My First Massage


“Take off all your clothes and and lie on the massage table face down, I’ll be right back when you’re ready,” she says, dressed in a pair of short shorts and a tank top. Watching her beautiful legs as she walks out of the room sends my blood rushing to my already aroused cock.

The idea of lying completely naked in front of her also excites me as I take off my clothes and wonder what she will think of the hairless cock and balls that I had shaved before coming over. She has a half sheet folded on the table that she said I should to use to cover myself, but I lie on up of it instead, positioning my cock so that the head is exposed between my ass cheeks.

She doesn’t say anything when she comes back, and she proceeds to start massaging my back. Her hands on my body are very sensuous and I can feel my cock under me continuing to swell.

Done massaging my legs, she works her way up to my ass. She caresses each cheek in a way that makes me wonder if this is just her usual massage style or if she is getting off on it. Then she runs her hand along my inner thigh, and a chill shoots through my body as she brushes her hand against my swelling cockhead.

She continues massaging me, moving up to my neck and shoulders. Finally she tells me to turn over. She places a cloth over one leg and my cock and begins massaging my chest.

“Do you think aydın escort it’s warm in here?” she asks. Before I can answer, she begins removing her tank top, revealing a black satin bra that exposes the deep cleavage of her large breasts. My cock, which had been relaxing, stiffens again at the sight. When she drops her pants, my erection at seeing her black satin panties causes my penis to escape from under the cloth. She makes no effort to replace it.

She walks around the table to my head and starts to massage my chest. As she leans over me, her breasts are inches from my face. Then she reaches farther and her breast rubs against my mouth. I can’t help myself and I kiss her stiff nipple.

I expected that she would object, but she only presses herself against me closer and rubs my shaved pubic area. By now I have a raging hard on that I know she can’t miss.

I am hoping that something will get started when she tells me to turn back over on my stomach. I position myself so that my head is almost on the edge of the table. She is still at my head when she again begins to massage my shoulders and arms, pulling them forward so they are hanging over the top edge. She moves closer and I feel her abdomen pressing against the top of my head.

The smell of her body combined with the feel of her hands on me is overwhelming. I reach out with my arms and encircle her waist. I pull her closer to me as I lift my head and press my lips against her crotch. She doesn’t pull away as I expected she might. Instead, she presses closer.

I take a chance and put my thumbs in the elastic of her panties and pull them down so that I can put my tongue in her cunt. I am delighted to discover that she too has shaved her genitals. My hungry mouth finds her cunt and my tongue seeks out her clit. I can tell that she is aroused by the delicious moisture that drips from her pussy lips.

With my mouth still on her cunt, I reach up to undo her bra but she beat me to it. Instead of satin, I find myself caressing her ample breasts, her nipples hardening as I roll them between my fingers.

I release my grip on her and roll over on my back, pushing myself forward so that my head is completely off the table and in the perfect position to for my lips to suck her clit while my tongue explores her vagina. My hands reach up to continue caressing her breasts. Of course, in this position my upstanding hard-on is exposed to her as well, although she can’t reach it without moving off my mouth.

Now she is moaning and grinding her hips into me as I reach down with one hand and begin to stroke my cock. It throbs in my hand as I gently rub my cockhead. I pace myself so as not to cum when she begins to have an orgasm in my mouth. She shivers and shakes as her breathing becomes harder and than finally with an explosive sigh, she cums.

“Oh, shit,” she says. “Now I’ve got to pee.”

“So, go ahead,” I answer, with my mouth still between her legs. She starts tentatively and then begins to piss hard, filling my mouth. I try to drink it all, but her delicious warm juice is coming too fast and my mouth overflows. It’s pungent smell and and warm taste are driving me wild and my hand on my cock begins to move faster.

“No fair,” she whispers as her flows decreases to a dribble. “Don’t cum without me.”

Getting off my mouth, she walks over to the side of the table and gets up on it, straddling me with her cunt over my stiffened member. Taking my hand from my cock, she begins to rub my penis on her still dripping cunt lips. When I think I can’t take it anymore, she settles down on me and begins to stoke my cock with her cunt. She leans forward and I catch one of her heaving breasts in my mouth, flicking my tongue on her stiffened nipple.

By now, I am out of my mind with the pleasure radiating from my stiff cock. I began to feel her cunt tighten on me and I know she is going to cum again. She begins to ride me faster and faster until she climaxes with a shutter. Just then, I my ass tightens and my cock explodes, shooting my cum deep into her.

As she relaxes and collapses on me, I know that this won’t be the last massage I get from her.

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