My First Taste…

Anna Bell

A dinner date was set at her favorite restaurant. Her last night before heading back to school. Before setting out, I wanted to find a fitting outfit for the date. Something cute and sexy, but not too over the top…flattering and comfy. Sire picked out an outfit that He liked for me to wear. A simple black dress. With a black bra & lacy leopard print panties.

I would be plugged up for the night, as always, & would be thinking about Sire & Mommy every time my plug moved, wiggled or rammed. My pacifier. Our secret. Three rules for the night- be home before 9:30, no smoking & eat her cunt.

H & I were so happy to see each other and hugged tightly before heading into the restaurant. We shared our favorite dish & she touched & rubbed on my leg under the table throughout dinner… the food was delicious, but my mind & body were hungry for more & food was the last thing I was craving…

As I ate, she told me that I looked extra cute tonight. That made me giggle 🙂 She asked if I would want to walk on the beach and roll up a smoke after dinner… I just smiled and said “not tonight”. As the plug rammed in, I thought about Sir. She talked & I listened to her. The wiggling of the plug, and again I thought about Mommy. Back and forth my thoughts shifted between who I was serving and who I was serving for.

She was having a rough, stressful couple of weeks… and it would be my job and my absolute pleasure to relieve her stress, worry and frustrations and ensure that her last night be stress free, comfortable and relaxed. Service, comfort & pleasure. I wanted her to feel amazing on her last night here- pleasured, cared for, appreciated & adored.

I kept my eye on the clock & as 9 approached & we were still not done eating, I was feeling worried. I sent Sire a video and He knew that I was running behind schedule. Bathroom break to discuss. Took my pacifier out for a quick sniff and rammed it back in. Sire extended curfew to be home by 10.

Heavy cleaning in every nook and cranny of her pumpum… I certainly knew Sire’s standards for what a heavy clean entails so I was eager and ready to put in work. I would eat her juicy sloppy cunt like it was my last meal if she allowed it… & it turned out that she wanted it just as badly as I did. We walked out of the restaurant and on to the beach. Walking up and down the beach holding hands and talking. We wanted our own little private area away from watching eyes on the beach & we saw a little wooden pier extending out to the water. The perfect place. There was a no trespassing sign. I sighed & urged to turn around & she grabbed my hips and told me “not to be a little pussy”.

This is her night. Pleasure. Service. Comfort. Make Mommy and Sir proud as I slime all over myself like a good little handmaiden.

I crawled under the rope & crawled out to the end of the pier. She walked out to the end of the pier, sat down beside me, leaned back & stretched out. I leaned over for a quick kiss & she smiled. I smiled back & held her hand. I crawled & slid my body atop hers.. straddling her. I touched her hair, kissing her. She kissed back harder . I slid my hand up her shirt & grabbed on her perky udders. My cunt oozed. I kneeled in between her legs as I slid down to raise her shirt & my pacifier rammed up. Tight up in my asshole. Bakırköy escort My cunt throbbed & oozed. I slid up her shirt & sucked on her pretty, hardened nipples… I spit on them and sucked a little harder… licking slowly around her areola & then put her nipple back in for a harder suck. She let out little moans and tugged at my dress. She wanted in. She slid her hands in to take out my boobies and my cunt slimed as she touched me…

As I explored her body, she slid her hand under my dress and I squirmed a little and reached for her hand. She kept touching and I could feel her fingers pressing on my ass… pushing in on my pacifier. She smiled as she touched & I was certainly blushing… I felt a rush of tingles flow throughout my body as she touched the pacifier. It was mine & my Owners’ secret for the night & her cute little fingers had wandered right up to it… In that moment, my mind raced to thinking about Sire & what He would think of my service if he was watching??

I had lost the privilege of an orgasm & Sire surely did not count tonight as an exception. If I had let her kiss, touch or lick for even a second or just a second too long, my body would have given in and my little cunt would have oozed all over, filling my panties and coating my thighs… a release of all the pent up orgasms. I had been doing so well and was on my best behavior. I was not going to mess it up tonight.

And most importantly, tonight was not about me at all. Pleasure, service and comfort.

I could feel the tension, stress and nerves from the past weeks leave her body. Rush out of her body. She was completely present and in the moment. And eager and slippery and wet. A thorough heavy clean out of her fuckholes … I craved her taste. Her smell. Her juices oozing out onto me. My tongue penetrating her.. rolling around and having its way with her little cunt. A thorough clean out…I wanted to suck and slurp out all her frustrations, anger and complaints from the past few weeks and fill her with my love, kisses, pleasure and service.

Her oozing, moist cunt was musty. As if she had worked hard all day and didn’t have time for a quick shower before dinner… or perhaps she had wanted me to taste and enjoy all of her must and filth. I slid down and kissed her lips.. sniffing in her scent more and more with every kiss and touch. I kissed on her clit and started to lick slowly. Then slowly sliding down to lick the curtains to her insides. Rolling my tongue up & down her pussy lips. As she got slimier & sloppier, I paused. Her beautiful thighs needed some loving too… I slid down deeper & began placing soft little kisses on her thigh as I rubbed a finger in her cunt… the kisses became sloppier.. I wanted to taste her thighs & the sweat on her from the day. I wanted to clean her out and clean up her day… end it sparkling clean with her completely pleased and comfy. I wanted to lick in every little crevice… I wanted to slurp and clean out the edging between her thighs and slophole where sweat and slime build up throughout a day of hard work.

We could see the shadows of people walking by along the shore.. she pointed it out and it made her giggle. I slid my tongue out from within the depths of her juicing cunt and just ran it back and forth… edging her pussy… Bakırköy escort bayan up and down flicking my tongue in little rythyms as I licked. As I licked back up to her cute little fat clit, I slobbered on it and flicked my tongue and rolled my tongue in little circles… she let out moans and I let my tongue dive in deep again.. I wanted her last night to be unforgettable.

Tonight was not our first play session… we had already touched, kissed, explored each other’s bodies.. many times. But, tonight was not a play session. It was service. It was me showing my appreciation, adoration and care for her.

She was mine tonight. She gave her body and her emotions fully. Of all the times, we had played, snuggled and touched, tonight was different… most of the time when he had played before, we had smoked & then played, talked & touched. We didn’t smoke tonight and I felt so very high, so very relaxed and absolutely at ease with her. My Lord & Lady always know best. The no smoking rule was perfect.

I started rubbing a finger on her asshole as I cleaned her out with my tongue. Lap, lick, slurp…swirling and rolling my tongue inside the nooks and crannies of her body. Rub, rub, rub. I could feel her body melting into mine. Our energies becoming one in the same. I kept rubbing her asshole as I looked up to tell her how beautiful and amazing she is. She giggled at the compliment & ruffled my hair. More cleaning to do. Back to work. I slid my tongue in and she was so warm & oozing. Deeper. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to taste, feel and explore every part of her beautiful insides. Her cunt and her asshole. Licks. Rubs. She wanted more and her body was calling out for more. It was time to give her more and explore… I nibbled & sucked on her clit & slid my tongue deep inside her lips, rolling my tongue in & out as she moaned… I kept sliding down… & licked on her asshole. Softly. Gracefully. Exploring her body & testing her boundaries. She moaned my name & pulled me up gently by my hair… she looked surprised. I started to apologize & before I could even utter an… my face was shoved back down. I had never rimmed or eaten ass before & here I was licking and toying with her little shithole on the pier… I wasn’t completely sure what to do… and all that I could think about was pleasing her. In all honesty, I had expected her to tense and pull away as I gently rubbed my tongue on her asshole for the first time.

For two slivers of a second, I wasn’t sure what to do & I rubbed her asshole. I had seen videos on rimming and oh so many tumblr gifs, but my face and tongue had never been up close & personal with an asshole. I slid my face down & licked it softly & slowly… rubbing my tongue in the same motion that I had rubbed my finger… applying more pressure with each stroke… her cunt was slimy, slobbery and dripping. I softly slid up a finger as I licked her little shithole… it was so tight and pretty. I wanted to spit all over my pinky and slide it up her tight little asshole, but I held off. For another time… hehe

I rubbed her clit up & down as I was slobbering, sucking & licking at her asshole… & her moans let out, loud & raw. Without her holding back. I moved my tongue & lips up & continued rubbing her little asshole.. escort Bakırköy I stuck my tongue in so deep right above where her cunt meets her shithole. Tongue in deep… then slid it out… tongue in deeper & flick it & roll it around. All the while pressing in on her asshole. I could feel her climax building… she pulled at my hair & moaned. I swirled my tongue in deep & slowly started to nibble & suck. I alternated between swirling my tongue and sucking. I slid my mouth down to her asshole once more, licked it & slid back up to swirl my tongue back in at the base of her slimy cunt. She moaned loud.. I slowed down and swirled… I began speeding back up & flicking & she moaned & pulled my hair hard! I slowed down again…

I wanted to tease her & build her body up to the point of orgasm… edging her body… before I continued to flick my tongue faster, deeper & harder exactly how she wanted while rubbing her asshole… flick. Rub. Harder. She climaxed… I could feel the orgasm travelling through her body… tightening & releasing. Trembling. Her gripping my hair harder than she ever had before. Her cunt oozed all over & dribbled on my face. I was so, so happy. I wiped my face & licked it off… With a huge eager grin of happiness. I kissed on her thighs & told her how wonderful she is. Well now, she was extra slimy so I wanted to do one more lick down to clean up and leave her cunt glistening and pretty. I started from her asshole and slurped and licked up the excretions from her pleasure. Slowly, but not in a teasing way… Hehe well perhaps in a little bit of a teasing way. I spread her pussy lips & licked up the juices…

As I got back up to the top of her clit and licked it clean, she orgasmed again. One quick lick & a smooch on her cunt lips cleaned her up nice & pretty. A heavy, thorough, hot slimy clean out of her cunt and asshole… clean enough to do a tongue test… just like my Owners expect, of course??

As we walked back to her car, I knew our time for the night was soon coming to a close. As she started the car, I started kissing on her neck & I could see in her expression that she wanted to play with me… but I continued kissing her down & lifted up her skirt to play again… She squirmed & I kissed on her inner thighs & her pussy lips as we pulled up to my parking spot. She was smiling & I was without a doubt blushing. I leaned up & kissed her for a few seconds more… I looked at the time & told her that I really needed to get home that Dad was expecting me home by 10 & that I couldn’t be late.. hehe

One of my favorite parts about my first night as a handmaiden was the behind the scenes workings of the night. As her & I ate, talked, laughed and caught up, Sire & Mommy were constantly on my mind. I was thinking about what They would think if They were watching, what suggestions and direction They would give me and Their leadership and authority… the way in which They simplify & give structure to my life. Sire had picked out my outfit, told me to be plugged up, set my curfew, planned the layout of the evening. They decided, I obey. Always. H had no idea. Throughout the evening, I was serving Sire & Mommy & her & I loved it. By serving, pleasing and catering to H, I was serving, obeying and pleasing my Owners…there were just a few set rules that she was unaware of hehe & I found it to be so beautiful.

Tonight reminded me that there are very few things, if any, that are more wonderful or special to me than pleasing & serving…and as I pleased, comforted & served her tonight, I loved loved loved every second of it. Until next time…

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