My First Gift


I was 18 years old and finally was able to have my first boyfriend. But what my parents didn’t know that all the waiting built up my sexuality. I, however, did a little teasing and made him wait for the first kiss for three weeks. But I have always said, anticipation makes it worth it. As we kissed for the first time, I could feel in penis grow in size through his left pant leg. It just kept growing and growing to probably about a full 8 inches. I, being sexually high, couldn’t help myself but to grab his penis and began stroking it until he moaned for me to stop.

As about a month later passed, I noticed myself wanting to take his large member into my mouth. For a couple of days he wouldn’t let me, he said it was too weird. I myself thought that was weird but I complied with his wishes…for now.

I never did mention about me giving him a blow job, but I noticed that I have always fancied seeing men moan, it got me really hot, to the point where my pussy was all wet. Pendik Escort I would find myself going home and masturbate from the tension he brought upon me and didn’t know. After fingering myself and teasing my clit until I came all over my fingers, I grew extremely tired and fell asleep.

One night, in the middle of December, he took me to a nearby city airport where we laid on the hood of his car and looked up at the stars. Then for a moment I noticed I couldn’t see the stars, but his crotch over my face. I didn’t know what to think, was he actually want me to give him head? I just laid there in silence. While in December it wasn’t too badly cold, just right for he unzipped his jean pants to where he pulled his big, 8 inch throbbing penis, I knew it wouldn’t take too much to make him cum. He unzipped his pants, then unzipped mine pulling my pants down to where my ass was touching the chilled car hood. He slowly drew down my panties where they were already Kurtköy Escort soaked along with me wet pussy ready for play. We got in the 69 position to where I was ready for anything, I guided his throbbing member into my mouth where I heard him moan, I could already taste his precum on his tip, I licked it up slowly and teased it with my tongue. He began to thrust his pelvis, where I took more and more of him in. I was loving every bit of it. Then I noticed his chilled, wet tongue on my clit, stroking his tongue down into my pussy, playing in and out, I could feel my whole body quiver, I was wanting to thrust my body upward forcing his whole face into my pussy.

I would get so close to cum, then he would change pace, but I couldn’t say or do anything, I was too busy taking my fingers to his balls and working on a sucking action for his penis. I could feel his penis tighten and throb in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum, he thrusted his pelvis deeper into Ümraniye Escort my mouth to where his was in the back of my throat, I could feel myself about to cum as he took both of his hand and fingered me, I wanted his penis inside of my tight pussy, considering he would be my first. I knew it would be great for him, but even better for me. As my vocals in my throat vibrated his huge penis, he came down my throat, with a tasty sweet and salty load. I kept sucking him just for the pure satisfaction swallowing every drop of him. He moaned and slowly came to a stop with his thrusting. He kept fingering me until I screamed and came all over his fingers, he licked them up and then had me suck his fingers of what was left, then he gave me a long, sensual kiss, where we both could taste our juices.

As we got ready to leave we were in somewhat of silence, I noticed him looking at me in a pleased way, he opened his lips and out came a ringing sound, I asked him to repeat, and he did it again, then disappointment came over me, I knew what it was…it was time for me to wake up!!….I opened my eyes and realized that it was all a dream, my panties were soaked though and I apparently fingered myself until I came, so the night wasn’t a total waste.

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