered with strange objects of unbelieveable sizes and dirty old men watching me pick out one to materbate with. Yet, at the sametime my pussy was very wet and excited.

The store was as dirty and gross as I had pictured it. A television over the counter Escort Arnavutköy flashed images of a black girl sucking some guys cock. Recorded moans and groans filled thesmall room. Part of me wanted to leave at that moment but another part of me stood fast, the part between my thighs and she is a demaineding little bitch.

I walked over to a small wall and begain check out my toy options. Jelly filled, G-Spot, Pocket Rockets, Six inches, Eight, Twelve all screamed out at me. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to cry or scream or buy them all, I didn’t know what to do.

Just at that moment the clerk walked up to me. “Hello”, greated a female voice

Thank god it was another woman!

“Can I help you with anything?”,she asked me.

I was so relieved. I told her I wanted a vibator but had no idea there were so many to pick from. patianly she asked me,

“Is this for solo or partner use?”.

I told her that it was just for me, which made me feel both better and even more whoreish.

“Well what do you like?”, seeing my confussin she gone on, “I mean do you like deep penitrion or clit stimulation more?”

A odd feeling of saftey overcame me and I told her i was a lesbian and outside of fingers I had never been penitrated so, clitoral stimulation seemed like my thing.

She handed me a pink latex coverd vibrateing egg. She told me this would be the best toy for me to start with and explained all the ways I could play with it. Trust me it made me very exited to hear this woman describe all the erotic Avcılar escort possibilites to me. I agreed that was what I was looking for. I bought the toy and thanked her for all her help.

The bus ride was unbareable. In the brown paper bag tucked under my arm was a sex toy, for me, while strangers gone about their daily lives. I wanted to pull down my black jeans right there and caress my swallon lips with my egg at that second. Luckly the trip back to the dorm was short.

I rushed inside, up to my room. I put on my favorete CD at the time (Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland) and quickly undressed. I moved my full lenght mirror to the end of my bed, taking my reflection in for a moment. Then I opened the package.

I rubbed the smooth orb across my check. With trimbleing hands I put the two AA batteries in the control. Slowly I turned the dial causeing the vibrator to come to life. I watched in awe as it gone from a slow quiver to a rageing earthquake.

I layed back on the bed, spreading my legs apart. I saw my horny pussy reflected back to me. Softly I parted my lips as a stream of wettness escaped. Turning the dial to a slower speed I brought the toy to myself.

I audioably gasp out. Oh God did it feel good. With steady action I slid it up and down my pink lips. When slightly more sure of myself I increased the motor, sending even more spine tingling sinsations through me.

Boldly I brought it up touch my engored clit. I moaned out loud. Yes, I thought, this is going to make me explode. I teased the swallon button Bağcılar escort bayan for a few more moments and then pulled it back to my cunt.

I wanted to feel it from the inside. I pushed the magic egg inside of me causeing me to groan with pleasure. I rolled onto my belly, rubbing my stiff nipples aginst the rough cotton of my sheets. I shoved my ass in the air, binging my fingers to my clit. In slow rapid circles I rubbed it, felling the orgasam approaching.

It was then I spoted them under Jenn’s bed. She had kicked her clothes under it when she left for class. There in frontwere the panties she had worn to bed last night. I leaned out and grabbed them.

Well, the crotch was soaked wet. it seemed that Jenn had also taken matters in her own hand before going to class. While I was not really attracted to her per say, the kinky thought of smelling her while I came was overwhleming.

I sat up and grabed the white flowered panties, turning the crotch inside out. I held them up to my noise and inhaled as I pushed the egg in and out of me. With no shame I started sucking the fabric, tasteing my room mates pussy in secret. I plamed the egg and slided it over my lips and clit.

I was cumming. I rubbed the toy hard aginst me as I screamed out, muffled by her panties.I watched myself in the mirror through slinted eyes as the rapture pulled me under. Jaws clinched, breast heaving, belly quivering, my toes clinched. I felt my walls squeeze and release in rapid secution.I squeezed my ass tight and let it all out.

I collapsed back down. Breathing heavily. After a lingering moment I turned off the toy and spit her panties out. I felt great.

After I took a short nap I hided my new lover in my drawer. Then I did both our landury, after all it was the least I could do after sucking her pussy juices off her soiled underwear.

Black Lipstick Kisses

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